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Source: Autocar

Tesla's 1100bhp tri-motor models to launch in Europe this year

August 5th, 2022

tesla model s plaid The Tesla Model S Plaid will go on sale in Europe priced from EUR138,990 (£118,005) Plaid variants of Model S and Model X to go on sale in Europe in December; no date is yet set for UK

Tesla will release the 1100bhp tri-motor Plaid variants of its Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X in Europe at the end of the year, putting the cars back on sale outside of the US for the first time in nearly two years.

The American firm had originally halted sales of its biggest models in September 2021 to focus on a backlog of orders bound for US customers, with just the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y remaining for purchase.

At the time, Tesla boss Elon Musk blamed ongoing parts-supply issues, with prospective Model S and Model X buyers asked to pre-order instead.

Now the two cars are back on sale in Europe, albeit only in top-rung Plaid guise, with deliveries tipped for between December 2022 and February 2023.

Originally claimed to get a more than 520-mile range, the Model S Plaid is now confirmed to reach 396 miles on a single charge (nine fewer than the Dual Motor variant) and the Model X Plaid an estimated 333 miles.

The Model S Plaid will hit 62mph in 1.9sec, whereas the Model X Plaid will hit the same speed in 2.5sec. Top speeds are marked at 200mph and 155mph respectively.

That speed comes at a price, however. The Model S Plaid will set buyers back EUR138,990 (£118,005), the Model X Plaid EUR141,990 (£119,721).

The standard Dual Motor variants will go back on sale in the EU next year, Tesla said.

However, despite deliveries getting readied for Europe, nothing has been announced for the UK, with prospective owners still asked to pre-order.

Tesla's website currently reads: "Pricing and options will be finalised as delivery approaches."

Full pricing also hasn't yet been confirmed for the UK, with only specifications - the same as the EU models - released.

Autocar has contacted Tesla for more information on a prospective UK release date.