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About Sticker Clicks

Sticker Clicks for Members

Sticker Clicks allows members to show which brands, clubs, and forums are important to their ride. When selecting a Sticker Click vehicle category you will have a variety of stickers to choose from. Use the custom vehicle images we provide or personalize Sticker Clicks by uploading a picture of your ride. Embed Sticker Clicks on your websites, social networks, and forums.

Sticker Clicks for Business

Sticker Clicks allows businesses to take advantage of viral marketing. Members stick your company logo on their vehicle image. Your brand can obtain maximum exposure when members embed their Sticker Clicks image on websites, social networks, forums and any website that accepts embed codes. When consumers click on your Sticker (Company Logo), it will send them to your website. Your Sticker Clicks statistics page tracks the daily activity of all your stickers.

How-to Attach Stickers Video

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