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Hi I'm Mark I am the oldest son of Mike Lawless "White Knuckle Ride" I have been into cars, mainly drag cars since the beginning of life. Most of my earliest memories are riding in the truck watching my dad go down the track. I got my first car "1970 Mustang" at 16 even though my grades didn't allow me to drive it, I was hooked. When my dad got the 65 Karmann Ghia, the 72 Karmann Ghia they had was offered to me and off the Mustang went. From then on out I liked VW's. A few instances in high school ended my driving of that car. I brought the 65 Bug I have now in 2001, its had 2 cages in it and is losing more and more body panels as my mind changes. I brought it as a roller and it been that way the whole time. I'll finish it one of these days but until then I have my 69 Bug and Tacoma to hold me over.
· Lives in Visalia, CA
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