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Welcome to We are a web site about diesel conversions into all vehicles though we are heavily focused on the famous Cummins 4BT engine.

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4bt model# from pics? Desirable?
I know this is a bit of a long shot but I found a 4bt that is 350 miles from me and am about to pull the trigger on it. Still learning a lot about...
12v or 24v
I have found an amazing deal on a 2001 24v with 42k original miles on the truck. How much harder is it to swap into a 1997 chevy 3500
6bt with ford f150 300 I6 motor mounts
I spent my lunch looking for information and I've run out of time. Are the mounting points the same for a 4bt and a 6bt? Are they dimensionally the...
which transmission are you using?
I am starting my list for my 6bt swap into my 1997 chevy 3500 and I want to know what transmission you guys went with. Im debating on going with a...
Lumen replacement LED bulbs
The incandescent bulbs haven't really developed that much in the 140 years they have existed, while the development rate of LEDs is very rapid, with...
6bt conversion help needed
I thought that I had a solid plan......but then I bought a temporary transportation vehicle to start my swap, annnnnnd, I think I like the temporary...
ford trans
Hi guys, I'm about to buy a 4bt in a few days, the guy I'm getting it from was going to put a t19 behind it, so he also has an adapter plate and...
bolting them in to get by ??
Ok guys doing a 617 swap into jeep tj and was wondering can o bolt in the motor mounts to get by then have them welded in a little bit later.. I mean...
Removing seized exhaust housing
I just got my 12cm housing from Gillette Diesel but I can't get the exhaust housing to separate! I have tried soaking it with PB blaster, beating the...
what to do with suspension for s10 4br
what suspension changes have you made when you put in a 4bt like I am putting in my 1985 S10 pu thanks ED
Cac / egt ?
will adding a Charge Air Cooler help lower EGT's ? ,
New project, a couple of questions.
I bought a Crew Cab Chevrolet that already had a 5.9 conversion, the motor is a 1992 but they removed the intercooler for ease of installation. I'm...
Need Help Identifying a Wheel
I just bought a 2004 F250 with a grenaded 6.0 powerstroke to do a 6bt swap and it has one mismatched wheel. I took off one of the wheels and it has...
v belt pulley
Does anybody know where to get and/or what part # for the v belt pulley that bolts on the fan hub pulley.
4bt safari van?
I have a 2000 safari iv got the 4.3 with that cpi injection System and it stinks it gets 350 gas mileage so I am resurching A 4bt swap will it...