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sell damaged bike

Sometimes it happens- you have to sell your bike. What if it's damaged, or even it desn;t seem to be a bike anymore? Don't worry. There are a few ways to solve your problem. This is the one.

Motorcyclists remain the most vulnerable road users. They account for for about 21% of all accidents ended up with deaths in Great Britain ( 2015). Each day, one motorcyclist looses his life in UK. However the amount of accidents increased, not all of them have the worst end. Usually, the accidents is only a fail- fortunetelly the owner of bike still lives- but his bike is not. Then comes a question: how can I sell damaged bike? Or how to sell a spare parts? There are a few companies, which are well prepared to collect your bike. What should they offer? What sholud you ask them for, during the first contact?

First - licence

Ask if the company has a "BREAKERS" liecence.

Second: equipment.

Do they have a proper car with patform to collect a bike or spare parts ?

Third: Time.

How much time will you wait for a deal?

fourth: price.

If you would like to get more informations about scrap a bike in UK or ireland, sell spare parts, sell damaged bike, please visit our site:
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Pat Light will join the Boston Red Sox here in Houston

HOUSTON Pat Light will join the Boston Red Sox here in Houston today. He has been recalled from Pawtucket for his first major league stint.

Lefty Roenis Elias and righty Noe Ramirez have been optioned to Pawtucket. The Red Sox also activated Henry Owens who will make today's start.

The Boston Red Sox selected Pat Light 37th overall in the 2012 draft with the compensation pick they received for the Philadelphia Phillies signing closer Jonathan Papelbon.

After Light struggled as a starter Xander Bogaerts Jersey, the Sox converted him to a reliever in 2015. He hit 102 mph in Double-A Portland and 100 mph in Triple-A Pawtucket last year.

"Honestly, I think my best pitch is my splitter," Light said during spring training. "My fastball's already good. It (the splitter) is nice to have when you're coming out of the bullpen. It's something a lot of times guys haven't seen yet and it's tough to get timing down for that quickly. But the splitter has been my out-pitch since I started in the bullpen and it's been really helpful for me."

He has experienced some control issues as a reliever.

"His biggest thing is command and controlling his effort level," PawSox manager Kevin Boles told the Providence Journal this morning. "If he can get ahead with his fastball, it's amazing how much different the at-bat is."


Just 17 games into the 2016 schedule, the Red Sox have used 10 different relievers. Four of those relievers have an ERA over 4.90 two of whom only have made one appearance each (William Cuevas, Elias).

With Owens and Light added today, the Red Sox already have used every pitcher from 40-man roster on their major league roster except Brian Johnson and Williams Jerez, who is at Double-A Portland.

Who are some relievers not on the 40-man roster at Pawtucket who potentially could help out if added?

Anthony Varvaro is an option.

The 31-year-old Varvaro has experienced success in the major leagues with a 3.23 ERA in 166 outings (183 2/3 innings). He posted a 2.82 ERA in 73 1/3 innings during 2013 and a 2.63 ERA in 54 2/3 innings in 2014.

He settled for a minor league deal with the Red Sox after surgery for a tear in his right flexor tendon kept him out most of the 2015 season.

He has a 3.52 ERA (3 ER, 7.2 IP), 1.04 WHIP and nine strikeouts compared to two walks so far for the PawSox.

The righthander has been known as a reverse-split pitcher. Left-handed batters slashed just .149/.198/.284/.481 against him in 2014 and .207/.267/.281/.548 against him in 2013.

Jorge Marban is another option. The 27-year-old has a 0.96 ERA (1 R, 9.1 IP), 1.18 WHIP and .107 batting average against The problem is command. He has eight walks compared to six strikeouts.

Marban signed with Boston two offseasons ago after spending time pitching in Australia.

The PawSox also have 26-year-old Robby Scott. He has a 2.79 ERA (3 R, 9.2 IP), 1.03 WHIP, .167 batting average against and nine strikeouts compared to four walks.

The Red Sox also signed Wesley Wright to a minor league deal. The 31-year-old lefty has a 4.16 ERA in 371 career outings, four starts. He has a 1.35 ERA (1 R, 6.2 IP) so far.
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Motorcycle Selling 101: How To Sell Your Damaged Motorcycle Fast And Make Money

Every motorcycle owner can and probably will at some time be faced with an unwanted situation like this what to do with a bike that is wrecked or just wont run anymore? This may happen to you, without your own fault or any bad intentions. Or maybe its just damaged, still running, but you don't have money or will to repair it. It may seem like a heap of bad luck, but you should be smart and take the best of the situation. Damaged motorcycle may seem like a junk to an untrained eye but you may still get good money from it. If you have a damaged bike but you're not willing to invest in it anymore and you're eager to make a quick and easy buck read on and find out how!

junk motorcycle
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Before actually selling the bike or even attempting to do it, there is one crucial thing to be done you have to clearly establish that the bike is actually yours. Find all the documents and papers, even the ones you long forgot about. Open all the drawers and see whats in them. Once you do this, the paperwork part is pretty much done.

Be charitable

If you're not in a hurry for a quick buck, then this option might suit you best. It is always nice to give something you're not using to someone who may be in need of it. Not only will you get a nice, warm feeling of happiness and generosity but you can claim a tax deduction or even get a gratitude motorcycling T-shirt. Just be sure to first check if the organization you're donating to is a qualified one. You can easily do that online.

