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Source: Autofluence

Curtiss Unveils Hades 1 Pure Electric Motorcycle

January 14th, 2020

  • World’s First Symmetrical Motorcycle
  • Perfect Weight Distribution
  • 217 HP & 272 Lb-ft Motor

Last year, the Zeus Bobber shocked the world. It was the most beautiful E-Bike ever seen, until now. Lessons learned have allowed them to develop a more compact “Axial Flux” motor and mount it low for good stability. Get ready for another leap forward, as Curtiss has unveiled the Hades 1 Pure electric motorcycle.

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The head angle can be set at 27 or 31 degrees, which offers a Short Wheelbase of 62″, or 64″ in LWB configuration. When in LWB, ground clearance drops from 8″ to 6″, and seat height is lowered from 28.5″ to 26.5″. Breaking the mold of E-bikes, it has 6″ of suspension travel front and rear and weighs in at 390 lbs.

Traction control, battery management, and efficiency updates are continually sent to the bike from the Curtiss cloud via cell phone towers. All this can be yours for only $60,000, so click the button below to learn more.


Curtiss Motorcycles Unveils the Zeus Bobber

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