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Source: Autofluence

Chevrolet Unveils All-New 350 (5.7L) Engines

July 31st, 2020

It has been almost two decades since Chevrolet said goodbye to an old friend. The 350 V8 was the ultimate example of their small block that was introduced in 1955. With so many cars and trucks on the road, the price of rebuilds has risen in the last few years, mainly because of the time and machine work involved are becoming a lost art. That is why GM purchased all new tooling to build the first all-new new 350 small blocks in nearly 20 years. Each one is being built by hand in Springfield, Missouri, bringing GM Powertrain jobs back to the U.S.

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The blocks and heads are new castings with the latest metallurgy, and the heads are CNC machined. A forged steel crank is held by 4-bolt mains, and the oil pan has dipstick tubes on both sides. This beast will fit every Chevy or GMC from 1955 to 1997 (or 2002 for delivery trucks). It would be a smart move to buy one and save it, as these will be quickly scooped up by collectors. If your classic Corvette or Camaro is tired, these are available at any GM dealer, & backed by a 3 year/36k warranty. Tell us what you would drop this into and stay with us for all your Chevrolet news.

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