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The More the Merrier!
we had a lot of trucks out at this one. So it was hard to good shots of everyone. It's a bit slow at the beginning, but it picks up. The music goes great with this one. As always share, like and, subscribe. Thanks guys!
Pro4 HD
I am about to start the waterproofing process in my Pro4 HD. There are 2 different size mounting holes. I have set screws for the smaller ones but do not know size for the larger ones. Anyone care so shed some light on the size?
gonna build a 1.9 Wraith
As the title says. I want to turn my 2.2 wraith into a 1.9 wraith. And because I have little experience with RC, I don't know what parts I need to buy/build to make it work. So I'd like to know what you guys used to turn your 2.2 wraith into a 1.9 wraith. Parts that I know I'm going to...
Custom Bovine body for COWRC
Pulled a late night till about 2am getting this done to hopefully get it to NY in time for Christmas lol. Alexis came to me wanting to get a body painted for Heath at CowRC for Christmas. I had this huge body to paint in a fast screamin cow theme and this is what I came up with. Carbon fiber cow...
10 scale trucks RC offroad adventures at Chestnut Ave Woodcutters trail
10 scale trucks RC offroad adventures at Chestnut Ave Woodcutters trail Date: 03 Aug 2014 Location: Chestnut Ave Woodcutter's Trail The Rigs: Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler x3 Axial SCX10 Land Rover Defender Axial SCX10 Land Cruiser Pickup Gmade Sawback
New to RC anything
As the title states I'm new to the world of RC...well anything really. I've had toy store quality $25 cars that have fake suspension and all that but nothing of real quality. I'm finally going to pick up a real vehicle that I can modify and customize. I've owned 5 jeeps in my life so I'm drawn to...
Kit reviews?
With the team drivers getting their kits, why has there not been one actually run yet? Maybe I missed it, but I have not even read a review of the kit tires. Throw them on the stock beadlocks and let them rip. Let us know how they work and how the stock beadlocks work......unless they were given...
Dropped bed for lexan body
Hey guys! I'm looking to see if someone can help me figure out how to drop the bed for my Pro-line Chevy C-10. A kit would be nice if there is one or any info would be great! Thanks, Champy"thumbsup"
Time to remove the clutch ?
I have a stock transmission with Axial clutch. Some days ago I noticed it started to slip under heavy torque. I tightened it Saturday night and yesterday I drove the Wraith again. After ten minutes it slipped again. After that I put it under pressure and now it doesn't transmit the rotation any...
ToyZuki's twin hammers
Picked up a twin hammers used with a tekin rs 17.5 combo in it! So far its been a great setup. I might go to a 13.5 after I get it handling the way I want it to. 1st thing to address was the front suspension. The previous owner built his own version of the gcm upright shock kit using axial...
MRC Blazer
Blazer body for losing mini crawler.Attachment 304244 ( Attachment 304245 ( Attachment 304246 (
new to crawler scx10 cr edition
Hello totally new to crawlers and I was wondering if my stock spur and pinion will be okay with a atomic 35t motor and a 2s lipo and also are atomic 35t motors good for tourque and speed
axial scx10 cr edition
Hi new to the forum I was wondering if an atomic 35t motor is good for tourque and wwheel speed and if it will run okay on stock spur and pinion gear 2s lipo on my scx10 cr edition tight budget
Why is it so hard to find info on lights?????
So I've been searching the web for about an hour now just trying to find a link to some simple lights to hook up and how to wire them.... Why is it that I can't find any info except for pics? Maybe I don't have the right keywords. But anyway.... Just trying to find some lights for my Wraith....