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Bent Control arm or sub frame?
I have 2008 TL and it started pull to the drivers side. I took it in for an alignment and they told me they couldn't get it back. They sent me to a body shop for possible frame damage. I hit a couple of pot holes in the spring and think that's probably the cause. The body shop said they would...
PS4: Silent Hills
Ooo...looks very promising. :nod: Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro Are Teaming Up for Silent Hills - IGN (
TLX NAV Archaic system
Am I the only one who sees the TLX Navigation as completely archaic compared to others? I was in a Toyota Carolla last night and the NAV system in that car costing thousands less is FAR superior. Like light years ahead. What the hell!!? For one you can simply say "find the nearest...
Need help I have a 2013 Acura TL SH AWD with Michelin Pilot hx mxm4 tires that came with the car (all season) . Just want to be safe for the winter and not ruin the stock rims what is a good cheap brand tire that gets awsome traction in the winter? The tire size I have now is p245/45r18 tec pak...
Can I hook up PS3 in the MDX with Entertainment Package?
I'm new to the forum. Just wondering if anyone has tried to use their PS3 on the MDX. I dont't have the advance package so only have the A/V input instead of the HDMI. I tried to hook it up, but there was no sound or video...Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
What do I do?
Guys when I hit bumps or the bass hits the nav screen wigs out with these red lines that move I'll try and post a video of it.
Valve adjustment
Has anyone done valve adjustment along with their 105k service and actually noticed any improvement in engine idle/noise? A service rep at the dealership told me they no longer do valve adjustments as it doesn't really yield any improvements on the modern engines in the 4Gs.
A drive down memory lane....
*Can you people that own a RL today post _a single _photo of any cars you have owned before the RL starting with your current whip? It should be fun, I think.... maybe. *:yes::no::yes: ????
Finally the process is done Ohio-->Cali
Image: After a 5 week process, family and friends telling me not to go to Ohio to get this car and to just get one here in california, flying on 4 different planes (im terrified of flying),...
The making of the Williams Renault FW15c, Alain Prost's last championship winning car
The making of the Williams Renault FW15c, Alain Prost's last championship winning car - YouTube Although 2 decades old, this is very honest no BS documentary on the pre-season development of the Williams FW15C. Lot of content with Head, Williams, Prost, Hill, Newly and countless mechanics and...
my custom full wide body
Fully widebody 2 and half inches in the rear.. 2 and a quarter inches in the front.. No camber kit tucking 18x10.5 all around..
Need help with entering destination from Acuralink to 2015 MDX?
Just purchased 2015 MDX. I enrolled for Acuralink and have logged into my account. I am at the map screen and trying to send destination to the MDX from my desktop computer. Any ideas on how to do this? I can't get local dealer to respond and just called Acuralink. It took forever to...
Honda Acura Navigaton Update Setup Disc for 05/06 Models
Hi Guys, I have a 2005 RL and didn't realize in order to use the newer Navigation DVD I have to do a firmware update until after I got the DVD. Does anyone have a spare copy of that I can borrow/purchased? Thank you in advance
Experience Ordering from Bernardi Acura
Anybody care to share their experience ordering parts/accessories from Bernardi? I'm looking for the OEM remote starter for 2010 RDX and price seems decent $385. Even shipping to Canada only $30. Thanks.