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Re: Short trip to Bulgaria [by Ozstatman]
General:: Short trip to Bulgaria
Re: Spark plug retainer location on 41 super eight [by Mark Graber]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Spark plug retainer location on 41 super eight
On my 2106 it is on number eight. I think there are some engine photos posted in the photo section.
Cam Plate [by Riki]
V-8 (1955-56):: Cam Plate
what's the reason for the up dated plate, ?

this off my 56 400,
The 55 Clipper comes out of hibernation Pt. 2 a few issues. [by TOMOLDCARS]
V-8 (1955-56):: The 55 Clipper comes out of hibernation
The car is running nicely after a few weeks local driving and glitch repair.

Item one; failure to dab a little grease on the distributer cam will heat the plastic point follower and it will melt and the points won’t open. OEM style points were special order, but points with the same footprint are available. The tab for the insulator and screw terminal needs to be cut off and the flat spring attached to the existing...
Re: Charging too much, not regulator [by PackardV8]
General:: Charging too much, not regulator
Chek battery cables for tightness and corroosion.
Re: How does heat get to thermostatic choke? [by Ozstatman]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: How does heat get to thermostatic choke?
JW, That's what Tim from Carburettor Service Company in Sydney did when he rebuilt and reinstalled the carb on my '41 120. Works well.
useless info [by acolds]
Studebaker Built Packards (1957 - 58):: useless info
After looking at the original bill of sale for my 57 Clipper asked my wife to check on the first owner as she is into the family ancestry. After some checking as we had the owners name and address when he purchase car. Found in the 1940 US Census his age calculated when purchased 1950 Packard at age of 68 and my Clipper at the age of 75. I had heard he was old when he purchased the 57. Also that he was a railroad...
Re: 1941 Headliner [by John Iaccino]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1941 Headliner
If a person knows how to replace one, it is not difficult. To a beginner, it can be somewhat less than easy. If you call me I can explain the procedure. The 41's that I have done were no more difficult than any other car of that era.
Start with the middle bow and work forward, then go from the middle bow and work backwards. I can communicate better over the phone than I can with a computer. John 845-876-7309
Re: numbers [by mikes55]
V-8 (1955-56):: numbers
As far as I know from the previous owner the car was bought by his dad in '60 drove around for a while then restoration was started in the latter part of the 80's or 90's moved around from florida to minn. in pieces then to wa. state where I bought it. p.o. said it was last reg in fl. going to contact their dmv to see if I can get a copy of the title. reg in wa. is not that difficult if # match I can get a 3yr reg then a title after. selling won't...
Re: Tire Shopping for a '54 Clipper [by customclipper55]
Post-War (1946-54):: Tire Shopping for a '54 Clipper
There were threads on this prior or is this a continuation of the earlier thread? Remember to properly prep the rims and paint/coat inside and out with a careful inspection of them if there is heavy rust as this can be a safety concern. I have great results with the brand of wide white radials I mentioned prior and though they were supposed to be US made and had a different country or origin on the sticker they ride...
Re: Just saying hi [by Ozstatman]
Post-War (1946-54):: Just saying hi
G'day kleroy,
to PackardInfo.

And I invite you to include your '48 Super Eight Limousine in the Packard Owner's Registry.
Manifold Gasket Set 40-50 /356 engine [by dallas]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Manifold Gasket Set 40-50 /356 engine
For Sale- complete Packard manifold gasket set including hot spot gasket-- fits 1940 thru 1950 with 356 cubic inch engines.
Price is $50.00 plus shipping.
Re: spark plugs [by PackardV8]
Post-War (1946-54):: spark plugs
ok. I found an LM49 in my AC book. For Jacobson lawn mower, something called a snow queen and a Lawnboy mower.
That "49" really threw me. So apparently the heat ranges can exceed the 42 thru 48 as listed in my book.

