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Welcome to We are a web site about diesel conversions into all vehicles though we are heavily focused on the famous Cummins 4BT engine.

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OM617 into 1994 Jeep YJ
I am just Kicking off my build thread Happy Hunting archie
4he1t max boost?
What's the max safe boost these motors can handle?
New Canadian member here
Hey all. Just in the research stage of this whole thing, but I'm thinking I'll be throwing a 4BT into one of my old International Trucks in the back...
Stammering at shut down- Fuel Shut off solenoid?
I know I'm in need of some injector repair as the 4bt runs rough at start up or idle. It'll clear a little when it runs a while. I run WVO, but...
T19/Ranger OD vs ZF6
I keep going round and round with this but can't make up my mind. I am planning to put my 4BD in my OBS F350 now and was going to retain my SBF...
1967 m715
Enjoy guys.. here she is! EVENTUALLY when I find a powertrain... it might get a build thread here.... (if i decide 12 valve... which is the way...
Are 35" tires going to kill my fun?
So truck has 3.73 gears and I'm thinking about running 35's. Will that kill my fun or is that something that can be done?
Custom injector lines 4BT
Was curious if anyone has made their own injector lines? I read somewhere that lines and ends can be had and the ends simply silver soldered on. ...
startling lil 4hx series discovery while poking around :D
Take a good look at this lil engine and what did I see but a front mounted starter on a 4hk1x engine :D it is off the isuzu diesel engine factory...
Thermostatic Switch for Electric Fan
Please recommend a thermostatic switch to trigger my electric fan/relay. Not sure what temperature I need but goal is to keep water temperature at...
Edge CTS on a 24 valve swap
So I have already completed my swap and have put 1100 miles on it. Link to my build thread ---> ...
4BT Wagoneer
I've finally gotten a little traction on this project and have a gotten to where I have a lot of questions and I'm sure will need some good ideas so...
Chevy adapter pictures, yea or nay?
These are the pictures, what do you think? I'm thinking they're alright, but want advice.
Is there a section here for bigger Cummins diesels ?
I noticed you have sections covering small to medium Cummins. Large Cat, V8, V6 Detroit's, Perkins. Even small Isuzu, Toyota and Mitsubishi. Is...
Thanks Alcaid!
Just got my new HX30W from Alcaid. Looks awesome and can't wait to step up the bronco project soon. If any of you are looking for a new genuine...