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Anyone wanna crawl Sat instead??
Sundays weather looks TERRIBLE!! Lemme know what u guys think :)
Free Gear Head Parts with Select Axials!
FSTR..... Lakeland Chapter.
Hey everyone. .. This is a place for Lakeland and surrounding areas (Plant City, Winter Haven, Haines City, Bartow, ect....) to hang out and plan get togethers. Right now to start it will only be social events. If theres enough intrest we may be able to do more. This is a family oriented...
Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon 2dr
Sam was sad... After selling his blue Jeep YJ, he felt a bit down... Then, he decided to go to a scrap yard near by to see what bargain he could find... After wandering around without seeing anything interesting, he found something hidden beneath a tarp in a far corner of the scrap yard. *-...
My Yeti XL ---- Bigger than I imagined!
I just picked up my Yeti XL that I preordered at my local hobby shop. All I can say is WOW! This thing is way bigger than I thought it would be. Looking at videos and pictures on the net does it no justice. I have not run it yet but I did snap some quick comparison pictures. Here it is...
You might be a hipster if................
Image: ( You dress like this You listen to music while sipping you soy mochachino Image:...
The winter project - the featherweight
Hi peeps here is a first glance of my new project.. The build will be lightweight and have as low a CG a practically possible. I've done pretty much the same thing before using aluminium, but now its carbon fiber-time. I've just started the mock-up phase, here's some pictures: Image:...
no more axle wrap
I was getting a lot of axle wrap on the rear so I built a anti-wrap set up
flex test tf2 still on leafs
I'm pretty happy with my tf2 flex with leafs front and rear
Servo question
I got a ax10 deadbolt about 2 weeks ago, i upgraded it somewhat, well i stripped the plastic gear in the servo, i want to upgrade it. I want to get this HS-7950TH. Its rated at 6 and 7.4 volts, i was told the stock axial bec that comes stock with the deadbolt only produces 5volts at 2amps. So...
Black foot wood bed
Hello, I present here the construction of my black foot made ​​based from an SCX10 beginning of the metallic frame Image: Image: wood on place Image: Image: ...
RPM Mock blower and Intake Set
Hey was looking to get rpm mock blower set. I was wondering if any one had any experience with one, i want to get one for my tamiya clodbuster chevy body and was hoping it might fit in the factory blower cut out or possibly light modification. RPM Chrome Mock Intake/Blower Set...
Tow Shackles
Anyone mounted two shackles to their Yetis? If so, what are the best best hard points to do it from?
Billet Works' S-Trike Project... A Drift Trike on Steroids
So I've had an idea for a psychotic trike for the last couple of years, and finally a year ago began collecting parts and tools for the build. Well, the last two components, the custom frame neck I designed, and the rear axle bearing plates which I also designed, are being picked up today and I get...