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Re: Various CL Pickings [by Don Shields]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Various CL Pickings
It looks like the glove box door has been modified with a cigar lighter socket, an auxiliary ashtray, and a clock from left to right. These additions are very neatly done but they must have reduced the storage area in the box considerably.

The car most certainly has a heater. The heater core tubes are visible protruding from the firewall. One of the tubes is near the bend of the red heater bypass hose; the other is visible...
Re: Autoworld Brussel Belgium [by Guscha]
General:: Autoworld Brussel Belgium
Steve (58L8134), correct me if I am wrong but the previous day their quality was the reason to fail in the U.S market. To quote you:

Why Borgward failed in the U.S. market was their cars weren't up to the mechanical rigors of road conditions...

Now the talk exclusively revolves around the price (and the quality took a backseat).
And there is another shift. The previous day it was about the perception of their price. To quote...
Re: Model info help [by 51Landau]
Post-War (1946-54):: Model info help
Point well taken. I was just a bit shocked at the initial thought of a 1of2 vehicle. The cars monetary value is really not important to me. I bought it as a project to have fun with my wife and fellow car club members. Just dumb luck?that the first car I found(at a price I could afford and condition I can deal with)was a Packard Henney. I've worked in the same factory for over 36yrs,I can't afford to own a car that's to valuable to...
Re: Air cleaner differences [by HA52]
Post-War (1946-54):: Air cleaner differences
Thanks for the insights guys, good info and I think my questions are answered. I'm not planning to rush out and change my filter, I actually prefer the more compact style AC oil bath that I have anyway.

Nice structural issue that Ross points out, I never noticed that. Maybe you found that out the hard way once?

In today's Craigslist recital there is an ad for a set of 4 cars, looks like the one '53 that shows an engine...
Re: 115C Front Turn Signals [by Ross]
General:: 115C Front Turn Signals
Those are the cutest turn signal lights I have seen. Where can I get a pair?
Re: 1947 356 cu inch manifolds [by Owen_Dyneto]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1947 356 cu inch manifolds
(1) With regard to the color of engine paint, several other makes at one time or another used a green the same or very similar to Packard. Oldsmobile comes to mind immediately and although Pierce-Arrow generally used black I believe they used a similar green at one point in their history. As to a law suit over the use of that color, that seems without basis, any more than you could sue because someone offered a car in...
Re: Recent additions to the Owner Registry [by Ozstatman]
General:: Recent additions to the Owner Registry
G'day Max Kidd,
to PackardInfo and for including your '37 Super Eight Town Car by LeBarron in the Packard Owner's Registry.
Re: Engine and trans question [by Ross]
Post-War (1946-54):: Engine and trans question
If your engine is seized you will have to leave the convertor hanging on the crankshaft until the engine comes apart as you will not be able to reach the bolts that hold the convertor to the flywheel. In that case, just block the engine and tranny level on the floor, undo the trans bolts and pull it STRAIGHT back until the shafts are free.

If your engine turns, remove the lower bell housing while the engine is still hanging....
Re: Ken's 1937 120 Touring Sedan [by Wesley Boyer]
Project Blogs:: Ken's 1937 120 Touring Sedan
Owen, good point that's why I reference my 47 which is a two brush system, but I did find this at
The purpose of the 3rd brush is to control the generators output. This is done by grounding the 3rd brush and field coil. It is directly grounded when full charge is required and uses a resistor to ground for a lower charge.
But I would also like to hear from Jason's because I only know what I read and try myself.
Re: Installing a heater in a 29 Packard [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Installing a heater in a 29 Packard
Here's some information which may be helpful to you. First and not the most useful image from the 1934 accessory catalog showing both the Kelch and hot water installations - note that the water return was to a fitting tapped into the cast iron water inlet to the block from the lower radiator, same as was done previously. Although my own '34 came with a Kelch, that fitting is tapped and plugged for a water return....
Re: Carpet kits for 2126 [by Owen_Dyneto]
Post-War (1946-54):: Carpet kits for 2126
It would certainly be very exciting news is Bill Hirsch actually has replicated MossTread carpet, are you sure of that? Last time I checked (recently) he had several Wilton products that somewhat resembled the MossTred in surface texture but without the vulcanized rubber backing. I'll call Bill shortly to check on this!

