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12 " fox coilover shocks
Looking for some fox 12" coilover shocks. Trei 7209360791
Friday night losers club
At The Pearl with Los Lonely Boys on stage. Kenny Wayne Shepperd is up next, with Chris Layton on drums. He played in Double Trouble with SRV, the Arc Angels and one of my all time favorite bands Storyville. Had a nice long chat with him about music. Super nice guy and both crews are cool.
Who's a nudest?
So my business takes me all over the place (hvac) and I'm pretty used to everything at this point. But there is one place that always trips me out. There is a nudest place nearby and my company takes care of it and the majority of the residence. So today was a long day because it was 105 and...
can haul from New England to Colo sept
Looks like I'm full for the ride out to NY and New England [ small parts can go ] 34' of open space for the ride back to Colo [can go further ] back haul pricing , headed East sept 13 and coming back sept 24 or 25 LMK Bob
Central CA to NM needed
Atascadero CA to Roswell NM, or anywhere within a few hours like Albuquerque, Las Cruces. Need a chassis hauled within the next month, the closer you deliver to Roswell the more I'm willing to pay:D. If I don't get a hauler I'll do it myself and offer a haul from this region to central CA or AZ in...
Brand new Reese Titan Class V Hitch Super duty trucks
Fits 99+ f250 f350 and 06+ f450 Reese 45297 brand new never installed. Retail is over $ 450 cost over $300 plus shipping on amazon or anywhere online. Best and strongest hitch made for these trucks. $200 cash or EQUAL or better trade for me maybe for ammo, roll away tool boxes, fire arms. ...
What a surprise when a friend sent me this. My cruiser on the cover of the October issue. I know want a cookie. Just thought it was cool and wanted to share. Attachment 1404961 (
Th350 np203/205 doubler...Diy
I have access to a mill and a tig welder... Anyone have any input for ideas and or anyone who has done this before? I believe its a 27 spline 205. And the 203 is mounted behind a 203 right now.
Hate the Polaris slingshot!
I have always loved my rzr but god damn the Polaris slingshots are butt ugly 2015 POLARIS SLINGSHOT SPECS - YouTube (
4x4 MDT?
First, I know "nothing" about MDT's. I'm sitting in Fairbanks right now 8,000 miles into my trip and I'm thinking I'm really tired of towing a trailer. The trailer ( is doing great but it's still a...
DJ60 Build Mitsubishi Inside!
Crashmonkey here... Got me an fj60 last year. 800 bucks with a plow. The old 2f only lasted till this year even with the few new parts thrown on it. Started knocking randomly when I went to move it a couple months ago. It's my plow truck. I didn't beat on it. Whatever.... So I also had this...
Quick and dirty question. Full Float dana 60 hubs.
Trying to make a quick deal on a set of wheels, what is the minumum hub opening size for a wheel for a ford full float dana 60. Beleive the axel was origionally from a 91 E350 van. wish I was close enough to go measure real quick. TIA!
Longfield 30 spline kit new central ca. $500 shipped
Have a new in box 30 spline longfield axle kit for toyota axle. Complete with hub gears and drive flanges. Message me $500 shipped
Trying to raise roof
Hi all I'm looking into raising the roof on a 24 x24 block garage the current roof is under 8 feet . I would like to lift it 4 feet and build a knee wall above the blocks to support it. After the roof is raised I plan to knock out the back wall and extend it 30 more feet (gable end). I then plan...
Have You Ever Shitten In A Bog?
Lame I Know. :flipoff2: