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Vaterra ascender axles on scx10
Hey guys im new to this forum, i was just wondering if any one had put Vaterra ascender axles under and scx10 chassi, if so could you post pics of how you did it? Thanks Rc_rubs223
I've been toying with converting my Wraith to a 1.9 rig for a while and now I have a great reason to! New tires! No literally, I've been trying to come up w/ a reason to buy the JConcepts Scorpios, but haven't been able to since my Blazer and SCX-Exo are both happily tired right now. My Wraith...
Pajero shakedown
just finished redoing my cc01 pajero and this its shake down run enjoy the show
who is interested in WTFab tube style axle trusses?
I'm just curious to see if there is any interest in my WTFab tube style trusses. I would like to know how many people would buy a single or a set if I posted them for sale in the for sale ads. Prices would be available in the for sale ads. I offer a set of trusses for both Wraith and SCX10...
BullRocks Old School Bully
Hi everyone thought i'd add a few pics of my first crawler. I had one of the old RC4WD bully comp crawler kits sent to me for that's what i eventually decided on, for it was either that or building a pro rig for my first crawler, so opted not to bite off more than i could chew and started with...
Aquariums. Fresh, AND salt.
So, I have... Done some fairly off-the-wall aquariums. I've done 2.5g frog tanks (dwarf african frogs, so... Just one of those lil buggers is happy in that small of a tank), 5g freshwater, a dual tank 20g total capacity salt tank, and I helped set up and maintain a 355g freshwater tank for my old...
scx10 honcho links
Hello, I just received my scx10 honcho today. I have a few upgrades picked up, my question is the links. Should I go with Axial Aluminum Wheelbase Links Set 12.3 (313mm), or the Vanquish SCX10/JK Titanium 4 Link Conversion Kit? Thanks all.
Krawler Konceptz Inside metallic Crawler Skins
Here is 4 last skins I have completed this week.:twisted::shock:"thumbsup"
Replacing brushless motor's SENSOR plug???? anyone
Has anyone every replaced the plug on a sensor motor before? If so what is the name of the plug? i am sure r/c world didn't design a new plug... but i can not find replacements online. My problem is one wire broke at the terminal and i tried to solder it back together but the wires/ and...
AWIP, 1/6 Willy's Jeep. "Special Ops"
Hey all, I have a 1/6th Willy's Jeep made by Hasbro, '02. My plan is to transform it into an "Era specific" Recon" rig. I've got some work done, but not all of it is set in stone. I'll get some pic's posted this weekend. Please post up any vavaluable and important info I may need to...
New to RC Cars
I'm looking at the Axial SCX10 kit. I'm new to RC cars & trucks. I'm thinking of buying a kit with the associated parts to go with the kit. I was thinking that putting the kit together would give me a chance to see how things work on the car and help me when I upgrade or repair in the future. I am...
Please help me choose a DIG for my MOA
Currently looking for a DIG unit for my crawler, and wanted to ask what most of you are running? I've read that the PunkDig is good, but then later read that Novak makes a better one? After looking at the pics of both, the Novak is much smaller than the Punk. Apart from Punk and Novak, does...