I know of no kits in MossTred or even in any of the Wiltons for your car. Just buy the material in bulk...
Re: Packard front brakes - 3 shoe Bendix [by DavidM]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Packard front brakes - 3 shoe Bendix

Nothing to do with your brake binding problems but that universal joint on the actuator shaft is very exposed which will result in wear due dirt and water ingress
New reproduction cover kits are available for Max Merritt. They are well worth fitting.

Those universal joints can suffer extreme wear to the point of coming apart, I wonder if your problems are related to excessive wear. Are they heavily worn?

Re: 1955-56 manual overdrive transmission [by Murphy]
V-8 (1955-56):: 1955-56 manual overdrive transmission
My '56 "400" has a Twin Ultramafic that was refurbished three times and finally made to work..but it is still unreliable enough for me not to drive it far from home. The transmission leaks as usual in my experience.

I originally wanted to convert to the three speed overdrive but was talked out of it to keep the car original... Rare to find a three speed overdrive, lucky are those that have one.

In a previous post...
Re: 1934 1101 engine missing [by 626guy]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1934 1101 engine missing
Gents...just a note to say thank you for all of your suggestions. After removing the distributor, disassembling and inspecting it, setting the points, checking and cleaning the cap and wires and finally finding a rivet from the face plate of the coil holder penetrating one of the coils I am happy to report that the car now runs like it should. While still not as smooth as I like, no more high speed miss!

I'm now moving...
Re: Auction: '53 Cavalier, Bernville, PA, Friday, 11-27-15 [by ptv]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Auction: '53 Cavalier, Bernville, PA, Friday, 11-27-15
Be a neat old sale to go to...... John
Re: Why were running boards phased out? [by Mahoning63]
General:: Why were running boards phased out?
Interesting how perception changed through the years. My '10 SRX's sill is around 17 inches up front, slightly more for rear seat. This in a mid-sized crossover rather than full-sized body-on-frame SUV or pick-up. My in-laws had a '98 Ford F-150 with no running boards that required one hoist himself way up yet my short mother-in-law in her 70's did so without complaint.

Maybe folks back in the day had simply gotten used...
Possible tenent for part of the plant [by Steve203]
General:: Possible tenent for part of the plant
Detroit's Packard Plant could get Tommy 'The Hitman' Hearns boxing gym

Article at the link has some recent pix of the wrap placed over the bridge over E Grand.
Re: gearbox question 1932/3/4/5/6 packard [by Owen_Dyneto]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: gearbox question 1932/3/4/5/6 packard
Just as described in the Service Letter, the 1st/2nd synchro is adjusted by adding/subtracting or substituting shims at the rear bearing to get the proper travel - pull the rear end off the trans to access the rear bearing. Adjusting 2nd/3rd requires disassembly of the transmission to adjust shim thicknesses.
Re: Designer and Artist Art Fitzpatrick Dies at 96 [by JW]
General:: Designer and Artist Art Fitzpatrick Dies at 96
As I recall, he said he was working for Packard at the time. He said it was a brief employment period.

Re: Luggage Rack 1935-36 Eight / Super Eight / Twelve: Complete [by West Peterson]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Luggage Rack 1935-36 Eight / Super Eight / Twelve: Complete
Back to top.
Re: AUTObiography of a 1934 LeBaron [by West Peterson]
General:: AUTObiography of a 1934 LeBaron
Existing cars:
4 boattails (of 4 thought to be built)-- 2 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue (numerous reproductions)
4 phaetons (of 5 thought to be built)-- 2 red, 1 black, 1 grey/blue (numerous reproductions)
4 coupes (of 4 thought to be built) -- 1 white, 1 dark blue, 1 black, 1 dark blue-green (no reproductions, as far as I'm aware)

There are two people who own one original of each body style: Bob Bahre and Harry Yeagey

