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2023 The Hidden Discounts That Can Help You Get Cheap Car Insurance

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Many drivers are eligible for discounts for many reasons. These typically include staying accident and ticket-free for a particular time and driving vehicles outfitted with certain safety features.

You may also qualify for a discount if you drive your car infrequently or for business. In this case, you can try out usage-based insurance programs offering a per-mile rate.

Younger Driver Discount

Maintaining a spotless driving history can lead to substantial savings on auto insurance for teenagers. One accident can cause rates to spike, but a few years of no accidents or tickets will help drivers see their premiums slowly drop.

A driving education course, paying for insurance in six- or twelve-month installments, and other actions qualify teens for savings. Additionally, if they are leaving for college and won't be driving the family car, they may be eligible for an "away at school" discount from several businesses. For more information and to receive a student discount on vehicle insurance, visit

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Most insurance providers offer a multi-vehicle discount when you insure more than one vehicle with them. The value varies by insurer and can save you anywhere from 10% to 25%.

Many people find that having all their vehicles on the same policy is cheaper and easier than having them on separate policies. It also saves them on the administrative costs of dealing with multiple renewal dates and payments.

New Vehicle Discount

Putting a new car on your policy can score you a discount that reduces your coverage's liability and collision portion. Insurers usually offer varying discount percentages, which can fall between 5% to 20%.

Some insurers offer discounts on new vehicles that are two years old or less. You can save if your new car has airbags, anti-theft devices, or daytime running lights.

Responsible payment discounts reward policyholders who pay their insurance premium on time without late fees. Some companies also offer discounts for those who sign up for a usage-based insurance program.

Continuous Coverage Discount

Many insurance providers offer a longevity auto insurance discount (often called a continuous coverage discount) to customers who have maintained their coverage for a long time. This discount can help drivers save a significant amount on their premiums.

Insurance companies also reward vehicle-related discounts that reduce the risk of an accident or theft. For example, a driver could save on premiums by installing an alarm system in their vehicle or using anti-theft technology.

Almost every insurer Policygenius reviewed offers safety and claims-free discounts that reward drivers for safe driving behavior. However, these discounts are only sometimes advertised.

Driver's Education Discount

Many insurers discount drivers who complete a driver's education course. These courses teach new drivers the rules of the road and defensive driving strategies. They can often be taken online for a low price. It can save young drivers as much as 8% to 10% on their insurance premiums.

Good Student Discount

Car insurance is often a considerable expense for young people, but it doesn't have to be. High school and college students who maintain a B average or higher should demand a good student discount from the companies they do business with. It is a typical offer, and students should not settle for anything less.

Those who qualify can save 10 percent or more on their car insurance premiums yearly. To qualify, students must be full-time and within a specific age range of the insurance company (typically up to 24 or 25) and provide transcripts, test scores, or other proof that they have a solid academic record.

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