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10 Steps to Make Buying a Used Car a Positive Experience

Many people purchase used cars every year. It is estimated that tens of millions of used vehicles are purchased from a dealership as well as private parties. With so many vehicles available, it may be a challenge to discover the one that fits your individual driving needs. There are at least ten steps to consider when looking to purchase a used car.

1. Budget

It's important a person know how much they can put toward their used car purchase before they start looking. Car finance experts recommend that a person's car payment should not be over 20 percent of their take-home pay. Should a person's finances be tight, they may want to consider a lower percentage.

2. Research

Once a person has determined the amount they can comfortably spend on a vehicle, they need to research what vehicles are within their price range. People with children will want larger cars and environmentally conscious single people with no children may want a hybrid. The good news is there are thousands of used vehicles available. There is a good chance a customer will find one to fit their individual situation.

3. Vehicle History Report

It's possible to buy a vehicle from a family member or close friend who is honest about its history. In most cases, it's recommended to get a vehicle history report. This is an important part of buying a used vehicle. Should you be interested in a vehicle that has a bad history, it's better to know as soon as possible.

4. Contact Seller

Once you see a car that gets your interest, it is important to contact the seller. The next step is to verify all of the information you've obtained about the car. This is a time to learn about any recent mechanical problems and more. This is also a good way to determine if the vehicle is still available to be purchased.

5. Vehicle Inspection

Should the vehicle be purchased through a private party, it is very important to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic. This can also be a good idea with certain types of vendors. If the seller isn't willing to permit such an inspection, it may be time to avoid the potential problems and move to another vehicle. Refusing an inspection makes the seller appear to be hiding something important about the car.

6. Test Drive

Test driving a used car is the most effective way to know if it is the car that will work for you. This is the time to personally assess a car's condition. Walk around the outside and see its exterior. Notice if it's easy to get in and out of the car. See how easy is is to make the seat, steering wheel, and other adjustments. Pay close attention to how the car handles when driving it.

7. Negotiate A Good Deal

Many people don't like talking numbers with a seller. This can be a good experience when a person has a plan. Be aware of anything that is wrong with the vehicle. Before the negotiations start, it's important to know how much to spend, and start with a very low offer. Try to meet a price in the middle between what price you offer and the seller initially offers.

8. Financing

Should a person be buying a car with financing, it's important they think about refusing a variety of extras that will be offered. Things such as rustproofing and etching need to be carefully considered. Warranties and insurance can be purchased from places other than a dealership and might be a much better price.

9. Don't Buy Today

It is important to resist any pressure from the seller for a quick sale. This pressure decreases significantly when a customer walks away. In many cases, a customer will get a better deal because the seller doesn't want them to possibly get a good deal with the competition. Demand that any offers be put in writing.

10. Paperwork

If buying from a dealership, a sales contract and financing paperwork may be involved. Insurance will have to be arranged. There will be fees for registrations, warranties as well as tax and more.
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sell damaged bike

Sometimes it happens- you have to sell your bike. What if it's damaged, or even it desn;t seem to be a bike anymore? Don't worry. There are a few ways to solve your problem. This is the one.

Motorcyclists remain the most vulnerable road users. They account for for about 21% of all accidents ended up with deaths in Great Britain ( 2015). Each day, one motorcyclist looses his life in UK. However the amount of accidents increased, not all of them have the worst end. Usually, the accidents is only a fail- fortunetelly the owner of bike still lives- but his bike is not. Then comes a question: how can I sell damaged bike? Or how to sell a spare parts? There are a few companies, which are well prepared to collect your bike. What should they offer? What sholud you ask them for, during the first contact?

First - licence

Ask if the company has a "BREAKERS" liecence.

Second: equipment.

Do they have a proper car with patform to collect a bike or spare parts ?

Third: Time.

How much time will you wait for a deal?

fourth: price.