No other collector...
Re: 47 Not Charging [by Wesley Boyer]
Post-War (1946-54):: 47 Not Charging
Closure, installed new voltage regulator, back in business.
Re: ID Armrest [by Ross]
General:: ID Armrest
My best guess is that they are finishing panels to the left and right of jump seats in a postwar limo. Those lights with the narrow rim were used in the postwar years to illuminate the floor. The same units were used as domelights in cheaper cars, and with a wide rim in more expensive ones.
Re: First Packard,First Project,First Forum [by 51Landau]
General:: First Packard,First Project,First Forum
Thank you all for the kind welcoming! Should have joined long ago, the encouragement and inspiration are every bit as important as technical help. I will work on starting a project blog and adding more photos.
Re: Flywheel question [by packardssouthwest]
Post-War (1946-54):: Flywheel question
Ill go with it being part # 421755 fitting 2306-33 unless anyone thinks otherwise.
Re: Owner Registry - Time to get on board! [by Ozstatman]
General:: Owner Registry - Time to get on board!
A milestone occassion with 1500 Packards now in the Packard Owner's Registry!

And 5957 Forum members.
A BIG to all those who added their Packard/s to the Registry.

Experiencing difficulties when entering your Packard/s in the Registry? Please let me know and I will do what I can to assist. Or any questions about the Registry please contact me by PM or email -
Re: 1951 Ultramatic Complete - Now $100 ! [by mikes55]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1951 Ultramatic Complete - Now $100 !
Iwas wondering if your trans is still available.You can contact me at 253 363 6192 Thanks, Mike
Re: 1956 Paint [by randy berger]
General:: 1956 Paint
The fault was not with the seller of the chip chart - it was with ACME paint who misspelled EIRE as ERIE.
Apparently they didn't recognize that Ireland has been called EIRE forever and Ireland has always been associated with Green. Thus the geographic name for a shade of green,
All 56 colors were associated with a geographic name.
1953 Packard Cavalier Trim [by BrianG]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1953 Packard Cavalier Trim
For sale: 1953 cavalier beltline trim fair to good condition. It is not without it's blemishes and dings. Also, grill and both bumpers. Call 815-257-0100 or email at Thanks, Brian.
Re: The Duchess Project: 1940 Super 8 Convertible Sedan [by Owen_Dyneto]
Project Blogs:: The Duchess Project: 1940 Super 8 Convertible Sedan
The clip and snug fit is really critical. I had a friend with a 41 180 LeBaron that installed an allegedly new rotor without noticing the clip was missing. Apparently it allowed the rotor to float enough to fire the wrong cylinder and the result was an air filter blown to smithereens and some resultant carburetor and hood damage.
Re: 51Packards....52 Packard 200 Deluxe! [by 51Packard]
Project Blogs:: 51Packards....52 Packard 200 Deluxe!

Bad day today. Prepping for the upcoming snowpocalypse, I was trying to move the motor/trans from the '51 to a more convenient spot. The movers dolly under the engine gave way and the engine tipped on its side. Damage was done. I'm not sure how bad. It got dark real quick and I struggled with the engine lift to get it right side up. Pretty pissed off!
Re: America’s Packard Museum: warehouse fire [by portlandon]
General:: America’s Packard Museum: warehouse fire
The news station video shows them pushing out a '55 or '56 Chrysler. Of all the cars to survive.

It's always sad to see so many cars come to an end like this. They survived everyday life, hurricanes, scrap drives, junkyards, and to end up like this?
Re: oil seal number [by Phils38cpe]
General:: oil seal number
Thanks- those dimensions match up with my old seal
Re: 1935 to 1941 PACKARD PARTS FOR SALE [by RogerDetroit]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1935 to 1941 PACKARD PARTS FOR SALE
This might be a better link to the 220 photos of the parts for sale.
Re: Double Action Fuel Pump [by Owen_Dyneto]
V-8 (1955-56):: Double Action Fuel Pump
Since it seems like everyone is using a double action...

I believe you'll find that the majority of V8 owners are running single action pumps.
Re: 1956 Packard Patrician Rebuild Project [by TroyT]
Project Blogs:: 1956 Packard Patrician Rebuild Project
Through my Business, I Had a Production Run of Packard V-8 lifters.
I have enough for my engine(s) an many left over if anyone needs.
Made in USA by well known Manufacturer.
Re: Wheel well color [by Leeedy]
Post-War (1946-54):: Wheel well color

66Toaster wrote:
For a '53 Caribbean, were the wheel wells painted? If so, black?

