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outlander 1000 on 34" superior traction tires
can am outlander 1000 on superior traction tires - YouTube
4-wheel drive and loss of brake pressure...
Can am guru's....When I put my 2013 Outlander XT in 4 wheel drive, and then use the hand brake, the brakes almost go to the bar. I pump them a few...
just to verify........
Just to verify, the Yellow "dot" gets lined up with the valve stem, correct? Image:...
2003 400 motor
Hello everyone. I am looking for an engine for a 2003 outlander 400. Mine just decided to quit. Any help would be appreciated.
Seal behind primary
I noticed some oil on the bottom of the cvt housing and I was wonder how hard it was to change the seal behind the primary clutch?
Spider Lake, MN
Last week my wife and I took time off and went 4 wheeling at Spider Lake. We have been there many times but this time was the best. We were basically...
Broken Shock Mount
When it rains it pours. Broke the front right top shock mount, the puny little tab seems to have broken, can't believe the design flaw in this area....
Extreme Bumper and Iron Baltic Skids
I know I want Iron Baltic skids, but my question is: will they fit with the BRP Extreme Bumper???? ....I asked Iron Baltic and they didn't...
Outlander 800 - 1000
Looking at buying an outlander would like some info. Does the valves require adjustment that often on the 800 - 1000's. Why ask my friends run...
new from ns canada
hi im new to the forum and thinking of getting a can am
to buy or not to buy
im new to the forum and concidering buying a2014 500 xt with 1500 kms and with a can am quick connect plow and rear box also windshield is there...
Stiff throttle '13 renegade 1000
Seems like my renegade has a very very stiff throttle I just noticed it in the last month or so Has anyone els experienced it or is it just me that...
Check DPS Fault
The Check DPS came on, what are some common causes? I do not want to take it to the dealer, it is out of warranty anyway. 2012 XMR.
Can Am 32 Gal Trunk?
I currently have the can am rear mogular 3 bag system and it's currently zip tied to my Outlander because the plastic hold down (CHEAP) hooks and now...
Anywhere to ride near Calabasas CA?
Just moved to area and looking for a place to ride 1000 renegade. Any suggestions?