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Suspension Preference Set-Ups
Hi guys....this is a general set up question for your suspensions fully realizing that there are a ton of variations to achieve someone's preferences. This is also assuming you have a CG that you are happy with working with. I've searched the site for set ups for racing and crawling. For me, and...
[VIDEO] 8 scale trucks night offroad RC trail adventures at Woodgrove Ave
[VIDEO] 8 scale trucks night offroad RC trail adventures at Woodgrove Ave The Rigs: ------------------ Tamiya CC-01 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Tamiya CC-01 Jeep Wrangler YJ RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Hilux Mojave Axial SCX10 Land Rover Defender 110 Camel...
Body and cage mod advice needed
I have my Wraith kit on its way to me from RPP and I am wondering if anyone has mounted non Wraith bodies to their rigs? I've only seen a few but one that looked cool was a Jeep G6 with its own cage. How are they doing that? I've also seen folks using EXO body/cage combos on Wraiths. I'm just...
ETRC Comp #5 at Chilohowee
*ETRC Comp #5 at Chilohowee* The first and last of this video is at the wall. The part where you see the river is the WWC. ...
Scratch build 62 Jeep Willy
This is my 2nd scratch built truck that I made.
What's a great servo for the yeti right now I'm looking at the Savox 1230
New2Multi-axle - The Beast 2 6x6 build and review
I like DHL a lot. Every time the DHL guy stops by, he brings cool stuff. Like this box: Attachment 315855 ( Inside this box was another box with pretty cool pictures: Attachment 315856...
T's scx10
been away from rc for awhile.been rebuilding my 85 honda bigred 250es. it caught fire last summer.she back together i got back into my scx10 to get it runing. here the pics. Image: ...
Transplant for a few weeks delta junction/Fairbanks
I'm going to be up in ak for work for a few weeks and was wondering if there was any good places to go around delta or Fairbanks. Can do Fairbanks on the weekend, delta during the week. Will be there April 20-may 1.
Yeti rear axle losing power
I'm at a loss here... I get some clicking noise under hard acceleration and when I hold the truck I can see the rear end losing all power under load while the front continues to spin... I'm assuming it is the rear gears but I have the hardened axial gears and they show no signs of wear. Pinion and...
Rs10 xt rock racer
What can I do to make my rs10 xt a rock racer? I have already upgraded to steel gears do I just need faster turn motors? Also I have the hobbywing dual brushed speed control
Back in Paradise.
Originally from paradise and now live in Houston TX. I came back for a week to vist and brought my crawler. We got alot of property and i decided to start building a course for me when i visit and my friends that live here. Here is the start of it planning on working on it all day tomorrow. More to...
Note on diff shims
Did test assembly on front diff in my kit tonight installed 2 shims as per kit instructions. Pinion is too deep on ring gear with 2 shims pinion gear almost touches the diff cup. Tried again with 1 shim and good. This is with the DHawk spacer. With 2 shims when you turn gears they felt notchy. With...
What esc for twin motor boat
Just picked up an electric boat off craigslist with dual speed gems and an old school mechanical speed controller and am trying to do away with it, what is a decent speed controller for it?
My First Ascender build and probably my last Vaterra
Am I the only one thinking that the manual for this truck is the worst ever? I have built many kits in the last 25 years that I have run RC. This has to be by far the worst manual I have ever seen. I am hopping it is just me getting old but I really don't think so. I am thinking about getting a rtr...