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Sully, hailing from Massachusetts, spent several years in the Automotive retail world, managing several chain Auto parts and service stores before jumping ship to join in the family business of printing. Now working at family owned Millennium Press, when asked about his work he smiles and states simply �printing is what my Family does.� �It�s what Mom and Dad did and now it�s what my Brother Sister and I do.� Family is the center of what Sully is all about. His wife Brenda and children, Theresa and Jolene are a constant in his life and he has also been blessed with a beautiful granddaughter who Sully refers to as his �Day fixer�. �Things just fall into perspective when I see that little angel.� �Plus, she likes to be around �Papa� and all his toys!� When the topic turns back to cars, the soft spoken Sully says �I own a Big Block Z-28.� And he settles back in his chair, satisfied with his direct answer. When pressed for more info he states, �I can�t really tell you too much except that I plan on tearing the Camo Wrap off that �other� members Camaro.� In addition to victory over all things camo and eventual World domination, Sully counts �Seeing this new web site and group grow wildly out of control� as goals for the future. In his ever present sense of humor he continues �when that happens I�ll probably let John Force pick up the tab for lunch or Dale Jr. , depending on where we eat.� In the mean time, this New England racer is content to spend his free time at the track with friends and family and just take it all in stride. Not to worry Sully, we�ll get word to John for you.
· Lives in AGAWAM, MA
CREW 294