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Southern buggy / Bad Attitude 2.0
An introduction video of my latest project . It's a wraith based rock bouncer called Bad Attitude 2.0 . Enjoy the video and check out my other videos on my youtube channel .
2.2 honcho
I have put 2.2 bf Goodrich krawler ta and 90 mm gmade shocks on it. I am having the hardest time getting the right link kit to fix my binding issue. The angle up at the trans. Is horrible. Is there anyone with a honcho and similar mods. That has found a solution for this issue? Thanks please help...
Stock ECS
Hey guys! I'm needing to get a new ECS for the kids wraith. Its all stock, but I have no signal coming out of the ecs to the motor. Should I just go back with a stock AE-2 or is there something else you would recommend? Its gonna stay mostly stock until something brakes.
Quick width question.
Hey guys, looking at picking up one of these kits for a future project. Having some trouble finding the width of the axles, mainly looking to swap the rear to a VP currie. If someone could measure theirs that would be killer thanks!
20% Off Entire Store - Labor Day Sale at Billet Works Designs!
Now through September 12, 2015 you are all invited to get 20% off anything in our store! Go check out what we offer at Billet Works Designs ( and enter code "@billetworks" at checkout. Code can be used multiple times from now till the sale ends! Building season is...
GTG/Comp Seven Falls, Sunday Sept. 13th.
Hey Everyone; I realize there's a lot going on right now, so I'm post up get to together/Comp. Hope to see you all there. GTG/Comp Seven Falls, Sunday Sept. 13th. ...
CKRC Hobbies - Recon G6 - Cantina for the Con - September 5th
Please join CKRC Hobbies and the Recon G6 crew this Saturday, September 5th, for the "Cantina For The Con" Recon G6! What better way to spend your Saturday than "Doing Work" at the beautiful Rubicon Trail and Loon Lake! "thumbsup" The Rubicon Trail Foundation hosts one of the best fundraisers to...
Throwing a Clod into the mix!
Just picked this rig up and figured I would share it with the group here! CPE Terminator Aluminum tubes and knuckles up front Aluminum tubes out back Maximum Metal Racing Aluminum Wheels Twin 5700kv 4 Pole Castles Twin SV3 ESC's ProLine Destroyer Tires (will be swapping out for my Rumbles...
xr10 pinions with 55T
Hey all, Been lacking wheelspeed with my 55t rockstars. A motor upgrade would be nice but I need to finish these motors off before that happens. I'd guess I'm running the 14t that came with the kit (bought second hand) but I'd like some more wheelspeed. I know I can go to a 15t but would a 16t...
Let's talk scale....
Did you ever REALLY calculate out scale of many of these kits? Bodies etc? Example.....the RC4WD D90 is not 1/10th is actiually about 1/8.79 scale. The Cruiser Body is closer to 1/8th. The very popular MHPC Jeep bodies are also 1/8.79 scale.... Why do the mfg's say 1/10th when they...
Vanquish Products locker for the front diff?
Just a quick question before I run down to my LHS and buy this thing. Will the VP locker work in the front diff with the stock outdrives? Or should I just order the Axial one that's meant for it?
Need help with event choices
So I'm new as you can tell! I really want to go to some events to drive my babies and learn from you guys and gals. Well there are two events I really want to go to on the same day. Oct 10th:evil: one is in arkan slaw and the other in okra homa. The recon g6 is well you know more trail and the...
Help u4rc chassis
Hi,I want build one u4rc with 2 axles ar60 and sway bar,where can I buy one chassis for this project??
OCT Truck & Construction Show w/ DIRT!!!!!!
I was approached by a Gentlemen to put together a show for his Large car and truck show on OCTOBER 11. He was really cool about making my requests a reality and has set up a nice area with shade and all the electricity we would need along with FRESH TOPSOIL :D :). Here is a picture of the flyer,...