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Like this please
If post #30 in this thread gets 30+ likes Team Debead will sponsor a giveaway for guessing the most correctly in the top 3 for each class at Worlds later this week. Like post #30 please. ...
just picked up a deadbolt
Hey guys. So my neighbor had an ax10 and we worked out a trade on my rs10...I have a 3s battery and it will run it but is it safe to do so? It already had a good twist on the rear center driveshaft so I ordered a steel on for the back. I just wasn't sure of I can run a 3s safely or I'd I need to...
Mounting a winch on the Axial Yeti - How I did it...
I wanted to add an RC4WD winch to my Yeti. I used velcro to mount the winch controller to the radio for easy access. Can operate the winch while driving the vehicle. Kept the fairlead tucked in as much as possible. Used a piece of aluminum angle to make the fairlead mount, secured by two screws...
Back in Sin City!
In case ya'll live under a rock...I've moved back to Las Vegas!! Crawlers are unpacked, so it's time to do some crawling as cooler weather starts to approach!! Is anybody interested in a new comp rig series, or has everybody except Steve and I gone full scaler only? Let me know!! Sent...
Sweet Axial g6 deal
So I was in the market for another rc vehicle for my 3yr old son. I was looking into the scx deadbolt for him, but most places were out of stock, now his b'day is this month, so I kept waiting but time was running out. Tower had the G6 on sale for $274. And I ordered the MiP hex set, which put me a...
Rainbow bridge 6 pm today
Crawling today at 6 pm at rainbow bridge. There was 7 of us this morning at the lake had a blast . 5 ate coming to the bridge. See ya there.
My Sawback running the HorriBull body
I'm loving the look. I had to extend the wheelbase a tad.
Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen
Hello! this is my friend's Prof_Hubert build. unfortunally he's banned due to unknown reason, and I want to show his work. Mercedes G-klasse 3dr, scale 1/8, based on Axial SCX10 chassis Image: Image:...
Taquito grandito
This was my first recon g6 and it was a blast even though I broke on gate 30. Any how we were given a task to snap a shot of a great outdoor bathroom and I thought shoot any bush makes for a great place to relieve ones self so here is the great outdoor bathroom in use lake loon the rubicon 2014...
Back40 Private U4 track
Here is the start of a private mountain U4 track.. Enjoy.. And four twenty friendly too.."thumbsup" Image:
Jim's 34 Ford "Backwoods Towing & Recovery" O.o
I've had this 1/24th scale Lindberg model to make a tow truck. A facebook page Pirate Micro Bashers was having a build-off, so I thought this would give me the incentive to finally build it. I had the month of August, but I was done in a little over two weeks. I wanted this to have plenty of...
Scaler comp in Blacksburg.
Marcus is this still on for Oct? Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk
Crawler Rookie
Been out the RC hobby for lots of years (Gold RC10). Thinking a crawler would be a fun way to go, however, I am a total rookie. There is so much great info to sift through (some is years old or above my head), I want to make sure I am somewhere near the right track. Here's where I have ended up...
Crawl-a-palooza 2014
*don't miss out on this one - Kansas scalers !!* *CRAWL-A-PALOOZA SCALE JAMBOREE Oct 11th & 12th Disney OK * TICKET INFO Ticket Price: $22.00 entry for all 3 days & all events, a event T shirt - Pit towel - sticker pack - keepsake score card & more ! only "ONE" entry per person.
MRCC 2nd Meet Filmed w/ Quadcopter!
Got a little footage with my quadcopter at the 2nd MRCC meet at the RC Funpark in Granger.