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Transmission Serial Number [by humer]
Post-War (1946-54):: Transmission Serial Number
I found number on the casting just around the corner from the control axis input. It is 29546. Where might I find whether this was used with which engine? My '51 has a '53 engine Thanks
Re: Noisy Lifters [by Jim L. in OR]
Post-War (1946-54):: Noisy Lifters
That's a great idea! It would work perfectly too. I know there'll be others interested in using this mirror. As I said earlier, I have yet to discover what evil lurks in the heart of my '51 Patrician. If it turns out that lifter cleaning is needed on that, I will be getting one for sure.

Re: dash timber on a 1937 Packard 120 [by Ozstatman]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: dash timber on a 1937 Packard 120

As the Flackmaster said "There is at least one fellow I know in Oz that has the grainit rollers and ink".

Here are a couple of pic's, taken a couple of months back, of a '37 Senior dash done using that kit.
Re: 49 23 series head light switch [by Deskdriver]
Post-War (1946-54):: 49 23 series head light switch
Thanks for the pictures, link and suggestions. This board is great source of information.

HH65, yep I know I have electrical problems, slowly getting them fixed. However, the car is driveable. I do have a plan to restore the car and new wiring harness is one of the things in my plan. Thanks for all your help! I will print the picture for reference.

Re: Brake drum stuck to axle [by JGR]
Post-War (1946-54):: Brake drum stuck to axle

JD from KC was kind enough to loan me his dog bone hub puller. It worked perfectly. In a matter of a few seconds of furious pounding with a 2 1/2 lb hammer on the dog bone, the hub popped free.

SO: Verdict is get the right tool and the job is quick and easy!

(JD's post was earlier in the thread and had a picture of the puller that worked perfectly!)


Re: engine swap [by HA52]
Modification Discussion:: engine swap
You can tell the difference between a 5-main and a 9-main by counting the oil galley plugs on the RH side of the engine. Here's a picture of my 327, look for the little plugs a few inches above the pan. I have 5 so it's a 5-main engine.
Re: 38 6cyl. Update [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 38 6cyl. Update
Thank you for the info and links !!
Re: 1956 Clipper Hot Rod [by AL]
Project Blogs:: 1956 Clipper Hot Rod
but in view of the fact that I paid $3600 for a rebuid that I may not have needed(but that is another story) it should not have been missing. I'm just wondering what else could be missing rods, rings, bearings etc. etc.

Yup, I'd be worried. That's why I ALWAYS do my own assembly, double checking all clearances, etc.


It's nice to have that ability, but a lot of us don't.
Re: Head Identification [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Head Identification
Thank you for this info. Very helpful.
Re: HA's 52 200 Grey Ghost [by HA52]
Project Blogs:: HA's 52 200 Grey Ghost
Hey, I actually got a chance to work on the Ghost again! About dang time, I know. I managed a couple nights last week to de-rust and prime the trunk area, so now the entire interior of the car is done with that process except a couple limited nooks and crannies. One area that I want to clean up and prime yet is along the very rear of the trunk. There is a well there and it is fairly impossible to get tools in there. I think...
Re: Various CL Pickings [by BDC]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Various CL Pickings
1925 Packard
Re: Looking Over Some Extras [by Ima48too]
Post-War (1946-54):: Looking Over Some Extras
I mistype/thought. My car is a 2262 (1948 Deluxe Eight). I'm just getting this sorted enough to make it feel natural.

Interesting about the mirrored spotlight.

I also took the lower seat cover off the rear and found some nice material in need of repair.
Re: Realistic or optimistic?? [by Sloride75]
Post-War (1946-54):: Realistic or optimistic??
Is that a copper mesh fuel filter element? If ceramic, I'd say he has one heck of a rusty gas tank, no?

Absolutely gorgeous car, though. As stated above, if I could have any model Packard, that'd be it.
Re: 21st washer jet location [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: 21st washer jet location
Thanks for posting. That writeup being from Automotive Digest would seem to indicate there was a postwar push to sell those things. Packards own Service Counselor had a blurb or two reminding dealers it was a new accessory and to sell them to good customers as a safety item and a source of profit. Kind of surprising more were not installed in the 46-50 period.
Re: Ken's 1937 115C Touring Sedan [by Ken P]
Project Blogs:: Ken's 1937 115C Touring Sedan
Thanks! That would explain why I couldn't find anything in the literature about it. I did find where some of the aero engines were sleeved, which makes sense.