If by "wheel wells" you mean under the front fenders this was usually body color without any question for Caribbeans. There are numerous photos of 1953 Caribbeans on the internet and on this site showing factory original cars with body color on the inside of the front wheel housings.

I also have them on the assembly line with body color....
Re: 56 Pwr steering [by bobp]
V-8 (1955-56):: 56 Pwr steering
Thanks for the pictures. The got me to look at things from a different angle. HH's exhaust pipe is fairly close to the crossmember, while mine is 3 3/4 inches away & only 1 inch from the centerlink. If my pipe was at a different angle, it would allow for access to install the ram. Since the manual steering that was installed years ago is from a 55, I suspect the exhaust pipe from that car also. My pipe comes down at a straighter angle...
Re: 1940 120 Convertible Coupe Restoration [by theastronaut]
Project Blogs:: 1940 120 Convertible Coupe Restoration
The rear fenderwell brace is finished. Made the edges fit together evenly, tacked it to hold the pieces in alignment, then welded it fully
Re: Brakes & Drums on a '32 901 [by Marston]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Brakes & Drums on a '32 901
Dave & Ross,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I was certain they should be dry, but figured I'd double check with the "Pro's".

Thanks again
1936 120B Upholstery [by hollidayjd]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1936 120B Upholstery
Does anyone know the exact upholstery material from SMS, Hirsch, or others for my '36 120B Touring Sedan? See attached pictures of the original from my car. SMS has 2 listed under wools that I think are close (PW-17 and BW-1); Hirsch has TTG-2 and TTB-2 listed under English Bedford Cord. Any opinions or comments about the quality of materials from those sources or others would also be much appreciated.

In addition, I am trying...
Re: Do you have a daily driver Packard? [by cli55er]
General:: Do you have a daily driver Packard?
thanks for sharing, that was pleasurable to read.
Re: '53 Cavalier with AC, TX, eBay [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: '53 Cavalier with AC, TX, eBay
The price seems reasonable for its condition and options especially with air conditioning.

Someone must have agreed as the car appears to no longer be available. Is there a proud new Packard owner on site?
Re: A Packard Request..... [by Emmanuel]
General:: A Packard Request.....
I have this issue.

There is a very interesting article on the Last Packard (1955-1956) and the project for future Packard that never been build.

I had discovered Packard with this book
I was 10 years old.
Re: Determine if Engine has been Rebuilt [by Larry51]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Determine if Engine has been Rebuilt
It's a pleasure Chad. Enjoy your car, sounds like the engine is in fairly good condition!
Re: 1950 Straight 8 engine & trans. from a 39K mile car! [by]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1950 Straight 8 engine & trans. from a 39K mile car!
I got the engine/transmission pulled today. It's ready for pick up. I tried to reply to your email with some pic's., but it wouldn't go through. Please email me or give a call.
Re: 1954 Clipper Deluxe Sportster [by Bryce S.]
Project Blogs:: 1954 Clipper Deluxe Sportster
Thanks, that looks like it might be an option, considering the fact that he keeps dropping the price!

So I have about everything disconnected from the engine, but I was wondering what the best way to disconnect the Ultramatic from the engine is? I'm not planning on pulling the trans and engine together.
Re: 1954 Caribbean trunk liner [by lstelling]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1954 Caribbean trunk liner
I will try that. Thank you!
Re: How to add a PCV Valve to a 1949 Packard [by CaptainBristol]
Post-War (1946-54):: How to add a PCV Valve to a 1949 Packard
I had similar issues with fumes from the road draft tube permeating the cabin at startup, when stuck in traffic, etc.

My solution was to extend the tube to the rear of the car, ending just past the differential.

