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SuperDrty's G6 rig, the "Dirty Girl"
So, instead of rebuilding FarmTruck, I stumbled upon another Parma 57 Chevy pickup, and decided to build another truck from the ground up with a set of aluminum rails like my 2 comp rigs, but in the style of a Mega Mud Truck. Just like my comp trucks, I kept with a warbird theme, and being built...
I bought a steering link for my LNC on sept 11th received it on the 15th defective contacted the seller said they would send a new one out a week goes by no link contacted them again o sorry we will get one out in the am & provide a tracking# another week nothing no tracking # great customer...
Lipo Fire... Fortunately Contained! (Pic Heavy)
A couple years ago, a fellow racer in a carpet league mentioned that he was storing his lipos in metal can for added protection. Even though I never had an issue with lipos, I thought that it was a good idea. Only nimh's have ever let loose on me, but especially because I live in an apartment...
Crawler innovations tire foam question
I added a set of Axial 1.9 BFG Krawler tired to my gmade sawback and the axial foams are entirely too soft for the truck. I didn't measure the truck but I'm saying its at least 6-7lb range maybe a little more once I add a driver and some scale accessories. Anyways the tires do nothing but fold...
trail run at imagination glen park portage indiana
I have a short course truck. would anyone want to go trail driving with me at the imagination glen park in portage indiana? i used to have a scx10.
Slipper Clutch Question
I'm trying to adjust my slipper clutch. First time ever doing this. I tightened the nut as far as I could with the small four-way wrench. The spring is almost compressed all the way, but not quite. Do I just need to put a bigger wrench on and tighten it even more to completely compress the spring...
Axial yeti gearbox
Greetings fellow RC addicts, Does anybody know if its possible to flip the gearbox in the axial yeti 1/10 ? so the motor would point away from the battery tray ? Thanks
AX10 Thoughts
Axial rock crawler ready to run! This is the "artr" model with several factory upgrades as well as many aftermarket parts and modifications. big bore shocks all around novak rooster crawler esc and 55t motor hitec 645 servo, aluminum horn 8 cell saddle pack 4 linked suspension front...
Crawl-A-Palooza Roll Call
Thought I would throw up an OK roll call to see who is going to be there. Would like to see OK take home a majority of the awards. Anyway I'll be there running this in the 2.2 G6/PR and Hill Climb. Not quite finished, but first shakedown felt gooooood. Image:...
Worlds Video
check it out
Easy FREE mod for the VTH, 2 screws cage removing
I got tired of removing 10 screws in small hex sizes everytime I wanted to work on my TH so I came up with this. No more hassle "thumbsup" . I hope this mod helps some people who also own a TH, if you're not being extremely hard on it this will hold...
TUrning my scx10 G6 into something else
I am a total noob in rc. I saw a video in youtube that made me take the plunge so be easy on me. I started out with the Maisto rock crawler which was completely underwhelming. So I decided to empty my pockets out and got myself an scx10 builder's kit, the g6 jeep wrangler. Here it is before...
Who is running a Tekin rs ESC?
Just put one in, and am asking for different settings to try especially brake and reverse, how have you got yours set? Any help will be appreciated.