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fullsizecrawler's wroncho build
Here is how it all starts a bunch of parts Image: ( Image:...
WesleyRoy's Wraith rockracer
Hello, after i have written my scx10 build tread, my 6x6 build tread, it is time for my Wraith's. Standard Wraith kit. Image: Image:...
bumper tuck on the beater
im really surprised at what a difference this can make Image: ( Image:...
WesleyRoy's SCX10 another 6x6 bullhead build
Hello, so this is my first 6x6 build, and also first hardbody paintjob. Bought is as a new Deadbolt SCX10. Image: The famous bullhead body. Image:...
WesleyRoy's SCX10 Jeep JK
Hello, after i have been a member for a couple months i have finally taken the time to show you my scalers and Wraiths. Part 1. Jeep JK based on a SCX10 chassis. I have been cheating with this car a bit, because i bought it from a former scalerguy Murky, the build tread he started started...
You know what sucks?
Acute pancreatitis. The up side is that I got some new yellow socks.
my newest 1.9 Rig, a 37 Ford Truggy!
I bought this rig off of pimpnrocks this week and he had it set up as a 2.2. I wanted it as a 1.9 scaler so I started tonight and got it mocked up and are a few before and after pics....more to come!
Just got a Sportmaxx, powerplant suggestions?
Just picked up a Traxxas Sportmaxx (2wd T-Maxx) it has a totally seized up 2.5 on it, I don't know jack about nitro engines but I'm not afraid to learn. What to do with this (other than install the 4wd upgrade)? Grab a 2.5r or do a brushless conversion? :???: not looking to spend the extra on the...
7-cell hump pack in LNC
I'm leaning towards getting a LNC as my first crawler. I'm just curious if a Traxxas 7- cell hump pack 7.2 NiMH battery will fit in the battery tray? I know it's heavy and not ideal but I'm just curious if it would fit for just messing around in the yard? If nobody is sure, can someone give me the...
A few shock questions
Just got a ax10 scorpion from a buddy. As I'm going through cleaning it up I'm finding some things that don't give with the manual.. first thing 3 of the springs are reds and the rear left is blue?. Also on refilling the shocks I noticed that I have bladders and not orings.
Sensored vs sensorless 4 pole brush less for rock racing and crawling
I just built a Twin Hammers kit. I installed a Hobbywing EZRUN 1/10, 1/8 scale short course truck esc/motor combo, 4 pole, brushless, sensorless, 3400k. I was shopping for a sensored combo but after I installed it I realized it was sensorless despite what I thought I ordered. So far, with...
How to's
Did I miss where the how to's may be? For instance I'm about to swap out my motor on my deadbolt. Since I didn't assemble it myself I'm not sure where to start on the motor swap. I'd like to just download instructions and go to it or watch some walk through so etc. Any suggestions? ...
looking for a specific plane.
hello rc crawler forums! i am looking for a trainer or warbird kit/arf that is suitable with a 3715-01c 820kv blitz rcworks brushless outrunner motor (esc dosent matter much i can buy what i need but i have a blitz rc works 30amp)