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Bought a FMK 9mm today
Bought a FMK 9mm today it was pretty cheap and is made in America. Pretty much a Glock copy. It looks nice but does anyone have any experience with one? I figure for the price I couldn't pass it up. $350 with nice case and 2 mags. I got the tan one. Pistols | FMK Firearms...
CJ Buggy
$14,800 OBO -beard suspension seats with covers -4 link front,race runner coil overs and air bumps - 4.0 6cyl with low miles -aluminum interior and floor panels - LED lights and rock lights -warn 9.5I winch with toggle switch controls and controller and synthetic rope -front Dana 60,...
Scrubbing away history... For fear of being offensive.
:shaking: it's just gonna get worse from here on out. ---Quote--- Bubba Watson removing the Confederate flag from his "General Lee" Published July 3, 2015 Bubba Watson won't fly the Confederate flag. The professional golfer announced on Twitter that he is painting over the...
Even the roosters get along
Out here in the country. Attachment 1826833 ( That is about as close as they get to each other though!
D60 RCVs with 39" Reds?
Do you think RCVs are needed running 39" red label krawlers on a supercharged 4 cyl pushing 200 hp? I hate to ask this question but, RCVs are pricey and I don't want to buy them if I don't need them. :flipoff2: Currently right now the D60 has CTM u-joints and yukon chromo 35 spline inner and...
Rice or Not Rice?
Yes, it's in Texas.
Coilover shocks for 2000 Xterra?
Who makes them and what part numbers? Thanks. MTG
220 volt 6 gauge cable- 95 feet
Have a bunch of cable i dont need since im moving. its about 95 feet of 6 gauge cable, 3 strands plus ground. asking 150 located in hesperia ca. 760-927-5960
Fox 2.5 emulsion to piggy back
Can the top cap interchange between Fox emulsion shocks and the piggy back shocks? I'm wanting to trade to some shorter shocks but want to keep my resovours
CL of the day could be the ugliest car ever
But hey, at least it appraised for $75,000. :barf: Thanks Cali for once again making me need to bleach my eyes. You can't unsee that.
[GA] Atlas 3:1 Passenger Drop
For Sale: Atlas II 3:1 Passenger Drop 32 Spline Outputs 32 Spline Input Flat Clocking 2 Years Old Condition-Excellent Shipping- Yes I will, on your dime
NV4500 questions....
Yes, I'm new to the forum but I have been trying to do my research. Can find anything solid to go on so here is my question. I have a 2wd NV4500 from a Chevy with the short tail housing and I am trying to find out if I can convert it to 4wd or if I am left with having to run a divorced T case. Any...
I'm offended by the Jolly Roger flag...
Take that *FOAT* down :flipoff2: I'm so sick and tired of this namby pamby society we have evolved into. We can't fly the friggin Rebel flag, even on old tv shows, we can't have fireworks cuz it might upset some veterans (this I sympathize with but I'm not sure of the answer) We can't say the...
Barnes 4WD Poly Bushing Kits
*Poly Bushings and Bushing Kits from Barnes 4WD ** Image: This is a great kit, made from 2" DOM with a " wall and a high quality poly bushing inner sleeve bore is 9/16" or 5/8 which gives you a very thick wall thickness that will not become egg shaped with...
Turbo-350 transmission mated to Dana 20 transfer NorCal
I have a Turbo 350 transmisison mated to a Dana 20 transfer case. Driver side drop. Unknown mileage but was in a pavement queen. Shifts nice. Quiet. comes with flex plate and torque converter. email direct: b.sulli (at) gmail (dot) com Currently still in truck. Will be available in...