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Re: Ebay Packard [by 58L8134]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Ebay Packard

It really looks quite magnificent for an original car, proof what care over the decades can produce. Just my perception, but there seems to be a heightened interest in the 22nd and 23rd Series Club Sedan fastbacks recently. Something about the full surfaces and fastbacks fascinates.

Re: Stars & their Packards [by 58L8134]
General:: Stars & their Packards
Hi Guscha

Lina had excellent taste in Packards! Her rig is a 1925-26 Series 236 Sport Phaeton for four passengers. Not only is it the large 357.8 ci straight eight on the shorter 136" wb but also the radiator, hood and body are lower, for a more sporting profile. An easy way to identify them is the rear door hinging, opposite from the standard Touring. The drum headlights really look great on cars of these years; very large and imposing....
Re: Various CL Pickings [by BDC]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Various CL Pickings
A nice 1930 sedan with a bit optimistic price
Re: Packard Radios [by Riki]
General:: Packard Radios
if you want yo use a 12v neg acc. on pos,

just use a dpdt relay,, it reveres the voltage. when you X the wires
Re: Craig's Panther Project -- Custom Hood [by mtpackard51]
Modification Discussion:: Craig's Panther Project -- Custom Hood
I think that is awesome! I love it when people can creatively mix parts and make something unique, but well proportioned.

I'm sending this on to my brother and buddy, both GTO men. They will get a kick out of this.
Re: Packard engine coolant [by pete]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Packard engine coolant
After driving my 336 for over 50 years I always found my motor to run in the driving range even up the steepest hill. I would suggest look for the easiest things first as long as it sounds like you have done everything necessary. There are two things that you may have done but I will mention them in case I missed them in the thread. I have had problems with modern anti-freeze that contained too much silicate so I use a low...
Re: A 6v winter tour [by Let the ride decide]
General:: A 6v winter tour
What a difference 8 hours make.
Re: carforce number one [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: carforce number one
The Packard was purchased in 1932 by Gov. Roosevelt for his use in Albany.

And there it still resides, in the New York State House garage in Albany. A lucky few of us have obtained permission from the State of NY to visit it there.
Re: Code X on 1950? [by Owen_Dyneto]
Post-War (1946-54):: Code X on 1950?
- Wonder why the "X" didn't make it to the paint charts during those years? -.

Good question. Maybe because, unlike all the other colors which had unique mix formulas just for Packard, the black was just, well, just black!
Re: 1956 Packard Patrician Rebuild Project [by QMopar]
Project Blogs:: 1956 Packard Patrician Rebuild Project
What a project and what a fun read! So enjoy this rebuild thread. Thanks for sharing Troy - keep up the good work!

Re: oil filter cannister bolt [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: oil filter cannister bolt
Perhaps the machinist could do something similar to a filter from a V8. I believe the one I examined is stock but not 100 percent sure. The spring is conical with the bottom having a large captured washer that fits over the center pipe to hold the filter down. The top few turns of the spring is almost the diameter of the bolt. It is tightly wound or threaded onto the bolt almost to the lid which holds the assy in the...
Re: Autoworld Brussel Belgium [by Guscha]
General:: Autoworld Brussel Belgium
Even two adhesive mirrors.
Re: Engine Bay detailing on a '56 dual carb car [by 56P400]
V-8 (1955-56):: Engine Bay detailing on a '56 dual carb car
Sounds like a good option... I will take a look tomorrow!

New Project in the house [by TroyT]
Post-War (1946-54):: New Project in the house
New Project in the house. I am going to have it on the back burner for for a bit, I need to get ready for the our first show May 1st.

I think I am going to fix this one up and sell it. SN G268958CE
Re: 1951 windshield? [by Let the ride decide]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1951 windshield?

Are you familiar with the Texas Packard Meet?

Check out the cars for sale on the home page.
Re: SP merger [by Steve203]
General:: SP merger
Always liked the idea of Studes rolling down EGB.

Problem was, by the time the S-P merger was done, fall 54, Packard was already committed to Conner. All the line equipment at EGB had been pulled up and moved to Conner. Conner could barely push 50,000 cars out the door. There is no way they could have built 150,000 Studebakers in Detroit.

