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MS tech
got another huge shipment of MS Tech stuff in. Really great upgrades for you Axial Wraith folks..... CKRC Crawlers, RC Rock Crawlers (
RC Rock Armor
Some of the Best Built bumpers out there, these are quality built and made in America. If you are looking for a awesome aluminum bumper for you're scaler this is it, check them out we have plenty in stock
CBE link relocation kits
We got some more CBE link relocation kits in stock, great little upgrade if you are looking to get those center links up higher to get a more downward push to that axle. Check them out ! CKRC Crawlers, RC Rock Crawlers...
Twin Hammers
For all you Twin Hammers folks, We got a bunch of Vanquish Products Twin Hammers upgrades in, so if you are looking to upgrade that Hammers give us a look and see what we can do for you ! CKRC Crawlers, RC Rock Crawlers...
New Driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn that sand is harsh on the skin LOL. Image: ( Image:...
KCRC get together?
Anyone from the Kansas City area want to get together next week (the week of the 4th) and do some trailing? Thinking about going to the park in Parkville unless anyone has a better place. This week is going to be the first vacation ive had in 4 years and I'm trying to make the most of it!
Does Anyone Really Use Outerwears for Crawlers?
Outerwear for the longest has pretty much monopolized the market for breathable quality shrouds for all the popular entry level and pro level chassis out there. I always ran 2 Outerwears on my 1/5 Baja SS because I was so tired of cleaning it every week after we do our hard runs most of the time...
Yeti Locker
We got in a Shipment of the Blue Monkey Yeti/exo lockers, these things are NICE ! if you are planning on building a Axial Yeti for more of a crawler this is the way to go. get them while you can before they are hard to get CKRC Crawlers, RC Rock Crawlers...
Canadian screw vendors?
Need to buy some assorted screws for a build that I'm starting, but haven't been able to find any Canadian vendors here on rcc etc. I'd happily purchase from us vendors (and will if there is no Canadian one), but shipping costs really add up. So anyone know of any? Keep in mind that it's...
Anyone else being redirected to A m a i n . c o m ????
Planned Obsolescence
Dell is really damn good at it, they must have a little programmable ticking time bomb in their computers. 2 year warranty and 2 years, 2 months later it takes a *FOAT*.
Excced crawler
What about any of these?
Custom gopro mount help
I'm making a custom gopro mount for a gtg this weekend and I need some help with placement. I don't know if I should place it in front of the grill or if I should like a bumper on the rear and have it looking forward. I have enough material for both, I just need help deciding which would look best.
Phenix city,Al
looking for scalers in phenix city or columbus ga area.