I had my mechanic modify the road draft tube by creating an angled flange and welding it onto the tube's bottom end. He then fitted flexible aluminum conduit onto the flange and ran the conduit...
Re: Overheat mystery [by randy berger]
Modification Discussion:: Overheat mystery
Glad you found your problem. Remote diagnosis for this type of problem is almost impossible.
Re: running board rubber [by 1938]
General:: running board rubber
thanks Pat i am also looking for both chrome stainless steel trim pieces that attach to bottom of both running boards, they were not on car when i purchased it. hopefully i can find some one parting out same year or close to it.
Thanks for all your input again guy's.
Re: WANTED: 1940-42 window/door Escutcheons [by West Peterson]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: WANTED: 1940-42 window/door Escutcheons
Greg has supplied 7 for me, so I'm needing one more.
Also, my brother just told me he needs 8 large and 2 small for his '41.
Re: Packard Hackers [by Owen_Dyneto]
General:: Packard Hackers
Having an Ultramatic, Twin or not, rebuilt by a local or chain transmission shop which doesn't understand the significant differences between it and other transmissions is just begging for disappointment and probably a "do-over". Fortunately there are some folks around who truly understand these units and can provide a rebuild which gives excellent performance and longevity.
Re: 700R4 behind a 288/327/356 [by steve-52/200]
Modification Discussion:: 700R4 behind a 288/327/356
Hi Im a happy convertee ,I have a chrysler 518-a behind the mighty thunderbolt ,,so its the 727 thats got an overdrive and torque converter lock, up that 727 users would convert to ,
theres a great how to by a company called PATC easily spotted on google

boy right about 62 you can feel it slip into overdrive i can go 70 at 1700 rpm!
it pops out back down if you go over an overpass or accelerate but settles back...
Re: 1948 Super Eight Resurrection [by HH56]
Project Blogs:: 1948 Super Eight Resurrection
Hopefully the seals and bushings are still in good shape but in a few days if you find a nice puddle of oil either on the floor or on the cross channel under the radiator then at least one needs attention. There is also an excellent article on how to rebuild the same shocks as on your car on site. Look on the literature page in the how to and tech tips column.
Re: Battery/starting issues [by joeyearl]
Post-War (1946-54):: Battery/starting issues
Oh, yes, they used their high tech tester that prints out a little slip of paper that reads, "BATTERY GOOD." I was skeptical, but had no other way to test it. I did use my hydrometer, and it was on the line between fair and good, but the voltage was still reading 6.32, so I gave NAPA the benefit of the doubt and removed the starter to get it checked out. It probably didn't really need new field coils, but at least now it starts...
Re: Body to frame cushion strapping [by HH56]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Body to frame cushion strapping
If no one comes up with a source for the identical item, if it is hidden or at least not in your face then here are some items that might be able to substitute as a cushion material.

McMaster-Carr has some rubber and cork gasket material that you would have to cut into strips. They also have some rubber and cotton belting that is the size you mentioned. Later cars used rubber/cotton belting for body mount cushioning...
Re: vin id [by Owen_Dyneto]
V-8 (1955-56):: vin id
Mr. Pushbutton's 5687-4134 is the highest known in my database.
Re: Interior garnish molding trim piece needed for 41 Packard 160 [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Interior garnish molding trim piece needed for 41 Packard 160
Hi Everyone responding to this request, I located the 12th insert and now I'm set to complete my garnish molding. I want to "Thank" each of you for your replies.
Re: 1948 overdrive cable assembly [by John Brinegar]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1948 overdrive cable assembly
Also on the 48, , there is a about a 1/2 inch lip that you must go over and down to place the nut in the right spot. Too bad Packard didn't just use the same type attaching bolts as the heater, vent,knob assembly. which screw in from the bottom ( no nut on top ).
56 374 .040 0ver pistons and rings [by Dell]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 56 374 .040 0ver pistons and rings
I have a set of new 40 over Egge pistons and rings for the 374 V8. that I will sell at a reduced price due to some moisture damage that cleans off with very little effort. the price is $225 plus shipping which is less then 1/2 the new price. Thanks Dell
Re: 21st series R9 overdrive kick down switch [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: 21st series R9 overdrive kick down switch
By disengage I take it you mean the acc needs a bit more travel to fully depress the plunger? If so, the only linkage adjustment is either at the clevis at the carb side or the spring loaded adjusting turnbuckle type mechanism on the rod between the firewall bracket and the engine or EC bracket. Exactly what adjustment is available differs by engine. Adjusting those and particularly the clevis at carb side...
Re: 1939 Super 8 oil pump [by Ozstatman]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1939 Super 8 oil pump
G'day Rick M,
See you're a long time PackardInfo member, but first post, so