Nance getting the notice from Chrysler in late '53 about Conner

According to the Ward book, the word had...
Re: Original Packard Literature [by dallas]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Original Packard Literature
PAC site is next, then e-bay.
Re: 359 Noisy Lifters on startup? [by randy berger]
Post-War (1946-54):: 359 Noisy Lifters on startup?
Flackmaster, thanks for the update. It will probably help someone on the next straight eight rebuild.
Re: Mobil Economy Run: Specific Packard results? [by PackardV8]
General:: Mobil Economy Run: Specific Packard results?
Dec-jan 2015 check
13.45 miles/US gallon. (56 executive). Note i usualy do long warm ups.
Re: starting 47 super 8 [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: starting 47 super 8
Those sound like they might be the horn wires. Horns and relay are supposed to be mounted on a bracket spanning a couple of head bolts on top of head near rear. You can ohm wires out to be sure. The 10ga would be power straight from bat terminal on solenoid and the other would be from the horn button and would end in a connector approx 6" from bottom of steering box. The connector is a small round black plastic and joins to...
Re: Repairing cardboard door panels [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Repairing cardboard door panels
Thanks, I think I'll try Woolite to begin with
Re: 1956 Packard STD trans [by JW]
V-8 (1955-56):: 1956 Packard STD trans
In August 2008 I drove a nice 1956 400 that had been converted to manual shift with overdrive. Do not recall any problems of interference with the clutch and power brake pedals. I do recall that it would move. The car was in a small town in the Central Valley of California. I forget the name. The owner was needing to sell it because of a pending layoff. He was a pilot for UPS. Nice guy facing some difficult times. I often wonder...
For Sale-Clipper Fender Trim (Whiskers) and Handles [by dallas]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: For Sale-Clipper Fender Trim (Whiskers) and Handles
Just found some Clipper front fender trim, door handle and trunk handle. All parts are used.
Complete set of left front fender trim -part numbers=
378868, 378866, 378864, 378862, 378860.

1ea. used right front fender trim number 378863

I'm asking $175.00 shipped See photos
Re: V8 color by year and Model [by customclipper55]
V-8 (1955-56):: V8 color by year and Model
The turquoise paint in your chart seems very dark. What are the chances of this paint color fading from heat and age?
If there is a silver color listed that no person here on the site has ever seen, what are the chances that there were more than 1 shade of green used ?
This darker shade may have been a clash with the tourmaline painted cars. I had reposted an engine compartment pic on the other thread. Looked unrestored. What...
Re: Free Pancakes [by BDC]
General:: Free Pancakes
We have an IHOP (hate to be a 1 legged waitress there ) but the 1 here had some severe problems with keeping the critters out and I don't care for extra protein in my plate so I'll pass.
Re: 1937 Packard 120 Conv. Coupe Trunk Lid [by David Patla]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1937 Packard 120 Conv. Coupe Trunk Lid
Great, Thanks for the info. and the pictures, I thought springs were needed, another problem solved, thanks again.
Re: instrument cluster removal [by WILLIS]
Post-War (1946-54):: instrument cluster removal
That is my plan if I can finally get it out
Re: Mark's 1950 Super Eight [by JD in KC]
Project Blogs:: Mark's 1950 Super Eight
I agree with O_D, installed new rings, replaced all 16 valves, a few cam followers and a hydraulic lifter on my '50 Custom several years ago... with the engine in the car, heater and manifolds in place. Had to remove the grill of course to pull the camshaft.
Re: clipper and super clipper [by BigKev]
Post-War (1946-54):: clipper and super clipper
One wears a cape, and the other one doesn't!

Re: 1955 high optioned Custom Clipper reluctantly for sale [by QMopar]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1955 high optioned Custom Clipper reluctantly for sale
Totally agree
Re: Hubcap Emblems [by Baltimore472106]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Hubcap Emblems
Dallas-Check is in the mail with my shipping address, please confirm receipt. Also included a picture of my 2106 on her recent birthday ride (12.05.2014). Thanks a lot, Mike in Baltimore.
Re: Mike's 53 Clipper [by Tobs]
Project Blogs:: Mike's 53 Clipper
Hi Charlie,

