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"OsoLatest #1 2016"
#OsosikMedia Below is the Q & A with IFO owner Cliff Wallace: Q: Who is Import Face Off? When did it start? How and why? A: I founded Import Face-Off (IFO) in 2001 when I was just 22 years old. At the time, I was not a promoter, but a Medical Technologist that happened to also be an Import enthusiast. I owned a daily driven Integra GSR that ran 12s in the quarter mile which was somewhat fast in those days. My local track would never host an Import only event, so I decided to step up, rent the track out, and host an event myself. To my surprise, 1900 showed up at the first event. I did it all for the love of the sport, not for money, but after the first event I realized promotions could be a business. I worked part time at the hospital for 8 years before quitting completely. Now, promoting IFO is my livelihood and we're in a different city almost every non-holiday weekend out of the year. Q: So it seems Import Face Off is very successful. Then why haven't payouts increased? What, if anything, does IFO give back to the Import community in return? A: Payouts have increased!... every single year since 2007, actually. All the while entry fees have remained the same ($25 online) for 38 out of 41 events. $25 is the same price or cheaper than many tracks across the nation charge for a regular TnT session with absolutely no payouts. Where else can you race for $25 and go home with $1200, $1500, even $2000?! Yes, our payouts are lower than some of the other events, but racers fail to realize the other events charge much higher to compete, some even $200+ for a tech card! As for success, it was not over night. It took almost 10 years to be completely comfortable with the business. I work harder than most. My schedule is 40+ events from coast to coast, more than all other Import drag circuits combined. I feel IFO resurrected a dying industry by providing events for the national Import community, not just one region. As for giving back, IFO pays out $250k+ to contestants throughout the year! Almost every event, I pay out more than the advertised structure. Since 2007 I have personally given $100k+ to charities. Q: Ok, so you host 40+ events a year. How are you able to do that? A: In the beginning I hosted only 1 event a year, then 3, then 5, 10, and was fortunate enough to grow to 40+, but it wasn't over night. Eventually word spread of my good reputation. Now, there are even tracks contacting me wanting to have an IFO. Being courteous and respectful to others has also helped. I've never had an employee quit on me and as far as I know, every IFO track respects and appreciates the event. Q: There's some controversy and drama with your current schedule and another event on the same day. Both events are one hour away from each other. Why did you schedule your event head to head with the other? A: I didn't!... and there's no "drama" on my end. What happened is simple... the track had a business disagreement with the other event and decided to part ways. When the date became open they asked me if I would take it. I said yes. I was the only event at the time. A few days later the other event ended up changing locations to another track and kept their original date. Now there are two events in the same region on the same date. Unfortunately, it happens. Scheduling in competition with another event is the last thing I ever want to do. It's good for no one. Q: How do you see the future of Import drag racing? Do you think the sport will ever go back to being as big as it was with national TV coverage and corporate sponsors? A: With the right event formula and class structures, I think the sport can last forever. Keeping up with current market trends and catering to what the racers want is key. I don't think it will ever go back to being corporate with national TV time like before though. The scene was never meant for that level in my opinion. It's a very niche and grassroots market. Q: How do you see the future of Import Face-Off? Will it ever go international? What's next? A: As of now, I'm pleased with our position. I don't foresee ever going international. The state to state travel is already tiring enough. As for what's next, I'm going back to my roots and producing a Honda/Acura only event, August 21st at New England Dragway. Thanks for watching, please share and subscribe today!
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