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Thermo-Tec Exhaust Insulating Wrap for motorcylces

9:26 AM
Did you know that roughly only 25% of the heat energy produced by burning gasoline is actually used to power your machine? Fully 35% of the total heat is released into the cooling system and another 35% flows out the exhaust, with roughly 5% more lost to friction.

Many motorcycles have a problem with excessive heat. If yours is one of them, here's a solution you may want to try. In my case, after just tediously rebuilding the Martocchi shock on my Ducati, the close proximity of the rear exhaust pipe to the shock gave me pause. How could I expect the rebuild to last when the pipe constantly cooked the shock fluid.. .not to mention my legs? So, I located a speed shop that carried this stuff and proceeded to wrap both the headers down to the collector. The results were surprising. Not only did the huge volume of heat pouring from the vents in the bodywork cease to be an issue, but my oil temperature gauge also registered nearly 20 degrees cooler, presumably because the blazing hot front exhaust pipe no longer cooked the crankcase. The company claims that underhood temps can be reduced by 70 degrees which can add almost 5% more power in cooler intake air.

The material is a fiberglass composition, not asbestos, and a 2-inch by 50-foot roll is more than enough for your bike. Use hose clamps to secure it at both ends. You see this stuff commonly now on custom choppers. Note: It is not to be used on titanium exhaust systems and you should be aware that additional exhaust heat may be conducted to the exhaust valves, but we've had no problems. It also adds efficiency to the exhaust by keeping heat up and scavenging velocity high.