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Np 205 shifter
Looking for a passenger side drop Chevy np205 shifter and the bushing I don't want the linkage I'm located in SoCal. Preferably the old style that is vertical
Wtb: Zero-rates
Anybody have a pair of zero-rates they arent using? Thanks
np242 help
My 88 xj has a np242 21 spline input and the chain is streched so i bought a 23 spline np242 out of a 97 xj with iron rock sye and i wanted to swap input shsfts but idk if it will work. can i take every thing out of the good case and put it in my old one. There both np242s
Dodge motor interchangeability
New to the Mopar thing. 70 Dodge W300 Power Wagon 4x4 with a tired, original 318, NP435 and divorced NP205. Looking to breathe more power into the beast, but know nothing about interchangeability of Mopar motors. Will a 440 Magnum drop in? What are the best torque producing motors? Which have...
Wtb: toyota rear overload springs
Looking for 2 overload springs from rear toyota leaf springs. '79-95 should be what i need. Let me know what you got. Thanks
Rugger's Dad - 2001 Dodge Flat Bed Wanted
Dad was doing someone a favor the other day, and they dropped a fawkin huge trailer on his bed of his truck. :shaking: It totalled it. So, Dad is wanting a flat bed to replace it. I think that he prefers steel, but he would consider aluminum. It is a dually if that makes a difference. It will...
2002 LQ4 6.0, Th400 Shell, 4.3 Atlas II
I have a 2002 LQ4 6.0 with 100K on it (ran great), has a Kevko racing oil pan, new PSC pump (never used out of the box) Goat built brackets. Engine has all wiring and computer, just needs to be cut down. 2000$ The Atlas II is a 4.3 with 1410 yokes front and rear with 32 spline output shafts...
42 16.5 iroksy on
I need to get a couple 42" iroks in the 16.5 flavor will buy one or multiple let me know what you got looking for ones with good tread maybe an old spare nothing worn out please
Baileigh shop press
Eric Breske is one of our many application specialists in our North American Headquarters in Wisconsin. He specializes proving and testing applications prior to machinery shipment. Today he proved out a customer’s application by using one of or hydraulic shop presses in our giant showroom. The...
a36 square tube for UCA?
It is hard around here to find other material besides ordering it online and I was curious if I went up in size in wall thickness, from .120 to .1875 (3/16) if the extra thickness would account for the weaker material compared to ASTM a500/513? I am looking at using 1.5" ID square tube to make...
Tonight. Seeing as my last two shows were Foreigner and Heart, I'm pretty stoked. That is all.
Let's see your forges and anvils!
I'm getting ready to build a forge here soon and wanted to see some pictures of what others have built or have. I have a pretty solid idea of how I want to build it and what materials I am going to use, but if you have any extra creative/brilliant ideas I just might have to steal them! Will...
Mostly built HP60, stock rear H60U
I have a front HP60 with aftermarket center section, spool, new 5.13's installed, billet 1350 pinion yoke, crane inner C's, stock outer knuckles and hubs that will need lower kingpin bearings, spindle bearings and seals probably should be replaced if youre going to race otherwise id just clean them...
dana 30 front - amc 20 rear- southeast michigan $350
PRICE DROP--dana 30 front - amc 20 rear (53" wms to wms) - FS or trade ( They're narrow track, 53in wms to wms. You get everything, including leafs. Driveshafts for 25 each. Text preferred@ 7348458363 Thanks- CL
"The Mother Lode" 2005 GMC Yukon
2005 GMC Yukon “The Mother Lode” Some of you may know me, most probably do not. I have been a Land Cruiser guy all of my life, my first vehicle was a 69 FJ40 and I have had just about every variation of a Land Cruiser since the FJ40 until 100 series. In my ever changing quest for the “one”...