If you would like to get more informations about scrap a bike in UK or ireland, sell spare parts, sell damaged bike, please visit our site:
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3 Automotive Performance Mods that Actually Work

Think about what you want to improve about your car. Is it the acceleration? Is it the stopping power? Is it the ride quality? Is it the fuel consumption? It could be any number of things going on a spending spree at AutoZone or your favorite performance shop might not get you to your desired goal.
When applying vehicle performance mods, consider implementing them one at a time to get a sense for how it makes an impact on your car. Not only will you more sensibly spend your cash, youll understand with greater precision how your car is improved with them. If money is no object, then by all means, drop your car off at a local performance shop and give them a blank check. For the rest of us, read on.



Estimated cost: $100-$300
Benefits: Improved acceleration and fuel economy
Difficulty: Easy

A cold air intake is the first and easiest mod that anyone can do in less than an hour. It consists of replacing the stock, restrictive air box for your cars intake. The premise is that by allowing air to flow naturally without any baffles or restrictions, your engine is able to breathe easier to access more air when needed, such as when using an on-ramp to join a highway. Depending on the design of the intake, you could just make it breathe hotter engine air, so try to select one that seals off the engine bay from the air filter area. These kits often come with a long-life air filters that require different maintenance and cleaning intervals for optimal performance.

If you find that you ford rivers or deal with significant downpours of rain, dont leave your intake exposed to the outside elements, or youll hydrolock your engine. (I did this once, #fail.)
Check online forums to understand what other like-minded drivers think of their upgrades, the brands they trust and the setups they have. You could learn a good amount just by researching what others have done with their intakes and the performance they offer. This tip applies to the rest of these recommendations, too.



Estimated cost: $250+
Benefits: Improved acceleration and fuel economy
Difficulty: Medium (seek an automotive shop for installation)

Along with a cold-air intake is the second mod that many people are very familiar with: exhaust upgrades. Assume for a moment that your engine is a water pump, sucking water in and pushing water out. You need to make sure that the pipes you have for your exhaust enable air to escape freely. If you do an intake upgrade, its a good idea to upgrade your exhaust. Aside from sound enhancements, it allows your engine to run more efficiently. Following my intake and exhaust upgrades, Ive seen about a 5% improvement in my fuel economy.

A cat-back exhaust system entails everything after the catalytic converter, so its completely legal to change .Not all Cat-Back Exhaust systems have to be obnoxiously loud. With the use of resonators and mufflers, it can still be high-flow and lower-volume but its safe to assume it will be significantly more noticeable than your stock exhaust system.
Pricing varies greatly based on the brand and features of their performance exhaust systems do your research YouTube is a great way to hear the before and after samples of peoples exhaust upgrades.If you believe your stock pipes are sufficient, you can opt for an axle-back upgrade, which is basically just changing out the rear mufflers.



Estimated cost: $500 $900
Benefits: Improved fuel economy and handling.
Difficulty: Easy

You regularly check the air pressure and wearing of your tires, right? If not, get in the habit of checking them at least once a week or so. Doing so will help you catch problems before they become disasters. That said, one way to improve fuel economy and handling is to invest in a good set of lower-resistance Summer Tires so you dont needlessly add more rolling resistance to your car.
If you find you do a lot of highway driving and dont find yourself hitting water, ice, snow or mud, then you will benefit from these higher-performance tires. They are made with different rubber compounds that are harder so they dont erode as quickly as other tires. They also have specialized tread patterns that reduce its bite into the road.

Assess your driving behavior and situations to decide if these are appropriate. If you typically experience all four seasons, stick with an all-season/terrain tire.Im not suggesting you go nuts and get Mickey Thompsons on your car. Research the reviews from thousands of other drivers on tires on a site like TireRack, compare their UTOQ ratings and look into professional reviews of the tires when making your decision.

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Everything You Need to Know About Auto Dealership Business

car dealer
Car dealership is a retail business that sells new and used cars. Some dealerships have contracts with car manufacturers and work as subsidies, while others sell used cars and car parts. In order to establish a closer relationship with their customers, dealerships often have a service and maintenance department that also conducts warranty repairs.
Costs of opening a car dealership are very high, and they can easily exceed $1 million. Thats why you should carefully plan your future business operation and determine its profitability before you start. In this article, were going to review some of the basic steps for opening a car dealership.

