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Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.

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Bamamas / cell service
Getting ready to head there next week ,have Verizon service , what ph. set up will work there to call and receive from us.
Why does HDS Gen3 screen darken when switching to 800kHz
I've got an HDS Gen3 running the LSS-2 sidescanning transducer. I notice that when I switch from 455kHz to 800kHz the screen darkens to the point...
Venice Inshore Fishing For Trout and Reds
I'm coming down in mid May for a week to do some Trout and Red fishing. I'm not looking for anyones top secret hot spots.... Just looking for some...
Need help
so I have a 99 striper seaswirl tuning a 99 evinrude fuel injected 2 stroke. My problem is I have a hard time getting it to plane and once I do it...
WTB Bunker Spoon Lot
Anyone have a bunch they would sell for a decent price?
Garmin GSD 22 Digital Black Box Sonar
I purchased my boat last year with Garmin GSD 22 digital sonar black box sounder unit and it worked great I had a few extra bucks so I upgraded to...
Trailer storage Plantation key/Islamorada
I am staying in Planation Key for 2 weeks in June. Can anyone recommend a place to store a 36 foot trailer for 2 weeks?
Boat Detailer Myrtle Beach/Little river
Can anyone recommend a good boat detailer in the Myrtle Beach/Little River area?
Long Term Storage - Fuel in or Fuel out?
I have a 26 Paramount with twin 200 Merc Optimax engines (2001). The gas tank is about a quarter full (25-30 gallons of non-ethanol fuel). The boat...
Who cares about fishing rights in the gulf?
Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I'm right. So here it goes. Is it just me, or is there that many ppl that fish offshore and just don't care how much the...
Define A "Bump"
So I have have my boat listed for sale on this forum. I have had it listed here for a few days. I decided to list with Angler's Edge, a forum...
Nature Coast opinions
Looks like we are going to be fishing the nature coast area a good bit this summer. We were in Crystal River once in March and once in April. We...
Look Out For E15
If you have a trailerable boat in North Carolina or Georgia, Wisconsin or 13 other states and you ever fill up at a roadside gas station, you'll...
Calcutta 47.5. Big Ass Cat!
From their FB page: "I guess the "Cat's out of the bag" so to speak. We are tooling up the new 475 (47.5'), and it's starting to take shape. These...