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EFI Tuning Technologies

01/07/2011 116 efituningtech
Electronic Fuel Injection tuning, diagnostics, online classes and live training.
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National Electric Drag Racing Association

10/05/2009 101 electrabishi
The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA), a chapter of the Electric Auto Association, exists to increase public awareness of electric vehicle (EV) performance and to encourage through competition, advances in electric vehicle technology. NEDRA achieves this by organizing and sanctioning safe, silent and exciting electric vehicle drag racing events.

NEDRA is a coalition of drag racing fans, electric drag racing vehicle owners and drivers, individuals interested in promoting the sport of EV drag racing, EV parts suppliers, EV manufacturers and other environmentally concerned companies and individuals. Working together as a group, we put excitement into electric vehicle drag racing.
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Electric Vehicles and Hybrids

12/21/2010 20 voltracer
Everthing Electric and Hybrid
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01/10/2011 12 haiyin
Welcome to the East Coast Electric Drag Racing Association's FOAT Forum (ECEDRA). We are all about speed, fun and promoting a new era of clean, eco-friendly Electric vehicles (EVs) by setting new records at the drag strips! We are currently forming member chapters east of the Mississippi River. The organization's principle goal is to see more Electric Vehicles setting records on the Drag Strips. Our aim is to help individuals have access to EVs, foster EV racing teams, and to promote Electric Vehicle usage overall. Our promotional efforts will included, EV drag racing Events, local promotional fares, membership drives, EV car shows, and public awareness initiatives for building EVs.
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Electric Vehicle

02/15/2010 8 rodhower
A place to share information about electric vehicles
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Just a group

08/15/2011 5 mike
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Just a group 2

08/23/2011 2 mike
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05/23/2010 2 tbone188
This group is for anyone who wishes to discuss the advantages of alternate fuels. I am building a gasification system to run a genset for my home and one for my car. This process will run a car on wood. It converts burning wood into a fuel for an internal combustion engine,@ 130 octane.
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West Coast Hot Rod Association (WCHRA)

02/08/2012 1 TimWCHRA
West Coast Hot Rod Association - For Racers! All door slammers, all the time.
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Streetplayas - Wizardworx!

04/21/2016 1 wizardworx
Social group of local car gurus friends and family oriented in the compact and domestic sport of drag racing street racing and show enthusiasts local meets to selling go fast parts. Been a technician for years and my friends know me as the wizard! Any trouble shooting problems I can help with it be glad to help

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