1.Perform market research

Before you start a car dealership business you need to determine whether theres a demand for new or used cars in your area. This can be done by investigating the number of sold cars and conducting further analysis in order to learn which manufacturers, categories and models are the most popular ones.
This is very important, because if you for example determine that Ford F-1500 is the best-selling vehicle in your area, you can open a Ford franchised dealership or dealership which specializes in trucks. Since the initial expenses for opening a car dealership are very high, you need to fill your car lot with vehicles that are both useful and affordable to local consumers.
Market research usually continues with establishing the profile of an ideal customer. It is essential to determine their age, gender, employment level, interests and other demographic and behavioral characteristics. In order to gather the information, you can implement market research tactics used by car manufacturers. You can also assign names and photos to each ideal customer profile in order to make your future marketing campaigns more personal.

2.Choose the type of dealership

There are several types of dealerships to choose from. Most big dealerships are franchised by car manufacturer giants. Franchise allows them to use the manufacturers logo and become a part of their marketing strategy. In order to open a franchise, youll need to sign the franchise agreement, provide financial disclosures to the car manufacturer and pay them a franchise fee.
You also need to choose between selling new cars, used cars or both. Most dealership owners go for the third option, but you should know that this requires you to invest a lot of time and money. Used cars usually attract customers who want to spend less than $15,000 per vehicle and they also require more service and maintenance.
You can easily turn these used cars shortcomings into a business opportunity. Many used car dealers decide to open a service and maintenance department, which allows them to earn more money and build strong relationships with their customers.

3.Plan your finances

Buying the first batch of cars and filling out the inventory is the biggest cost of every new dealership. When you add property lease and costs of building renovation, franchise fee and service department opening, you can easily spend several millions of dollars before you even start selling the vehicles.

Don't forget to also include auto dealer bonds, as most states require you to have one in order to operate a dealership. Auto dealer bonds also offer tax benefits, since by incorporating them you are allowed to write off expenses such as health insurance and life insurance premiums.

Since financing your dealership is such a huge commitment, you should carefully review every potential funding option. Most car dealers finance their floorplan through specialized bank loans, where their car inventory serves as a collateral.

4.Dont forget the regulatory requirements

Whatever car dealership you choose to open, youll need to go through an auto dealership license application process. In order to get the license, youll need to buy an auto-dealership surety bond that protects your buyers from frauds related to car purchase. Youll also need to obtain several other forms of insurance and building permits if you want to build the car lot and dealership offices from scratch.

5.Employ skillful car salesmen

Dealerships employ car salesmen who work for commission and have great negotiation and presentation skills, since used car prices are often negotiable. You should employ at least one qualified salesmen per shift who will teach the new, less experienced staff the basic car sales tactics.
The nature of car salesmen work is the source of many prejudice. In popular culture, they are often depicted as manipulative and greedy. Some of the most notorious car salesmen characters include: Mad Man Mooney from Muppet Movie, Harry Wormwood played by Denny DeVito in Matilda and a fast-talking car salesman from American Graffiti played by John Brent.

Since the nature of car salesmen business drastically changed after the 2008 Economic crisis, you need to explain to your employees that hard sell tactics are not as effective as they used to be. At the moment, Tesla Motors is lobbying and filling lawsuits against the states that have forbidden them to sell their cars directly to consumers. Significant portion of the public supports Tesla Motors appeals, which is why new car dealerships need to cater a harmonious relationship with their customers, build an e-commerce website and use it for online car sales.
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Driving In A Hurricane: Wind and Water Are Your Enemy

The citizens of New Orleans still havent forgot the drastic consequences of Hurricane Katrina. Only 11 years after Katrina disaster, the southern coast of the United States is nervously waiting for the arrival of Matthew and Nicole, the hurricanes that already created havoc on several Caribbean islands. If you live in a zone affected by hurricanes, you basically have two options: to hunker down, or to evacuate before it arrives.

driving after a hurricane

Driving in a hurricane zone is definitely not the safest option. If youre stranded on the road when the wind and rain start lashing, you should immediately stop your car and go to the nearest shelter. If you by any chance need to drive through a hurricane area, youll need to take certain precautionary measures before you start your trip. These include:

1. Paper maps

Hurricanes often cause communication failures. When this happens, you wont be able to rely on your GPS navigation, which is why you should always carry a paper map of the local area as a backup. This way, youll be able to find your way and leave the hurricane area as quickly as possible.

