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AcuraZine is the Web's largest unofficial community dedicated exclusively to enthusiasts of Acura Automobiles. Discussion is dedicated to the Acura CL, Acura RL, Acura TL, Acura TSX, and Acura RDX. AcuraZine is the Acura Club Magazine.

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Replacing Front Seat Covers
Got a quote from upholster the front seats (entire bottoms) where your butt sits on for $800 ($400 each side) total. These guys does work for the local Acura dealer and the leather will be the same as original. What do you all think of this price??? I have a 2006 TL with ~100K miles which will...
Replacement OEM Radio/CD Changers?
Are these still available? The 6-CD changer of our 12 year-old head unit just gave up the ghost and I'm looking at a potential replacement. Do they offer an OEM head unit with just a single CD player? If not, any suggestions on the best aftermarket head unit that doesn't look like an ugly...
noisy brakes with RL bbk upgrade
I added the RL calipers/ Stoptech drilled rotors and brackets to my TSX and the braking is fine under normal use, but under hard braking, they make a scratchy grinding noise. I figure they may need time to break in? But I'm not too sure Is there something wrong? Any thoughts?
AC Blend Door Motor
Hi fellow acurziners, my 05 TL navi recently experiences an AC/Heat problem. Doesn’t really matter if I turn on the dual temp setting or not, the passenger side only blows cold air regardless the temp even I turn it up to 85F. The driver side works ok both hot and cold but the cold air is...
150-foot vessel from Palmer Johnson Yachts is made from carbon composite material
I know this is a car forum. But this boat is a game changer in the yacht industry. Looks like something out of the Dark Knight movies. :toocool: New yacht launched in Sturgeon Bay - YouTube
Jam0837 Build Thread
hey everyone, this is my first time making a build thread. I have an automatic tsx wagon so i dont think I will be doing any performance mods but I do like customizing my cars and upgrading parts and other things on them so lets start with what ive done so far. Bought the car late August ...
Honda Introduces "Honda SENSING" Advanced Driver-Assistive System
Here's what Honda plans on introducing in the New Legend by year end. Perhaps we will see it in the 2016 RLX.:thumbsup: Honda-SENSING-Driver-Assistive-System Press Release ( The new features include: < The...
Any 3rd gen owners have their timing belt snap
I was just wondering if any members here had ever had their timing belt let go while driving? If so, what kind of damage was the end result? I know our engines are interference engines so valves and pistons can touch. Which is obviously not a good thing.
Discovered Acura 2016 ILX video
Do you agree? First posting on this forum long time admirer. Own the 2014 Ilx and love it. The video scene is a Racetrack with several mechanical horses then starting at the 1:03 mark it shows the ILX with single jewel headlights next to the new 2015 TLX and NSX. The front view and back view...
2008 TL-S for $8k?
Check out what I found this morning. I'll just leave this here for you guys... 2008 acura tl typeS (
All Weather Mats?
I just purchased a 2012 MDX Elite and I'm looking for rubber All weather mats. I'm leaning towards the OEM ones but I can only find mats for the first two rows. Does Acura make rubber mats for the 3rd row?
HFL Parasitic Current Draw SB 08-057
Anyone have an issue with the HFL module failure causing a parasitic draw on the battery and killing the battery? After my dealer checked this out and sold me a new battery I discovered this SB. They want $500 to replace the HFL module. Do they do the SB for free or only while the vehicle is...
Problem with engine TCS and CE light on
Hello guys I need some serious help with my 2G TL . The problem : car while accelerating feels shaky same as idle. TCS lights goes on and then off. CE light stays on. 3 weeks ago I was on my car when suddenly felt like the power went away and started shaking. It felt like I was running on...
DIY – problems occurring before 100K miles, FLUID LEVEL
*This is the first in a series.* Search on the title to find the others. All problems listed below have been reported by one or more posts on this forum. Most systems affected are not covered by the MID (maintenance information display). Therefore, following the MID for maintenance will *not*...