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compliance bushing orientation
My Mechanic installed new compliance bushing without marking the index before removing the original compliance bushing. Can anyone tell me - should the arrow on the bushing point toward the front of the car. I mean directly straight down the road as the car would point forward? My Acura dealer...
4G TL Screech On Cold Start?
Hey Everyone, I recently ran into two issues on my 2010 4G TL SH-AWD. 1. I live in Chicago and recently it has gotten pretty cold. Whenever I start her up in the morning and it's cold I hear a loud screeching sound coming from the engine bay. This only happens when its 50 degrees and below....
1999 TL Transmission noise after swap
I finally found what I thought was a good replacement transmission for my 1999 TL, at the local junkyard. The donor car was a 1999 3.2 TL that appeared to be fairly clean good looking with non-burnt smelling fluid. So I thought I would give it a try. I drained as much of the old fluid as I could,...
Charge iPhone?
Will my iPhone charge if I plug it into the USB?
CL: Wanting to install a flatscreen in my CL advice please.
i bought a JVC KW-NT3HDT Navi / Multimedia Receiver bought it off a friend i sort of know how to wire harnesses but this one has all this navi equipment not sure how thats gonna be and also if anyone knows where i can find a proper Mount/plate to fit nicely. here are some of the dimensions. ...
FS: 2G TSX sedan OEM car cover
basically brand new OEM Acura TSX car cover - been on the car twice...still immaculate. I'll ship it for pretty cheap depending on location/zip code. thanks.
Driver Side Door Power Issue
Hey guys I have a 2007 Acura TL with a Pecular Problem. I turned off my windows using the switch on the driver door accidently then turned it back on. However it seems like something is wrong with the drivers side door. Now as i start the car the windows wont work at all on all sides. and the...
AC Blowing hot and then immediately cold after about 10 minutes
My AC started blowing hot but then after about 10 minutes of having it set to the coldest setting it just comes on and blows really cold. The temperature here is mild in the 60's so it isn't typical cool down from the heat. Any thoughts for this delay? Once the cold starts blowing its very cold....
My brake lights don't work
All of my brake lights stopped working out of no where and I'm not sure how to diagnose this any help is appreciated thank you.
which company LED's for interior and taillights & license plate.
I ordered a kit off Amazon and the revers and license plate are rather dim. 04-08 Acura TL LED Package Interior + Tag + Reverse Lights (11 pieces): Automotive 2 of the 6 interior flicker every now and then. individual led's on the whole light not all of them. Vled's, superbright...
2015 Acura TLX Advanced SH- AWD Project
I just picked up my TLX and I have begun work on it I put the aero kit and deck lid spoiler and Plasti dipped all the chrome and grill on the car (although I may end up pairing the grill to get a perfect color match. I already have bought 20" Vissen CVT's and had them powder coated gloss black. I'm...
youtube:Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope
Independent made Live action DBZ coming soon. From the trailer it looks like it will be on the same level as Street Fighter: Assassisn Fist. which is 1000X better than anything crappywood made with streetfighter. Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Official Trailer #3 - YouTube
Car Wash Thread?
I was looking for some info or opinions on a good compound to use to remove oxidation from my NBP TL. Rear PD has a big spot of oxidation and now im getting some on the hood.. I ran across this.. THoughts? Meguiars Brilliant Solutions Paint Restoration Kit, meguiars G3300, paint polishing kit,...
Spare Tire issue with bigger tires?
Yesterday I installed Cooper Discoverer 245/60 on stock 18" wheels, but a question comes out: if I ever need to use the smaller diameter spare, it will damage the SHAWD system? This because a couple of days ago, got a flat on the right front, used the spare, it had low pressure, so I drove a few...
Navi Hack
Hi new member here. I know this has been covered probably thousands of times and, based on my past forum experience, some forum trolls will be upset because I didn't just read through them. But, some have been up so long that the waters are muddied. So I apologize in advance. Here are my questions:...