That 49 ahould be one hell of a hot plug tho.
55-56 top cylinder compared to 51-54 top cylinder [by Let the ride decide]
V-8 (1955-56):: 55-56 top cylinder compared to 51-54 top cylinder
Which one is 55-56?
Re: Designs Never meant to be seen [by RogerDetroit]
General:: Designs Never meant to be seen
Hello Troy:

Yes, I started a thread about an Art Exhibit here in Detroit (Southfield, MI) showcasing those designs and designers just last week. You can see it here;

I was there for opening night and several of the designers are current members of Motor City Packards – they introduced me around. There is a loose group of designers that hang out for coffee at COSI in Birmingham, MI each Tuesday where they shoot the breeze.

In the video you linked you may have noticed MaryEllen (Green) Dohrs – the designer of the 1955 Caribbean and 400 seats. We had her as a speaker at the 2013 PAC National Meet. She started her career at GM as an interior designer and later worked at Sundberg-Ferar in the middle 1950s when Dick Teague hired her as a contract employee.

Lovely woman. I’ve interviewed her several times and she tells great stories of what it was like to work in the male dominated auto world in Detroit.
Re: Late 20's interior flooring [by 28Pack526]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Late 20's interior flooring
The error is mine for not reading more closely. The OP and everyone else is talking about the front flooring, while I'm nattering on about running board treatment in isolation :)
Re: Packard Seniors 1940-56 [by Owen_Dyneto]
General:: Packard Seniors 1940-56
To your second part, though one doesn't hear the terms "junior" and "senior" applied to earlier cars, there were generally two models in production at any time and surely one was junior to the other. For example, the Model 18 was junior to the Model 30, the Single Six was junior to the Single Eight; the Eight (Standard Eight in 32 and back) was junior to the Eight Deluxe or Custom or later on the Super 8 and of course the Twelve. But...
Re: Merger of Nash/Kelvinator, Packard & Hudson [by Mahoning63]
General:: Merger of Nash/Kelvinator, Packard & Hudson
Thanks Steve, excellent synopsis and critique. That might be the same book I've been reading every Saturday morning in the library while my daughter is taking music lessons. Excellent account of what happened.

I checked the Standard Catalogue for 1950 FoMoCo pricing. Ford sedans were priced around $1500-$1600, Mercury was $2000, Lincoln Capri was $2500 and Lincoln Cosmo was $3200. So yes, there was a $500 spread...
Re: Anniversary [by Mahoning63]
General:: Anniversary
Thanks BigKev and everyone who supports and contributes, a absolutely wonderful website.
Re: Howard's 47 Custom project [by Jim L. in OR]
Project Blogs:: Howard's 47 Custom project
If the photo is any example, you are going to have a beautiful interior, not to mention a beautiful car. Your adventures with your Custom has been providing inspiration for my '51 Patrician project.
Packard article in Hemmings [by Ozstatman]
General:: Packard article in Hemmings
Click here.

Also in Hemmings under their "This Day in Automotive History" banner was this - 4/24/1908: Jacob Murdock and his family embark on a trip to cross the United States in a car. Their trip from LA to New York City in a 1908 Packard "Thirty" touring car will take 32 days.
Re: 55 Packard Trim Pieces For Sale [by mikes55]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 55 Packard Trim Pieces For Sale
Do you still have the emblem that goes on the grill?
Re: Convertable top for caribbean 55 [by ewrecks]
V-8 (1955-56):: Convertable top for caribbean 55
After a considerable delay, I finally got a swatch of comvertible top material from Bill Hirsch for possible replacement of the top on the 55 Caribbean. It took a while,to secure a piece of material that was white on the top and tan on the underside. Apparently the most readily available tops are white with black inner liner color which I anticipated would be difficult to dye to match the interior.
The original swatch...
Re: Ebay ad for NOS for gasket. [by Don Shields]
General:: Ebay ad for NOS for gasket.
A quick check of Max's site shows that they are coil spring insulator pads. Max lists them at $15.00/pair, quite a bit less than the $35.00/pair that our ebay seller wants. You'd think the seller would check this out before listing them. Of course they're not NOS either.
Re: 1940 110 wagon spotted in the wild [by 58L8134]
General:: 1940 110 wagon spotted in the wild
Hi Steve203

Great article, glad they've given Packard some exposure. As it's a general interest site, the more their participants casually encounter Packard information, the better.

