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Pulled the trigger today.
Well, today was the day. Instead of doing my usual haggling with dealers I decided to use my credit union's car buying service. Got the call today and they came back with $1000 off of MSRP on a V6 tech:thumbsup: Might not be the most someone has gotten off, but with the dealers in NC, most of the...
Directions list
I can't figure out how to get the nav system in my 2015 RDX to show a list of driving directions in addition to, or instead of, the map directions. Is this possible? Thanks.
Canadian Version
It seems to me that the Canadian Version TLXs are better equipped & better priced than the US versions. Anyone thinking of bringing one across the border?
FS: '03 Acura CL Type-S M/T (Supercharged)★★Location: Aventura, FL★★
1. Price: $11,500 2. Mileage: 170000 3. Color, Transmission-auto or manual, Navi: Melbourne Red Metallic, Manual, Non-Navi 4. Reason for selling: buying an M3 5. Location: Aventura, FL 6. Pictures: Build Thread ( 7. Are you the first owner?...
WHO wants to go FAST
so I gave my local dyno guy a spare laptop with flashpro loaded on it. he's been learning and we are going to be revisiting the dyno this Friday... guess we will see what we will see. also going to be adding the water meth kit this week to see what that will geive me on the top end...
Phone doesn't make sound when hooked up to Bluetooth
Hey all, I have a Nokia Lumia 920 and I have hooked it up to the car with bluetooth. I can receive calls and play music, but when the phone is connected via bluetooth, the phone stops ringing and doesn't make any other sounds. Has anyone else had this issue? Any fixes? Thanks
Front Plate Mount
I recently bought an 09 from a state without front plates. I need to mount a front plate, and was looking at where the front plate bracket mounts to the car. I see the holes in the grille where it mounts, but there isn't any metal clips or anything. It also looks like I can't get behind the grille...
Child Booster Seats
My current booster is about 1" too wide and hits the seat buckle, and when my son tries to push the buckle into the latch, it goes at an angle the latch gets pushed down into the seat. I have to get in there and really mess with it every time he sits in the car. Very frustrating. :annoyed: ...
2003 TL-S Headlight Issue
I own Acura TL Type-S 2003 with 120,000 miles on it. Recently, I noticed that when the engine is ON, the passenger side headlight (low bean) gets on and the driver side light will be OFF. When I switch ON the headlight switch, the passenger side light will be ON and driver side light will still be...
Wheel Straightening and Refinishing
I was looking to buy a set a wheels but they need some straightening and refurbishing to bring them up to looking and working new. It would just be simpler if I could find somebody in North Jersey or there about area to do the work. Any recommendations?
FS: $800 3G TL Ksport Bags and Tank
Selling my old bags from my 3G TL. They are the prototype Ksport bags for the 3g or so i was told by VIPTL when i bought them from him about a year and a half ago. They only have 3/5 studs that bolt them to the chassis and strut bar. I never had any issues running them like this. Im not 100% sure...
FS: GramLight 57DR 5x114.3 18x9.5 +22 18x10.5 +22 w/tires
WTS my set of GramLight 57DR w/tires for $1200 picked up in socal. Wheels are in good condition. The two rears have some minor shaving where the wheel was hitting my airbags, ill post pics, they still balance and drive fine. 1 of them has a curb rash about 1 1/2" long. I can meet up pretty much...
Acura TLX I4 vs CLA VS A3. If you can have one right now.
TLX I4 CLA 250 AUDI A3. If you can have one right now. What would you choose? All three come fully loaded.
How did Lexus get so far ahead of Acura?
It is my understanding that these two Japanese Luxury Brands started at around the same time. How did Lexus get so far ahead of Acura in terms of sales and overall strength of lineup? Prestige and overall success? There must have been some key points during the mid 90's or early 2000's that...
FS: d2s and d2c bulbs
Hey all, I have 2 sets of bulbs, 1 pair is d2s stock 4g tl bulbs 6k oem, 2nd set is 10k d2c bulbs, d2c bulbs fit any car with d2s and d2r bulbs, they are not too blue slight tint of blue but are very bright, I love these bulbs but didn't match with my set up so decided to go with a different set up...