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AcuraZine is the Web's largest unofficial community dedicated exclusively to enthusiasts of Acura Automobiles. Discussion is dedicated to the Acura CL, Acura RL, Acura TL, Acura TSX, and Acura RDX. AcuraZine is the Acura Club Magazine.

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DIY problems occurring before 100K miles, FLUID LEVEL
*This is the first in a series.* Search on the title to find the others. All problems listed below have been reported by one or more posts on this forum. Most systems affected are not covered by the MID (maintenance information display). Therefore, following the MID for maintenance will *not*...
Amazing Safety Features: HONDA SENSING
The All New Legend should also mean Acura RL. Here is the story: Honda Worldwide | October 24, 2014 "Honda Introduces "Honda SENSING" Advanced Driver-Assistive Syste" ( Photo index: Honda Worldwide | October...
'04 acura tl need help
I've got this 2004 acura tl. I want to eventually get a comptech supercharger put in but don't know what all I have to put in first to get my engine ready to handle that. If you comment with parts can you please include links so I can see the websites. Thanks
Found open wiring in the trunk.
Acura 3.2 TL 2001. i need some help to figure out where to connect this wire, which i found lying open in the trunk. i was installing back up camera, and had to open the trunk liner behind both the back lights to access the reverse light. when i opened the left side liner, i found that there are 4...
no power to DVD
I've been trying to fix my Navi which was turning on but not reading the disc. i bought a new DVD drive to swap out, but while I was waiting for it to arrive, now the DVD player isn't turning on at all, which means I can't get the disc out of the old drive. and I don't think the new drive will...
My '09 TL-Shawd , 76k mikes, just started giving the msg - battery not charging properly and the battery charge indicator sign comes up on the dash stays for 10-15 mins while driving & then goes off Took it to dealer, says battery all fine , contacts were loose , all fixed now. after few days same...
Pic Request: VMR Wheels
I don't think I've seen anyone rocking VMR wheels on the 4th gen TL. I'm still having a hard time trying to pick out wheels for the summer so any pictures of your 4th gen TL on VMR wheels could help me out in deciding! Thanks
WTB: 2011 Acura RDX a-Spec Rims
Hey Guys, Im looking to purchase a set of satin silver rims, part # is 08W19-STK-201A. This is for my 2011 acura rdx! Let me know if anybody has a set!
Which color?
After a week of negotiation, and still needing to decide if I am going to go ahead with it, I am having trouble deciding on the color. I have narrowed it down to Silver Slate Metallic (SSM) or Graphite Luster Metallic (GLM) The deal will include the diamond cut 19 inch optional wheels... ...
WTB: Acura TL 2012-2014 17" Wheels
I'm looking for Acura TL 2012-2014 17" wheels, please send me a PM if you have some for sale.
05 navi "please check disc" error message...
I just picked up a 2005 TSX with navi, the guy didn't have a navigation disc in it when I bought it. so I just purchased and got my updated disc in the mail, I put it in the driver in the trunk and the navi screen goes from "please check disc" to "please wait downloading software", then after about...
Acura Emblem
Looking for advice, thinking of building or buying a big acura emblem to hang in my garage. Any ideas on where to find something like this or ideas on materials to make one myself. Thanks
iPhone 4s RLX message reading feature
I am looking for help on how to setup the message reading feature on the RLX. My iPhone 4s worked on my other car before I traded it but I got a message the other day and the RLX did not read it. I read the manual and made sure the feature was turned on? I have OS 8.1 on my iphone. Any help would...
New to the forum
So I crashed my 02 RSX last month RIP and just bought a '15 fathom blue ILX this past week. Really loving all the builds on this forum and I'm def getting some great ideas! Hopefully I'll have some time to post pics and start a progress thread here in the near future