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TeamRC4WD journey to SWSC14
The team will be well represented at this year's event. Time to track our journey. My adventure so far: 4 am wake up, airport looks like Pittsburgh is being evacuated. Hope to make the 7 am flight. Got on the plane...bonus, its a WiFi access flight.
Toyota Landcruiser 80 Body
I was wondering if anyone has tried this body on the CC-01 or has ever bought from this website before? for Axial 1/10 Crawler #M2324, ,(M2324) by COLT Toyota LC80 LAND CRUISER Clear Body Set ( This cruiser is so popular...
Wraith, TH, or Wrexo
Ive been out of land RC for a few years. Im wanting a crawler/go fast rig. The Twin Hammers seems to fit the bill but I really like the Wraith (ive driven a few of them). The Wrexo intigues me but seems pricey to complete it. Which one would you guys recommend? And why?
1st thread on here deleted!
I post my very 1st thread yesterday and BAM deleted! I mention that I would like to get my post count up so that I can view the classifieds because Im looking for a @*!@% %*)$@..... Apparently thats where I screwed up. Cant mention anything about buying anything outside of the classifieds. (Looks...
Screw Loose Hardware
Image: ( $30 m3 Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws Image:...
Axial UFO'S a GO-GO RECON G6 Apple Valley, CA May 10, 2014
Image: ( Am I dreaming? I wish I had been dreaming. I was abducted, allegedly. I had no service...
compression legth?
Hello. I'm building a new chassis and I Have a problem.....when I compress the chassis the total length of the car is almost 1cm bigger than with no compression. Is this ok? Am I building some thing wrong? Thank you
Does anyone have an address or something that I could put into a GPS for some crawling spots in Ohiopyle?? I am from the Pittsburgh are, but I work in Somerset.
sporty motor?
Ok so I know I'm going to open a can of worms with this but I need suggestions and adevice.on a sporty motor as the sporty on its way to me is my first comp rig. I was thinking a team brood apocalypse with a 35t hhk-t arm and abec7 bearings, but I'm not sure if I should go higher turn.
R1 Steering Revisited
After reading other threads on steering mods for the R1, I notched my knuckle arms but was disappointed to find that it did not improve my steering throw. Upon closer investigation, I discovered that the problem was with the 7* C-Hubs that I had installed. While the 7* C-Hubs are effective in...
What am I doing wrong ?
I am hoping someone can shed some light on this dilemma. I had some time today to make the upper links for my rubicon and now I ran into a snag. From what I have read on here the upper links are to be the same length as the lower ones. Well I did that and now the servo hits the chassis brace.. ...
TSK's 5th Dimension Mark II DOMINATOR
Well, since the vast majority of the comp crawler crowd thinks carbon fiber and bodiless are two requirements for a chassis to be considered a "pro rig," we finally just gave in a bit. This is a sneak peak as the rest of the pre-production units of out to some of the team for further...
scx yota
Well, I guess its time I did my first build thread.. So bare with me, haha. I decided it was time to rebuild my old scx10 kit. ●rc4wd cms w/panhard and homebrew links front ●4 link rear with homebrew links rear ●new tranny outputs, pinion shafts, and drivelines ●aluminum c's and knuckles...
Supporting your local shop
I have a question for all you guys that buy from big box stores. What would it take to move your shopping carts to a local place? Prices, shipping fee, selection of parts??? Any positive feedback is welcome. Give me an idea of what you want to see and I'll do my best to try to bring your...