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New to the Family
Hey guys/gals... Bee real busy at my shop this year. 7 days a week pretty much. But I did have some time to purchase a few new "Single Cam" Hondas......
JRSC B18B1 91 Si
EFnwagon Turbo
The list so far... eBay turbo kit with cast manifold EXCEPT run a Holset HY35 9mm housing turbo RC autoworks vitara/long rod combo rebuild my...
Zeal Autowerks calculator and head milling
So many of us like milling our heads a lot. When we do that on the zeal calculator, is it also appropriate to reduce the combustion chamber volume? ...
F2D still made?
I was just wondering if anyone still makes the F2D adapter. Bisi's new website is terrible and I can't find it. And Google knows nothing.