2. Pack a special hurricane emergency kit

A hurricane emergency kit should contain:

- A space blanket it is light and it reflects heat, which means it is perfect for warming you up if you get wet;

- Towels to wipe yourself in case you get wet;

- A rain poncho to protect you from the rain;

- A first aid kit for cleaning and bandaging wounds and scrapes;

- A flashlight hurricanes often cause power cuts, so a flashlight can be particularly useful, as well as one or few sets of extra batteries;

- A Swiss knife it can be used for untying screws, opening bottles and cans, etc.

- A radio for listening to the NOAA weather forecast and determining a hurricanes path. You can also use your car or cell phone radio receiver;

- Food and water supply if you get stranded in a traffic jam for a long time;

3 Equip your car

Your vehicle needs to be well equipped for the hurricane season. If your car breaks down on a hurricanes path, youll be stranded at a very dangerous place. Thats why you should do a complete vehicle inspection on a regular basis.
The braking system is very important during wet weather rides. You should check brakes before the hurricane season. Pull on the side and press the brake pedal. If you feel that your pedal is too taut or you hear unusual squealing or grinding noises, take your car to a local car mechanic immediately. In order to make your rides safer, you should install top-quality bandix brakes.
Since driving on wet roads requires good tires, you should always have good all-season (or winter) tires with deep and solid tread patterns. Tire treads divert road water and protect your car from hydroplaning. When treads become shallower than 1/16th of an inch, you should immediately replace your tires.

4. Drive safely

If you by any chance find yourself driving in a hurricane zone, take these precautions:

- Slow down Leave a bigger buffer zone between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. This will give you more time to react if youre being buffeted by the wind.

- Grip the steering wheel firmly Grip it with both hands, keep your left hand in 9 oclock position and your right hand at 3 oclock.

- Expect wind gusts Sudden wind gusts can take you to the other lane. These usually occur when youre entering an exposed area, crossing an exposed bridge, driving a large or tall vehicle or sharing a road with large and tall trucks.

- Watch out for blowing objects and other road hazards Hurricanes can blow large and heavy objects into your path. Tree limbs can break your windshield and downed power lines can be very dangerous, especially if theyve fallen down on a flooded roadway.

Although some of these precautions can save you from road accidents and various other injuries, you should avoid driving your car in the areas affected by hurricanes. Finding a shelter by the roadside isnt easy, but you should have in mind that even the smallest shelter is safer than your car on the open road.

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2000 subaru impreza wagon (deadpool)

So my profile pic is of current car working on its not completely finished in this pic but I will be posting more up to date pics as we go and I will also be posting some before pics so you guys can see the changes made to it
3:24 PM

ENEOS Motor Ouil

Hello everyone, My name is Javier Vera I am the new ENEOS Sales Agent for the West Coast. Please reach out to me regarding your next car event so I can attend and maybe bring out our ENEOS booth with promotional items.

We are also looking for retailers who might be interested in carrying our oils and transmission fluids.

Thank you

Javier Vera
ENEOS Motor Oil
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Orlando Pride wanted to fill the Orlando Citrus Bowl

The Orlando Pride wanted to fill the Orlando Citrus Bowl. Not only did they want to fill it, they wanted it to be #FilledWithPride.

This was not some marketing gimmick. This was something more of a statement. Not just about Orlandos sudden and strong love affair with soccer. But also that this city was going to suppor a lot more than traditional mens sports. That this city was truly becoming a sports metropolis with something for everyone.

Fans in the supporters section chanted Our City, Our Pride! There was a small banner in support of U.S. Womens Soccer players Hope Solo Jersey bid for equal pay Equal Pay for Equal Play it read. There was no sense that this was anything more than a normal Saturday night soccer game.

A NWSL-record crowd of 23,403 fans filled the Orlando Citrus Bowl and the Orlando Pride gave them reason to celebrate. And celebrate again and celebrate again.

The first half was the fans introduction to the team as Orlando Pride pushed the pressure. The second half was about Alex Morgan and that offense as the Orlando Pride won their first game as a franchise 3-1 over the Houston Dash at the Orlando Citrus Bowl on Saturday.

