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just thought i would say hi
so thought id just say hi so hi! have an scx10 that im currently slowly going through an overhaul to suite c1 a c3 brushless wraith i built from basically just a lightly modded cage and also in the image is a nearly bone stock cc01 i bought for my neice(guess who gets awesomest uncle...
People with broken rear drive shafts. Contact MIP!!!
I contacted them in late Dec/early Jan about mine. I broke two. Its the 6s use. They contacted me back a week ago looking for pictures & info. of were it breaks. They are making one but I think they need some information. So if you have broken a rear shaft take a picture and send it to them. Their...
I need some help finding some links.
I have decided I want to order some metal links for my Deadbolt. Sadly this is being much more difficult that I imagined it would. So hopefully some one can give me some pointers on helping me find what I am looking for. For the lower links I really like the look of the stock plastic lower links...
CC 2200 runs safe on 6s but T8 2000 will only run 4s?
Can someone explain why there is such a huge difference here in max voltage. I get the tekin is sensored, is that enough to require a 7 volt drop?
Gear Head Servo Extensions, Splitters, and more
You now can get all your Gear Head Light bar extensions from Gear Head RC There is 3", 6" and 12" extensions, 3 way splitter, Y-harness and safety clips!
steering servo question
Hello I just got my first crawler going. It is working really well only i am having one problem. I am not getting the servo to move far enough to actually hit the stopping point on my bully 2.2 axels. I see many threads of people modifying these axels to get even more steering angle out of these...
Vancouver BC
Anyone have suggestions for good sites to bash in Vancouver?
Diablo Crawlers Bean Hollow State Beach gtg
Diablo Crawlers GTG at Bean Hollow state beach Sunday, April 12th. We're going to meet at the north parking lot at 9:30am. Everyone is welcome to come. Bring plenty of fluids and a lunch and plan on staying for a while. Post your name up in the Diablo Crawlers thread if you're going so we no who...
grooving/siping tires
Has anyone done it to the stock tires and does it make any difference
Indian Caves Crawling
Shot at the Indian Caves in Bourbonnais, Il
Help me make this TF2 BTTF!!!
ok guys, so eveyone needs inspiration from time to time and I just got mine. I was on the fence about building a TF2 until I remembered something, and now I need your help. One of my favorite movies had a very prominent 1985 Toyota truck...can you guess? Back to the Future!!! They had an...
Rear driveshaft
So I was playing against a chain link fence doing backflips when the rear shaft snapped at the transmission side where it reduces down to the ribbed part. I have searched all over for an upgrade driveshaft to no avail and apparently it's harder than hell to find the stock one, if you do and the...
2nd Annual Team KNK Hardware Top Truck Challenge and Xtreme RC Offroad Race
Team KNK Hardware is happy to announce the 2nd Annual Top Truck Challenge and Xtreme RC Off Road Race. All information will be available on the Facebook event page. This is going to be one event you do not want to miss! Image:...
Somebodies trying to hack my shit!
Got one of these messages a few days ago from another forum...and now one from RCC tonight... ---Quote--- Dear Duuuuuuuude, Someone has tried to log into your account on RCCrawler Forums with an incorrect password at least 5 times. This person has been prevented from attempting to login to...
Pull pal
Does anyone know of how to make a pull pall without welding?