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Gmade wheels and Scx10
Will 2.2 gmade mudrock or gt wheels fit a scx10? I know 2.2 wheels require extra efforts to work overall. I just need to know if these wheels will fit and what everyone thinks of them. I can't find pics of them on any scx10. Maybe that answers my question in itself lol. Thanks
Need help spur gears different
I have a wraith spawn and the spur gear has friction pads on doesnt have the 3 screws holding it in. But the manuals im reading shows it has the 3 screws
TorqueMaster Outdrives for Axial Transmissions
Now announcing our latest product line, Spool style transmission outdrives for Axial Transmissions! Co-designed by John Holmes and Don Eidson, these are far stronger than regular outdrives and lighter too! They take the stress off of those little screws that overdrive/ underdrive gearing creates,...
pinion wear already!? (dam u 6s)
So i received my fast eddy bearings today and was eager to install them and kinda not.(major disassembly). I get to the pinion and i see a decent amount of wear. Sucks really. Are these pinions hardened? Has a small chip line where the ring meets and the ring looks perfect.Not even a...
4340 Chromoly Axial Transmission Outdrive Sale!
We have some stock and extended length SCX10 tranny outdrives that are being replaced by our superior spool design, so we are marking them down to clear the shelf! Grade A new product, $20 off regular price! High quality domestic 4340 Chromoly, designed and manufactured in house (by me)...
jebster's mini super
I have to thank MRCrackHead and Dlux for implanting the bug to build one of these myself. My wallet is not happy! :) (And like others I'm not sure which board to post in so this will do for now.) That being said I am looking to do this on a budget. I will probably never comp with it but I...
Wrangler to cj7 parts or cj7 body?
Does anyone offer a front grille/hood to take a new bright wrangler to a cj7? Or is there a cj7 body available?
front sawy bar mount
what to do it pops off the diff cover where the mount on the diff cove dose not say put its the stock axil bars its the middel one
The Chop Shop- Pro Street K5 Blazer Project - Traxxas funny car meets Ascender
Image: ( I've been slowly gathering parts for this for a little while now. I want to...
RC4WD Tires
Just wanted to share one of the better upgrades I've done for the XL. I Purchased and mounted the RC4WD- Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires and Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 wheels last week. The combo has been great! They are taller, wider and lighter than the RTR stock tires and wheels. They have improved...
scale hardware
hey all - I know LockedUpRC and RC4wd carries the scale hardware, you know the ones that look like real bolts instead of button or cap head screws.. but I was looking for some place that might carry a bigger assortment, and in larger quantities. I have no problems getting them from either...
Newbie in mid michigan
Just thought I'd shout out. Any other guys in owosso? I see some flint area guys.
Just picked up a Wraith Spawn RTR :) Looking for Suggestions.
First Crawler, been a nitro guy for a while. Speed isn't a big issue for me, mainly using for obstacles. Just looking for enough burst to get up and over things. Would like to keep stock ESC, maybe upgrade motor possibly the torquemaster 35t or something with a little bit more wheel speed. ...
Tom G's Latest Brain Fart (Revisited)
Image: *Tom G's Latest Brain Fart (Revisited)* I built this Truck (and a...
Hot racing shock cap binding
If anyone has them installed does your rear shock cap bind at the bleeder screw. It's slight but still unnerving.By binding I mean when you compress the rear it rubs against the cage.