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Extreme river trail
Went to the Belgium ardennes last weekend for some river trailing . Epic day to remember Greetz from Belgium
trail stomper by oahuzuki
Hey i had some posts under Oahuzuki here are my micro builds. Image: ( I got this stomper...
2015 CrawlANZ Nationals
Image: ( It is a while off yet but hype is starting to build around the Australian Nationals for next year. Any international participants that would like to attend the event now would be a good time to...
Pro4 HD question!
My back plate seems to only have 5 screws... there's clearly a spot for a 6th. is this normal or what? just got it in today, no screw in the packaging and didn't know if this was normal or if I should be calling tower tomorrow! thanksImage:...
Shock Screw Up
Anyone know the difference between the Axial Aluminum Shocks AX30090 and AX30103? I mistakenly ordered the AX30090 when I wanted the AX30103 Icon shocks. Is it worth returning them? I bought them from RPPHOBBY. Thanks for your help. Image:...
RC CHEEZ-IT Challange!
So here is my challange to anyone that reads this. Show me a picture of a rc with 3 out 4 wheels on the ground with the 4th on top of a standing CHEEZ-IT box like you see here. SAY CHEEZ!!!! I bet you can't do it !!!!!!!!! Image:...
my scx10 with clodbody
was wondering if anyone knew what size links i need for my clod body upper and lower if anyone knows the size i would really appreciate it thanks
Edge's course
I have recently acquired a new home. With a large garage. I plan on donating about 300 sq ft to an indoor rock crawling course. A practice course for the C.O.C. (Central Ohio Crawlers) of which I am a member. I am thinking of hosting a free winter series. No trophies or any bs. Just a point system...
Building a SUPER MONSTER Crawler
I want to build monster truck, using crawler parts :) , i loved the idea of motors on the axle , so i went ahead and bought Integy Type I Professional Crawler Chassis, and all the parts that i though would suit me :) NOW, for the axle i went and bought Metal Gear Rock Crawler Alloy Front/rear...
Trail Finder 2 Trailer
I have the new Trail finder 2 Trailer out for a test to see how it performs. TrailFinder 2 Trailer - YouTube (
question on diff gears and rear axle
I don't have a yeti yet but I'm reading as much as possible as I'm new to crawler world. One of my questions is what are the benefits of over and under drive gears. In the vendor section I saw something called beef tubes is there a benefit for these. Last question I see lots of people running 500k...
MNRCRC's 9th Annual Howl Krawl
*2014 Howl Krawl** Oct 26th Interstate Park Taylor's Falls, MN* The leaves are falling. Sunrises are getting later, and sunsets getting later. Hell, you can even smell it in the air... It's that time of the year again. This is MNRCRC's 9th annual Howl Krawl! This scaler event has been...
looking for mini/micro scale truck's
help!! does anyone have or know anyone with mini/micro scale truck's to get rid of..please let me know! thank's for looking!!.."thumbsup"