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Alloy front bulkhead?
Does any other manufacturers make a alloy front bulkhead/gear box for the yeti other then GPM?
Class 2 tires
What is everyone's choice for class 2 tires?
Swincar vs... chainlink :0)
The Swincar is an eccentric all-terrain vehicle. The electric quad's spider-like wheel arms tilt independently from each other and from the body Image:
Testing Interest - Compact Front Shock Mounts for the Wraith
Just checking to see how many people might be interested in these. I made them for my 1.9 Wraith to get the shocks stood up, and to get the ride height level after flipping the rear chassis mount. Just something small, clean, and simple. No cutting of the hood necessary. Image:...
Part spider, part car - swincar!
What the heck! Check this out: Part Spider, Part Car: Swincar Can Drive Over Anything ( Feel free to move to a different section - didn't know where to put this.
Wheels for Proline super swamper XL 2.2
Hi all, Running these tires with the proline bead lock faultline 2.2 wheels. Thought it would be a great combo because same brand but no [emoji22] : disapointed keep poping out.Image: Image:...
Anyone out there from the 413?
New guy here, been lurking on the forums for a few weeks now. Looking to see if there's anyone out there in w. mass what wants to meet up for some wheeling at some point.
One run and Dead
So I've been tooling around my living room for a few days with my (new to me) SCX10, and over the weekend I took it to the locak sand pit for some real trials. Made it through a whole battery no problem, switched to a second battery and I had motor issues. After connecting the second battery I...
lame g6 run
aug 9th lame g6 run in new salem starts at 11am. make sure your winches are ready. starts under the cow
Yeti Lights Problem
So I picked up an Axial simple light controller with lights (one strand of 4 whites and one strand of 2 reds) for my Yeti. Because the Yeti has the U4 style rear light pod, I wanted to have 2 reds and then two whites in it behind a 1 yellow and 1 blue lens. So I took the 2 red lights off their...
Maglite Light lights....
I love the Wraith. I think it's a amazingly capable platform but I have never been fond of the front. I did like the Jeep lexan but that got damaged. I figured it needed some realistic looking lamps in the front and while messing about found the Mini Maglite head fits and looks quite good. This...
ax10/wraith slow poke sporty build
I have been out of the RC hobby for some time. I got the ax10 scorpion kit as soon as it hit the shelves so many years ago but had to eventually sell it not long after. I have been on the quest to get another ax10 for some time and after thinking "maybe i can buy it one peice at a time" i came...
1.9 U4 Rock Racer Build - Asesino de Martillos Gemelos
Asesino de Martillos Gemelos - Murderer of Twin Hammers! LOL.. Juts a little something I've been working on. 1.9 rock racer on Curries. ROC412 motor, Tekin RX8, all the goodies. Chassis is made from 3/16 DOM. Finished the full mock up today and took it for a test run. This thing is low,...
2015 RC4WD Scale Challenge Series - Disney, OK - Class 2
*_ Driver's List_* klabeaume Tristen Williams RebelRacer Steven Hodges Stink-Bait ScalerFab