I'm sure someone will be along soon who can advise concerning your query but, in the meantime, I invite you to include your '39 Super 8 in the Packard Owner's Registry.
Re: OZ Auction - '34 Twelve Formal Sedan - Oct 24, 2015 [by tabletennissport]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: OZ Auction - '34 Twelve Formal Sedan - Oct 24, 2015
The car was sold for AUD. 78,000.- but we don't know who bought it.
Re: Dome Light Switch Question [by Chad G]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Dome Light Switch Question

Thank you very much for your all of your feedback, and taking the time to look up those items on eBay.

37 Six Gets a New Fuel Pump [by JW]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 37 Six Gets a New Fuel Pump
Changed the fuel pump on the 115C this week. The one on the car has been working fine, but it has been on there for at least 10 years. I thought it would be better if I chose the time and place to replace it. Original pump is a double fuel and vacuum. I replaced it with a single fuel pump. Not concerned about windshield wiper performance as I never drive it in the rain.

I made up an insulation kit which consisted of...
Re: 1951 288 coolant leak [by Mike Burkhart]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1951 288 coolant leak
I just chased a similar problem this week in my '50 Packard 288. Two problems:
1. Radiator hose was leaking around thermostat housing neck. Using a better screw clamp instead of the old OEM clamp fixed that(The judges will get me for that!)
2. The housing where it contacted the gasket and head leaked. VERY IMPORTANT- Dimple the bolt holes up in the housing, use good thick gasket, and black silicone both surfaces with an...
Re: One oil pump modification now on file [by Emmanuel]
V-8 (1955-56):: One oil pump modification now on file

Thanks for this interesting article.
So, I also have the noise problem on high speed.

I will print it for my mechanic (who's is a friend).

The car is in the register.
Re: Packard manifold ID [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Packard manifold ID
Not even close, Mal. In addition to the siamesed center 2 cylinders the cross sectional shape is very different. I'm questioning in my mind if it's a Packard part.
Re: Auction: '54 Convertible, Nov 12th, Rapid City, SD [by 58L8134]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Auction: '54 Convertible, Nov 12th, Rapid City, SD
Hi smith

Thanks for the report! Hopefully the new owner signs on here.

Re: Correct Radiator Coolant- HELP [by Peter Packard]
General:: Correct Radiator Coolant- HELP
Hi all,
I have been into Green Glycol coolants for the past 40 years, primarilary for the anti-corrosion properties. For some vehicles I have instead used a soluble oil lathe type additive. However, over the past few years I have had radiator core leaking problems with vehicles using the Glycol types of anti-freeze, anti-corrosion products. These are classed as IAT and OAT products. My affected Packards have mainly been...
Re: 1956 packard patrician wanted [by PrivateReserve]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1956 packard patrician wanted
Hello Ross,
my e-mail is and my mobile number is 612-963-1950 - Looking forward to finding out more about the car - thank you
Re: 1946 - 1651 Custom Super Clipper added to the corral [by 58L8134]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1946 - 1651 Custom Super Clipper added to the corral
Hi Don 37

Glad another Packard found safe harbor with an appreciative owner. Looks to be a good solid car, good luck with its restoration.

