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WJ 4.7 crate engine
2001 WJ dropped a valve seat and crapped out the engine. Anyone know of a reputable company to buy a replacement crate engine for this thing? Considered just going with a factory replacement but wouldn't it be expected to have the same common failures as the original or have they addressed...
dana 70 250obo
As the title says I'm selling a dana 70 with 410 gears. It's out of a dually and is 100% complete with brakes and even has the load proportioning valve for the brakes. Gears are not worn and there is no slop in them, I will pull the diff cover and show you. Bought this for a friend who backed out...
Dana 30 and 35 Jeep part out
I am parting out Jeep dana 30 and 35 axles, the front and rear end. Let me know what parts you want. I will put up a list later.
I have 2 pictures that I need into 1 decently edited pictures. I am trying to accomplish a picture with a crew cab that includes the body kit of a KOH rig. Like I said a decent photoshop edit that would bring both on the same scale such as body line placement. I am looking for someone to attempt...
Is blood heavier than water?
I have an ingrown toe that I'm soaking in water with Epsom salts. It is currently bleeding and the blood is settling under my foot, and curiosity killed the cat.
Wiring A Welder?
I know everything I need to know about that I just can't find anywhere how to tell how much power is coming into your house. There are a bunch of empty spots on my panel but I don't want to go crazy and overload It. I want to wire (3) 50 amp 220v breakers into my panel. 1) Millermatic 252...
Project cumrunner
Thault I'd post up my project Started as 1990 4runner ,3.0,5speed bone stock My end goal is to have a (barely) street legal wheeler that I can drive 2 hours away If I wanted The specs 4bt cummins Nv4500 trans w/south bend single disk ORD magnum box Chevy 205 case, ORD triple stick...
Jim's Garage JK buggy
Have not done a build thread in a while. This is chassis #27. 54" wide fiberglass JK. LS3 from a camaro, th400, atlas, 14 bolts, ORI's, 39 krawlers or 43 sx's. Image: ...
Built TJ 6.0/4l80e/4spd/RJ60s 50K+ invested
This Jeep has been dialed in and it works. Time to fund another project. SLC, UT $36K Jeep Wrangler TJ Body 1997 RJ60s/6.0 LQ9/4l80e/4spdAtlas/1350s/4340everything/40 Creepies/Paint Frame off, custom square tube frame built for modifications Stock Dash board with Custom Analog...
Type O Negative.
I am so late to the game. These guys were quite amazing. I rather enjoy the dark places they take my mind to. Type O Negative - Love You To Death [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube Type O Negative - Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare -All) [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube
Who's going to be there? Where? Where is the PBB meet up this year, Hard Rock? What night? See you all there... Monday through Saturday. :smokin:
Squeeky fan clutch
I recently installed a new heavy duty aftermarket fan clutch on my jeep tj and has been sqeeking ever since. Not noticeable while driving, just idle. All bolts are tight and cant seem to find out what the problem is. Possibly the belt? Any advice would be welcome.
Caution: This build might be annoying.
Reason being is that I'm not sure of a ton of things that I want to do. I got my first samurai this past september after getting rid of my cherokee. I decided I wanted an open top vehicle with a minimal amount of body to damage. I wanted a wrangler but not the price tags that come along with it for...
Wireless/blutooth earbuds for exercise
I have about had it dealing with the cord for regular earbuds while lifting weights and doing cardio. I want to get a set of wireless earbuds, but I see them on amazon from $30-130. I don't want over the ear like Beats headphones, and should be able to stand up to sweat while being comfortable and...
CL scammers are getting crafty
I don't know who falls for this *FOAT*, as I've never replied. A couple of times now I've received text messages in response: ---Quote--- Hi, the Chevrolet S10 is still available. I posted the truck for my friend Nastassia. Please contact her at . ---End Quote---...