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wheely king help
Any way to use the wheely king as a scale/ trailrunner?
Crawlers in Greece
Hello, I am quite new to the crawlers. I will post some videos of our rcs and a trail track that I am trying to make and I want your opinion. [youtube][/youtube]
Oxy Acetylene welding for chassis and parts
Alright guys I think I've been bit by the Southern Buggy bug, building something myself and making it my own really appeals to me, I think I have enough fabrication skills and a severe case of tinker-itis to go with them to pull it off. My question is this has anyone successfully built a buggy...
wraith info please
interested in selling my scx10 and getting a wraith over a yeti .. just bored now with the scx10 .. it was great but want better .. I know the wraith out handles and climbs better ..but how much better ? and If I want to go from 2.2 to 1.9 every now and then will a wraith 1.9 still out handle...
Umm... I guess I'm Building a TF2 Now?...
Well the other day I woke up late in the afternoon and found a I had an email notifying me that my package had been shipped from Tower Hobbies. Cool... Except I didnt remember ordering anything??? At first I thought it was the alcohol that impaired my judgement and altered my memory (i've read it...
SkaldidDog's Wife's Fighter Double Agent
Comp rig, done. Wraith, done. What next? I've always thought that the Ti/Al "Fighters" were so cool. Like anyone hunting for a classic in great condition I've kept my eyes peeled. One rig always stood out in the back of my mind as a great donor vehicle for a Fighter (Al) build. My man Kevin...
For sale section?
I have been a member for some time and have paid my $20 for a star a while ago to read the sales section. I have been inactive for a while and now can not see the for sale section can anyone help or explain this
wheely king help
Any way to use the wheely king as a scale/ trailrunner?
Fried steering trying to install some LEDs
First post here, so I tried to install some led lights (dingo) and burnt something out. No steering now damn it, and the three coloured lights are blinking/beeping. Throttle works. I tried reading up on connections and quizzed shop said they were plug n play-no led control required - PO'd now, ?...
Yeti XL or a Wraith XL?????
So with the rear axle of the Yeti as it is. It's only a matter of time before a Wraith XL shows its face. I would want that over a Yeti XL.
Shift my Yeti, Upgrade hubs from Lattice Innovations
*Shift My Yeti! * Have you got a shiny new Yeti? Have you found that those stock hubs are not quite cutting it? Treat your new rig to a nice little treat with a set of new hubs. Shift hubs are CNC'd aluminum and come with ten spacers to provide an adjustable offset. For a limited time you...