First I cut a 1/4 inch by ~3 inch slot into a few pieces of paper and laid them over the clock face so I didn't scratch anything, then I just used the knife from a leatherman pocket tool and pried up on the base of the minute hand. I didn't pry on the wide ring of the minute hand, but right where it attaches to the clock mechanism. I worked my way around 1 or two times, and then the minute hand jumped about a foot in the...
Re: Wade's Workshop [by Ozstatman]
Project Blogs:: Wade's Workshop

Yes, a very nice feeling. I've been very lucky with the Coupe so far, since getting it on the road at the start of 2009. Although there have been things "happen", nothing that has been a major drama has occurred. I hope it continues that way!
1939 120 hood trim [by Saffron]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1939 120 hood trim
Would some one post a closeup of the trim on the side of the hood.Is there stainless trim around the openings.
Re: CCCA's "The Packard Experience" at the Gilmore [by Steve203]
Shows and Events:: CCCA's "The Packard Experience" at the Gilmore
*whew* June 7. It doesn't conflict with anything at Greenfield Village.
Re: Packard plant update [by Steve203]
General:: Packard plant update
No new work reported at the plant during the winter. Update on plans in Crain's Detroit.

The first project is slated to include the 150,000-square-foot former administrative building. Palazuelo expects the financing sources to be identified, and licenses and approvals will be received by August, and that construction could begin shortly thereafter.
Re: 1935 Eight, oil in the radiator [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1935 Eight, oil in the radiator
Thanks for the follow-up, glad that was the problem with such an easy fix. It is amazing to me that the 35 and newer oil coolers almost never cause problems even after 80 years. The 34 (a one-year only design) has proven to have a quite high failure rate after all these years and the usual solution is to machine a bypass shuttle within the housing. The 34s also present the problem of having a 1-year-only water jacket plate.
Re: What SINGLE factor MOST contributed to the demise of Packard? [by Steve203]
General:: What SINGLE factor MOST contributed to the demise of Packard?
Studebaker's handling of their 1953 line is a textbook case of mismanagement. After much dithering whether to field an all-new car for their 1952 centennial, the 1953's became a patchwork mess.

Another case of glassy-eyed management being sold on something that isn't well thought through. In this case sold by Lowey, like Nance being sold on the Conner move by Walter Grant.

...along with antiquated...
patrician back home [by mikes55]
V-8 (1955-56):: patrician back home
Finally the patrician is back home! need some info on a assembly manual didn't come back with the car thanks!will post pics soon.
Re: Remains of a 1937 prototype? [by JKowFam]
General:: Remains of a 1937 prototype?
Here is a picture of the lower dash/transmission area I took on my last visit to the car. We can see that the floor and even the frame are almost disintegrated (that's daylight visible behind the brake pedal). But the shift lever still moves left and right. As for any special mods, it's very hard to say. The rusted springs of the bench seat are around the site somewhere, but it was detached and pulled from the interior long before my time.
Re: under running board antenna [by HH56]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: under running board antenna
Thanks for the info. That is kind of what I was thinking. It just seemed with the lengths Packard went to on the regular types to make them extend that something under the car wouldn't fare as well. Even the rotary roof antennas, while already positioned high, would still extend a fair amount.

They went to extremes during the 50s. The fender antennas would go up 4-5' and the V8 rear antennas took it to the limit....
Re: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400 [by Stewart]
Project Blogs:: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400
Its thawing out a little this weekend and I finally got some shop time.

I got the ham back in the axle housing. You can see I used the Grey High Torque RTV to seal it. Donít tell me I could have done something else to seal it because itís done now. I will replace the shafts soon. One of the shafts bearings I got from Max was wrong so I need to exchange it.

Also put the needle bearings back into one of the steering knuckle....
Re: The Duchess Project: 1940 Super 8 Convertible Sedan [by JoeSantana]
Project Blogs:: The Duchess Project: 1940 Super 8 Convertible Sedan
T-bolt that secures radio box to firewall.
Re: Ken's 1937 115C Touring Sedan [by HH56]
Project Blogs:: Ken's 1937 115C Touring Sedan
I wonder if some of those tablets for sealing cracks or porous castings that several have mentioned as still carried at Cadillac dealers might be worth a try.
Re: Hubcaps for sale [by smith]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Hubcaps for sale
Here are pictures of the 52's I have.
All 7 to go, $35.00 each plus shipping.
Re: Window Glass & Drip Pans for a 1932 901 4 door sedan [by Marston]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Window Glass & Drip Pans for a 1932 901 4 door sedan

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Looking at the door's construction that's what I thought, but wanted to be sure before putting the glass in.

