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need help wiper fluid, turn signal not working etc.
My turn signal, remote, high beam, wiper fluid, and wiper blades dont work on low..hazards work but turn signal doesnt. can someone help me figure this problem out. I checked some of the fuses and they seemed fine might be a relay idk. This happened earlier wen i came out of work i had my car...
new owner 3rd gen wat mods??
So I just purcahased my tl type s 08 :newbie: does an cia make a difference? Nd wat other mods I guys recommend? Thanks
CD players between models interchangeable?
I have a 2004 TL without navigation and my CD player has taken a crap. I found someone selling a CD player/6 disc changer from a 2006 TL with navigation. Does anyone know if it would still be compatible with my car? They have different part numbers. 2004 without navigation part number:...
heated seats
2003 acura tl type s the drivers heated seat stop working any sugestion sas to why. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Navi Hack?
Does anyone have a forrsure link to DIY for the navi hack with angrydad? I've already read like 3 articals on how to do it but the download links are no good or they want me to complete a survey.. its retarded.. anyone wanna help me out? :thumbsup:
Liquid Gurgling Sound When Starting Engine
I here a gurgling sound when I fire up my TL after it's been sitting for a while. Any ideas of what this is? Is it normal?
Can it be any brighter?
YES it can! For those of you guys who are unfamiliar with me, I started a DIY couple months ago for retrofitting bigger LEDs for the license plate lights. ( )Some people started to install some pretty bright and custom LEDs too so I decided...
Drill dust boot when installing Koni Yellows?
I'm looking at instructions on how to installs Konis with H&R sport springs. Will I need to drill the dust boot when assembling the shocks and springs? I've already gone out and bought a floor jack, jack stands, and now I have to buy a drill? :whyme:
'04-'06 A-spec front lip on an '07-'08 Base???
*I've done my share of browsing threw AZ and Goole to find a thread consisting of a DIY for a 04-06 A-spec front lip on a 07-08 base. Everytime I think I've found something, it simply ends with "bring it to a bodyshop" due to modifications you have to do to the lip in order for it to be placed on...
Type S Suspension on Base Reviews
Exactly what the title says! I have been doing non stop research on whether to go with Aspec or Type S. I have been leaning more towards the Type S for a few reasons. 1. Not as stiff over rough roads 2. will still get better hanling 3. No worries of More rear negative camber since I already...
Where the hell have I been?
I'm sure you've all been wondering. :tomato: :tomato: Actually, hi! The only one who MIGHT remember me is justnspace. I've still got the TL, but recently I found my way into a new toy! It's an '07 Silverstone with the red/black interior... and I love it. Image:...
Recommendation for tire size on 16" OEM wheels
I'm currently looking at another set of tires for the 2G. Today, I have the OEM 205/60-16 Falken Ziex ZE-612. They faired decently for the past 2 years, but I was wondering if anyone has run optional sizes such as 215/55-16, 225/55-16, or 235/55-16 on their OEM wheel. I'm targeting the...
Part #?
Anyone know the specific part number for the side skirt expansion clips? not the 9 white ones that go into the side, but the 4 that screw into the underside. The regular bumper expansion clips don't fit, they're too big.
Testing a 6MT
Howdy folks. I'm flying out to go test drive a 6MT type-s this weekend. While I know how to drive a stick shift, my only experience was in my saturn which I only drove for a year. I had a new clutch put in right before I bought it. Does anyone have any clues or indications on what to look/feel...
Aftermarket radio wiring help!
There's not kits or anything that I can find how do you wire an aftermarket head unit in an 04 tl???? Please help!