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EmeryworX Riot buggy
I'm building this chassis for a gentleman that contacted me on Facebook. The plan is to have wraith drivetrain but with 1/4"DOM links I offer. Image: ...
Finding Panhard Mounts
I'm looking for indivdual panhard mounts for a stock axle, and I can't seem to find any. VP, Bluemonkey, RC4WD, they all stock them in kits, but don't sell the individual mounts. I saw one a while back that was a combination panhard/three link truss, which would be great, but now I can't...
Moving Thread
Soo... Silly question, and yes, I did try searching. How does one go about getting a thread ( moved? I had posted a project in the 1.9 forum, then ended up switching to 1.55 wheels. So it's now in the wrong forum. ...
Need help turnigy 9x
I have tamiya high lift truck, put i whant to change gears with 3 pos swich. How i need to mix my transmitter. Or its impossible?
Kcrc gh trailer trash comp
Had to break it up into three videos too much footage LOL Sorry took so long guys enjoy and don't forget to subscribe ! Comp Course 1 Comp Course 2...
Axial drive shaft on TF2
I've read a number of posts where the drive shafts from Axial SCX10's can be used. I tried them on my TF2 yesterday and they would not fit the output shaft from the transfer case. anyone used them?
Currie Reverse Rotating?
I have a odd but probably / hopefully easy fix that i need help on. I completed my rear Currie with a Grip Fab Locker and a set of Axial Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set 43T/13T. I installed it, went to test run it on the carpet but it seemed like it was binding as it didn't want to go anywhere. I picked...
Another servo question...
I am looking at purchasing a new servo. I have used the solar brand exclusively since my start in crawling. Using the D772 and D771. I'm wondering if anyone has first hand experience with the solar d772 specifically. How does it compare to the Holmes Hobbies servo v2? Or the Savox SA-1230SG? I...
Got a phone call today saying the yeti's will be at victory hobby shop this friday.
Chevy Wraith
I had a old Pro-line 1980 Chevy Blazer body, so why not... Image: ( Image:...
puffn's "trail blazer" mitchell fab & machine ibex ultra4/koh
hi guys, i have here a mitchell fab and machine ibex chassis w/wraith running gear. "THE TRAIL BLAZER." its gonna be a slower build as i plan on running this truck while i finish other builds. i believe i have a good base to make something cool!:twisted: whats in it so far: mmp w/ tenshock 410...
LMRCC 7th Scaler Comp 2014!
Tough courses that day.
house mnt state park aug. 30
Is anyone interested in a trail run at house mnt on saturday the 30 th. We are going to meet about 10am to do a little trail driving if anyone want's to come out and have a little fun. If you have any question's you can text or call me( Vaughn ) or Cory at 865-556-1682 or 865-456-7113. "thumbsup"
Wraith electronics
So i've been looking for an upgrade to my wraith drive system, as of now I run a losi 12t esc and the stock 20 turn. The Velineon brushless system is quite appealing to me but I am also considering a MMP with a 21.5 redline GEN2. Any suggestions?
Bronx or Staten island Crawlers
Hey guys any bronx or staten island crawlers out there. I dont know of any where in staten island to run the crawler. In the bronx i go to orchard beach.