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Performance Truck Club Of America

05/12/2010 116 SrtBrad
This will be a forum/group of all truck enthusiasts catering to race trucks or street trucks.
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No Cry Babies Diesel Racing

03/12/2010 48 slowdiesel
This is a group where there is to be no crying. Hard-Core Diesel persons only! No Bitching! If you don't like it Get the F out!

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Toyota Tacoma

06/26/2010 12 SRakaSSS
A place where all Toyota Tacoma owners can share details about their truck and/or post modifications done or about to do.

Please note: This also includes stock Tacoma's and help with Maintenance on them.
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Trucks Automobile

06/17/2012 2 anastasia2088 is a Website having plenty of new and Used trucks for sale. The automobiles that are mentioned in here are of good quality. The layout of the website is really good and it invites people to look for the trucks that they have been hunting since a long time. The price of the trucks too is good enough. You can easily afford it and all the vehicles are reasonably priced.
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Bad Ass Sierra 1994

10/17/2012 1 Redrover13
I need help. I bought a truck for 500 dollars. It starts up but needs a little tlc. What website can help me get this truck from a street truck to a show truck. I am open to all ideas. It is a 1994 GMC Sierra with a 5.7 liter engine.

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