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I am a huge fan of Indy car and F1 racing and a fan of Honda high rpm engines developed for F1 and Indy cars. In 2006 I purchased a Honda S2000 - 4 cylinder - 2.2 liter DOHV VTEC Naturally Aspirated engine that produces 250 HP. The engine operates at maximum 8000 rpm in all gears. The transmission is a manual 6 speed and car weighs 2,800 pounds/1,273 kilos. After the purchase I took the car to the Tale of the Dragon. Tail of the dragon is located at Deals Gap, N.C. The road is designated US 129 and travels a mile or so in N.C. and enters Tenn. with 318 curves in 11 miles. The road is considered Americas number one sports car and motorcycle road. If you want to test your vehicle, this is the place to do it. After three or four days at the dragon I returned home to decide what modifications I wanted to make on the car. The following modifications have been made: 1) Borla Exhaust 2) Carrbing front frame brace 3) Mishimoto dual fan for more efficient cooling 4) DBA slot and drilled disc brakes 5) Motul brake fluid designed for higher temperatures caused by mountain braking. 6) Ingalls torque damper that connects the engine to the car strut and allows the engine to remain stiff, delivering more power to the rear axel. 7) The car from the day it left the show room has run only Royal Purple XPR racing oil along with k&N oil filters and K&N air filter. The car uses only SHELL high test gasoline. 8) Electric blinking device to allow the trunk brake light to blink when the brakes are applied. 9) The tires are Bridgestone Potenza RE11's Front Tires: 215/45R17's Rear Tires: 245/40R17's
· Lives in Batavia, OH
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