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Wraith cage and chassis
Is there any one who can design me a new cage for my wraith in cad I have used cad but it was like 15 years ago lol or what can I use to get a blue print to make a custom cage for my wraith
honcho build
My first honcho build
Flysky GT3B
Hi- Is there a way to permanently set the dual rate for channel 3 on an unhacked controller? It keeps on resetting to 100% every time i turn it off.
2003EDGE's TF2 "Lil Bit"
I have been wanting one of these rigs for a long time now! I have several vintage Tamiya Bruisers and you just can't beat the classic lines of the Hilux trucks! I did some trading for this rig. This used to be Balln's rig, then I got it off of cboggs. I don't know the full history of it so I will...
The Warehouse GTG/FTL - Dec 14th
Carolina Scale Crawlers would like to do one more RC session before the season gets too crazy for everyone! I am having a Follow the Leader / GTG at my spot in Boiling Springs on Sunday (Dec 14th)! I have something different in the mix and it should be rather...
Rallye in Las Vegas
I'm starting this thread to see if there is any interest in starting up a Rallye meet here in Las Vegas. There is plenty of land and space here to start Rallye. There are also a few off-road tracks and if enough of us show up with Rallye cars, I am sure we can convince them to give us some track...
Confusion on motor choice.
I have a stock SCX10 with the 27t motor running on 3s. I'm not "unhappy" with it but I would like just a tad more top end speed while still being able to crawl some. The trails and terrain I have local to me aren't very rocky and there are a lot of wide open areas, so some more speed would be...
Chinese welders
Anybody know what polarity the Harbor Freight or Tractor Supply wire feed welders use? Thanks
Trying a Rear sway bar, that you all can do easily
I found this on Ebay. New HPI 86618 Sway Bar Set Baja 5SC SS 5B SS 5SC 5T 5B Flux 5B | eBay ( I've tried them before and there pretty stout....
quick question which esc of the two I have.
Alright guys, I ppicked up a yeti this weekend. The rig came installed with a Fuze 1/10 4WD SCT Sensorless esc comb, 540 4-pole 5mm shaft 3900kv. Also have the stock ESC/Motor combo, other than I'm able to program stock esc with my castle link(this is a plus). Any pros or con's or which esc is...
Quality LED's for my rig
Can someone please recommend a good set of led lights for my rig I currently have the Yeah Racing Dark Drifter kit. I do like the unit itself but the lights it comes with are so brittle. One by one the solder joint snaps off at the diode; I solder it back together and it breaks somewhere else ...
what setups are yall running in yalls moa's
Title says it I'm just looking to see what everyone runs.... Motors? Esc? Single or dual? Dig? (If running single) Rx? Tx? Bec? Wire? (If you can remember lol) Connectors? (Which ones and were you have them at)
A 2.2 tire with a 1.7/1.55 bead
Has anyone made this wild combination?
Has anyone played with the gearing yet. The stock set up is the 15t pinion and 68t spur. I was thinking of trying the 12t pinion for rocks just checking if anyone did and if they had any issues like heat.