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Clutch Kit Void Warranty?
Has anyone been told your 5 year warranty will be voided if you install a clutch kit? I'm being told that at my dealership?
New seat and heat shield
Took my 570 in for a winch and the dealer told me that Polaris had a fix for the boiling gas and melting seat issues. They ordered me the parts put a...
1994 Polaris Sportsman chain issue
Whenever I engage my 4wd and start riding it hard the front chain comes off and gets stuck between the rear brake caliper. The chain seems tight,...
2004.5 Sportsman 600 Winch Contactor Location?
Just bought a Viper Elite 3500 winch and am looking for some advice in where to mount the contactor. I don't want to put it in the toolbox as some...
Carbon Fiber Wrap
Has anyone attempted to have the Sportsman side panels hydro dipped or wrapped? They really scratch easily and I've always wanted to do them in...
Scrambler500 bushings
Hi guys Wondering if my chassis is an IQ or 1Q not sure which It is but one of the two as I'm looking on royal Distribution to find front a arm...
My first atv,, greetings from Oklahoma
This is a new hobby for me and my wife. I picked up my 2015 sportsman 850 touring in the color red. The only options I had installed are a Polaris...
accessories in Ontario
Does anybody have any good recommendation's on where to get a decent plow set up for a sportsman 570. I was also looking for good ramps at least 7.5...
2005 Scrambler 500 HO Will Not Start
Cleaned carb, checked fuel lines, will turn over and occasionally back fires but will not start. Any suggestions as to what I should try next?
1999 sportman 500 fuel in exhaust
Hello. I have a 99 500 Sportsman and it will not start unless you hold your hand over the intake. Once it does start it will smoke white and drip raw...
sportsman 550 xp randomly shuts off
I have a 2009 sportsman 550 xp and it will run fine then it will just shut off and have a hard getting it started. Last night I plowed snow with it...
Snorkles and slip ons for a 13 sportsman 850 xp
Howdy. So this is my first post and I'm looking for some information. I have a 2013 sportsman 850 xp, and it's stock right now. What I'm looking for...
big boss model specific section
How come there isn't one?
Wtb 2010 850 xp exhaust
Big gun etc. Whatcha got
Which Plow from Polaris.
So I have decided to buy a plow or the Sportsman 850. My Question is which one. The Glacier steel 60 inch, the Glacier poly 66 inch or the 66 inch...