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Some call me tic other tictoc depends on who they might be. Got it from a Russian software guy because he saif I never slept like clock, TicToc. Kinda give you a hint at what I do for a living as well. I am a hot rodder! Not trailer queen or rat rodder but a plain and simple hot rodder. I will build cut fab up rebuild and in short bust my hump to make to some heads up drags or Vetrans show and fund raiser. If I buy new it's for safety or I cannot get the part any other way. My 60 is aptly named VooDoo Child, one she's from the 60's, two the car can do some damm odd things and will scare the bejeebers out of you if you don't hand on. Other times she is mild to wild. Owned it for some twent odd years now, was my first car and yup Dad made me put it together, and if I ever am sticken with some odd un curable desease we will go out together. Pretty much did things in that car that most kids today would not even dream of, when it had 3.08 gears and a 396 BBC in HS I out ran a State Bull Mustang while racing another Chevy and well these things are mighty roomy in back as well :-) More on me later!
· Lives in Nampa, ID
CREW 372