By the way, your '54 Ford truck, except for color, reminds me of one I had contact with over forty years ago. That one belonged to the widow of the local Ford dealer, Bernice Tunningley. It was a big green bear of a rig, a real handful to drive and ride...
Re: wanted over sized piston [by packardtaximan]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: wanted over sized piston
Many thanks to all who responded to my request for over sized pistons. Set has been ordered.
Re: plug wires on my Clipper [by Richard France]
Post-War (1946-54):: plug wires on my Clipper
Ok. Thank you guys.
Re: Delco rotor button with resistor [by DaveB845]
V-8 (1955-56):: Delco rotor button with resistor
Thanks for including those pictures of a RHD V8. It is always interesting to many of us to look at all the effort a company (or re-fitter) went to in order to sell cars in a Commonwealth country. The chrome "v" on the dash is the same as with a LHD, just stuck on the left side. Same with the metal door interior trim panels, the left was stamped to take only the single window switch and the right, the four switch. Today,...
Re: HELP! 1951 Brake Master cylinder rebuild or replace? [by Ozstatman]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: HELP! 1951 Brake Master cylinder rebuild or replace?
Well I've learnt something after cautioning about master cylinders in relation to LHD and RHD Packards.
Reason I did that was because of an experience with pre WW2 Packard master cylinders where LHD and RHD were definitely different.
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1930's METAL LUGGAGE TRUNK JUST RESTORED
City Vintage email is invalid. Please provide other contact information. The trunk is available. Will
Re: Hub Cap CLOISSONE [by Tim Cole]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Hub Cap CLOISSONE
I guess that pretty much proves my point.

If I buy a Cadillac I won't have to spend thousands of dollars trying to undo what has been done to it.

If only Ted Kavenagh were here today!
Re: For Sale: 1951 Packard 300 [by Awood1951]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: For Sale: 1951 Packard 300
Still available
Re: trans troubles [by 64avanti]
V-8 (1955-56):: trans troubles
"It's a 1956 Four hundred with 56.000 miles"
Or you could just ship it to Wisconsin
Re: starting a 1951..... [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: starting a 1951.....
Normally starter is engaged by pressing acc when key is on and the engine is off and no vacuum is present. It will even crank if the key is on in the acc position but it won't start there because the coil isn't powered.

A bad scenario is once started, if something is preventing vacuum from raising the ball in the switch mechanism that provides the mechanical connection between accelerator linkage and the starting switch it...
Re: Wanted...Factory letter to Dealers listing LeBarons available [by Owen_Dyneto]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Wanted...Factory letter to Dealers listing LeBarons available
Same car, photos taken by this writer at the CCCA Grand Classic at Florham Park NJ in 2009.
Re: Drilling into chrome bumper [by Ross]
General:: Drilling into chrome bumper
You could bend up a bracket that fastens to the bumper pan and reaches over the top edge of the bumper. Or, you can just leave the plate under the seat as I do here in MD and have never gotten grief about it.

Otherwise, center punch and drill as per normal and perhaps put a little paint around the holea before the bracket goes on.
Re: v8 Air Cleaner [by Owen_Dyneto]
V-8 (1955-56):: v8 Air Cleaner
Not sure the lighter fluid dirty oil soup on the skin is any less of a health hazard

Latex gloves provides protection.

I manage to clean both oil bath pods on the Caribbean with about 1 quart of solvent which I dispose of with my waste oil. I spray and rinse rather than soak. I stick with the oil bath both for reasons of authenticity and because it's a better dirt trap with higher capacity than the paper elements.

EDIT: A short discussion...
Wanted: 42-50 Front Floor Pan [by dallas]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Wanted: 42-50 Front Floor Pan
I'm looking for a front floor from a 42-50 Clipper. I need it to be from door to door and from under front seat to mid firewall. It can be rusty and have some damage, but must be complete as described. May even consider a parts car if priced correctly. Photos and price please.

Re: Packard history book by Kimes... mint condition [by JW]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Packard history book by Kimes... mint condition
Thanks for the edition info. Not sure what it all means. The book is most often simply referred to as the Kimes edited book.

Re: Short trip to Bulgaria [by Guscha]
General:: Short trip to Bulgaria
Next time you go to Sofia, please let me know in advance, there is a very lonely Packard aficionado there...

David (Flackmaster), in two weeks I will make a stopover in Bulgaria to visit a car museum in Varna, which looks promising.

