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Cant seem to find a tire that fits RC4WD wheels??
I bought a set of OEM STAMPED STEEL 1.9 BEADLOCK WHEELS and 1.9 dirt grabbers all terrain and the tire wont fit the rim and cant seem to find a match for it heres the specs of rim Specifications: Stamped Steel Wheels Amazing Detail Fits Standard 12mm Hex Wheel Size: 1.9'' OD: 1.9in / 48.3mm...
Got a cc01 in a trade
whats going on guys. got a fj in a trade. complete rtr. rebuilding all of it. putting new bearings in now. cvds and yeah racing motor mount in the mail. so how to lock the diff in the front_ going to use epoxy but is there away around that. going to remove the brick.. like to find some more...
best first upgrad for yeti kit 1/10
i have a few extra bucks and just looking for some advice on the best first upgrade on the yeti kit version? i am sticking with stock wheels and tires for now. i am just wondering what all of you guys have broke first or replaced on your kit? Thanks!!
Boomerang type g
Hey I came across these shocks anyone ever used them and do you think they look scale Boom Racing Boomerang Type G Piggyback Internal Spring Shocks w/ Functional Reservoir 100mm for 1/10 Crawlers [OFFICIAL RECON G6 SHOCKS] Purple BRSG0100...
Project Bastard Bomber
Hey all, I have been lurking around the forum and it's about time I posted my own. I started building a not so new Yeti that I picked up for short cash. Then one of the local guys got a bomber and I was smitten. Thanks to Tower Hobbies and a 70 dollar off coupon I was able to score my Bomber...
Aaron G's Bomber build thread
Figured I'd do a build thread on my bomber noting special another bomber with upgrades. Image: ( Image:...
Squirrelrocket's Machyete!
So I recently got hooked into the RC world after winning a gigantic new bright jeep at my jeep club's Christmas party. Needless to say that toy grade RC wasn't cutting it lol. Me and a friend had the great idea to wire in a 19.2 volt lithium ion battery for more speed. Needless to say there was...
Lipo battery storage question ?
I am new to lipo batteries and was curious if it is OK to leave the battery in the RC or should I remove them and store in a lipo storage bag?? It kinda is a pain to have to remove body to get to battery after every use. thanks
craftsman lathe 109
Just bought this lathe I don't really know anything about it I got sight unseen except for the two pics. I had my friend pick it up for me he said it's not too bad. Image:
What first upgrade?
I have the K5 Ascender sitting in my shopping cart at RPP with battery, charger and lipo bag. I know out of the box the Ascender is pretty solid, but like us all, I can't leave well enough alone and already want to upgrade a rig I don't even own yet! My question is: What do you think my first...
BWD mantis chassis mod
Anyone ever tried to install swivel balls on the rear of their mantis chassis where the chassis bolts to the upper link mount. I think it could make the rear flex easier and smoother.
New to crawling and forum
Hey guys im new to crawling. I've found a crawler I bought awhile back and want to get into it. I've made a custom dirt modified body for it with intentions to put a roll cage. Would like to know everyone's opinion on it. I like it. But can't decide to keep or go with another body
hi from france / dual motor mount on wraith
Hello and thx for this forum. I'm french, please excuse mistakes. I'm thinking of adding a motor to my wraith. I saw the level 3 thing and was planning to get one. Can u plezse let me know what are the ins and outs of havingntwo lotors ? Example : do i need two batteries ? Do i...