Re: Various CL Pickings [by 58L8134]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Various CL Pickings

A bit of this and that, though nothing on par with that '55 Clipper 'roadster':

A '42 Henney, solid project, interesting by pricey:

A '52 Patrician, flat black and only three bucks!:

A '55 400, dry, solid, project, seller has two others including a '55 Clipper hardtop:


PS: Quite a project that SOHC 356!
Re: Into the Sun [by Ozstatman]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Into the Sun

I'm technologically challenged and although I see a few have more than one photo in their Registry entry I don't know how they do that!

However, I do know you can change whatever you already have entered, be it text or photos. Use the "Make Changes" button at the bottom of each entry, do your changes then click on the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of each entry.
Re: 53 clipper 3 speed tranny [by 53 Packard]
Post-War (1946-54):: 53 clipper 3 speed tranny
Sorry took so long to reply but transmission is back in and working great thanks for the help
Re: A ride in the Predictor [by Leeedy]
General:: A ride in the Predictor
The Predictor's vertical grille was not a "grille" at all–certainly not in the way that the Edsel was. The Predictor actually had a spring-loaded vertical bumper guard rather than a grille.

As for cooling, it was common that many V-8 Packard ran rather cool when new. In the case of Predictor the airflow in front was actually directed bout around the upright and under the bumper. WIth one of those huge Packard radiators (Predictor's...
Re: Building 22 update [by Steve203]
General:: Building 22 update

Leeedy wrote:

It sat available for lease in the bricked-up format for many years. Being bricked-in is probably what saved it. Place was like a fortress.

I noticed in one of the TV reports that it appears that small windows have been installed on one level. Makes sense as the company apparently has offices there as well as warehousing.

I was hoping for a look at the door to the tunnel under the tracks to building 84, if it's still...
Re: Air Cleaner Copper [by Owen_Dyneto]
General:: Air Cleaner Copper
Also available by the roll from Classic & Exotic as P/N MISC 0201.
Re: 1941 Packard 110 - Electric Fuel Pump Advice [by West Peterson]
General:: 1941 Packard 110 - Electric Fuel Pump Advice
No. Go with the 8011.
Re: Vaccuu gave test location [by 8iron]
Post-War (1946-54):: Vaccuu gave test location
Thank you I will check distribruator vacuum as suggested. Do I just remove the center bolt under the fuel pump to flush the screen? Will look for vacuum port on intake manifold.
Re: Engine Rebuild 40 110 [by stevep516]
General:: Engine Rebuild 40 110
Thank you Howard, I will have to do a little research with the DMV but as of now, I have everything documented for the next car taker.

After many months of trials and tribulations (since Thanksgiving), I finally have my car running and will be able to reassemble ready for the Springtime.
Thanks again for everyone's input and advice.
Re: Arlene's 55 Patrician [by 64avanti]
Project Blogs:: Arlene's 55 Patrician
PM Sent, Your phone work?
Re: 54 Patty rear brakes [by BigKev]
Post-War (1946-54):: 54 Patty rear brakes

Take a look at my project blog, while I have a '54 Clipper which uses different sized parts, the concepts and assemble is exactly the same.
Re: 21st series upholstery piping [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: 21st series upholstery piping
I'm still in a quandary over the piping color. As several have mentioned, the upholstery piping color was the same as the windlace so the upholster and I went thru many books to find a color and pattern that was somewhat close to what we thought the faded and dirty original on the seats might have been. Asked him to do one small piece as a test and here it is.