I'll do some more cleaning tomorrow, and give my ridge reamer a try. I'll post pictures if I run across anything especially unusual.
Re: difference between a sedan & formal sedan [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: difference between a sedan & formal sedan
Formal sedans are all about exclusivity and privacy and not intended to be owner-driven; generally at a minimum no rear quarter window and smaller rear window. Details can vary widely between makes and years but always enclosed roof over the chauffeur and may or may not have a divider window. See picture of a 1934 Eight formal sedan and compare it to the regular sedan on the same wheelbase and chassis....
Straight 8 head needs good home [by newbieJim]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Straight 8 head needs good home
We have a straight 8 head that I just hate to see go to the scrap pile. It has a date code of 31450, and a casting #419911 on it. It is still bolted to the block it came on, although the block is of no value. I have taken a picture of it and will gladly post it or send it to you just as soon as I can figure out how to get it out of my new (complicated) phone. Like I said, I just hate to see it get scrapped, so,...
difference between a sedan & formal sedan [by BDC]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: difference between a sedan & formal sedan
I know the difference with the "full" metal roof (with insert) and full padded roof but are there more differences? And what was the thought behind the sedan & formal sedan?
Wanted: 1914 air pump and taillight [by West Peterson]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Wanted: 1914 air pump and taillight
The Elliott Museum in Florida is seeking an air pump and taillight for a 1914 Packard.
E-mail John Giltinan, Assoc. Curator:
Re: 1934 air pump [by West Peterson]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1934 air pump
It turns out that the Packard is a 1914. Thanks for your help, Dave. I'll start a different thread.
Re: PPG Open House, Sunday, Oct. 19th. [by Steve203]
Shows and Events:: PPG Open House, Sunday, Oct. 19th.
The turnout was in a word - SPECTACULAR!

I'll say. It looked like I got one of the last 3 parking spots, and I got there only 45 minutes after opening. Maybe in the future the area around the hanger can be opened up to visitor parking as it was empty yesterday.

As you can tell, I particularly enjoyed getting a close look at the 4M-2500. Very interesting how it's put together. The 56 Packard display chassis...
Re: Metallic oil in a 327 engine and running noises [by Wesley Boyer]
Post-War (1946-54):: Metallic oil in a 327 engine and running noises
Yea, I have a one track mind at times, still trying to get back on track. Had the engine running sounds nice and quiet.
Re: Reproduction oil filter housing for 34 super eight [by RogerDetroit]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Reproduction oil filter housing for 34 super eight
Give Bob Anzalone of R&A Engineering in Manchester, MI makes one of the best you will ever see.

It is CNC machined from aluminum billet stock and accepts a spin-on oil filter from any auto parts store.

Phone: (734) 428-1808

Wish I had a picture to post - it is a piece of art.
Re: Engine starting problem [by JW]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Engine starting problem
No better feeling that successfully starting a rebuilt engine for the first time. Pleased to hear it was a minor item causing the problem. It usually is.

Re: 47 loom layout [by John Brinegar]
Post-War (1946-54):: 47 loom layout
Howard - Don't know if your car has the Electromatic Clutch - but there is a a wire clamp attached to the top screw on the Accelerator Switch . ( See Fif. 22 -page 25 of the 46-50 Service Manual.
Re: Packard plant update [by Steve203]
General:: Packard plant update
I went up to the Proving Grounds for the open house yesterday. Yes, I was aware that I was walking through buildings and on concrete that had been trod by Jessie Vincent.

Having the actual headquarters building preserved, however, could provide an experience like the Auburn Cord Duesenberg museum in Auburn. Walking through the spaces, restored to their appearance decades ago, where Macauley built the company, and Nance made desperate...
Re: Greg B's 1951 200 [by gregb(peoria, il)]
Project Blogs:: Greg B's 1951 200
OK. That's good to know. That area was pretty rusty so I'll try to clean it up some more and double check those numbers. Thanks.
Re: 1955 Caribbean brake question [by Ross]
V-8 (1955-56):: 1955 Caribbean brake question
Check that the car is developing 17 or 18 inches vacuum at idle. Also take a hard look at the check valve at the back of the rear carb which supplies vac for the brakes.
They have a tendency to stick shut and you will get a very hard pedal.
Re: Want to Buy [by BDeB]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Want to Buy

DeluxCanuck wrote:
Could one of you fine gentlemen, give me a size for the pin. Thanks!

