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Ever seen a train lay its own track?
Ever seen a train lay its own track? [VIDEO] (
that has been challenging........
There were many neutrals that wanted these two sides to be kept apart during the recent Champions League semi-final draw, Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Stream watch SOccer online UEFA 2014 Semifinal free hdtv - YouTube ( believing that it would make...
Winch and pulley calculations help
Image: I am making a project and need help with winch and pulley calculations. I am getting confused at everything. I made a simple diagram to help show what I am trying to figure out. Am I correct in thinking that this multiples the pulling force by...
Will an intake manifold from a 2004 4.0l TJ fit my 1997 4.0l TJ?
Will it be a direct fit or are there any differences?
WANTED!!! 14 bolt gear ne ohio
I am in need of a 14 bolt ring n pinion. 10.5"..... 4:56-5:? Gears. Somewhere in that neighborhood. Please text me with what you have. 4406450207
H1 parts needed and questions
Looking for 5x pressed centers 8x6.5 5x half rock rings 24bolt 10x o-rings I have looked and looked for these. Only found one place and its the highest place, trail worthy fabs. The other place is no longer in business. I can't see there only being one place to get the stuff I am looking...
Trail Gear dual case crossmember
New aside from some scratches. It has been (somewhat sloppily) notched to allow use with a single transfer case. No bolts. $175 Firm. Located in Temecula Ca. Prefer local pickup. Willing to meet within a reasonable distance or possibly ship on your dime.
R150 and t-case
In good working condition. Had it behind my 22RE the last 2 years using an R151 bellhousing. I do not have the V6 bellhousing. Only reason I took it out was because I picked up an R151F. Prefer local pickup or meeting within a reasonable distance. Shipping is an option on your dime. $300...
Large round files?
From time to time I see large diameter (~1", maybe larger) round metal files but have never found a source for them. Every time I see one I search without success. Half rounds all over but not full round. Anyone have a source?
really put me back in my vddvx
The prolific Portuguese has not played any competitive football since Madrid's 3-0 quarter-final first-leg win over Borussia Dortmund on April 2, Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live stream ( coming off in the 80th minute of that match with an injury to his left knee....
Weld wheels set super single 16.5 x 10 $300.00
I have a really nice set of weld wheels i will not be using great deal hopefully someone can use them... Text me at 5625771289 for more info ...
Weld wheels set super single 16.5 x 10 $300.00
I have a really nice set of weld wheels i will not be using great deal hopefully someone can use them... ...
True this part is only available from the dealer?
When taking the valve cover off the '96 XJ I broke what's listed as number 2 (the 'fixed orifice fitting') in this pic below as well as the tube leading off it to the intake manifold. Guy at O'Reiley's said it's only available from the dealer, not even from NAPA. Is this true? Image:...
What to have when wheeling a Willys, necessities and niceties
So I am very bad about over packing or trying to be over prepared for anything that might happen. I would like to start a list of things that should be a necessity in your Willys for a wheeling trip, and a list of things that would be nice to have for a trip.
22re builder engine
Have a 22re long block. It was Overheated. Had 160k. Askn 200.00. So it's a builder Still assembled. Head has rocker arms. Cam and valve cover Block has rods pistons crank. Oil pump timing cover and oil pan w dip stick Have a machine shop that pays me 200.00. But if someone wants it. ...