Still can't quite grasp tan or beige and blue together...
Re: Engine Rebuild Tips and Suggestions Needed!!! [by Owen_Dyneto]
Post-War (1946-54):: Engine Rebuild Tips and Suggestions Needed!!!
What Wesley advises is certainly a preferred good practice and removing metal from existing fasteners (except when providing clearance for plating) is to be avoided, but Washburn's statement that using a tap or die "will be removing existing threads" is not necessarily true, it depends on the class of fit of the existing threads and the class of fit that the tap and/or die have been designed for. There...
Re: 1949 23rd series resto [by Fred Puhn]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1949 23rd series resto
I restored a Series 23 Deluxe 8 over the last 4 years and have a number of good parts available. Please send me a list of your needs and I will check on it. Email or call (619)475-1155. Fred.
Re: Mike's 53 Clipper [by Tobs]
Project Blogs:: Mike's 53 Clipper
more more more.
Re: Major Brake Adjustment Question [by JW]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Major Brake Adjustment Question
Thanks, Tim. Your advice lines up with mine after I thought about it. I was over thinking the job and thought a major adjustment on the seasoned linings and drums would be the thing to do. Obviously not. I'll try your suggestion tomorrow.

Re: ISO Gas tank for a 1939 Six Touring sedan [by autopat]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: ISO Gas tank for a 1939 Six Touring sedan
I'll swing by and check for you.
Re: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400 [by Stewart]
Project Blogs:: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400
Ross, you confirmed what I was thinking. Have not had time to work on it yet but that is the route I will try.

Henry, I remember your post about breaking that part. I will be careful. Am looking for some foam pipe insulation now to use on the load arm seat seals (or what ever its called.) My local big box stores don't care 1 1/4 inside diameter.

Ride, Because of the all-thread holding the front arms I actually have the...
Found [by bobp]
V-8 (1955-56):: Found
There is a 1955 Packard rolling chassis for sale in the Pittsburgh PA Craigslist. I went check it out. It's engine number is 5562-3653. The body was tossed 25 years ago. It's been sitting since. The engine is stuck but complete. It's a 4 bbl. The frame is junk. Non pushbutton automatic. I know this isn't the for sale section, but I'm not selling bit. But it's $200 bucks.
Re: The future?? [by su8overdrive]
General:: The future??
I'm leary of EZ "thuh politicians," "thuh bureaucrats" laments. We get the government we deserve. That wonderful adage comes to mind: "If you don't like the news, make some of your own."

But it's easier to complain and look for black helicopters.

Automakers produce cars laden with electronic toys because that's what m o s t of the public wants. Look how much time even we "real" gearheads spend online.

You can't blame automakers...
Re: Recent additions to the Owner Registry [by Ozstatman]
General:: Recent additions to the Owner Registry

to PackardInfo and for including not one but two Packards in the Packard Owner's Registry, your '31 Standard Eight Sedan & '54 Convertible Coupe!
1941 Packard 110 - Front Windshield and Rear Window installation questions [by Ragtime Kid]
General:: 1941 Packard 110 - Front Windshield and Rear Window installation questions
My car has the stainless trim around the front windshields and I have ordered the new gasket from Steele. It is a one piece, vulcanized design with the center separation channel built in.

Question: Do I still need a separate rubber gasket behind the chrome windshield divider bar? Steele makes a separate rubber part for this, which I went ahead and ordered but now it seems redundant...
Re: Intermediate arm. 37. 115-c [by iPad]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Intermediate arm. 37. 115-c
Thank you for the return information, I see kanter sells replacement pins and bearings so this is my next part replacement. Thanks Dave
Re: oil pump install/timing issues on 1601 Eight [by FPTGearhead]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: oil pump install/timing issues on 1601 Eight
Well thanks to all that wrote in... As usual, I over thought the issue. That's typical for me! I should have figured this out myself, oh well.

