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Pin Issue with Vanquish VVD's
So today wrapping up my new Wraith Curries and putting the stock drive pins back, I noticed that the holes are very tight on the Wraith VVDs as compared to the scx10 VVDs which slid right in before I put the 12mm hex back on. Anyone experience this?! I thought VP products were top shelf...
My Ascender Built, One Bad ascender
Hi eveyone some of you may have seen my ascender, some may not so im sharing it. I wanted to make my ascender Bullet proof and i think its there : ) here are some pictures, if you have any question ask away! [IMG]Image: [/IMG]
TMXONR builds a JK for the Mrs.
Its time for me to build another chassis but this time it is for my wife. She has enjoyed running my Wraith whenever I am out bashing with my Yeti. She now wants to have a new chassis for the Wraith and the requirements are that it must look cool and it must be purple. She picked out the clear...
Grundish customs truggy build
Image: To start I am using a Grundish customs truggy chassis Scx10 axles build with beef tubes metal lockouts c hubs knuckles and HD gears Image:...
Congratulations to Hittman NMRCC
Congrats to my Bro " Hittman " First Place 2.2 Pro for the Third Time "thumbsup" First Place 2.2 Sporty "thumbsup" Great Job on everything you did @ State Bro "thumbsup"
R1 shock question
Hello, I am planning on picking up the R1kit. I plan to use proline shocks, I assume I want to get 4 front shocks? Thanks
RTR Commando Winches ... back in stock!
Yep! Back in stock in limited quantities. Get them while you can. "thumbsup" Standard RTR Commando Winch ( High Power RTR Commando Winch...
Motor cleaner
Has any one used motor cleaner? How good does it work, what brands are best, are there any alternatives that work good?
Motor bearings
How quick do the bearings in stock axial motors wear out. I have a lot of noise and I assume that is what is is from.
1.9 vaterra tsl's on 2.2 wheels
I have the opportunity to buy some 2.2 axial method beadlocks at a great deal. Do any of you think I will be able to stretch some 1.9 Vaterra tsl's onto them? If so how do you think they would look? I've seen some other 1.9's on some 2.2's and they look really sharp. Thanks for any and all help...
To build or rtr
I can't decide if I should build a g6 or buy a dead bolt and upgrade to the extra aluminum bits if they break. I like the idea of building a kit and it will be my first one, I'm just not sure what electronics to go with. I'm shortly going to be upgrading my wraith to brushless so I will have the...
Which pitbull tire should I get?
I want to get an alternate set of tires for my scx10. I was looking at the madbeast, is there any reason the growlers or rockbeast are better?
Newbies Jeep
Hey yall my plan is to make a two door jeep. Would eny one know the wheel base of the proline two door jeep wrangler if so please reply. And please post pics of your jeeps to let me know witch direction to go.
Weight Distribution - Acts nose heavy but isn't... Is it?
Hi there everyone. I am having an issue that may just be me being only 6 months or so into crawling and trailing, but either way I can't seem to figure it out and can't find any good info on the problem. My Deadbolt seems to act pretty seriously nose heavy. When descending even mild slopes, if I...
RPM Rock Sliders
Just a Heads up we got a bunch of the new RPM Rock Sliders in stock, If you are looking for a lite and sturdy slider for you're SCX10 these are for sure a way to go!!"thumbsup" RPM73452 - RPM Rock Sliders Axial SCX10 – CKRC Hobbies...