Thanks Again.
1955 Packard 400 Upholstery [by WauhopM]
V-8 (1955-56):: 1955 Packard 400 Upholstery
Hi, I am preparing to have some upholstery work done to my car-SMS did a good job of matching the seat and vinyl, but I cant tell what the windlace looked like when it was new its now so deteriorated-Can someone who owns a Patrican or 400 with sardonyx and white pain job and with interior trim sceme 81 which is either in excellent or restored condition post some pictures for me of what the windlace looks like?
Re: How Many Left? [by spfan]
Studebaker Built Packards (1957 - 58):: How Many Left?
here's one more to add to your count.I have #4543 of a total of 4900 built that year.Mine"s an 36,000 mile original unrestored car that is a blast to drive!!!

Re: Inside handles for 1947 Limousine [by Axel Broms]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Inside handles for 1947 Limousine

I contact you directly.

Best regards

Re: PAC 2015 National, Reading PA [by 58L8134]
Shows and Events:: PAC 2015 National, Reading PA

On your way to the PAC National if you're traveling from the north, perhaps make time for a visit to the John W. Rich Automobile Museum at Frackville, PA, easy enough to find up Route 61 just above I-81 Exit 36.

A wonderful variety of cars including a couple gorgeous Classic Packards and many coachbuilt European Classics. Plus one very special Rolls-Royce with as flamboyant a coachbuilt body as was ever mounted on that chassis....leave it to a furrier and Henri Labourdette!

Re: BigKev's 1954 Packard Clipper Deluxe Sedan [by BigKev]
Project Blogs:: BigKev's 1954 Packard Clipper Deluxe Sedan
I do have an adjustable thermal switch, which I think I can use to set a turn on or off temp.
Re: 1950 Ultramatic Seal Kit [by Owen_Dyneto]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1950 Ultramatic Seal Kit
Absolutely agree! Once the unit is out, do the full job - it's a decision you will not regret. And when finished, be meticulous and precise about the proper setting of the throttle pressure linkage - it's absolutely essential to long transmission life.
Re: 1946/47 Custom Super Clipper [by Baltimore472106]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1946/47 Custom Super Clipper
I just talked to them and am arranging to have the 'Guidelines' sent tome. Great advice, thank you very much! Mike in Baltimore.
Re: 1955 and 56 trunk liners and trim [by BigKev]
V-8 (1955-56):: 1955 and 56 trunk liners and trim
Also, the Detroit PAC region sells the correct shirt bolts for the different years. While the bolt heads are 14mm, the shaft diameters are different sizes depending on the year. I discovered this by accident. So make sure you check the shaft size to get the correct one.
Re: Carribean on eBay [by BigKev]
V-8 (1955-56):: Carribean on eBay
Check the FAQs section to the left (
RIP Ernie Hemmings [by 58L8134]
General:: RIP Ernie Hemmings

Although not specifically Packard, his early efforts to help old car enthusiasts find cars and parts probably saved countless Packards along with many other cars that would have been lost. RIP Ernie Hemmings.

Re: Locking door handle cylinder removal 1940 [by jim C]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Locking door handle cylinder removal 1940
Thanks for the link. Made copies of the info there. There were some slight discrepancies between what he posted and what I found on my car. I don't know if it was the difference in model years or what. Got my lock cylinders out now just have to figure out how to reinstall them. My 39 has no lock ring inside holding the the spring and washer with the dog ears on it in.
Re: Russian Packard tooling made in Russia? [by Owen_Dyneto]
General:: Russian Packard tooling made in Russia?
Hi danrmorton: Not sure I read your question correctly; are you suggesting that the ZIL was made using Packard-supplied dies? If so, that myth was dispelled thoroughly many years ago. Though there are some few minor parts that interchange like some parts of the dashboard, neither Packard dies nor tooling was involved in it.
Re: And That's Why We Started [by HH56]
General:: And That's Why We Started

Let the ride decide wrote:
This one?

