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D17a2 cam gear...Help!!!!
Just bought a 02 civic ex and really can't find a lot of things for this motor. So saying this i need help getting a cam gear for this motor, can i...
It weighs more than two CRXs and is more useful.
I have been hinting as so something fun that I bought last December, but I'm ready to let it out into the light of day: Image:...
88-00 D-series TWM DCOE Manifold setups
I just acquired a brand new twm manifold with linkage from a good friend. I just wanted to see who are still running these DCOE carb setups on their...
d15b2 , need 11:1 with stock head. What pistons best?
as title says, for a build I'm researching starting on for my scca race crx, for the STL class, I'm leaning towards using a d15b2. Must use stock...