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Jolly Roger Motorsports Park

The Moto-cross “Jolly” is located in “the first land in New Hampshire” according to archaeological glacial history. The ridge lines of Lempster and Silver Mountains were the first land masses to protrude out from the ice age defrost. At Silver Mountains Base in a bed of glacial deposits “Jolly” emerged. Carved out of rugged virgin forest, the moto-cross course maintains a firm hard base with natural minerals of every composition. Sand traps (like the famous “Southwick” sand turn), clay, wash fine, gravel, loamy top soil, mountainous granite formations of which jumps like the “Intimidator” are created – soar over 100 feet, 18 feet high! OFF LIMITS to Novice Riders. Haul in sugar sand add a pinch of sawdust and it’s done. The course is one mile and a half in length, depending on the day jumps vary from 22 to 26 in number — user friendly for all skill levels. “Jolly” is smooth and fast reminiscent of old school scramble tracks. NO woops. NO doubles. It’s a high speed roll-a-coaster with tons of elevation changes. The morning practice session will give you wood! The Flat Track First off, it used to be slightly banked, and as with most Flat Tracks, the result was a very narrow racing groove. Follow-the-leader-and-hope-he-screws-up kind of racing. That sucked! So we banked ‘er up a lot like Daytona. Now you’ve got lanes and lines opened up all over. How’s four wide and three lead changes in a lap, all in about 12 seconds. That’s racing! The track is 1/5 mile long so those Big Buck Race Motors can’t run away. It gets pretty busy out there. Motorcycles and Quad/ATV’s mix it up on Saturday nights. Admission is free for moto-cross racers staying over night to race on Sunday.

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