That is the one.
Re: 40-50 Used Senior Packard Parts [by flackmaster]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 40-50 Used Senior Packard Parts
pm sent
Re: 1942 Packard Dash Clock Needed [by dav]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1942 Packard Dash Clock Needed
Still Looking for 2 more Clock If Anyone have please let me know
414-Six3O 2853
Re: 1950 Wiper Blades [by BigKev]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1950 Wiper Blades
Those are the same style that was used on my '54 Clipper as well. I just bought a pair from Sandy Chico at the PI Meet.
Re: Ranco H 16 [by customclipper55]
V-8 (1955-56):: Ranco H 16
Thanks. I did not realize there was a service counceler relating to this. I will have to make a habit of searching these even for earlier model years. Perhaps it was Packards intent to eliminate the automatic function for a manual system. As I recall the capillary tube and bulb tip work in conjunction to sense the difference between the ambient and delivered air. The plunger tip has very little movement at temp differentials of 30 deg to 90...
Re: Patrician (400 etc) sill trim clips... help! [by Muir]
V-8 (1955-56):: Patrician (400 etc) sill trim clips... help!
Thanks BigKev - found the reference (page 169 of your blog!) clips and mouldings... now I'm just ploughing through their website... with the amount of stuff they have their shop must be the size of Texas....

Re: 1954 packard radiator [by BigKev]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1954 packard radiator
Kanter? MaxMerrit?
Re: Build Sheet Decoding [by 2packards]
Post-War (1946-54):: Build Sheet Decoding
Red paint on both. When the black paint on the outer surface was removed, the next color was red. When the undercoating was removed from the wheel side of the fender, it was red under the undercoat. I've been told the inside of the fender is supposed to be black. Possibly with the 'special paint code' they treated the inside the same as the outside.

I also have a factory photo of what appears to be a white model, and the...
Re: Water pump shaft packing nut for 1929 senior car [by jwogec]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Water pump shaft packing nut for 1929 senior car
Hi Owen,

Thanks for the effort! I know Classic and Exotic makes one for the 12 cylinder cars, but I couldn't find one for the eights. No big deal. I think I have a solution. Thanks again for all your help.
May 15-17, 2015 DODGE CITY JOINT CAR MEET [by Mike Burkhart]
Shows and Events:: May 15-17, 2015 DODGE CITY JOINT CAR MEET
The Dodge City, Kansas joint car meet will be May 15-17. This is a multi-regional meet which includes Mid America Packards, Great Plains Packards, Rocky Mountain Packards, Packards North Texas, and the Professional Car Society are invited, as well as all other regions. The meet will include historic tours of Dodge City and surrounding sites. Dodge City is strategically located close to many Packard regions....
Re: Windlace trim ? [by WILLIS]
Post-War (1946-54):: Windlace trim ?
The down piece extends to below the side window trim. A very rudimentary drawing attached.
Re: Robert J. Neal, author & Packard historian [by snopack]
General:: Robert J. Neal, author & Packard historian
Most know Bob Neal as a Packard historian and author,

Bob was also an avid collector of antique Smith and Wesson hand guns.

His first book was Smith and Wesson 1857 to 1945 and it is considered the bible for Smith and Wesson collectors.

Bob was a gentleman and a great friend, he will be missed by all who knew him.

Sincerely, John Sauser

ps. Funeral arrangment are by Bonney Watson Funeral Home.
Re: Three packards in spokane wa. [by TroyT]
V-8 (1955-56):: Three packards in spokane wa.
could very well be Jade and Topaz, instead of Agate and Topaz, Looks darker on my computer could be my monitor.
Re: 1953 Patrician 400 Parts [by Ozstatman]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1953 Patrician 400 Parts
for including your parts car '53 Patrician Touring Sedan in the Registry.
Re: 1940 120 Convertible Coupe Restoration [by BDC]
Project Blogs:: 1940 120 Convertible Coupe Restoration
I admire your skills! If you get bored I have some projects for you
Re: Heater Hose Connection [by JW]
General:: Heater Hose Connection
Mal, did your '38 Eight have radiator shutters? Given the age of the Marmon it probably has shutters too. This may have something to do with the recirculation routing. Don't know, just thinking out loud. This would not necessarily apply to the '37 Six which did not have shutters.

