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Trail finder flex shot thread
Id like to get a flex shot thread of rigs with suspension setup description..we know all of us that have the TF like to see flex shots of others is mine with my old school bruiser..not much flex with mine..its all stock beside the rc4wd front 3 link.. Image:...
What size pinion for my hh motor
What size shaft hole for the pinion do I need for the hh hand wound motor
Scx10 changeable
Hi im looking to purchase a scx10 and been looking at getting either the g6 kit ,honcho or dingo the question is when getting a new bodyshell is it just a case of changing the links to make chassis longer or shorter? Or is it more complex than that? I like the dingo kit but think the chassis is to...
Disassembling a Novak 13.5t?
taking my 13.5t Novak apart to waterproof the sensor board, and I can't for the life of me get to it. Here's where I've got to, any help is much appreciated: Image: ...
Do I need a BEC?
I recently purchased a scx10 jeep RTR off ebay comes with a few upgrades what not. I have a question weather or not do I need a BEC installed? I plan to run stick servo for a little them upgrade to something better. I want to also install vanquish LED light bar .
Scale comp in Landrum Sc
Dont have a date set in stone but the guys have been working hard on it, not sure what format we will be running here but it will be a lengthy course, better bring extra batteries =)
"standard" length or "extended" for SS 6mm bombproof outputs?
which size length should I order for my 11.4" wheelbase Dingo, the "standard" length or "extended" for the SuperShafty 6mm bombproof outputs? Why are there two different lengths available? What are the pros and cons of each length?
IS08 screwing up my browser
Anyone else have issues trying to select categories? When I click on it it just selects whatever it wants.
Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
Good Sunday Morning, could be your last, don't waste it.
HBD Nabil
Happy birthday Nabil!, man I miss that *FOAT* eating grin, didn't get to see you this year, maybe next Image:
Wide wheels vs narrow
Is there a benefit to either? Putting new wheels on my yeti and I see kits to widen the vanquish wheel, which is a little narrower than stock. What effects will the width have in crawling and at speed?
lexan body cut and glue job
i need to widen the toyota landcruiser body i have brought two and will be cuting them length ways. After a little help on how to glue these together. Many thanks Jono
Armostunt's scx-10
Scx-10 vanquish stage 1, mip, axial metal trans gears, g made 103 mm shocks, pitbull rock beasts, gearhead rims(I forgot the model name of the rims) vanquish links, hi tech hs-7950, vanquish trans case, rc4wd sliders, rx8 esc with ROC 412 3100KV. ...
TSS Stockerz and RC bros knuckle weights
I ordered some TSS 1.9 Stockerz from the scale shop and received them today. Great service and shipping, thanks Corey...."thumbsup" ordered on Tuesday and got them today. You're probably wondering what's up with the thread title??? RC Bros knuckle weights don't fit 1.9 wheels....except these...