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My renegade is making a Clunking noise
My 2013 Renegade xxc Is making a clunking noise. Cant pin point it. Sometimes it sounds like front sometimes rear. Happens when suspension is...
AMS Radial Pros
Any one running these tires. Im thinking about putting these on my renegade 500. I need something that a good all around tire that wears well on the...
2013 outlander 1000 max limited 1st service
Ok so i just bought a new 2013 can am outlander 1000 max limited 2 up. Dealer told me the first service needed to be done at 25 hours. I had to sign...
New from Houston Tx!!
Hey whats up guys an gals??? JUst bought a new can am outlander 1000 max limited.
installing aftermarket tires
when you jack up your atv, take off the factory rims/tires and add the new puppies, do you guys get an actual torque wrench and torque them on, or...
Skid plates
I just bought 2 brand new atv's, polaris 550 and outlander 800. Do you guys recommend skid plates now a days? I'm mainly into trail riding, I...
one way bearing grease
anyone know the name of the one way bearing grease? i bought along time ago and it was super expensive, like $30.00 for a gram or something
Most Hours on Your Can-am
Hi Everyone just thought I'd see how many hours people have got out of there bikes before major problems. Thanks.:thumbsmilie:
Won't take grease
Have a 08 650 outlander all the zerks in the back won't accept grease have changed multiple guns and hoses still slide out the side tried a nestle...
Stupid questions.
So i have a 2012 650 max, went on a moose hunt this weekend and was having a high idle all day, still am. high enough to engage the cluth and make...
Parting out 2007 can am outlander max xt
After clipping a tree with the left front tire and bending the frame I have decided to part out the entire quad. I have everything except the ECU....
New from minnesota
Joined forum a little bit ago and never got around to posting. I have a 2013 outlander 800 XT and a 2014 maverick XRS DPS.
Aftermarket Tires
I just got a new Polaris 550 and a new outlander 800, on both bikes i got ITP SS black rims with Mud light xtr's, people want to buy my old stock...
spark plug question
I went to get spark plugs for my 2011 800r today, I looked online on the NGK website to find the gap and the torque spec for the plug and I find this...
Rear brake issue
Hey guys I will try to get a vid shortly but I am having issues with my rear brake. If I use the lever on the handle bar if I pull it all the way in...