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Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.

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Spring Snow in Montauk
around the point
Paint-Interlux Bright Side
I am going to paint my old 33 foot commercial fishing boat and after talking to a few people in my area am thinking of using this Interlux Bright...
Boat Trailers Direct Customer Service Review
I wanted to attach a PDF with the entire email conversation between myself and various representatives from Boat Trailers Direct but it was too big...
Our litigious society and contract law
While discussing a co-worker's ongoing studies in contract law today he told me that he made a verbal offer to an individual on a boat a couple of...
Prelude To The Japanese Surrender Ending WWII
This is very interesting history. We have all seen the "surrender on the Missouri" with MacArthur. Ever wonder how the Japanese got there? Here is...
6.2 Liter Mercruiser Horizon Question
I am interested in a boat that has this engine and seeing I only have had outboards I'd like to hear some thoughts from folks who know first hand how...
WTB a tandem axle trailer in N CA
Appreciate any help in searching for a clean galvanized or aluminum dual axle trailer to handle a 24 deep V, 6-7k load rating at min. Getting...
Where is best prices for Lowrance hds12 gen3 ?
I'm getting ready to replace all electronics and Need head unit only
Installed JL sub and ACR this weekend..
I was on the fence about the sub. The amp i purchased was the JL m600/6 with 4 m770 initially with the intention of either later adding 2 more m770...
do you carry to the bar?
Just a general consensus curiosity. I personally don't because, well, when I go to the bar I don't switch to sprite after 2 drinks.
Garmin 740S w/ Transducer Excellent Condition!
As title says Garmin 740S with transducer in excellent condition. Used about one year. Waiting on new unit to arrive. Will be able to ship in...
Pole Spear Advice
Need some help with chosing a pole spear. I have been diving the gulf and spearfishing for 15+ years and always used a spear gun. We are pulling to...
Mustang M.I.T. 100 Inflatable PFD - Automatic - Red/Black
$109.95 (Free Shipping) - Plenty in stock Mustang - M.I.T. 100 - Membrane Inflatable Technology USCG Type III USCG Type V Commercial Age:...
i need gulf of mexico federal charter permits pelagic and reef thanks 941 586-5564
i need gulf of mexico federal charter permits pelagic and reef thanks