Sell it as it is

While you might be done with you ride someone else out there may still find the use of it. Your bike may be a rare model, interesting to someone for some weird and specific reason or it may simply become someone's restoration project. There are people out there who'll want to buy your damaged motorcycle and get it running again, be assured. The best way to find people like this is to search for them online. Motorcycle forums, bidding sites, you name it... Keep in mind that someone who wants to buy your damaged bike plans to bring it back to working condition, which means that they definitely know a thing or two about the matter, so you'll have to be honest with them since they'll easily assess the worth of your machine. A good thing to do in this situation is to have an exact estimate so you don't get persuaded into selling your bike for less than it actually worth's.


OK, maybe you have been too optimistic and now you finally see that your bike is in worse condition than you previously thought. You have tried selling it as it is yet found no one willing to purchase it. Don't despair; there are still some good options to be considered! Recycling is definitely one of them. Every bike is at least worth its own weight. Local junkyard is interested in metal parts and will pay for it pound by pound therefore, the heavier bike, the better! This will pour some cash in your pocket and you'll decrease you imprint on mother earth. Hey, a double win situation again! Have in mind however that you'll have to transport it on your own since junkyard will not pay or organize someone to tow it away. This may cost more than what you'd earn from recycling, so do your calculations. This may be a better option if you have a wrecked car.

Used and junk motorcycle buyers

This next one is possibly the best option for you, so I left it as a treat for the end. Hear me there are services out there that will tow away your motorcycle for free, no matter where its located and give you cash for it! You end up with a junkless front yard and some cash in your hands, completely easy and effortlessly. Apart from the fact that they will tow it away free of charge, the process is fast and simple you call them, they send an expert who assesses the value of your bike, he gives you an offer and if you accept it they tow it away! These companies will in most cases send someone over the same day and he or she will offer you more than a reasonable price for your damaged bike. Therefore, if you'd like to avoid all the hustle related to negotiating and transporting this is definitely the best option for you!

You see, you do have different options and now that you know their advantages and disadvantages choose the one that suits you best. Hope that this article helped you!
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going for a ride with Gasser

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Choosing the best motorbike for yourself

Being a bike rider is a way of life, rarely just a hobby. While we would all want to have this and that model and be proud owners of the most famous models and brands, not every bike is for everyone. Are you tall? Are you heavy? Are you planning to take long trips or just show off? these are all factors to be taken in consideration when choosing your future best friend.

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Most famous for Harley-Davidson and "Terminator 2". If you want style and individuality over performance, this bike is for you. Built big, heavy, strong and loud, this is the best bike for the macho type. When you think of a classic biker, with a bandana, shades, long beard, chains and a vest, you always imagine him riding a cruiser. It is built for a relaxed ride, with low seats giving the new rider's feet easy access to ground; and a with a low center of gravity offsetting heft. They have engines tuned for low rpm, making the throttle and clutch coordination easier for a beginner. Some of the flaws on the other hand come from cruisers having a long and low style, so it can make handling on some models a bit trickier, as well as some vibration. The price can also be a problem, since the big ones can cost a lot. Though, mid-sized ones are rather affordable.

There's a sub-group of cruiser called the chopper, which features exaggerated laid-back styling and front wheels more up front. They were made famous by movie "Easyriders". Cruisers in general are famous for customization, so if you're the type who likes custom things, this is definitely the type for you.


Tourers are the type for those who like to go on long rides, travel great distances. This is the type of bike for those people who enjoy solace for longer periods of time, or for the opposite of that: for those who like long trips with company, since this type of bike is built with a long seat enough for two people to fit comfortably. Unlike other motorcycles tourers are specially built for long rides, meaning they are extremely comfortable, have good weather protection, built in radio, come with large integrated luggage compartment for convenience. A great plus that comes with tourers is that they have a larger fuel capacity, meaning less stops along the way, which further means less chances of getting stranded on a highway. All this comfort comes with a price, and for the tourer the price is extra wight and a steep price.


Made famous by Italian "Vespa". A small bike, meant for easy transportation around the city. If you like discreet, small bikes and practicality over loud, big and showy bikes, this is the type for you. These bikes are not only light, but also easy to maneuver. If you know how to ride a bicycle, you'll have no problem switching to a scooter. They usually come with built in storage box, either under the seat or behind it, which makes it the top choice for pizza delivery, Chinese food delivery or pretty much any kind of city-delivery. Logically, since it's a small bike, with a not so powerful engine and low fuel consumption, one of its benefits is the low price. On the other hand, since scooters have smaller wheels, they tend to be less stable at higher speed, and because the scooter has a direct start, it can be a bit jumpy and it can easily fall out of your hands if not held tightly enough.

Enduro bikes

While not really for beginners, enduro bikes are great for those with a great inborn feel for balance. They are designed for off-road competitions. Enduro bikes most often come equipped with headlights and taillights for nighttime riding and usually come with devices for reading roll charts, timers and such... This is a bike made for bad terrains, and for those who like bikes for sports and adrenalin. They are fuel-efficient, and durable. Some scratches might come from using it for long, but other bikers would just respect you more for them. The downsides of this type are that it takes the longest to get used to them, due to relatively high seats.
Now you've seen that not all bikes are the same and you know more of each of the most common bike types. Use the knowledge gained here to choose the best type for yourself, and enjoy your new bike.

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just something cool

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Bubba James Stewart - Day In The Life

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