In a span of about 15 minutes, the Orlando Pride sent the whole stadium into euphoria, putting on a clinic in goal scoring and team play, making good on several threats throughout the first half. Unlike the opener in Portland, Orlando looked much more connected and comfortable playing together.

Alex Morgan had a role in two of the goals, scoring her first goal of the season on some beautiful team play to wrap up the scoring on some beautiful touch passing from Jasmyne Spencer and Steph Catley Spencer used her great speed to get down the wing and left the ball off for Catley on the overlap. Catley brought the ball along the end line and slotted it to Morgan to complete Orlandos scoring.

The Pride dominated before then too. This goal merely a culmination of the celebration.

Morgan fired a shot in the box that ricocheted off Houston defender Andressa about a minute into the second half. Orlandos Lianne Sanderson then caught the Dash defense napping, firing in a direct free kick into the net while the defense seemed to be still setting itself up.

No matter how those goals went in or the incredible saves goalie Ashlyn Harris made, including one in the 19th minute on a one-v.-one with Houstons Janine Beckie the Orlando faithful were happy to celebrate this latest soccer accomplishment.

The Pride announced themselves to orlando, not that they really needed to. Orlando had already bought in to womens soccer Alex Morgan Jersey.

The crowd will undoubtedly die down for the teams second home game May 8. But it will not die down much. Orlando City still fills the stadium with 30,000 on most weekends even when they are not gunning for 60,000. It is not unrealistic for Orlando Pride to top 10,000 for its games moving forward.

The product is certainly entertaining enough to continue drawing fans in.

It is a new era for soccer in Orlando. For sports in Orlando once again. Several major professional womens teams have come through Orlando and fallen to the wayside currently the USSA Pride play National Pro Fastpitch Softball out of Disney, but the Orlando Miracle (WNBA) and Orlando Wahoos (Softball) have come and gone with hardly any notice. This one though has staying power. Alex Morgans star power presence certainly helps.

On this opening night, Orlando had plenty to be proud of. The Orlando Pride most of all. They put on a great game and a strong performance for their inaugural game.

Once again, early in the season, anything seems possible for this team.
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New York Yankees feel like they need him in the lineup

NEW YORK -- As bad as Alex Rodriguez has been this April, the New York Yankees feel like they need him in the lineup.

A-Rod didn't make it to the end of the Yankees' 8-1 loss Sunday to the Tampa Bay Rays, leaving early because of an oblique issue that required him to get an MRI exam. He was still a big focus on a team not getting many hits, even though he hasn't been contributing himself.

At least the Yanks still believe A-Rod can hit, which is more than you can say for a lot of the Yankees Masahiro Tanaka Jersey, particularly when the opposing pitcher throws with his left hand.

The Yankees were limited to one run again Sunday, and while Rays starter Drew Smyly is an impressive lefty, he really didn't do anything out of the ordinary to stifle the Yankees.

The Yankees have scored two runs or fewer in eight of the first 17 games this season. Going into Sunday, only the San Diego Padres and Philadelphia Phillies had been worse, with nine such games apiece Luis Severino Jersey. And in 12 of the first 17 games, the Yankees have been held to no more than three runs. Only the weak-hitting Rays and rebuilding Phillies have struggled more, each with 13 three-runs-or-fewer games.

Sunday's game felt just about over when Michael Pineda allowed two home runs and five runs total in the first inning. Pineda was his usual puzzling self, becoming the first Yankee pitcher ever with nine strikeouts and four homers allowed in the same game.

The bigger immediate issue, however, is the lineup, especially against lefties. The Yankees could face two more left-handers in the three games in Texas, although they'll avoid Cole Hamels, who was scratched from Monday's scheduled start because of a groin problem.

A lineup already struggling against lefties has now been without Aaron Hicks, who missed the past two games with a sore shoulder and whose return remains unknown. Then, two innings after Rodriguez drove in Sunday's only Yankee run with a double off Smyly, he left the game with what the team described as left oblique stiffness.

