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Exlr8 V2 Jpipe causing vibrations
I just installed the EXLR8 V2 J-pipe and after a few blocks of driving I noticed the floor vibrate where the j pipe is located at when I accelerate heavily or turn while accelerating. I can hear a vibrating noise too as well. Is there a reason for this?
dome light supervision not working?
was wondering if anybody can help i install led on my side mirror ran it to the dome light supervision wire and constant 12v its been working fine for a long time until the body shop cut the wire i ran through the door to take the door off to paint the car and now the dome supervision is not...
Alarm keep going off at 2am
It's like clock work, around 2am, car alarm goes off in my 2003 TLS. I lock it and the alarm beeps, red LED on driver door turns on and all. Help! What could it be ?
Almost crashed my 2012 sh-awd
So today i went a little bit crazy driving on the freeway. I was enjoying taking a 35 mile/hr onramp like a race track. The car was holding the line really well when my foot is on the gas pedal but once i realized i was going way too fast i let go the gas pedal and the car slid like i was driving...
O2 Sensor Rant
Hey guys, if you were following my car trouble adventure from my other thread (I have a '98 3.2 TL), here's the latest update. I brought it to my parents' house so my dad could look at it with me. We ended up going straight to a Meineke because it was getting late and we were hoping they could fix...
New owner of a CPO but already 2 potential issues
Hello all, This is my first post here as I recently traded in my trusty 2004 4 cyl EX-L Accord for a 2012 TL SHAWD with Elite Pack (I think it's called Advanced in the US). The car only had 40,000 km (25,000 miles). Basically, it's almost new. I picked it up last Tuesday and so far, I love...
3G TL stereo help
So I have read and seen the videos on how to take out the head unit and install a new one but people were talking about taking of the trim and unscrewing 6 screws and the factory unit comes out! Could anyone tell me how to do that to save time?!
Suspension block of some sort to help against scraping?
Hello fellow enthusiast. SO i've heard from and older individual that supposedly there is a piece in the form of some time of block or cube. This is meant to help stop the scraping of the tires and the fenders. I was told they sold this at the local autoparts stores. Thing is the guy was drunk so...
Need URGENT help with lower ball joint removal. I have searched to no avail
Hey guys i need your guys input. Today i decided to install some coilovers, camber kits and new axles on my 07 TL-S. Everything went smoothly except for the lower ball joint on the passenger side. I tried to pull it out with a pitman arm puller which didnt work and destroyed the threads on the ball...
how much should I sell my TL for?
I have a 2005 tl with 81k miles bought a few months back. Only down side is driver side seat belt came lose, but I can fix it. No flaws other than that except you know the usual wear and tear through out the years. Runs perfect. Still stocked out. I just want to upgrade to a 2007 or 08 TL. I bought...
Just some spring cleaning
I started my spring cleaning today. Hopefully we've seen enough snow this year. Today I started with just some simple carpet cleaning to get all the salt out of the carpet. Upon inspection I started digging deeper into covered areas. Has anyone, especially northern TL owners take the gas door...
New Type-S Badge
*I haven't seen anyone with this yet. Trying to clean up the look of the TL so I de-badged this afternoon and applied a nifty little ebay pick-up I got for about $8.* Image: ...
Wow....Whole new paint job!
So i bought my car about 5 weeks ago. Its a 2012 tl awd with the advance package. It is the cbp (black color). I decided to finally get around to give it a nice detailing. I noticed a bunch of little circles (aparently they are called crow feet) on the roof, hood, and truck area. I talked to a...
What are you all paying?
With the TLX coming out what kind of deals are dealers giving to move TLs. Especially SH AWDs with tech or adv.
HFL/ Voice Commands Not Recognized
Hey folks, Just purchased my 2007 TL Type S two days ago. 56,000 miles and only 1 previous owner! I got a pretty good deal and couldn't be happier!... ...Except for the Bluetooth/ HFL system. I tried using voice commands to bring up pairing for my bluetooth phone but it either brings up...