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I grew up around cars. My Dad has always had at least 1 Mustang, so naturally I love them too. My first car was a 1971 4-door Ford Maverick with a straight 6. I wanted an older Mustang, say a 1967-68, but was told I'd total it and/or kill myself, so I got the Maverick. I love that car and still have it, hoping to get it out of storage and restore it one day, low mileage, very little rust, and all factory. My daily driver is a 1996 Ford Probe GT. I am absolutely in love with that car! I love cars and drag racing. My fiancee races our customized, '94 5.0 Mustang for fun, and is in the process of totally rebuilding his 1st car, a '94 LX Mustang, strictly for the strip ;) Despite my love for Ford my favorite cars are Mazda. With my Probe, I get the best of both. I'm also into Subaru, Audi, Acura...and simply can't resist a Supra.
· Lives in Lexington, KY
CREW 255