The recirculation routing may have been a holdover practice. This would be something like clothes pins on a pressurized fuel pump to carburetor gas line to...
Re: 1935 Standard Eight Oil Filler Removal [by AJS]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1935 Eight Cylinder Oil Filler Removal
thank you
Re: Quick Question on IDing engines... [by HH56]
General:: Quick Question on IDing engines...
Question: Why don't rat turds decompose? Are they harmful to to one's health if exposed for too long to them? The rear seat is loaded,and I was shoveling them out of the trunk when I went to put tires on it. About ten good size shovel loads,and there is plenty left.

I believe the droppings form a hard dry shell on the outside and typically just lay there. My guess as to why they stuck to the block is there was moisture...
Re: Many hard-to-find parts & literature, name your price-- [by Ozstatman]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Many hard-to-find parts & literature, name your price--
for including the photos in the Photo Archive, here and here. I'm sure the taste, or lack of it, of a prior owner isn't grounds for instant dismissal! While the shroud around the fan in your other photo is interesting.
Re: Passing of a Great Packard Owner [by Ross]
General:: Passing of a Great Packard Owner
Dave was one of the most gracious, entertaining and knowledgeable men I have ever met in the Packard Club. It was always a pleasure to encounter him and his wife Jane on any tour or event--you knew you were going to have a good time. And if you asked you could soon be seated at the wheel of of some lovely late twenties Packard for a test drive. I am going to miss him terribly.
1937 115c heater hose [by Alfred]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1937 115c heater hose
Does anybody have a 1937 115c that has a heater installed that could send me some detailed pictures of the heater hoses / routing / I would be very thankful
Re: six volt bulbs [by DeluxCanuck]
General:: six volt bulbs
Great info David. Thanks for taking the time to compile the list.
Re: 53 327 engine [by 58L8134]
Post-War (1946-54):: 53 327 engine

Not a club sedan, darn. Though a 1400 sedan with the 327 engine would make a nice regular driver. It would be interesting to see how the conversion was accomplished.

As folks took a practical approach in those years, a good sedan with a tired engine was a prime candidate given an owner who wanted to get more miles at a reasonable expense. From a era when cars got rejuvenated rather than traded.

Re: 1954 clipper Battery cables and positive ground? [by JW]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1954 clipper Battery cables and positive ground?
NAPA sells a heavy duty battery cable disconnect. One part clamps onto the battery terminal and the other is on the cable end. It uses a round knob to tighten the two pieces together. When the knob is loosened the cable can be separated from the battery. I have used them on my 6- and 12-volt Packards and they will handle the amp load of a 6-volt system. These are not the light duty green knob devices...
Re: 54 Clipper in Billings MT [by David Grubbs]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 54 Clipper in Billings MT
That might explain the dent under the front right headlight. Maybe the original grille was damaged and replaced with an earlier one. I'm trying to contact the owner and get more info on the car.
Re: Charging system issue [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: Charging system issue
If the regulator was changed (and adjusted) for the 8v battery it could be the wrong regulator now and probably voltage is set too high and could damage your new battery. Some regulators are also polarity specific so that needs to be looked into. The terminal order is not really written in stone so can be different depending on mfg or model.

If the car was neg ground and you have corrected it then chances are the generator...
Re: Grill removal? [by 19482255]
Post-War (1946-54):: Grill removal?
Got the C8 grill off last night, finally accessing the front of the 356. Thanks for the help everyone. Took me a good 1/2 day to do it. Kept thinking the grill was going to clear the lower bumper, but it was only upon taking the lower bumper nearly all the way off that the center grill section had enough clearance to come out.

