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Refund Policy

Who handles refunds?

There are no refunds for events held by NW Toy Run.

Postponed or canceled events.

In the event of postponement or cancellation your ticket is good for a rescheduling of the same event or a future event. In the case of a future event your ticket value is the face value of the ticket you purchased. If the future event price is higher than the face value of your ticket you can upgrade at the gate. The ticket holder assumes all risk incidental to these events and releases operators, employees and agents from all claims.

How are postponed events handled?

If your event is postponed, your ticket will act as a rain check for the next designated date and time for your specific event. By accepting this policy you release all operators, employees and agents from all claims.

I bought tickets but I can't go to the event. Can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately you can't receive a refund if you can't attend an event.

Can I give away my tickets to someone else as a gift (or if I am unable to attend)?

Yes, tickets are transferable. But please remember, one ticket per person and no refunds.



All merchandise sales are final and items must be picked up at event of your choosing. Please bring receipt for redemption. No refunds.

**TheFOAT reserves the right to refuse service/orders to any purchase.