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Cool Door
This is very cool. Evolution Door - YouTube
Video Thread - Show your Mitsubishi Off Road
Let's see your Mitsubishi off road movie clips: I'll start :) Pajero 2001 off road - YouTube (
So, what are the odds that we go to war... Again?
As the title states, I know myself, along with plenty other service members are currently standing by, waiting impatiently to get some sort of word as far as to pack our *FOAT* and head out. What say Pirate? Are we going to pack our *FOAT* and head back to Iraq to deal with ISIS? How about deal...
BRC ice cold beverage challenge
So.... Some friends and I decided to jump on the bandwagon and donate some cash towards a good cause. We wanted the Pirate community to get involved a little bit, I mean everyone loves some facebook *FOAT*ery, but we decided that we would like to try and raise some money for the Blue Ribbon...
Rebirth Tool Time ( it's been a while )
Black then white are all I see in my infancy. red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me. lets me see. As below, so above and beyond, I imagine drawn beyond the lines of reason. Push the envelope. Watch it bend.
99 Ram 1500 one tons, 38's, 3-link, bedcage
I bought this rig from another member on here last December and have only had it out once since then, so considering selling beings that I don't seem to find the time to go wheeling anymore with wife and kid and the health issues we are going through. This rig does 65-70 mph no shakes or shimmys...
Chevy fuel pump with a Jeep motor, Evap hookup?
A little long winded but here goes: I'm going to order a Chevy fuel pump for use in my TJ with a 5.9 Magnum. The magnum Evap system is the same as the 4.0/2.5, it has a charcoal canister and evap solenoid. There is a line from the TJ tank to the canister, that then vents into the intake when...
Truck will not turn
I changed my IFS steering on my rig, I didn't change a thing except the box. I filled the system with fluid, cycled the steering and when I turn driver, I go all the way to the bump stops, but when I turn passenger, it turns very little. I might get 1 and 1/4 turns on the steering and it feels like...
Baconpalooza - need assistance
Tomm is our 3rd annual Baconpalooza at our home I need a killer bacon recipe that will kick ass. Bacon has to be the key and main ingredient, last year I won with sliders (mini-burgers) made of half hamburger and half ground bacon, topped with grilled prosciutto , havarti cheese on cocktail...
Dodge external hub drive flanges
Need a set quickly, stockers work just fine. Need the 30 spline, 8 bolt, external hub style flange. Hope someone can help, wheeling trip next weekend!
Dropped a shovel into my septic tank
The house I am in has some plumbing issues. Mainly that the main sewer line running under the house to the septic wasn't supported correctly when it was installed so now it has sags in it. Anyway I popped the cover off the tank today and saw a thick looking crust on the top of the sludge /...
Finally picked up an AR. Now I have questions
Got a "new frontier" lower. Good reviews cheaper than anything else I've found. dpms oracle 16" upper. Pmag 30rnd poly mag. The only has a front sight. In true fashion of my cheap ass I'm trying to stay on the low end of the price scale, any recommendations on a .22lr conversion, cheap sling, and...
2002 Itaska Motorhome 31'
For sale Motorhome to haul your junk to KOH. 2002 Itaska Spirit 31í for sale. Itís in good condition and drives great! This is the perfect family motorhome. My family is sad to see it go but we need to buy a house. Ford E450 with a Triton v10 (65k miles) Slide out living room Sleeps 8 Onan...
Hypertherm 65 0-52 error code
The error code in the book says the torch is not connected. Its a brand new unit and machine torch. I have unplugged it and re-plugged it multiple times. I have powered it down for 1-30 minutes multiple times to try to reset the error code. nothing has worked I do not have a hand torch to...