This morning I set the octane adjuster at zero, set #1 at TDC, loosened the base plate then rotated the distributer about one cam lobe CCW and readjusted the wires to their new home position... Retimed number one and rechecked dwell. Easily got the engine to specs....
Re: Richter's '53 Caribbean [by Richter12x2]
Project Blogs:: Richter's '53 Caribbean
Alright, got it working - unfortunately I have the knack for forgetting to take pictures - I need to patch a few tiny holes in the speaker, so I'll try to remember to get a picture whenever I go back in for that.

Essentially though, the safest, easiest place to install a phono plug is at the terminals for the volume potentiometer.

If you're looking at the potentiometer (Volume knob piece from the left side of the radio that...
Re: Newest Articles [by BigKev]
General:: Newest Articles
Now Online!

1947 21st Series Wire Diagram (Colorized)

Power Steering Training Book

Thanks to Troglodyte and Brian DeBoeck for the donation of this content!
Re: 55 Patrician [by davegnh]
V-8 (1955-56):: 55 Patrician
Finally getting started on the brakes that I put off all winter, much to cold here to get anything done. I will be replacing all the wheel cylinders and all new lines. I need to crawl under and see how the front line is routed under the motor, I think that may be the most difficult one to replace, and the short ones from the master going to the front block might also be tricky--there just isn't much room. I removed the vent hose and the...
Re: Help with 33 wiring [by Dell]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Help with 33 wiring
Thanks Tim; That info is a big help, it will get me started in the right direction. Dell
Re: 1948 Packard Monte Carlo [by Mahoning63]
General:: 1948 Packard Monte Carlo
Wonderful, thanks!
Re: Heater and Defroster installation instructions--1942/46/46 Clipper [by dallas]
General:: Heater and Defroster installation instructions--1942/46/46 Clipper
Howard, Thanks for the photos. Just as I suspected my switches are mounted incorrectly. They are mounted with the wire terminals toward the radio. This makes it impossible to install the radio support rod.

Thanks for your assistance.
Re: 1949 23rd series resto [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1949 23rd series resto
The faces with lettering are part of the instrument so I believe the only way to buy completely stock new faces is to buy NOS instruments. There are some speedo and instrument shops that will restore or create completely new design faces Here is one example. I don't remember if the 23rd series had any lettering on the actual glass but if so that might require a separate company and there are some that will do glass screen printing. Don't have any links for them though.

There are new blank ID plates available you can letter or there is a fellow on ebay that advertises the engraving service. On some models he may also have the complete new plate with engraving service.

I have not done business with either company so can't offer first hand experience or know if they do work internationally. Maybe a shop in Australia will offer a similar service.

Your car would have originally had a vacuum wiper motor. The knob on the column operated the motor if turned one direction and if turned the other direction would also start a windshield washer if the car was equipped with that option.
Courtesy light door switchs [by 56executive]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Courtesy light door switchs
NOS 416264 Switch courtesy door light 24th-55th Packard & Clipper. 56th Clipper 30.00 each includes postage
Re: Ownership reliability? [by Rusty O\'Toole]
V-8 (1955-56):: Ownership reliability?
Today's cars are paragons of reliability and long life compared to those of the fifties. There were a lot of complaints and problems with all makes.

In the sixties car makers made a real effort to clean up these problems before they drove away their customers permanently.

Then government safety and emissions regulations sent them to hell again in the late sixties and up to the mid 80s.

Since then cars have improved tremendously...
Re: Oil Pan Gasket 38 6 cyl [by Mark Graber]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Oil Pan Gasket 38 6 cyl
Thanks OD. Will give it a try.
Re: Hello all! New 39 Packard Six Touring Sedan owner [by autopat]
General:: Hello all! New 39 Packard Six Touring Sedan owner
I've found a small gold mine, in the form of a wrecking yard, right here in my small town.If you guys need any parts, please shoot me a message, and I'll see if I can get you some prices. I don't have an inventory yet, as I just don't know Packards that well yet. I can tell you every Chevelle, Nova, C-10, Buick, and Olds they have, but I just found about the Packard's, Nash's, Kaiser's, Desoto's, and Hudson's.

