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Source: Gear Heads

China Plans to Ban Fossil Fuel Vehicle Sales

September 13th, 2017

China ? the largest auto market in the world ? plans to ban fossil fuel vehicle sales.

This shouldn?t come as a complete surprise, since the country is a long-standing proponent of electric vehicles. For example, China allows foreign and local automakers to enter a joint venture geared towards EVs. The nation also provides incentives to OEMs in the EV business.

Exactly when the Chinese government plans to axe petrol burners isn?t clear. Regulators are currently working on a timetable to pin down a date, according to TechCrunch.

If you feel like you?ve heard this story before, you?re right. France already committed to stop selling fossil fuel cars by 2040. Shortly after, the UK made the same promise.

Cynics (the oil companies?) say a ban on gasoline and diesel vehicles is impractical. They reason that the current EV supply chain can?t keep up with demands. To void this argument, Manufacturers have begun ramping up EV production.

With so many countries jumping on the EV bandwagon, maybe the United States will be next. What do you say, President Trump?