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my tf2 build
kit arrived monday. spent all day tuesday and today putting it together and painting it. heres what she looks like now Image: ( Image:...
CrawlrKing's Sporty
I waited a long time before starting a build on that class. I sure loved the way some rigs looked here and worked on vids but wasn't completely sold on the way I could source all the parts for a complete new base and also maintain it on the same level as my pro truck. Seeing my bud OLI972's sporty...
BPC Products
If you haven't had a chance to own any BPC products now is your chance. BPC Products are some of the most sought after Scale item's For the Recon G6 and GSRCC events. every product they make is built tough, strong and ready for the demands of your ultimate scale adventure. Built by guys that beat...
Falken G6
We got in another shipment of the Axial SCX Falken G6 editions, so if you have been wanting to get one now is your chance
Casey Currie SCX
Axial Casey Currie SCX are in stock and ready to ship... so if you've been waiting to get one this is the chance.....
Vanquish Products
We got another huge shipment in from Vanquish Products so go and check it out under Vanquish Products at CKRC Crawlers, RC Rock Crawlers ( and If we don't have what you need we will soon, we make orders to Vanquish several times a week. and if you need a special...
Hey all, we got a bunch of Axial yeti parts in, so if you're stocking up on parts or looking to just build one from the parts list we have pretty much every thing you need but the lexan body. Thanks for looking "thumbsup" CKRC CKRC Crawlers, RC Rock Crawlers (
Crawling in Bowling Green
Finally found a place to crawl around BG. Go to the picnic area that is near the exit, it is a big hill with a lot of rocks sticking up. It is not the best but it is close to home.
Team brood scaler le 35 t help
Like the title suggests I am in need of some advice on my motor. First I notice some sparks when going from full throttle to a quick stop. Just wondering if that's normal or if it will prematurely consume my brushes or comms, also how to advance the timing of the motor or if I should just leave it...
Codyboys micro crawler course.
Ok, so I have aquired a couple Losi trekkers in the last couple weeks and desided to build a outdoor course to run them on. I did a little research on the net to find out how to build faux rocks. It isn't like we don't have rocks were I live, I just wanted to try making some to see if I can do...
Am I?
Am I responsible for damage during shipping? Sold a rig last week.Shipped liked this. Image: ( Image:...
Doom's poison
Mounted up some new wheels on my scx/wraith, 2.2 Proline Hammers. Fitted also a few skate brats, and a new Holmes outrunner BL combo. Out to the trails tomorrow. Image: Image: Image:...
Moto's mini pro indoor crawler
Bought this thing about a month ago, had never seen dirt, probably never will lol It came with a Novak side winder micro brushless setup, hitec hs-645 servo and a painted body. I'm using my dx4s on it. Since I've had it I've just been ordering parts for it. So far I've got: The Scale Shop...
monster slash
I was looking into getting a 4x4 slash and putting bigger tires on it and lifting it a little. I was told by my lhs that the slash is better than the stampede because the chassis is longer so it would be more stable and handle better than the stampede. Any thoughts? Anyone got pics?
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