Thought I also had to take the parking lamp assembly backings off as well and managed to snap off the...
Re: New here and interested in this 1948 Coupe, what do the pro's think? [by David Grubbs]
Post-War (1946-54):: New here and interested in this 1948 Coupe, what do the pro's think?
it looks like a very good buy as long as the mechanicals are in good shape, and there isn't any rust in the body (a bit in the trunk or floor board isn't a tough fix). Only problem is when I clicked on it, it said that the ad had been removed.
Re: Electric Wiper Motor Conversions [by Boodog]
General:: Electric Wiper Motor Conversions
Looks very nice. By the time I get the motor and inverter, I will have well over $300.00 in the setup, but I will also have a nice 12 volt supply for such things as a modern radio, GPS, cell phone charger, etc. This makes the cost a little easier to swallow. The old 49 was a "barn find" and in pretty bad shape. Like all restorations, it's a labor of love. If you count the cost it will drive you nuts.
56 Caribbean Hardtop [by smith]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 56 Caribbean Hardtop
5697 body work started 30 years ago, has sat inside since.
Most ext trim there, good fenders, grill & bumpers go with car. Core motor & trans as well. $7500. Scott. email: or call 507-283-1777.
Wanted 1935 Packard Eight Engine Splash Pans and 1201 Side Curtains [by AJS]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Wanted 1935 Packard Eight Engine Splash Pans and 1201 Side Curtains
Looking for a set of restorable 1935 Packard 1201 Eight engine splash pans, and 1201 Phaeton 5 Passenger side curtains
Re: 56 400 headliner [by Riki]
V-8 (1955-56):: 56 400 headliner
here is hirsch paint heavy duty type, i like it,, it is tough to get off,

but denatured alcohol removed it from the paint, enamel, and chrome on window

spray or rolling it would of been better than the brush,,on the overhead,,,lot of drips.

still have some touch up, tried fiberglass ,,, mess to work with,,but does firm things up.. have more to put along drip rail, from inside,

thanks for that hh,,
Re: Capacity of 1941 Packard Super Eight Radiator [by Corsaseven]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Capacity of 1941 Packard Super Eight Radiator
Hi West,
You are correct, the entire system is 5 gallons, after draining my radiator only , It would only accept around 7 quarts and then it was slightly over filled.
Re: 1941 110 Special values [by 58L8134]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1941 110 Special values
Hi Troy

Compared to the other '41 110 Special sedans that turn up for sale with some frequency on CL, this one is badly over-priced for its condition. The sellers have no hope of achieving anything like what they're asking. Talking sense to them will be like talking to the wall. Only time and market reality will change their minds.....give it time....if you still want it later they'll come around after reality sets in.

Re: GearRat's '52 [by GearRat52]
Project Blogs:: GearRat's '52

HH56 wrote:
Congratulations on getting the job. Did the interviewer see you drive up showing your patina and feel sorry or did he come to the conclusion you are an enterprising lad worth hiring because you decided to take on the project.

Haha! I'll say a tiny bit of the former and hopefully the majority being with the latter. Or the other way around
Re: Henry's 55 Constellation [by Larry51]
Project Blogs:: Henry's 55 Constellation
Sorry to hear about your health problems, that is a bummer.
I reckon attack the biggest problem first, then when you've got it licked that's the best feeling, because everything after that is easier. So maybe that rear screen problem has to be top priority?
I had problems with front screen seal, too small, wouldn't fit. (Yep - Steele Rubber seal). I got a mobile windscreen guy to come around and he said it'd be ok - we WOULD get...
Re: Original floor coverings for 23rd [by dallas]
Post-War (1946-54):: Original floor coverings for 23rd
Sam, I just found out that the "US Rubber" logo is embossed on both ends of the front floor mat. Hope this helps. Frank
Re: 1940-50 Packard 356 Ignition Points [by dallas]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1940-50 Packard 356 Ignition Points
Offer accepted---points SOLD
Re: Shift on the floor or column better? [by Craig]
General:: Shift on the floor or column better?
Phils38Cpe Quote:
Floor shifters also had the advantage when riding with your girl snuggled up beside you and your hand slipped going into third.

Phil, that's funny! Also true.

The same could be said for 60's era muscle car 4-speeds (shifting into 4th in that case), except that the girl had to be sitting on the console rather than in the shotgun seat. Usually, that was not a problem.

Re: 1948 22nd Series Transmission Rebuild with R-11 Service Needed [by JW]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1948 22nd Series Transmission Rebuild with R-11 Service Needed
Packard 1948, I sent you a PM.

Re: Larry's 1951 Club Sedan Project [by Larry51]
Project Blogs:: Larry's 1951 Club Sedan Project
Thanks BDeB and Charles.

I read about the whistle, quite interesting. And I'll try the method suggested for filling the tank next time . . . Hope that it will work!