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Hi, Iam into just about any kind of car fun stuff, from NASCAR and NHRA I have been involved in most kinds of motorsports and car hobbies. I drive a 68 Cougar on nice days and work free lance on projects from Grand Am cars to restomod street machines. A HotRod magazine article named 100 things a guy must do before he dies and I had done 31 of those things, not too bad. Oh yeah ! I almost forgot, I also collect diecast toy cars, both antique and modern, I have a large HotWheels collection with redlines I had as a child and newer collectables from HotWheel conventions. Iam a member of my local EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) and enjoy flying small airplanes like Pipers and Cessnas. Iam always on the lookout for a project muscle car or pony car, always looking for vintage Mercury Cougars (1967-1970) One thing I would like to say to anyone that thinks as themselfs as being a car guy or gal is that you should make sure to attend the SEMA show at least a couple of times, nothing you can do will inspire you and educate you as going to Vegas in November and spend a few days at SEMA, you wont regret it.
· Lives in markymarkhw@aol, OR
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