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"Hello, I am Juan Ruiz, a inexhaustible car fantatic. I am a mechanic, a racer and a designer. Since I was very young I have thought about cars, worked on cars, raced cars and detailed cars. Detailing for me was never a burden; it is a joy. It allows me private time with my car, and the enjoyment of seeing my detailing work as I progress. This to me is no different than tuning a race car and then listening to the engine. I believe that a car should be driven and should look its very best at all times. There are many, many fine products available to create a deep, crystal shine, but they never quite met my needs. The end product was good, but it was not flawless. So I would continually move between brands, trying to find a combination that worked for me. I am an obsessive perfectionist in my work and in my hobbies. I simply never found a brand or combination of brans that completely met my needs. So I had to create my own. Our products are NOT a Re-labeled products we OWN our Own formulas. This has been a long and arduous process; I wanted the best of everything. Ease of application was important, the degree and depth of the shine and the duration that the finish would last. I also wanted a product that allowed me to race and show my car. I wanted the finish so perfect that people would (and do) ask me if I even drive my car. At the track, in car shows and on the street, people would ask me what I was using to create this incredible finish. I could only reply that these were products I had created for myself and were not commercially available. Our products are that our OWN I would occasionally give samples to people. I wanted to share the experience and to see how pleased they were with how fantastic their cars looked. A few years ago, I decided that I would bring my detail line to market. It has been a slow process since I only wished to release those products that I personally used and could personally endorse. I called the line "Turbo Wax". I am certain that I have created a product line like no other. This is not a huge corporation; this is a car guy who created what he feels is the best available.
· Lives in weston, FL
CREW 421