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Nor Cal rcrc Comp #5 @ Duncan's Landing
Image: ( Comp #5 at Duncan's Landing, Bodega Bay March 8 Start Time........ 9:00 oclock This GPS coordinates is for...
Custom SCX10 rear roll cage
So building a cage for my scx10 has been in my mind for a few months and today was the warmest its been for a long time (25F) and so I jumped on the opportunity. I used all 3/16 steel rod and bent it by hand. It was an awesome experience and I loved making it. I am very happy with the outcome and...
AXIAL Wraith on snow
hi ! I'm french I've make this video, what did you think about it ? ;-)
Nissan XTerra is gone too
I am not a big fan of Nissan, not at all really. I think they're cheap and chinky. But Nissan discontinuing the Xterra and Toyota disco'ing the FJC, that means that Jeep just has an even bigger advantage.. kind of sad really. Nissan Xterra Discontinued After 2015 News...
Product Question for you guys...I'm curious :)
Ok, I was just messing around with one of my Mustang bodies (I do all the touring car projects for Vaterra too) and put it on my short wheel base Ascender. This is not a proposed product and isn't even mounted but I was curious what you guys thought. Please keep in mind that i'm asking for overall...
10.5T Brushless
I have a TW RTR with stock motor and gearing. I have a 10.5T sensored brushless that I could drop into it. I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with a 10.5T brushless in terms of power and speed comparisons with a 2S battery and stock gearing. Jerry
Texas Tf2
I have one body as show lol not, eventually will use this body on the trails! Image: ...
Deadbolt Body Question
Axial makes a SCX-10 Deadbolt (green) and an AX-10 Deadbolt (orange) Does anyone know if the bodies are interchangeable? I like the body but prefer the orange color to be different from the Billions of green ones out there
My First Build... 1983 Dodge D-250 Stepside!
Ok so here it goes, I have an scx 10 with a honcho and dingo body but I really wanted to do something different and unique. The inspiration for this build is my 1:1, a 1983 Dodge Ram D-250 with an 8ft Stepside bed! I've seen a lot of 6 foot stepsides so if you have any pictures of an 8ft stepside...
The Holmes Puller Pro BL 540XL 3500kv the YETI Grail?
Holmes Hobbies LLC ( I just pulled the trigger and ordered a Holmes Puller Pro BL 540XL 3500kv motor, the specs make it look very promising for the Yeti. I understand there are a few pre production prototypes floating around out...
Yeti XL KIT Running videos!!!
I started a new thread to feature everyone's running vids of the Axial Yeti XL KIT (Only). Post up your vids! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
A kk2
Picked it up from the Po this morning! Going to be hard to get any work done with this sitting on my desk. Pics do them no justice, this think is beautiful, the craftsmanship is amazing! Attachment 310634 (
LR D90 on Sawback?
Well, title says it all. Will the RC4WD D90 body fit on my sawback chassis? Thanks "thumbsup"
RC4WD 1.9 Baja MTZ vs Irok -- Opinions?
Looking for views and recommendations between the 4.60 MTZ and the 4.64 Iroks. Typical use includes rocks, gravel, etc. just about any surface that isn't too muddy. (Hate the clean-up) Any significant performance issues between the two? Which ones would you buy? Any and all opinions and...
MN Snow Crawl 2015 Video Series
Hey guys, here is our first Snow crawl of this winter. It's at orange58crush's garage crawling course. I was late to this one so I only got a handful of rigs. I'll post up the rest of the videos in this thread as I get them edited.