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Where can I buy NEW OEM parts for the 3G TL?
I tried looking at but they didn't have the j-pipe. I'm looking for a new OEM stock j-pipe for my 2007 TL-S so the black market didn't really help. Anyone know any sellers/websites?
What to do in vancouver
I have never been to Canada before and finally, I am going to visit Vancouver in early Oct for a quick weekend getaway. I will be staying at the Sutton Place, Vancouver in downtown and i am not planning to rent a car since i heard their public transportation is very good. I want to take the...
I'm new to the forum
Once again hi guys I'm new to the forum and I was woundering how do I upload my photo in here and put my avatar need help I wanna show everybody my tl
Post Pic's of your RDX on the dyno!
If you've had a dyno post them up! Image: (
Post Pic's of your RDX @ the track!
If you have any pictures at the track, post them! Image: ( ...
FS: 4G SHAWD Part Out (Taillights, Rear Lip, Sub Enclosure)
JnC modded (pair) tails $300 Attachment 24537 ( Factory tails (pair) $350 Attachment 24538 ( Rear factory lip $150 Attachment 24539...
FS: 4G SHAWD Part Out (J Pipe & Exhaust)
RV6 SHAWD only J Pipe $200 Attachment 24533 ( Attachment 24534 ( SHAWD only full custom cat back exhaust $700 (deep but quiet. no drone) Magnaflow mufflers and quad tips...
Stage 4 Exhaust w/ Magnaflow 11365 Mufflers
Okay, so today I finally did it. I went to a local exhaust shop and got raped. Well, more or less. I purchased two Magnaflow 11365 mufflers $170, along with some quad exhaust tips from SoCal-autosports $110, and went to an exhaust shop to have it installed $270 after tax. Needless to say, I spent...
03 tl type s
Hi, new to the site!Enjoy seeing all the great Acuras on here. I just came upon a 2003 TL type S with 70,000. So clean and Stock and had all the service done ,including timing belt at 60,000. I have heard about the Tranny issues and noticed a little bit of slippage occasionally when accelerating...
FS: SHAWD Part Out: Jpipe, Quad Tips, More
J Pipe (SHAWD only) $200 Attachment 24525 ( Exhaust: custom catback - SHAWD only $700 Magnaflow mufflers and quad tips $500 Attachment 24526 ( Attachment 24527...
I've left the dark side ...
Hope you folks don't mind yet another one of these "I got one" threads : * The TL;DR version* : I GOT A NEW Bellanova White/Ebony V6 Advance TLX to replace my black/black 3G TL (hence the "left the dark side" title)!!! Well, I bought her today, but will pick her up tomorrow! A moment of...
3g Type S headlamps bulbs?
I know the Type S has bi-xenon HID headlamps, but they also have 9005 for DRL. Do the 9005 also work with the high beams? Particularly, when you flash a slower car on the interstate, does just the 9005 bulb flash? My Aunt's 4g TL only has low beam HID headlamps with 9005 high beams. Why I don't...
tampa ppl????
I'm new here just moved to north tampa does anybody know any great mechanic out here
Dash rattle while driving
Has anyone else experienced a rattling/vibrating sound coming from front dash? I don't believe this happens all the time, but some days it is louder than other days. I recorded a video of the sound and posted it on youtube. Acura TL noise - YouTube
1st n 2nd Gen vl
Does anybody know if a second generation cl hood would fit my 1997 cl?? By the way in new here...