11/32 diameter by 2-3/8 inches long.
Ultramatic transmissions [by packard1984]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Ultramatic transmissions
I have two Ultramatic transmissions I would like to get rid of one is out of a 1952 250 Club Coup and was behind a 327 the other is out of a 1953 clipper behind a 288. Both have the torque converters. I don't know if they are fully functioning but they are clean with cherry red fluid and do not smell burnt. Currently they are in my way and I need them gone. I am open to offers and I would ship if the buyer pays for the shipping.
Re: Radio Antenna Cable [by ewrecks]
V-8 (1955-56):: Radio Antenna Cable
I had similar problem with bad cable for the Caribbean . The fitting on the antenna is the hard part to find. I had cable for the front fender antenna lying around- pretty easy to find. Rather than buy or try to fabricate the long cable, I attached the front fender unit to the antenna and bought a 72"inch cable on eBay for around $6 with free shipping and plugged the old unit into it. The front plug of the new cable went into the...
Re: 47 2106 items wanted [by HH56]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 47 2106 items wanted
Re: Need a Stromberg EE 2 or 22 carburetor [by RL]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Need a Stromberg EE 2 or 22 carburetor
Well that's my problem, I only have one lever under the horn and its the lights. I will now start looking for another lever.

Re: 1951 valve guide replacement [by Owen_Dyneto]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1951 valve guide replacement
That was a good move attending to the other valves - in that era flathead engines normally had valve jobs every 40-50,000 miles.

Although there is a special tool for placing the valve keepers on the stem (picture enclosed) I really find it not worth the effort - if you're having problems with that just put a tiny dab of grease on the inside of each keeper half and press it into place - the surface tension of the grease...
Re: How to determine... [by Packard Illiterati]
Post-War (1946-54):: How to determine...
Thank you, Gentlemen. Your responses will certainly help me to hopefully discover the answer to my question.

Warm regards!
Re: Brake Shoes. (GENERAL) [by HH56]
General:: Brake Shoes. (GENERAL)
If the original color springs are still there on the models that used different strength springs, the orange spring is the primary or shorter lining shoe and yellow the secondary shoe. Typically the primary or shorter lining is mounted toward the front of the car.

Some models used springs of the same tension and of the same color so doesn't matter.
'54 Clipper at auction Oct 25th, Colo Sprgs [by 58L8134]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: '54 Clipper at auction Oct 25th, Colo Sprgs

This CL posting is for 1954 Clipper sedan to be auctioned October 25, 2014 at Colorado Springs by Gorman Auctions:

Looks to be a decent, presentable driver. Definitely has had it's red paint freshened the overspray all over the engine compartment. Could be a good driver for a decent price dependent upon who shows up after it.

Re: Vacuum problems with the 39 120 [by randy berger]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Vacuum problems with the 39 120
I agree on the vacuum gauge. That's why I have one mounted under the hood. I'm surprised by the number of car people at shows who ask me what the gauge is for??
Re: '56 TL issue, where to start [by bhappy]
V-8 (1955-56):: '56 TL issue, where to start
I thank you for the great advise and will get to properly examining the TL system accordingly. It's typical of myself to think that "I know the problem..." and jump right in and look for the quick fix. I think that that is where I am weakest and find that I just exasperate the original problem.

I think that you know how helpful this site is and how many Packard owners have benefitted from it's content and all of the knowledge...
Re: Engine timing [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Engine timing
Too bad you didn't write the service manual for Packard

Thanks for the nice words, but let's remember the audience that the shop manual was written for - Packard owners didn't tinker with their own cars - the manual was primarily for the shop mechanics who understood the fundamentals and a whole lot more.
Re: Big head problem!!! [by Dell]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Big head problem!!!
Thanks Tim; this engine has not been run for years. I think at least 30. I got it to turn over with the crank for my 28 and want to check the compression before I take the head off. I have the receipt for the rebuild from 1978, insert bearing and 30 over pistons by an old timer that had done several early Packards. I don't want to take it apart any further then I have to. I will post what I find under the head. Dell
right hand window crank mechanism needed for a 39 110 coupe [by David Grubbs]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: right hand window crank mechanism needed for a 39 110 coupe
Looking for a window crank mechanism (not the vent window) for a 39 110 coupe. I think the 110 and 120 are the same. The existing one is stripped out. Or has anyone had any luck repairing one?
Re: 1953 Packard 8 cyl timing [by humer]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1953 Packard 8 cyl timing
Your comment about being too far advanced may have solved my problem of just barely cranking initially, but after 8 sec. it starts and runs fine. Must check the timing soon! Thanks
Re: GearRat's '52 [by Rusty" Packard]
Project Blogs:: GearRat's '52
hey Mr. GearRat!

