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I've has my '03 TL for 2 years now and I want to start modifying it, I was looking into swapping to a J35A8 into it getting a Comptech supercharger. So my questions are: 1. Is my engine bay large enough to support this? 2. What transmission do you all recommend? 3. If the answer to #1 is no...
did you install bolt ons and ACTUALLY feel that your car is faster???
i see these dyne charts posted that claim some bolt on mods make X horsepower gains..then I read posts where people claim they bolted on multiple mods and don't notice jack squat... i see posts where people installed a TAkeda intake and SWEAR they LOST power.. then Exelerate or whatever posts a...
Roof spoiler
Hello everyone, Does anyone know where to purchase the right after market roof spoiler for my 4G TL?? :yum:
Problems with recently purchased TL
I just bought an 06 with Nav and 100k miles. It is out of warranty and I have 2 issues I've found. 1) I have 2 key fobs that will not remotely lock/unlock the doors or trunks. The red light blinks when I press a button so I don't think it's the batteries. I have tried to link the fobs multiple...
aem drop in filter
Would a aem drop in filter change? The suction or gains:newbie:
'05 TL : Have to turn the Key Multiple Times to Start Car
This has just been happening to me for the past week. I have to turn key multiple times to start and I have to do it quick. If not the car doesn't start up. I recently changed the starter because the car wasn't starting. I noticed the started was bad when I gave it a few knocks to start. Now, ...
Turn key nothing happens???
It happens on average 2 times a month, when I turn key to start engine, it's dead at key...nothing happens. But if I wait for several minutes and turn key on and off the car starts. I know people have trouble with the 99 TL shutting off when running and they change out the ignition switch and it...
Questions about the TLX
I have a 07 TSX and am looking at either an Accord EXL v6 or a TLX (4 cyl perhaps). I've looked over the marketing material and photos and I think some of these questions we simply can't answer until Acura releases more info but maybe I missed something or folks here can make an educated guess :) ...
What year trans is it??
I bought a used 2001 TL and was told at the dealership the transmission has been replaced. The numbers on the tag are B7WA8042358 and below are IP 7 W32. Is there a way to tell what year this trans is out of? I am hoping it's out of a newer Accord so I can rest easy on having problems. Thanks...
'04-'06 New front OEM underspoiler - Anthracite
Recently had a return of 1 '04-'06 TL Front underspoiler in Anthracite. Part # 08F01-SEP-232. Box is in bad shape, part is in perfect shape. Selling for $240.00 total due to condition of box. Again , the part is in perfect condition. First response gets it. PJ
Interior shots.... Notice picture 9, you see a shifter. Notice picture 10, you don't see a shifter. Notice picture 11, you don't see a shifter. Notice picture 12, you don't see a shifter.
Just another NBP
Hi everyone. I didn't really care to do this, but I figure it's a community and everyone adds something unique. So here is my TL. Bought her in 2012. Here she is stock with just a plasti dipped grill.. Image: Me and ma Honda friends. Image:...
Burnt Side Mirror
Hi guys, Ive done some searching on this but everything is very dated. My side mirrors are burnt and look like crap, and I am looking for the best option to replace the glass or those mirros that go on with an adhesion pad, that I cant find anywhere anymore.
I need some help with a tricky decision..
Alright folks so here is the story. I have an 03 tl type s since September of 2012. I had thoughts of doing to 6 speed cl type s swap. I had bought a lot of parts and sold off a few of them. I now have 1/4 of the parts needed to make it happen. I know it's very costly and I am an idiot for selling...
Bye my beloved 2007 TL Type-S
Yesterday, my wife got rear ended. Luckily, it happened after dropping our son to the daycare. The young lady who was driving the old 1996 Jeep SUV has no insurance. Luckily, we have full coverage including non-insured motorist. Anybody have experience with this type of situation?