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Snorkel kit. Anything to check before going deep?
I've got myself a 2014 outlander 1000xt mid last summer and am going to snorkel it in a week or two I also have an 08 outty 800xt that I snorkeled...
Cv tech primary adjustment
Hey guys I have a cv tech primary and stm secondary on this bike. no exhaust or anything like that. I am running 28 inch kenda bear claw htr tires. I...
2006 can am 800 XT noisy primary cluch
I have a 2006 can am outlander 800 XT and the primary clutch is making a loud clicking or knocking noise. Is there a way to stop or make it less as...
Rod bearing bolt replacement???
Is it absolutely necessary to replace rod bearing bolts on a rebuild like the manual says?
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Noisy Clutches. Is this normal?
For years I have ridden Honda bikes where I could never hear any engine noise so I am realy uncomfortable with the noise my Can-Am engine makes. If...
Rod bearing bolts????
How important is it to replace the rod bearing bolts on a complete rebuild? The service manual says not to reuse the bolts because they are...
What radio setup are yall running?
What radio setup are you guys running on your XMR's? Pics and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
best clutch kit for a 2015 500 l outlander
Have a 2015 500 l outlander with 28 inch mega mayhem on it who makes the best clutch kit for this atv
New XMR Owner
Thought I would introduce myself since I am going to be spending alot of time on here. Just picked up a 2015 XMR in Manta Green after months of...
The best Atvs
What's up everyone, me and a few buddies were having a little debate the other night about what are some of the best atvs ever made. Got me thinking...
Finally some pix of my new 1000!
Now that I have it done up a bit, I figured I would post some pix of my new bike. The brushed Aluminum is a pretty sick color scheme. With all the...
PCV autotune or dualtune???
Atv riding is coming soon and want to try another tuner and stop on the pcv but i dont know what to do does the dual tune is really better????? ...
Bumper tube diameter '15 XMR 1000?
Trying to order a 6" Rigid light and I'm not sure what size clamps I need cuz my bike is in the shop. Help?