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"Jax Wax Super Blue Dressing for Rubber Plastic Vinyl and Tires Tips and Techniques by Jax Wax" Tips and Techniques for using Jax Wax Super Blue, a solvent based dressing for rubber, plastic, vinyl trim and tires. Jax Wax Super Blue is a Solvent Based Dressing with a Pleasant Scent which Restores Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl surfaces and prevents Prevent Fading, Cracking and Other Harmful UV Effects at the same time. Easily restores fading and brings back the Brilliance of All Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl Surfaces. Can even be used on Damp Surfaces with Excellent Results. Jax Wax Super Blue is Long Lasting - the product will not wash right off like water-based dressings. Offers excellent UV Protection, and dries completely - Will Not Stay Tacky After Application. Jax Wax Super Blue offers Great Protection on Vinyl and Conertible Tops, Tonneau Covers and All Trim. Will not stain painted surfaces unlike other products.. Jax Wax Car Care Products are widely used in commercial businesses such as detail shops, body shops, and auto dealers. Jax Wax is now packaging its products in smaller quantities for the consumer market. You can get fast, commercial quality results by doing the detail work yourself. For more information, go to or call 877-7JAXWAX.
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