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Scale accessories and more
Met a guy on a Vaterra ascender Facebook group from and he's making injected molded parts for many vehicles. Different grills for the K5 and a laundry list of different things. Check it out!
RC4WD General Manager contact info.
Hi guys, I got a interesting email from RC4WD and I would like to talk to the general manager about it if anyone knows how to help me out.
Re-painting a hardbody
I assume you can take a hardbody and strip the paint and re-spray it, right? I don't see why not? - What's the best way to strip the current paint? Smooth out scratches, gashes? - Primer needed, yes or no? - Best paint to use on a hardbody? Tamiya, and? (any brands you can get at...
Anyone near Orem?
I'm looking at a potential job in Orem but I dont know anything about the area. What's crime like around there and how is it in general? Thanks in advance!
Can this radio setup be duplicated.
So the video I linked is harleys 4pksr and he's using a tzi beefy winch now I only want to have that winch function. Almost all other cool things I wouldent really use so I don't really want to drop 500 on a winch function. So my question can you get the same function in the video with a lesser...
Want to get started
As you can tell from my name is am new and i want to get started in the game but I don't know we're to start i don't know what is good and what is not any help and advice would be much appreciated Thank You
I have a noob question about field programming cards
They aren't brand specific are they? Like do I have to use the castle field link with my sidewinder 3 or can I use the hobbywing one or some off branded one. I have seen a few that have more options than the castle field link. Thanks in advance
TF2 transmission suggestions
I'm looking at getting a tf2 and noticed one of the big differences in some of them is the 1 speed vs 2 speed trans. Is the 2 speed more desired? I like the idea on a 2 speed trans for more trail driving vs rock crawling. What are your guys opinions on them? Who likes the 2 speed, who doesn't?...
Noobie RR10 Owner
first off,hello to all! i went to the hobby shop yesterday after watching many crawling videos. i had my mind made up that i was getting a wraith.then the guy steered me to the bomber.i still liked the wraith looks better but when i saw the bomber had a 2 speed trans i got it glad i...
HD gears work AWESOME in the DHAWK bulkhead
If you have a dermal and a steady hand its simple !!!! just grind the back of the pinion ridge off ! Axial left the excess in the new pinion to fix the shim issue. Its gotta go.. I installed two .2 shims next to the c-clip GOOD TO GO !! I also did the same to the pinion in the vanquish worked...
New wheel and tire combo for my RR10
I love the look of those vanquish method bead locks. I just can't bring myself to spend around $200 for just wheels. I went with Axial pn#8097 and Krawler TA tires. My RR10 will be for slow crawling so I don't need to worry about them spinning apart. I got wheels and tires for half the cost of...
Custom Battery mounting
I ordered a bunch of 3s 5000MAH SPC batteries while they were on sale, I didn't check to make sure they would fit and just assumed. Low and behold they don't, neither do the 2s pro match racing batteries I have and it's miserable getting my 3s Flourian batteries in. I was wondering how much would...
Harley Designs @ Mattzilla RC Works
Live hang out from the Mattzilla Rc Works shop with Harley Designs (Josh) and Dan Wilson from VP Live Link:
Mip driveshafts too short
I purchased a used set of mip driveshafts for my wraith and they are too short. I have the rc4wd ax2 2 speed tranny and stretched the rear end ~.5in. The front driveshaft fits good but the rear is too short...the male half will barely reach the female half. Are they any extended outputs for the...
Kyosho fo-xx ep
How is this truck? I had the Twin Force back in the day and I assume they are pretty much the same? Any weak spots? What mods and any different tires that are people using? Thanks