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Refund Policy

Who handles refunds?

There are no refunds for this event.

I bought tickets but I can't go to the event. Can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately you can't receive a refund if you can't attend the event.

How are postponed events handled?

If your event is postponed, your ticket will act as a rain check for the next designated date and time for your specific event. By accepting this policy you release all operators, employees and agents from all claims.

Can I give away my tickets to someone else as a gift (or if I am unable to attend)?

All tickets are transferable except Racer Entries and Car Show Entries. But please remember, one ticket per person and no refunds.

Live Streaming tickets/passes.

There are no refund for live streaming tickets/passes. Intermittent connectivity can effect your signal which could affect your viewing experience. In cases such as these, you do not hold the organizer responsible. If you are found secondarily streaming a live stream video your video pass will be invalidated. The live stream is designed to be played in a browser environment. The preferred devices are as follows: desktop, laptop, mobile and most tablets. Flash may be required with some browsers. Duck X Productions events only stream live. There are no daily replays. You must watch the event live.


**TheFOAT reserves the right to refuse service/orders to any purchase.