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Chainsaw mount on G2
What are y'all using? Anyone using the bar mount type? I'm not opposed to drilling my racks for something durable
Help pinpointing a noise
Bike starting making this loud clacking noise a few months back and progressively getting worse. I know for sure it's not the clutch. Maybe valve...
Traxter Gear Shift Lever (w/pictures)
Been having shifting issues for awhile and I am in the middle of changing my clutch basket so I thought I would investigate. Here is problem one. ...
2014 renegade 500
I need to change my belt, since I have everything apart im thinking of changing my clutch. any ideas anyone on what to get?
New to the forum
Hi Just recently picked up a 2009 Outlander 400. Cant wait to get involved and learn about these machines. I also have a Polaris 700 as well.
2003 Outlander 330 Electrical Problem
I have a 330 Outlander that wont charge after the winter. I replaced the Voltage Regulator and it made no difference. Without the battery attached...
Suggestion for Kolpin gas mount 650 Max
I purchased recently an Outlander 650 Max Xt with the standard LinQ racks and the heavy duty bumpers front and rear. (Standard Eq items for XT) What...
TEST, Just seeing if I can post yet.
QSC mudder kit shim question
Just got my kit in today and noticed it had 2 shims. What are the benifits of the shims ? I have heavy 28" Mega Mayhem tires on my 500 outty and...
I did it.
Today I ordered me a 2015 Outlander XTP 800. Been wanting one for a long time now and I finally did it today. If I would have had my money with me at...
JD Trail Buck 650-Need bore kit or sleeve help!
I recently bought a JD trailbuck 650 and come to find out it needs bored out or a sleeve put in it for the cylinder. Anybody have some information as...
G2 rear drive shaft?
I will be replacing my u joints on my rear shaft this weekend. I noticed when I checked my joints that the slip joint on the shaft had a good amount...
RJWC Duals sound clip
Im loving my RJWC Duals...theyre simply bad ass and sound like the gates of hell opened up! Sound Clip RJWC Duals on a 14 Renegade 1000 XXC -...
Catvos Renegade Videos
Well the season is almost up here in Canada. Lots of drama, a ton of breaks but I finally got the kinks ironed out and got a beast of a machine....
Catvos Renegade Videos
Well the season is almost up here in Canada. Thought i'd share some videos of my animal in action. ...