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RC Expo! RCX
Hey fellow TWH enthusiasts. RCX is coming to SoCal at the Orange County Fair grounds May 17-18. Anyone gonna be there? I'm pretty excited for it, and might be a good place to meet the drivers behind the web. RCX - Radio Control & Hobby Expo (
My Wraith on SCX10 axles and 1.9s
Pretty simple build. Followed Brandon's grey Bronco build and turned out great. Front tires rub just a little bit at full turn flexed. Running Gear.... Holmes Hobbies ESC Holmes Hobbies 27t motor Hitech 5645 servo Spektrum radio Axial R35 Ripsaws Axial Beadlocks.
BobRocks spring 2014
URL=]Image: [/URL] Ok you all.After a long winter and a lot of help from some RC buddys and a gassed up chainsaw Its time! ...
DIY Free Air Conditioning for your work bench/shop/garage
man I gotta make one of these. :shock:"thumbsup" I like how its basically free to run. at first I was like "it still takes electricity" bam he fixed that. then...
Any board gamers here?
I have been playing a lot more board games lately than I have in many years. The kid is starting to warm up to some of them. Any of you play? Image: ...
Still waiting for thread to be reviewed by a mod?
I posted a thread in the multi axle truck section a couple hours ago and I'm still waiting for it to be reviewed by a mod?
Snow pics and Rc-hiking photo group
Hi all, I leave some more recent photos of this winter and an invitation to join us in this _Flickr RC Group photo_ The doors are open to all that you wanted to share any photos related to the scalers/no scalers in action, running trails, trial, small excursions. Or for that day, in which your...
Shocks - PL Slash Rears vs. King vs. G-Made Piggys
Looking to upgrade my composite Traxxas Big Bores w/ red springs to one of the above sets. Would like some info, pros/cons on each, along with what you, the Peanut Gallery, have found works the best for trail running/minor crawling/ other words what you'd expect to do with a Pro4 3300...
swap 14 mill hex to 12 mill hex....Bully XLD Comp Axle with Knuckles Prev Next
Got a question.. I have a set of RC4WD XLD comp axles. both steering *Part Number Z-A0040 They come with 14 mill hex for the rims to mount to. Can a set of hex's from a bully with the same style but in 12 mill be used! * **Part Number Z-S0174 I have 2 sets of 2.2 comp axles, 1 set is with...
My 1.9 KOH rig "Lincoln" I put together.
I built this just this week. I've gotten to where I hate building chassis but I couldn't pawn it off on anyone else so I started with 1/8" and a mig. Nothin clean about the welds. It was a hurry job, ask Harley how I am. When I point my self in a direction I'm 0 to 100 fast. I wasn't gonna post...
RC4WD Boyer! Thoughts?
I've been wanting to get a new rig and have been kinda diggin the Boyer kit. Any thoughts or suggestions from people who have experience with this rig? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Langley, bc
Hello all. I'm looking to purchase two used mini crawlers if anyone has some they want to get rid of. I'm in Langley, bc, Canada.
stock axial scx10 servo
Hey all I'm looking to buy a longer servo horn/arm I have the level3rc servo frame mount and need to drop the steering point looking for I believe 36mm length horn and was wondering if anyone could tell me if this one will work, I have the stock axial servo RC Car CNC Aluminum Alloy 35mm 25T...
Ghost's JCAD Karnage Jr Build
Got my Karnage jr chassis in the mail yesterday "thumbsup" got around to the build at 3 am this morning. Excellent kit, includes all the hardware you will need to assemble it, along with a color coded drawing to help with assembly (really nice touch) the skid plate is 3d printed the chassis...
Rock Beast 2.2 on Scx10 RTR Rubi- Body ?
Will the Summit body fit on the Scx10 RTR Jeep.. I don't want to hack the Rubi up as I Still run 1.9s frequently but like the 2.2s for bashing and muddin down at the river.. I work for a place that is a licensed Traxxas dealer and we have a Summit body that I can get at cost just not so sure it...