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Projekt Yota MT
After pulling numerous parts from the ive come up with somethin i think is interesting. Scx10 c-frame chassis rails Wraith skidplate - modified Scx10 shock mounts Wraith axles Scx10 crossmembers - modified Axial alloy upper/lower links VP locked diffs 38/13t
Looking for CVD axles for my mega truck build but all stores seems to be out of stock.
Two sisters, one blonde and one brunette, inherit the family ranch. Unfortunately, after just a few years, they are in financial trouble. In order to keep the bank from repossessing the ranch, they need to purchase a bull from the stockyard in a far town so that they can breed their own stock. ...
Scx10 touring slicks
Today I took my scx10 to my local rc race track since it is an on road track I swap out the crawler tires, with touring slicks and regeared it :lmao::lmao:Image: Image: ...
VP 8 degree hub\knuckle
I have been searching and haven't found a solid answer for this yet.. What is the narrowest VP slw hub you can run and still have clearance. I have a stock scx10 with with VP 8 degree hub\knuckle and method wheels with pitbull rock beast on the way. I haven't ordered hubs yet. What is the...
New to the crawler scene! Got myself a deadbolt
So I got my deadbolt from tower. Been in rc for about 7 years now. Been into the stadium truck scene to the short course scene. Figured I'd try out crawler because I still am not interested in the on road stuff. Here's my collection. Losi xxx-t, associated sc10b, new deadbolt! Duratrax vw baja...
Building away, having a blast
I finally started my build, and I am having a blast. The Vanquish knuckles, and STracing casterblock needed some attention had to to take alittle material of the casterblocks to fit the knuckles, worked out great, and was fun. On the picture of the assembled currie the is a little more of a gap...
cboggs' MRC Pro
Its time to knock the dust off this and get it ready for the Best of the West in April. I haven't driven this thing since Nationals in AZ (few years) and I had it set up all goofy, so Im putting it back to what I know worked. Its gonna be pretty simple and basically a stock Pro with the normal...
Whats CI foams for RC4WD Interco Iroc's
Whats CI foams are people using for RC4WD Interco Irok 1.9 tires. Thanks for any help Tim
Motor choice
Hey all! Looking to install a Tekin Pro4HD in my Yeti KIT. Haven't built it yet, so I am just planning ahead. Anyone know if it will fit?
Has anyone "wrapped" a lexan body??
I've seen wraps offered for the slash trucks from various companies but I'm not sure how they are produced. Are they selling form cut "decals" that are designed to curve the contours, or are they actually wraps? Meaning...a flat sheet of vinyl. I have access to plenty of vinyl but I'm not sure...
bully battery mounts
hay guys anyone know where I can find old school battery mounts for 2.2 bully. here is a pic of what I need "thumbsup""thumbsup" Image: ...
Bit of a trail ride from today. Axial Dingo.
Having a lot of fun with my new rig. Next comp isn't until the 11th, so it is practice until then!
Shooter shackle question.
Just got in a couple sets, threw them on front and rear, but I'm realizing that they aren't going to help much in front without some longer travel shocks. Anything you guys suggest as far as shocks while still using the stock shock mounts but still getting the added benefit of the extra down travel...