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Your German Car Specialist

09/15/2014 1 audispecialist
A From Rayteam Here! Happy to help answer any questions you may have about your vehicle.


09/02/2014 3 seam11
Hey guys I know this isn't part of your Cars but this is about a Big car show coming up around your area in Los Angeles , And it's going to be a big one it's going to take a few blocks! If your planning on going go on and use my promo code "Seam" to get a discount to get in !! This is going to be on of the biggest show this year and if you love cars,models and vaping then this is the place for you !! If you do go just enter my promo code in to get a discount .It's going to be as big as the Texas Hin you wont walk around and see the same cars over and over again it'll take you all day!! So if your planning going (again) Enter my promo code "Seam" For a DISCOUNT!! And if you want to look at one of the events this year here's a link to the video! IF YOU WANT TO REGISTERYOUR CAR IN THE SHOW MESSEGE ME. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS I DONT BITE!!
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Datsun Z Cars

12/04/2013 1 ron
A place for Datsun Z car enthusiasts to discuss all things Z!
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Canyon Cruisers

11/13/2013 1 USCEvoX
Group devoted to those that enjoy turning left and right.

Looking for all car types to do monthly "cruises" to some of Southern California's pristine canyons.

This is for performance oriented drivers. Not looking for balls to the wall dangerous drivers, but also not looking for soccer moms in their minivans.

We are a group of enthusiast that appreciate a good handling car.
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Super Cars and Luxury Rides

10/15/2013 17 supercar
Super Cars and Luxury Rides
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Auto Parts

09/02/2013 1 JohnVella
Auto Parts - online marketplace that sells automobile parts and accessories.
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RX8 Track Demons

05/05/2013 1 aaronspeed
If you own a RX8 and use it on Track Days let's discuss your car setup and pictures.
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Do-It Yourself

05/04/2013 3 tgarage
For guys & gals who work on their own cars
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the diy shop

03/01/2013 1 thatgirl101587
show your support and interest in a do it yourself automotive shop in tustin,ca area.

why pay someone to work on your car when you can do it yourself. we provide all the tools and space.
diy, cars, car repair,
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'67-'02 F-Body & '10+ Zeta

01/22/2013 5 92GTA
1967-2002 Firebird/Camaro & 2010+ Camaro/Chevy SS/Holden