Re: 47 Color Wiring Diagram [by Wesley Boyer]
Post-War (1946-54):: 47 Color Wiring Diagram
Thanks for doing it (Coloring the wiring), I guess we need to pass it on to Big Kev.
Re: wanted 40 160 trans with OD rebuild kit [by JoeSantana]
Project Blogs:: wanted 40 160 trans with OD rebuild kit
OK! Quest resolved. Thanks, Mal.
Re: Clemens’s 47 Custom Super Clipper [by troglodyte]
Project Blogs:: Clemens’s 47 Custom Super Clipper
Parcel service delivered some long awaited parts today:

together with HT cables, terminals and covers ...

Unfortunately the ignition coil choose to collapse just after I placed the order, so another delay until the car will be running smoothly again.

1933 Packard 1002 Convertible Sedan [by Tom Laferriere]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1933 Packard 1002 Convertible Sedan
1933 Packard 1002 Eight Convertible Sedan. 130bhp, 320 cu. in. L-head nine main bearing inline eight-cylinder engine with three speed synchromesh transmission, four wheel vacuum assisted mechanical brakes, leaf spring suspension.

Any 1933 Packard is certainly rare, less than 5,000 of all models combined we produced, just under 1,100 1002 models. Current owner prepared this car for a Caravan that he was...
Re: 1934 Packard 1104 5 Passenger Coupe [by Tom Laferriere]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1934 Packard 1104 5 Passenger Coupe
This car is certainly taking off.

Check it out on eBay.

Its made the most watched list too. WOW
1932 Ball & trunion style joint, rear drive shaft... [by RussBees]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1932 Ball & trunion style joint, rear drive shaft...
Having difficulty finding a seal for this joint. Tho our Packard is a '33 apparently it has a '32 style joint. R.
Re: 1953-ish Front Suspension Rebuild [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1953-ish Front Suspension Rebuild
You might check out the 55-6 SM suspension & steering section. The basics on that part of the V8s are the same as earlier and probably a repeat of the 51-4 manual but there might be a tidbit or two extra. If not, at least the photos are better. Just ignore the part right at the first on holding the load arm. Some Clippers used the conventional suspension in 55 and that is mostly what they show in the photos.
Re: 1937 115c radiator and cowl support color [by packard1949]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1937 115c radiator and cowl support color
Packard Int'l has a very detailed description of the engine compartment-colors etc. I believe they charge something for a copy-
Re: parking assistant [by Ozstatman]
Project Blogs:: parking assistant
Old thread but a goodie and found it again after this car came up on YouTube Facebook, see this link. Don't know if the link will work and, just in case, here are the photo's and some relevant comments from the link.

"This was the creation of an independent inventor. He put one on a C___ac, too, and there's a YT of that one. The Packard lives somewhere in the Pittsburgh area - it was at the Pittsburgh Gran Prix a few yrs ago. I crawled...
Re: 1931 Standard 8 Coupe - Offered [by dongle]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1931 Standard 8 Coupe - Offered
Finally a few photos....
Re: harmonic balancer [by DavidM]
General:: harmonic balancer
The threads referred to above by "Let the ride decide" are for an earlier model and the removal procedure is different, that one appears to be behind the fan pulley like most if not all other models.
As far as I am aware the harmonic balancer set up on the 626/633 models is unique to that model and brought about by the fact that Packard "shoehorned" an eight cylinder engine into the space designed for a six. A couple of extra inches between...
Re: core for 38 deluxe heater [by BDC]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: core for 38 deluxe heater
Thanks Convert for your heater & core! It had a few minor leaks but that was an easy fix. $40 is all they charged to fix it and put the new core in.
Re: Tires for a 1939 Sedan 6-cyl [by West Peterson]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Tires for a 1939 Sedan 6-cyl
Radial tires on a prewar car are akin to sneakers on a ballroom dancer. While it looks funny, there's less chance of ankle injury if the dancer (woman) is wearing sneakers rather than high heals. Instead of using sneakers, she dances according to conditions.