my 52 Deluxe was also 'H' yosemite blue... which is a metal falke.. i whant to get it repainted like that eventually but it is prohibitive in california with the air pollution laws. like 5 grand for a good paint job metal flake .. with clear coats. i may have to drive it to Texas or Mexico to get it painted..
Re: LJJ's 1947 2126 7 Passenger Sedan [by HH56]
Project Blogs:: LJJ's 1947 2126 7 Passenger Sedan
That is good news. As you surmise, the light going out would indicate the solenoid is operating so maybe it is just quiet. When the light goes out at engaging speed do you notice a reduction in engine RPM or background noise level letting you know car is in OD?
1941-47 Clipper parts & magazines [by su8overdrive]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1941-47 Clipper parts & magazines
Nearly all of the below cherry picked from rust-free, California 1946-47 Custom 2106 sedans by a late friend in the early '70s --- cars that would today be restored. Sheet metal, bumpers sold to any in the area, or your shipper picks up. Everything else shipped FedEx, UPS or USPS parcel post insured.
Buy the below or pay double or treble with some national vendors selling rust belt or NJ junk.

S T I L L not...
Re: 39 110 Coupe in MT [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 39 110 Coupe in MT
I guess you mean the window regulator? If so you might try Regulator Roy:
Re: Front shocks [by Owen_Dyneto]
V-8 (1955-56):: Front shocks
Here's a picture, courtesy of Randy Berger, of the Monroe (MAECO) adapters that allow the use of bottom post-mount shocks on a 56. These were very common in their day but it's not often that you come across a set these days.
Re: price premium for a '56? [by Jack Vines]
V-8 (1955-56):: price premium for a '56?
Only by those who know why the '56 is usually a much better car than the '55. JMHO, but I'd pay 25% more for the equivalent '56.

As always, it's condition, condition, condition. Hard to find a '55 and a '56 of equal equipment, condition and model for sale at the same time.

jack vines
Re: Packard Ignition Coil [by HH56]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Packard Ignition Coil
I was curious does the wire t from the coil on the negative side run to the dash and the positive side runs to the distributor.

For a positive ground that would be correct. Make sure there is a good 6v at the terminal from dash with ignition on. Then check the terminal going to dist. If the points are open the 6v would also be at that terminal. When points are closed then 0v to maybe 1 or 2 tenths at the terminal.

Re: Nutty question on the intake/exhaust manifold [by Phils38cpe]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Nutty question on the intake/exhaust manifold
Does anyone know what the torque spec is?
Re: Hershey 2014 [by 58L8134]
Shows and Events:: Hershey 2014

The Isotta-Fraschini in the Dragone tent was a Tipo 8A torpedo convertible sedan by Castagna. The design was by Hibbard & Darrin, built under license by a number of custom coachbuilders including Gill, D'Iteren and Derham. And it was STUNNING!!!!!

Re: '37 super 8 transmission plungers [by HH56]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: '37 super 8 transmission plungers
I don't know if you have the service manual but there are a few paragraphs on transmission disassembly in the 37-38 service manual. You can download here if you don't have it. If you haven't checked it out, the super 8 section starts on page 105 and there is a synchronizer measurement they suggest taking before disassembly and a sequence of removal.
Re: Anyone have a link to the search-all-Craigslist? [by skateboardgumby]
General:: Anyone have a link to the search-all-Craigslist?
Wow! You're darn right. It works like nobody's business. Thanks for sharing it.
Garrett Meadows
Re: metal cable straps [by Owen_Dyneto]
General:: metal cable straps
I never did a thorough search for a source but when I needed a pair I just cut them out with kitchen shears from sheet brass shim stock. I do forget how I cut the slot but as I recall, about 15 minutes or so each to make them.
Re: Mike's 53 Clipper [by Tobs]
Project Blogs:: Mike's 53 Clipper
I am planning to do some media blasting on my front fenders and perhaps around the edges of the hood and trunk lids this weekend. The main surfaces I have already stripped with sanding disks or paint remover.
The media is 0.2 to 0.5mm slag. Should I be worried about deforming anything by sandblasting? I will stay away from the flat surfaces so I don't make waves in anything, but I figure the inner fenders and such should be no problem...
Re: 55 taillight appacolypse [by cli55er]
V-8 (1955-56):: 55 taillight appacolypse
Re: Henry's 55 Constellation [by cli55er]
Project Blogs:: Henry's 55 Constellation
actually the motor worked before I took it apart. I'm just one of those people that like to take thing apart and see how they work and give them a good overhaul and put them back together. I snipped the wires on the inside and i'll solder new ones on and run them through the case again.