The double was Rodriguez's second hit in his past 19 at-bats, and just his eighth hit in 55 at-bats this season (a .145 average). But it was also a reminder of what he can still do -- at times.

"The last thing I saw was him hitting a missile off the wall," Chase Headley said. "We need him. He's a big threat in the middle of the lineup."

Manager Joe Girardi said similar things, expressing hope, if not belief, that A-Rod's oblique problem won't force him to the disabled list. The Yankees aren't loaded with possible replacements in Triple-A, although they did recently sign Nick Swisher to a minor league deal.

The Yankees need to figure out something, because it seems unlikely that their two- or three-run-a-day offense will be enough in Texas, Boston or Baltimore, the three stops on their trip that begins Monday.

They scored just 24 runs total in the just-finished nine-game homestand, and six of those came in Friday night's win over the Rays. They took two of three from the Rays after losing five of six to the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics, and left home in last place in the American League East.

"We're not swinging the bats like we're capable of, but we'll get this turned around," catcher Brian McCann said.

Perhaps they will, but it says a lot that they left the park hoping they haven't lost a guy who's hitting .145.
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Pat Light will join the Boston Red Sox here in Houston

HOUSTON Pat Light will join the Boston Red Sox here in Houston today. He has been recalled from Pawtucket for his first major league stint.

Lefty Roenis Elias and righty Noe Ramirez have been optioned to Pawtucket. The Red Sox also activated Henry Owens who will make today's start.

The Boston Red Sox selected Pat Light 37th overall in the 2012 draft with the compensation pick they received for the Philadelphia Phillies signing closer Jonathan Papelbon.

After Light struggled as a starter Xander Bogaerts Jersey, the Sox converted him to a reliever in 2015. He hit 102 mph in Double-A Portland and 100 mph in Triple-A Pawtucket last year.

"Honestly, I think my best pitch is my splitter," Light said during spring training. "My fastball's already good. It (the splitter) is nice to have when you're coming out of the bullpen. It's something a lot of times guys haven't seen yet and it's tough to get timing down for that quickly. But the splitter has been my out-pitch since I started in the bullpen and it's been really helpful for me."

He has experienced some control issues as a reliever.

"His biggest thing is command and controlling his effort level," PawSox manager Kevin Boles told the Providence Journal this morning. "If he can get ahead with his fastball, it's amazing how much different the at-bat is."


Just 17 games into the 2016 schedule, the Red Sox have used 10 different relievers. Four of those relievers have an ERA over 4.90 two of whom only have made one appearance each (William Cuevas, Elias).

With Owens and Light added today, the Red Sox already have used every pitcher from 40-man roster on their major league roster except Brian Johnson and Williams Jerez, who is at Double-A Portland.

Who are some relievers not on the 40-man roster at Pawtucket who potentially could help out if added?

Anthony Varvaro is an option.

The 31-year-old Varvaro has experienced success in the major leagues with a 3.23 ERA in 166 outings (183 2/3 innings). He posted a 2.82 ERA in 73 1/3 innings during 2013 and a 2.63 ERA in 54 2/3 innings in 2014.

He settled for a minor league deal with the Red Sox after surgery for a tear in his right flexor tendon kept him out most of the 2015 season.

He has a 3.52 ERA (3 ER, 7.2 IP), 1.04 WHIP and nine strikeouts compared to two walks so far for the PawSox.

The righthander has been known as a reverse-split pitcher. Left-handed batters slashed just .149/.198/.284/.481 against him in 2014 and .207/.267/.281/.548 against him in 2013.

Jorge Marban is another option. The 27-year-old has a 0.96 ERA (1 R, 9.1 IP), 1.18 WHIP and .107 batting average against The problem is command. He has eight walks compared to six strikeouts.

Marban signed with Boston two offseasons ago after spending time pitching in Australia.

The PawSox also have 26-year-old Robby Scott. He has a 2.79 ERA (3 R, 9.2 IP), 1.03 WHIP, .167 batting average against and nine strikeouts compared to four walks.

The Red Sox also signed Wesley Wright to a minor league deal. The 31-year-old lefty has a 4.16 ERA in 371 career outings, four starts. He has a 1.35 ERA (1 R, 6.2 IP) so far.