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theoriginaltoolman clean out your inbox
Sent ya multiple messages yesterday and today with no answer seeing if you shipped out yesterday as i did please let me know
Body work
I have a Tamiya hulix and I'm looking for a good product to fill for the holes. Any suggestions on what to use. First time working on a hard body. Thanks for your help.
Brute's first SCX10
Not only is this my first scx10, but first crawler. Ordered myself the Jeep G6 kit to start, and the rest will come in due time :ror: So first off, I got a box in the mail: Image: ...
FJ40 and a Half!
I wasn't going to purchase the new Cruiser from Rc4wd but somehow felt obliged to have a go at one. Big old box Image: Mine came with a Cat as well? not sure what to do with that but he's quite cute so he...
good servo?
I may get a yeti xl kit can someone tell me of a good servo. Thanks Mikael
New Shocks
Has anyone ran these on the Yeti? I have own Gmade shocks in the past and liked them. Just wondering if anyone has tried them. Image:
Fender Flares for the Deadbolt
I was able to take the JK flares, straighten out the end on the rears, swap them around backwards and mount them up to my lowered-down Deadbolt body (I call it the Lowbolt) Thought it might help others searching for flare ideas for ther Deadbolt Image:...
2015 Axial RECON G6 Dates.
2015 Axial RECON G6 Scale Adventure Dates & Locations. March 14, Bald Rock, Northern California. April 2, Moab, Utah. April 18, St. Louis, MO May 23, Rausch Creek, PA May 30, Peterborough, Ontairio Canada June 20, Calgary, AB Canada August 8, Sierra Trek Meadow Lake, California August 15,...
famous steering question
Whats up guys, took my virgin cc-01 pajero out into the world yesterday. I have upgraded every possible busing to bearings EXCEPT the steering. after taking her in a few water spots, some muddy the steering started slowly freezing up. Im assuming this is from the grainy sand stuck inside the...
SCX10 Highlights.
This is a quick video for the purpose of practicing my editing. The video itself contains about 1/4 of the footage I have. Just some pretty good highlights
New guy, new build: Project Cutting the Mustard
Hello all, I've been wanting a tf2 for along time and finally pulled the trigger a couple weeks ago. I picked up a tf2 kit and started my build. It's taken me longer than it should have to get this far but i only get to work on it a little every other night or so. The truck will basically be a box...
Unlimited rubicon stock driveshaft length?
Sorry im sure this question has been asked 1000 times. Im looking for the stock driveshaft length so i can order some custom length steel ones. Thanks in advance.
Tire sizes on a TF2
Ive been wondering about what size of wheel and tire is good to run on the tf2. I know stock its on 1.55 wheels and tires. But if I wanted to try 1.9 wheels and tires, what is the best most reasonable height 1.9 tire to try and run. I dont want to cut up the stock body honestly, and know the...
Axial Dingo front bumper on Ascender
Decided to change up the front bumper/ look of the rig. I like this much more compared to the stock bumper. I was going to fabricate a bumper but I think Im getting lazier with age haha. Image:
Radioshack half off??
Boss just poked his head in, the local radio shack has abunch of stuff in their store half off since they're closing. Anybody else stores doing this? I'll be swinging by after work to see what's left