plus it had been months since I did anything mechanical on the car and I was having withdraws.

my only concern will be the balance of the...
Re: Packard Twelve Structural Wood (Type) [by 36V12]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Packard Twelve Structural Wood (Type)
Thanks Owen Dyneto.

2365 parts [by Fish'n Jim]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 2365 parts
I've completed "testing" my '49 2365 with the stock components. I've put in some new items to get it roady. I've pulled the motor and no longer have use for some of the 6V or L8 related items. I have a new complete aluminized steel exhaust, that I'd offer cheap, and some of the electrical and/or brake components. (I put in all new brakes and lines) I rewired the engine compartment, but not with original wire.
It won't...
Re: any last minute hints on pulling L8 w/ tranny? [by Fish'n Jim]
Post-War (1946-54):: any last minute hints on pulling L8 w/ tranny?
in case anyone makes a stand; the critical dimensions are inside the parallel front 36" x 6" high rails is no more than 11".
The overall inside length needs to be 64", if the tranny is on.
I'm devising some sort of carrier for the drive shaft, aka propellor shaft. Haven't decided that.
After cleaning up, the strap that choked the front mount was cut, so I'd advise to use the front mount and...
Re: How to quote some one else in a forum post [by Steve203]
General:: How to quote some one else in a forum post

Don Skotty wrote:

Don Skotty wrote:
I can't seem to figure this out, and it is done all the time by others in this forum. How do I designate someone else's text for quoting in a forum post?

Doesn't seem to work for me. Above was the result of highlighting the following text -

"Or, after pressing the reply button to the quote you want to address, press the "quote" button at the bottom of the new message window to copy and paste the entire post."

And then hitting the quote button. Arrgh. It can't be this hard?

Actually, what I should have written is after pressing...
Re: 1947 Packard for sale [by Don Skotty]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1947 Packard for sale
JW, that's excellent advice. There have been three very interested parties -- all willing to pay over $42K. One of them comes from a funeral home family.
Re: Lower radiator hose for a 38 Packard 6 [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Lower radiator hose for a 38 Packard 6
Thank you JW, mine is missing the curved piece. I didn't know about that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
Re: Packard extended chassis 8 door bus & '27 8cyl horse float [by Ozstatman]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Packard extended chassis 8 door bus & '27 8cyl horse float
After further corresponding with the seller, he also sent me a photo of a '27 8 cyl horse float.
Re: The 1951 Patrician of Jim L. in OR [by Jim L. in OR]
Project Blogs:: The 1951 Patrician of Jim L. in OR
David - Thanks for the heads up about the trunk carpeting. Does he have a website?

Stephen, thank you very much for the tip on the photos. I had no idea about the degrading effect of repeated viewings in JPG. Keeping a separate storage system for the pictures off the PC is excellent. I have experienced that first hand. I recently bought a new Laptop to replace the Desktop I bought in 2003. One week later, before...
Re: Later exhaust manifolds [by Ken P]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Later exhaust manifolds
Thanks for the info! John, sorry your part didn't work out, but thanks for the offer. If you are ever in Saratoga, look me up!
Re: 1956 caribbean hardtop for sale. [by Carrib]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1956 caribbean hardtop for sale.
Yes it is, thank you for the picture.
Re: Wes's Maroon 1947 Custom Super Clipper [by HA52]
Project Blogs:: Wes's Maroon 1947 Custom Super Clipper
It doesn't take long once they find their way in, and they can access through very small holes or crevices. My car had nests in literally every place possible, including inside the exhaust ports in the engine block. Headliner full of nests, all seats, door cavities, ad nauseum. Of course the car sat for over 40 years in that shed, so the mice were probably migrating back to it to spawn like salmon over the years.
Re: 1953 Packard - Valves? [by Sloride75]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1953 Packard - Valves?
And have you replaced the battery cables yet, as several wise folks here have suggested in your other threads?
Re: Packard designers: the Coming and Going of [by 58L8134]
Shows and Events:: Packard designers: the Coming and Going of
Hi DaveB845

Exerpting from the William M. Schmidt biography in the book, Ford Design Department Concepts & Showcars, 1932-1961 by Jim & Cheryl Farrell, page 140:

"Bill Schmidt graduated from the Henry Ford Trade School in 1940 and took a job as a tool designer"

After a stint with the aircraft group at Willow Run working on bomber projects.

