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2001 Honda S2000

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Factory Specifications:
Retains OEM Steering Wheel, Dashboard & Cluster, Seatbelts, Doorcards, Center Console, and Transmission.
Performance Modifications:
InlinePro built F20C using OEM specifications, retains OEM crank with aftermarket rods, bearings, and pistons. Retains FRM sleeves which have been rehoned by InlinePro. TODA Individual Throttle Bodies with dry carbon plenums housed in the TODA Dry Carbon airbox. The airbox is fed through a custom aluminum pipe that is mated to a modified OEM Airbox. The airbox contains an OEM air filter, a modified resonation chamber (it looks factory the modification is so well done) , and a custom heatshield mounted to the underside and facing the radiator. The OEM airbox is fed air from a Spoon Sports carbon snorkel that mounts directly into the port on the Spoon Sports Super Taikyu bumper. The engine is managed by K-Pro which was initially tuned by InlinePro and retuned by Kinetic Autoworks. The exhaust system is comprised of discontinued sequential Skunk2 exhaust manifold, a modified Berk Technologies high flow catalytic converter, and a Skunk2 dual N1-style muffler exhaust. The TODA ITB kit contains a vacuum block custom-made by InlinePro.
Interior Modifications:
Weight Reduction (Removal of Carpet and Soft-top / motors). The exposed metal was coated with a grey weather-proof coating/paint (think truck bed liner). The hardtop ceiling was reinforced with honeycomb Kevlar sandwiched on one side by the hardtop's frp surface and by a layer of carbon on the other. The roll hoops that are located behind the occupants' heads have been replaced with a NASA and SCCA compliant rollbar that is welded to the frame (and painted the DuPont Chromalusion paint which shifts from blue to copper depending on the light). For what it's worth, the rear-view mirror is a Spoon Sports blue lens wide-view mirror, the shift knob is a Mugen Carbon fiber ball, and the shift boot is a "limited edition" dark colored Burlap boot from Deft Motion. The center console came with the car and has some scarring, will be seen in the pictures attached. The interior of the hard top is signed by Spoon Sports founder Tatsuru Ichishima, visible in one of the pictures.
Exterior Modifications:
Full Spoon Sports Super Taikyu Aero kit minus the rear bumper. The rear bumper is a new part from Honda and is an AP1 OEM rear bumper which was chosen to provide spacing between the bumper and the rear overfenders. The full kit was installed by a fabricator which meticulously labored over making the kit fit as properly as it could given the quality of the parts. Example: the rear overfenders did not fit the counter of the OEM s2000 body properly and were precisely cut and filled in with more fiberglass to ensure the lines of the car were in keeping with the oem lines. The Aero Kit consists of wider front fenders, rear-overfenders (which were installed the "correct" way by cutting the wheel wheel and welding in a custom-made radius-ed turn) the fastback style hardtop, the carbon GT Wing, and the front bumper. The car sits with a small wheel gap due to the car being a daily driver. Currently the wheels will not rub on the fenders. The rear overfender hardware is painted the same DuPont Chromalusion paint as the rollbar. The hardtop features faux windows on either side which were hand pinstriped by a world renowned painter (he does paints for funny cars, drag cars, and even jets), faux windows designed to imitate real (if not highly tinted) windows.
WedsSport SA60M finished in a custom purple paint which houses about 7 different pearls. The wheels can appear black or a beautiful vibrant purple depending on how the light hits them. The wheels are 18x10 inches all around and sit over Spoon Sports Monocoque brake calipers up front and oem brake calipers housing Spoon Sports (yellow colored) brake pads in the rear. Slotted rotors all around.
Vredestein rubber, 265 35 all around.
JIC Magic coilovers... good luck finding these anywhere :\
Audio, Video, and Technology:
Nonexistent. The car is too loud with normal driving to even consider audio equipment. Sometimes i wear active hearing protection...
Special Thanks and Sponsors:
InlinePro, Kinetic Autoworks, GoTuning, and ... Miller's Auto Recycling for the absurd attention to detail doing ALL of the bodywork and paint.
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