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Are there any new trends in heat protection products?

9:28 AM
As more people are realizing the benefits of heat protection in the engine, the trend is more racers and street customers alike are finally doing something about the heat. Heat is like a necessary evil, you've got to have it for better performance, the trick is being able to control it and make heat work for you. It all starts with the headers, which generate so much heat.

By insulating the headers, you can increase the scavenging flow of those hot exhaust gases, which helps in increasing horsepower and protecting key components from the radiant heat like spark plug wires, starters, and fuel lines. The trend for heat protection products is not only racers but many other markets are seeing the advantages of controlling heat and what it can do for you; areas like the traditional market, motorcycle, marine, trucking, ATV's, and snowmobile markets.