"Although he never designed cars before, in 1944, Schmidt...
Re: Packard - Bentley/RR Similarity [by Ima48too]
Post-War (1946-54):: Packard - Bentley/RR Similarity
I just grabbed a copy on Ebay for six bucks. The similarities are sure there in a lot of areas. And I do like the styling touches shared with the Silver Cloud and S series Bentley.
These references are nice if any more show up.
Re: Right Mix for coolant [by JW]
V-8 (1955-56):: Right Mix for coolant
Sure, here is a photo of the packaging of the one I installed in my 55 Clipper. They are made by Murray, marketed under the "MotoRad Fail-Safe" name, and come in standard sizes and temperature ratings. Should be available at most auto supply stores.

Re: Hardening V8 retainers: Any metalurgists out there? [by DwainG]
V-8 (1955-56):: Hardening V8 retainers: Any metalurgists out there?
If you can take service bulletin 325 at face value, all the old retainers should have been removed from stock and only the hardened ones were available after that. If they pass the 'file test', they're hardened.
Re: Head lamp bulbs... [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Head lamp bulbs...
Russ - on occasion I've seen a 33/34 Packard or Cadillac where owners had replaced the sockets in the reflectors with Ford Model A sockets or other sockets which take more available headlamp bulbs. This was probably done years ago to overcome the bulb scarcity issue but as those other rather standard headlight bulbs are also 32 candlepower there would be no improvement in illumination. However you might be able to get a halogen...
Re: Studebaker Plant 84 Body Assembly Tour [by Steve203]
General:: Studebaker Plant 84 Body Assembly Tour
Sounds like you will have a great time. The 19th is also the open house at the Packard Proving Grounds in Utica, which is where I plan to be.
Restored Trippe Lights [by John Iaccino]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Restored Trippe Lights
Set of restored round back Trippe Lights with Stanchions restored by Richard Bloomquist. Never installed on car. He now gets $1250 per set. Selling mine for $850. John 845-876-7309
1930, 1931, 1932 Standard 8 Headlights [by John Iaccino]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1930, 1931, 1932 Standard 8 Headlights
Driver quality Standard 8 Headlights for sale. Lights fit 1930, 1931, 1932 Standard 8 Packard. They are mounted on a '32 headlight bar. Have not tested to see if they work. Lenses and reflectors are in good shape. No dents. $550 OBO. John, 845-876-7309
Re: Painting the engine [by Ozstatman]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Painting the engine
G'day Paul,

In my capacity as Registry Ambassador I too tried to load your '30 726 Sedan photo, but likewise without success. Another quirk, where the Registry is concerned, is if you've changed your Forum name in some way. However I doubt that's the case in this instance, because your '31 833 photo loaded successfully! I'm referring this to our esteemed Webmaster, BigKev, so he can have a look behind the scenes in case something...
Re: Recent additions to the Owner Registry [by Ozstatman]
General:: Recent additions to the Owner Registry
Steve Coupe,

to PackardInfo and for including your '29 Standard Eight Sedan in the Packard Owner's Registry.
Re: Twin Ultramatic - direct drive clutch fails to engage [by Rocky46]
V-8 (1955-56):: Twin Ultramatic - direct drive clutch fails to engage
I cross my fingers.
Re: 1941 packard New old stock radio garage sale find [by Steve1]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1941 packard New old stock radio garage sale find
Thanks everyone for your replys and info. Radio sold to a member of another Packard forum that this was also listed on. It's going to a good home and hopefully will be playing in a Packard soon.
Re: Packard by Rollson [by 58L8134]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Packard by Rollson

Those late years Rollston/Rollson seemed to be around producing design contradictions on order. Either they were reactionary styles such as the formal coupe and panel broughams recalling earlier design ethics or they were sleek, "Darrin-esque" streamlined sport sedans and convertible victorias.

Well, when serving wealth's automotive design whims, one does what one is paid to do!

