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Nick's Crawler and Course build
No idea what happened to the first post I attempted to create so let's try again.
Project Zeus: Cycon's Steven Eugenio Trophy Truck Build
I know it's a different username, but it's Cyconxc from YouTube. If you guys haven't checked out my channel please do! CyconXc - YouTube ( But I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd throw up my new build thread here. I’ve been building these tt’s for a few years now...
Differences between lipo and life Batteries
From the little bit I read so far the life batteries are a bit safer. Anyone have a link or two? I'm ready to buy some new batteries. I wonder if there are better choice to go with. Thanks"thumbsup"Have a good turkey day
how to reverse a solar d772
Tryed searching can't find anythreads on it and the vids iv watched on doing it to other ones the inside stuff is different then this servo
Honcho on r1 axles
Anyone running gmade r1 axles on their honcho? I have some under my honcho with stock trans buy it seems gearing might need some tweeking...
New Bright
I went to this morning, hoping they would have brought back the Dodge Ram, but no. their new offerings for 1/6 vehicles are a single seat Buggy,( 2 color choices), and a Monster Jam Grave Digger. I like the Digger body, had used one for my scx10 Frankenstein build. If anyone...
Rear ring and pinion
I stripped out the ring and pinion in the rear end can I go with a different set the 43 13 and not change the front one ? And will it run a little faster with it
Losi Nightcrawler- what tools ??
Hi all. I am waiting for my first crawler to show up with The mailman... What tool sizes will I need to work on her? I thought I saw this topic here recently but I can't seem to find it!! Thanks- and Happy Thanksgiving!
I apologize if this is in the wrong place to post, but please learn from my mistake. So I bought this thinking it would be a great product to clean my RC's. It says on the bottle: Cleans and protects sensitive electronic equipment Plastic safe Helps prevent contact faliure Leaves no residue ...
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanks giving everyone."thumbsup" Besides all of the usual stuff like family, friends, health, I am thankful for this site that helped us all find each other this year. This season of crawling (which is always too short) was awesome. I met so many new people this year and I hope...
new bright jk on sale!!!!!!!!!! has them on sale for 49.00 free in store pick up. I always wanted one but wasn't paying the $150 people try and get. But anyway just thought I would share the word dunno how long the sale will last either and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!
2 Door JK
Just finished my SCX10 2 Door JK about a week ago. It is scaled after my own JK. I don't have any pictures of them together, but have included a pic of the 1:1 at Imogene from this past August. The gray is Tamiya PS paint and the black is plastidip sprayed on the outside. I just cut the overspray...
CBRB Fab Black Friday sale
Friday November 28th all of CBRB's axle shafts will be on sale for $60.00 shipped a set. Yes, 24 hours only 20% off. Thanks so much to all of those who run my axles in their rigs and here is a chance to get your next set or your first set for a great price, Bob
Tekin Pro4 3300 Wraith vs Roc 412 3100 Wraith Video Request
Hello all and happy Thanksgiving, I've been contemplating motor options for my boys Wraith and have narrowed it down to the Pro4 or the Roc 412. I've searched high and low looking for a video that shows these to power plants running head to head and only found one video on YouTube. If you either...
Castle BEC and Tekin ESC
I need some help setting up a BEC in my truck, I will try to explain this as best I can. My c2 truck is running a Tekin Gen2 RS with a 17.5t Sensored Brushess motor, my steering servo is a coreless Hitec, which has a voltage of 6v. I'm trying to use the Castle BEC to only allow 6v to it so it...