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Outlander L XMR 570
So I currently have a 2005 outlander 400 XT. I want to upgrade to a new machine. I'm down to 2 machines. One is the 2016 Outlander L Xmr 570 and the...
Need help with front diff on 2014 xmr outty
My front tire free spins when stuck and other tire not engaging just shakes axel not broke any suggestions??
Shock Showdown!
So what's the word on the best shock (performance, reliability, serviceability) for the buck?? ELKA FOX MOTOSPORT RACE TECK CUSTOM AXXIS OHLINS...
Another tire question
Want the best tire? Want a tire that's good on the rocks, gravel and the mud? doing some research on the Zillas, Bearclaw HTR and the Blackwater and...
Mines & Meadows
anyone wanna hit mines and meadows for the day tomorrow? Let me knoW
2012 Outlander 1000 rear drive shaft
Is the 2012 shaft the same as the 2013/14/15? 12 has a different part # that has been superceded. It's getting confusing. Seems the 13/14 are the...
matter at all because the Sixers
matter at all because the Sixers USA vs Japan Live Stream USA vs. Japan Live:Stream Online FIFA Women's World Cup Final 2015 BC Place - YouTube
Clonking in Rear
Well by now I'm pretty use to all the different noises that a Can-Am makes. But my last ride, on the way home I stop to play in water crossing on the...
Even on her official travels, President Rousseff
Women's World Cup Final 2015 Live Stream
victory getting eight scoreless innings from
Women's World Cup Final 2015 Live Stream
United States takes on Japan in the final
Enjoy FIFA Women's World Cup Final 2015 Live Stream ( the Americans are rightly considered the favourites for the tie...
loud knock in rear?
I have a 2015 Outlander Max XT 800R with 96 kms. There is a loud knock in the rear. I can make in happen by rocking the bike back and forth from left...
Back in the mudd after 4 years
Been out of the game for 4 horable years lol. Not new to bikes but newish to can-am's. Just learning who makes the best what, IE clutches lifts and...
Oil Everywhere! 400 left in bush. Field repair possible?
Took a branch lower right side straight on and broke something that let oil out. I abanded it in the bush (very difficult rescue). Any suggestions...