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Shots fired parliment hill
Soldier shot, Parliament locked down after gunfire erupts at war memorial - The Globe and Mail ( Still going on it seems.
TH400 HD case, SoCal.
Hi, I need (another) TH400 HD case. I'm looking for the 4x4 version with the 3/8"-16 threaded mounting flange for the inspection cover. I do not need the internals nor need a "Good/Rebuilt" trans. I have the internals and just need a "Core". I need this yesterday......Anyone want to help out a...
We are all pooping wrong...
...according to the commercial I just saw. :laughing: Poo Palâ„¢ | Official Site | The Breakthrough Bathroom Pedestal For Easy Evacuation! (
Looking for some decals for my rv. Looking for bfg, fox shoxs stuff like that. Does anyone have any ideas?
Broken Detroit Locker cap bolts -replacement bolts???
Specs: Detroit locker part number 187S-199A. 4.88 gears. 2000 tundra V8 Was in the process of rebuilding my toyota 8.4" rear end and found 1 of the 8 cap bolts were broken. The other 7 were loose. Disassembled the unit and extracted the broken piece without damaging the threads of the locker....
Freezer burnt meat
Anyone every thaw it out and grind it up then refreeze it? I have a chuck roast and some beef cubes that got away from me. Just hate to turn it in to coyote bate.
Nitro Gear and Axle On Sale *CHEAP!!*
We have access to Nitro's full line of products. Let us know what you are looking for. Send us a PM for quote.
Buck Creek Daisy OK
Does anyone know if the trails are still open at Buck Creek?
Poll: Cannibalism-Would you eat a family member?
Livin' close to Tahoe, we have a history in the area for cannibalism. The Donner Party, lost in the Sierras, resorted to eating family members to get through the winter.
yota gauge cluster
need a mechanical speedo gauge cluster for a 89 or 90 runner.
Resurrecting my 98ZJ, Help!
Hello everyone. Its been awhile since Ive been on here, but it is long over due. I am slowly working on getting my ZJ back on the road. Just hoping for some more experienced input from all of you to make this a success, without putting me in the poor house. Heres the history. I was forced to...
someone changed their address to my new house
I have no idea who this person is. You can't mess up the address since I live on a mountain with very few neighbors. Its definitely not the previous owners. Its definitely not a move-in near by. My address is really specific and unique, not like 123 oak lane. Now I'm getting a bunch of bills and a...
Trail tough rock block
I have a trail tough Rock block doubler for sale. I've had this thing for 4 years know an its been sitting on my shelve for the last 2. I'm tired of looking at it. Now for the bad I was running the rock block until one of the bolts worked out of the one coupling an stripped out all the splines...
hot water heater help
I have a ao smith powervent hot water heater about 7 years old and it quit heating. When it tries to start the vent comes on the igniter comes on and the burner lights but burns for 3-4 seconds and shuts off. anybody have any ideas for me
Bunch of stock JK PARTS
All parts are from an 08' JK unlimited Rubicon with 54,000 miles on it, Everything is in working order and all parts are being pulled for a Drive train swap. Located near Lansing MI pick up only I can take pics of whatever you want pm me or call 517-887-zero eight eight five I would like to sell...