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strange sound from front drivers side
Hi, I have a 2000 Acura TL 3.2 with a strange sound in the drivers front side - it sounds like a woo woo woo woo sound and gets louder as I accelerate. I thought it might be a wheel bearing but checked and it's ok as far as I can tell. It starts around 15mph and it gets to sounding like an...
High/Low Beam Solenoid for 3rd Gen TL??
Where can I get a new electric solenoid for the Headlight? Do I need to get a whole new light assembly? The drivers side is making a sound as if its a bad solenoid. Could it be mechanically stuck? If So do I need to get a complete light assembly? Its a 2007 Acura TL I had a bad ballast or...
2007 resets clock, nav display settings to default
I have read and searched here but not found any clear answers. I figure this may have been addressed previously, but maybe my google-fu isn't strong enough today. Each time I turn off the car my clock time resets to the wrong hour and the nav won't hold my settings for screen brightness, heading...
HI! 2012 TXS wheels for 04 TL
could any one give me an idea about having TSX 2012 wheels on 04 TL. i dont know if it fit 2012 TXS wheels 5 Split Spoke 18x8 Inch, 5x115mm Bolt Pattern, One Piece Aluminum Alloy Factory, OEM Wheel, Rim (55mm Offset). ...
tsx 04
Any one selling a spec body kit or lips front rear or sideskirts for tsx 04 ?
exhust system
I bought a skunk2 exhaust system for my tsx 04 I was wondering does any one have a DIY link to how to install it I saw a video in YouTube but different exhaust and not very descriptive am trying to this the safest way by myself trying to get experience any tips or things to remember that you might...
foglight dilema (will 2012+ fit prior model years?-
Hey so tried out a little DIY I have seen kicking around the forums about fixing the old glass fog light lense (which was shattered) and replacing it with Lexan polycarbonate. However in doing so I tried 2 different silicones and neither held the concave shape of the 4G lense. Anyone else have this...
My first acura buy.
Hi all, I have just bought my wife a nice 12 Acura MDX with 35.000 mi Tech and Entertainment package from another State it was a good deal in my opinion. It has RES but i don't know what it is can anyone enlighten me. thanks
WTB: 18x8 Black chrome/ or PLATINUM CARBON 18" WHEELS A-Spec 3G TL wheels
Hey I am looking to purchase 18x8 Black chrome A-Spec 3G TL wheels or PLATINUM CARBON 18" WHEELS Must be in really good condition like new, willing to pay up to $1200. Would prefer if they came with tires in good condition. Looking to get wheels shipped to Canada. You can either PM or send me a...
Mackie's 09 jam
hey guys. names mackie. orignally from the Philippines. from VA moved to NorCal. Been a /honda/acura tech for awhile. went from this Image: to this Image:...
2005 Acura TL 6MT (3rd Gen) Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Replacement- Notes
I wanted to start a consolidated thread with some of the helpful posts I found with pictures, not just from this site but another. I also wanted to share my lessons learned working on my TL 6MT b/c there were some things that I think weren't mentioned elsewhere that might help others: - The other...
Passenger side headlight flickers but not often...
I've read many threads about headlight flickering. Unfortunately some say it's the bulb and some say the igniter. I've noticed only a few times that the passenger bulb will flicker for a second. The few times I've noticed was when braking while going downhill. This is is probably a coincidence...
2014 vs 2012 tail lights
So I recently had a 2014 tl as a loaner and looking at its tailights, they seemed to be a bit brighter with maybe darker edges than my 2012. I got distracted when I brought it back and forgot to check. Ps, can we make the blind spot indicator make noise? Or does it just flash..
WTB: 07-08 WDP 6spd MT TL Type s, Upsate New York
Highly interested in a 07-08 tl type s 6spd mt, preferably a white below 100k I live in upstate ny but willing to travel
FS: comptech s/c 60% kit
ok guys here it is about the best price you can get for a supercharger kit. kit was bought off ziggyh22 and modified by him. fully fuctional but custom. what's in the kit? rebuilt m62 blower intake elbow throttle body inlet adapter supercharger outlet adapter