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05/23/2010 2 tbone188
This group is for anyone who wishes to discuss the advantages of alternate fuels. I am building a gasification system to run a genset for my home and one for my car. This process will run a car on wood. It converts burning wood into a fuel for an internal combustion engine,@ 130 octane.
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08/12/2011 1 Ricer99
Roll the Dice, Make it Nice, Make it Rice... Do you own rice (and have a sense of humor about it)? Do you know someone with rice. Have you seen rice in the California area, surrounding the 99 Freeway? Join up, and let's chat.
ricer, ricers, rice
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Chaos Theory Auto Club

11/06/2011 1 deanjii
Chaos Theory exists to provide automotive enthusiasts a truly family friendly atmosphere. Our members relish the opportunity to spend time with, and help, one another in a genuine way. If you'd like more information, feel free to send an email to or visit
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11/25/2011 1 jjohnson
Letting Pontiac owners share info and talk about their rides.
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Southern Oregon Drag Racers

11/26/2011 1 mopar1195
Our dragstrip is in danger of closing. It's county owned and needs $300,000 of repairs and improvements. I would like to hear from other racers about their entry fees, class payouts, and any benefits their tracks provides racers. Thank you! Butch Merusi, Gold Hill, OR.
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All Ford House

12/17/2011 1 moose
i have a 1999 for exployer sport mostley during the cooler months my system go's nuts. when i shut off the suv & try to alarm it it beeps twice,meanning not alarmed. and on the dash it will say door a jar but nothing is open . Have any ideas it's driving me nuts and help would be appreciated
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Winter Challenge

01/19/2012 1 ogemawtrails
Ogemaw Sport & Trail Center introduces New for 2012
"The Winter Challenge" Saturday February 4
Combination Drag Race/ Hill Climb on snow covered course...
more info @
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West Coast Hot Rod Association (WCHRA)

02/08/2012 1 TimWCHRA
West Coast Hot Rod Association - For Racers! All door slammers, all the time.
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02/09/2012 1 anra
American Nostalgia Racing Assoc.
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Save Our Drag Strips

03/02/2012 1 CaliforniaRacin
A place to brain storm, discuss ideas to save race tracks!

Race Tracks
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