Re: Might not mean too much... [by Packard Illiterati]
General:: Might not mean too much...
That's the one! As can be seen in the photo... that Patrician pretty much ate up the entire trailer. One the way home with the car, it had heads turning, especially older guys. The bikers especially seemed to appreciate seeing this behemoth.

I'm aiming to complete the car in time for the 2016 Minnesota Street Rod Association's Back To The 50s show. It's all-inclusive to all vehicles manufactured up to June 1964.

That's a good goal,...
Re: Interior paint [by Stephen]
General:: Interior paint
Thank you very much. I am hoping to get started on the car this coming year. Still in the garage of the woman I bought it from. I need to get a new roof on my barn before I move the car and rebuild the barn doors. I will change out coolant and start soaking the cylinders,all nuts and bolts with ATF/acetone this winter.

Car is complete and original with 54,000 miles. Garaged since 1980. Had rust bodywork and a paint job sometime ago.I am the...
Re: Vacuum Antenna [by packard1949]
Post-War (1946-54):: Vacuum Antenna
As I mentioned previously someone upgraded the lower seals with rubber disks. Works great.

I am in need of the screw that holds the antenna on the fender-3/4"-28 I was told used on 48-50 antennas. Currently using an Ariens nut used on a lawnmower!!!
Re: Packard tears up the Milwaukee Mile [by 64avanti]
Shows and Events:: Packard tears up the Milwaukee Mile
Here is one more photo, The title says Herb Shiller of Chicago.
There was a time when the intersection of 35th & Wisconsin in Milwaukee was the New car center of WI. Many new car dealers from the 70's, 80's & 90's got their start as young men here. The last to move out was a Cadillac dealer in the mid 80's and today there are still a couple of buildings remaining that were clearly Auto related.
Re: Radiator Restoration at Hershey [by BDC]
General:: Radiator Restoration at Hershey
I did recored my 36 120 radiator and I have to look it up what the exact costs were but IIRC around $400, that was this past spring.
53 Cavalier for sale in Nebraska [by David Grubbs]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 53 Cavalier for sale in Nebraska
I just talked to Tom Wolf in North Bend Nebraska. His dad bought several Packards from an old Packard employee in the 60's, and Tom is wants to sell one of them, a 53 4 dr Cavalier, light brown body with a burgundy top. The car has been stored inside. It has 42,113 miles on it, and is a running car. He drove it yesterday - he says it is slow to start; the mechanic says it needs an accelerator pump. The interior...
Re: 2272-9 numbers on the block [by Bryan Spicer]
Post-War (1946-54):: 2272-9 numbers on the block
I believe it does Have the same casting number scheme based on what I've learned.
Happy Thanksgiving [by JW]
General:: Happy Thanksgiving
To all our Packard friends north of the border, or wherever they may be.

Re: 1948 Production Date [by John Brinegar]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1948 Production Date
Owen - I think I got the engine number right this time ---- G202892. Does that make more sense ? Thanks I will try to get the engine cast date soon -
Re: 38 Six Distributor Issue [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 38 Six Distributor Issue
Thank you J.W.
Re: Camber question [by Phils38cpe]
General:: Camber question
That's what I thought - Thanks
Re: parting out 1929 std. 8 [by tfee]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: parting out 1929 std. 8
Hi David, is this a 626 or a 633 and what condition is it in? Do you have pictures you could post or send me?
tfee16811@gmail dot com
Re: 1942 180 Limousine Project [by BryanMoran]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1942 180 Limousine Project
I have received a couple of inquiries through PM on this car and have passed along all information.

The seller and I are no longer communicating so I am unsure what the location status is, but by PM I can provide contact information.

They are keeping my $2000 and the transporter who provided no service, is not refunding my $1350 to get it to US soil.

Good luck to anyone to tries to go get it. The goal is/was/should...
1937 Packard Touring Limo FS [by Tomlempicke]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1937 Packard Touring Limo FS
I have a beautiful 1937 touring limo for sale. Pics and a complete description on Hemmings.

Here is a link but you will have to cut and paste it into your browser since I don't see any way to put it in.

Re: New Arrival ! [by markincoosbay]
Post-War (1946-54):: New Arrival !
Glad you are pleased with your new Patrician. It was bittersweet for me. My wife assures me that this isn't my last Packard. I am equally as please with Jim's 1960 Imperial that he owned for 40+ years. We both have lots to do.