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Welcome to We are a web site about diesel conversions into all vehicles though we are heavily focused on the famous Cummins 4BT engine.

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Starting 51 F1 Build
had truck and motor for 2 years waiting……. Next week is the time. [ATTACH=CONFIG]63937[/ATTACH]
4bt into 87 ford ranger
Want to put a 4bt in my 87 ranger. Just wondering what I will all need to do the swap.
Bleeding problems
I'm trying to bleed the injectors after changing the fuel filter on a 4D55 (83 Dodge Ram 50), and can't seem to get it. I bled with the primer pump...
High Amp Alternator?
Hey there! I'm in a Freightlinter MT35/ it, but the time has come to upgrade the alternator--the current one is on 65 amps, and it's a...
Automatic Transmission for 4bt in First Generation Ford Ranger
Does anyone know what my options are when it comes for automatic transmission for the Cummins 4bt and a First Generation Ford Ranger? I am looking...
1963 k20 chevy 4x4
here I go I will try my best to spelling, I got a 1963 chevy pickup from a buddy of mine for helping out it was a 2 wheel drive when he got it from...
Dry sump?
Anyone fitted a dry sump on one of these? Is it even possible?
Should I replace new head gasket?
So I have been rebuilding my engine, I took off my head and found out that it was cracked so I got a new one and had a valve job done. I put a new...
belt setup with crank sensor
I recently bought a 6bt balancer and crank sensor and was wondering what everyone was doing for belt setup or sensor location. I've searched the...
Buy an Extang tonno cover and get a FREE Bedrug mat
Image: Purchase any Extang solid fold tonno and get a FREE Bedrug mat. Offer is valid through...
89 dakota diesel swap ?
Hello all, I just joined this forum because I seen a link from another dodge forum. Id really love to swap out my 3.9 v6 motor and was wondering if...
Outstanding examples of Anzo lighting products
Most people are satisfied with the headlights that come with their car, but for those who want something extra, or something a little different,...
Hello from Bavaria
Hello, i'm Juergen from Bavaria / Germany. I have a Cummins 6BT with P pump and start to prepare it for a swap.... Greets Juergen
What size comp wheel should I get
So I am going to get a new hx30w thru alcaid and he said I could get up to a 44mm inducer for a normal hx30w .. Is that going to work better with my...
Diesel Chenowth LSV
Does anyone know what the diesel engine is in the LSV? Image:...