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1965 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

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Factory Specifications:
The foundation for the White Knuckle Ride is a 1965 Karmann Ghia, weighing in at 1950 pounds that went through a complete pan off rebuild with a Ron Lummus Racing roll cage and rolling on M&H tires and American Racing TrakStar wheels fore and aft. Suspension features a Mike Lawless built 2" narrower crome moly beam in front, with a narrowed rear track and QA1 adjustable shocks at all corners. Inside is a Kirkey seat, genuine Hurst shifter, and a CNC staging brake. The electrics are controlled by an ARC switch panel. Stopping after a run is handled by Wilwood four piston disc brakes in back with Wilwood lite weight discs up front.
Performance Modifications:
The Engine: This particular engine is based on the CB Performance "Raised Roof" aluminum case. The internals include an 84mm Scat flanged crank with Pauter chevy journal rods, a CB 2289 cam is installed a little advanced, with a set of the new CB lite weight race lifters, and Bugpack straight cut timing gears. The pistons are Wiseco 94s with .060 deck including .040" copper head gaskets. The heads are CB CNC Competition Eliminators, prepared by Pat Downs at CB Performance, with 10-1 compression ratio. Valves are CB titanium 48mm intakes and 40mm exhaust. K-Motion K-800 valve springs are used with 200 lbs on the seat and 450 open pressure. The Pauter roller tip rockers are advertised at 1.5. The crank pulley is a CB Performance dry sump pulley. Also installed is a steel lightweight flanged flywheel along with a McLeod floater clutch with a four puck disc and a Mike Lawless built turbo header with a 1.63" final tube size. The induction is turbocharged with mechanical fuel injection with a Mike Lawless built intake set up to run on alky. The ignition is all MSD, using their mag pick-up distributor, 8.5mm wires and 7AL2 box, with a two-step rev limiter for launching the car. An autocraft "Stage and a Half" oil pump keeps the internals spinning freely and pulls oil from a CB 4 quart deep sump. The Trans: The trans is a "pro-shifted" type 2 bus unit built by Rancho Performance Transaxles in Fullerton. It features a 4.57 ring & pinion with spool and a 3.11, 1.93, 1.30 and 0.93 gearset. It uses the Berg intermediate housing allowing the use of a type 1 shift housing for super slick shifts and also features a gusseted case. Mark Williams axles and Porsche 930 CV joints. This trans has been virtually bulletproof with no failures of any kind since its installation. Thanks Mike and Rancho for building us a trans that we can depend on.
Interior Modifications:
Inside is a Kirkey seat, genuine Hurst shifter, and a CNC staging brake. The electrics are controlled by an ARC switch panel. The dash and steering wheel are factory stock and the is a Autometer tach where the factory clock used to be.
Exterior Modifications:
The body is all stock with full trim and bumpers in place. There are no fiberglass panels, no cheezy wings, no phony ground effects. Just straight and clean dark blue metallic paint done by George's auto body in Fresno.
The car rolls on Amercian Racing TrakStar wheels. The fronts are 15 X 3.5 spindle mounts with M&H front runners, and the rears 15 X 8 with M&H 8.5 X 26 slicks for the best hook around. The front suspension is a custom made chrome-moly beam with QA1 adjustable shocks. The rear has been narrowed 3 1/4" per side, uses Mike Lawless built control arms, 930 Porsche CV joints, Mark Williams axles with QA1 coil-over adjustable shocks.
Audio, Video, and Technology:
Special Thanks and Sponsors:
CB Performance Rancho Performance Transaxles TurboSmart M&H Tires
Winner 2009 Bakersfield March Meet, Hot Rod class, multi time winner in VW PRA competition and 2006 VW PRA "Super Gas" (11.90 index) Champion.
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