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Madman740's Axial Wraith
Hi all, Yesterday bought my X-mas present: A brand new Axial Wraith Poison Spyder Image: ( Image: (
Im a veteran to RC, but a Newbie to Crawlers. I need help for Christmas gift
Guys, I am an old RC10 guy from 30 years ago. I loved buying a kit and building these things. I honestly think RTR kits do not do justice to anybody in the RC world. Gotta know how to fix them. what better way than to build them too? :) That being said, I have my son an Axial SCX10 jeep RTR...
Is anybody out there?...
Anyone still trailing around this perfect state? I've been in and out do to changing careers but just picked up a wraith to add to my fleet. Going to be my target build rig for this winter in hopes for some great action this spring. Would like to hit a big G6 this next year or maybe Axialfest...
Axial 27T and 2S
I toasted my 27t today on a 2s. Looking around it doesn't seem like it's uncommon, but I was at a slow crawl when it happened. I have 2.2 tires on it and i honestly haven't looked to see what the gearing is, but is it normal for a motor to fry in a situation like this? Or were the 2.2 tires a...
Motor pinion for axial scx10
Hi, That pinions scx10 normally used for? How many teeth? the leading factory think are AX30724 Pinion Gear 32P 13T - Steel (3mm Motor Shaft) I use the original mechanics of the SCX-10 engine with an axial 27t, but I want to know that pinions recomended? or which is the range of gears that...
Question on motors and genereal initial upgrades
Can someone help me understand the KV rating on motors? I see that the Roc412 motor is offered with kV ratings from 1200 to 3100, how should you decided which is right? Also, if you upgrade to a motor like this from stock, is there anything else that definitely needs to be upgraded at the same...
Help please, radio glitching debacle
I know this could easily go in any other number of threads, although this see,s to be particular to my set up as I've read all the threads I can find and they conflict based n my equipment, hoping someone can lend some insight! My set up: Sidewinder v3, Tacon 1370kv 2 pole, 3s 30c, spektrum...
Vaterra Ascender or Axial SCX10?
Hey guys, I'm new to the RC crawling scene and would like some help deciding between the two specifically the Vaterra Ascender K5 Blazer RTR or the Axial SCX10 Ram Power Wagon. I initially bought some parts ahead of the rig itself. My charger is a skyrc imax b6ac v2 and batteries are turnigy...
Beykoz RC Scale Crawler Meeting Videos
Hi Im Fatih, We are Beykoz RC Team from Turkey. We're crawler meeting every Friday.
Tummy tuck
Can anybody tell me the correct procedure to do a tummy tuck on the axial wraith,I don't have much money,so I would like to it right the first time, thanks for any help...
Vanquish rear diff housing
Looking at buying this BUT is it really worth the cost?
Losi Night Crawler 2.0 help!
I am new to the crawling game and picked up a Losi Night Crawler was great out of the box but I was crawling around on the wood pile in my backyard and it seemed like it had no power and was stalling out on any obstacles that it would normally crawl over. So I took it inside and let it...
Shocks for GCM tower
Hi all, I am installing the GCM Shock towers and will be getting the Irie bell crank. I am wondering what are my options for shocks with this new set up? What length am I looking for? What's best and what do you all use? Any help is appreciated. Cheers
I need a chassis for my xr
I currently have the chaotic switch chassis. I broke it today & apparently they have shut their doors. I either need another one or something very similar. Somebody help because I don't know where to find them.