[img width=500][/img]

Re: Henry's 55 Constellation [by cli55er]
Project Blogs:: Henry's 55 Constellation
mounted the headlight and the power antennae switches. the power antennae will not go to anything and is just there for looks. I left the wires on it and tied them up.

thanks to a local friend for letting me borrow the special tool for tightening the nut on those two switches. I tried to make my own using a 1/4" allen wrench and 3/16 drill bit. I went through 4 drill bits and I wasn't even half way done drilling. if I had...
Re: 1942 2007 Formal sedan for sale [by West Peterson]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1942 2007 Formal sedan for sale
Based on the low-res photo of the chassis, I'd comment that it is not a strong 2+ condition car, but rather a 2 condition car, possibly 2-. When you say strong 2+, you're saying it's just shy of being the best in the world, which is what a #1 would be.

That said, I know of two very nice 1940-41 Packard convertible sedans that recently sold for around $50,000, so you're into a range where people will decide weather...
Re: 1950-288 CI part # for thermostat gasket [by Mike Burkhart]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1950-288 CI part # for thermostat gasket
Yes, I agree. I have been making gaskets for 50+ years. I wanted a pre-made one this time, as I have not taken the housing off yet. I can re-assemble it quicker, and as you know, these can be a chronic problem, so a factory stamped one for $1.29 fit the bill this time.
Thanks guys!!
Re: 374 Lifter issue? [by customclipper55]
V-8 (1955-56):: 374 Lifter issue?
You did not make it clear if your Packard V8 has been overhauled or if it is quite possibly an untouched orig. perhaps this is unknown. You will certainly will determine this if you have the pan down to clean the screen as described above. If it has been rebuilt you can disregard my suggestions. There was a long discussion on this in another thread and my experiences on this engine only apply to recommissioned engines that were run...
Re: Oil Pressure Gauge/Sending Unit Testing [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: Oil Pressure Gauge/Sending Unit Testing
That particular sender may be a vendor only item if they still have any or maybe the instrument shops can repair them. The 48-50s used gauges and at least a gas sender which are a bit different than earlier and later models. I don't know if that oil sender has an actual resistance range or if it works like the gas sender with a heater making a bimetal strip switch a contact on and off. Fuel level affects...
Re: Packard spotlight accessory [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Packard spotlight accessory
Might be helpful to know if it's 6-volt or 12-volt but it looks very similar to the one pictured on page 129 of the 1954 Salesman's Data Book. No doubt it was offered in prior years and perhaps later years as well though the 55-56 unit would be 12-volt and the 54 and back 6-volt. Note that illustrations in accessory listings are sometimes a bit generic and not necessarily identical to what was offered in a specific year.
Re: New Packard owner! HELLO! [by Ozstatman]
General:: New Packard owner! HELLO!
for including your '50 "resto-mod" Eight Sedan in the Packard Owner's Registry.

But, in the Registry it's identified as a 2395-5 Eight Club Sedan(two door), while the Registry picture shows a four door sedan. Can you please check the Data Plate and edit the entry or advise me and I can do it on your behalf?
Re: vibration dampener question [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: vibration dampener question
I don't know how much difference there is in diameter of the damper but it would appear the pulley and belt position is different between the two engine mounting methods. Not the best illustrations since they are different angles but looking at the position of pulley in relation to the end of cam depression on the timing cover it could appear the older damper might be smaller. Another thing to consider is with the groove...
Re: Wade's Workshop [by Ozstatman]
Project Blogs:: Wade's Workshop
Sunday, 8th November 2015

Took the Coupe for a leisurely local drive today. But in the week prior to the previous Sunday, when we'd gone on a Packard club run, had attended to a few minor outstanding items reinstalling the badge bar and the fire extinguisher. The badge bar was updated to include badges from the last two Australian National Packard Rallys. To accommodate these 2 Rally badges another pair of badges had to be sacrificed,...
Re: Packard plant update [by Steve203]
General:: Packard plant update

BDC wrote:
Was just watching football, and the new Nike "snowday" commercial came by. At the very end it shows in the distance the old packard plant, or maybe I'm seeing things :

Looks like the girders of a bridge to me.

Re: Movie Recommendation [by DaveB845]
General:: Movie Recommendation
I am an Amazon Prime member, so this movie was free for me. But having seen it, I would have paid full theater price, it is that good. Watch it if you can, you won't be sorry. Writer/Director Adam Carolla did a fabulous job putting all of this together and continues the saga by taking care of the Paul Newman cars.