I will not give up promoting bias ply tires, especially for anyone who only drives their car 2-5000 miles per year, and double especially for anyone who rarely...
Hubcaps For Sale - 1950 [by SamS]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Hubcaps For Sale - 1950
Just listed these on eBay (FYI) - Go here to buy.
Packard Parts [by mlgrimes]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Packard Parts
Posted a Likely 1951 NOS Plastic Patrician Trunk Medallion on eBay this morning. If you need one, take a look.

Also posted a 1956 Emergency Hand Brake Light System and a Cloisonne hubcap center.

Will be posting other items as the inventory in the garage is reduced.

Have a great day.
Packard Headlamps for Sale [by John Iaccino]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Packard Headlamps for Sale
Driver quality headlamps for sale. Fit 30,31,32 Standard 8. They are presently on a 32 headlamp bar. Will be at Rhinebeck Show May 1,2,3. Orange field, row y, booth 1,2.
$450. Other Packard parts for sale at show. 845-876-7309, John
41 Standard 8 Manifold for Sale [by John Iaccino]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 41 Standard 8 Manifold for Sale
41 Standard 8 manifold for sale. Appears in good shape. No cracks. Has 288 embossed on manifold. $95 plus shipping. Will be at the Rhinebeck Meet with other 41 parts. Orange field, Row Y, booth 1,2. 845-876-7309 John.
Re: radiator removal [by Tim Cole]
General:: radiator removal
You can proceed as follows:

Cover finished surfaces for protection.

Remove hood and rotate stabilizer rods clear.

Cut a piece of cardboard to completely cover the radiator fins. Install between fan and radiator.

Remove fan and water pump. It may be necessary to use a jack under the motor if the front mount is sagging. (use wood between jack and oil pan in that case).

Leaving cardboard in place the radiator can be tilted back and lifted...
Re: PMCC Auto Design Artwork - 1950s [by Leeedy]
General:: PMCC Auto Design Artwork - 1950s
Yup. I am well familiar with this one and the story behind it. As I stated earlier, done by Bill Robinson who also did the Plymouth Belmont.

There were other Packard sportsters... all done in brown for some reason.

Overdrive & Parts For Sale [by danshan]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Overdrive & Parts For Sale
NOS Packard Parts.
Jr. & Sr. 1940 to 1948 transmission output shaft including gears & bearings with R9 overdrive. #354956 $850.
R-9 overdrive rear shaft #338494 for use with three pinon planetary gear. For junior series but can be used in a senior overdrive by changing to the three pinion planetary. $300.
Used 1948 to 1954 Packard transmission with R-11 overdrive. Will work in 1935 on Packard juniors with minor...
Re: Head light switch 1937 c 115 [by iPad]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Head light switch 1937 c 115
HH 56 thanks fo the help, you are correct it worked out fine. Thair are two switch slides one is thin brass the other heavier steel the 90 shaft was out of the steel rod engaged only in the brass. This would have broken in the future. I'am to good with a computer, I will see if I can put in a picture? I do have a shop manual but sometimes talking to a person who has been thair. The manual does not...
Re: Quick Question on IDing engines... [by Ozstatman]
General:: Quick Question on IDing engines...
Can't go wrong at that price!
Re: what does the Float in my Packard Eight Oil Pan for? [by AJS]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: what does the Float in my Packard Eight Oil Pan for?
The sender is not connected because the engine has been removed from the car.I have seen that Button under the dash. It was not until seeing the oil pan off the engine and seeing the sender and float that I realized the car has an oil level gauge. I only had the car for 3 weeks before I sent it off the have the engine rebuilt. Thank you for all the help.
Re: Trying to Confirm/Locate other living Packard dealers [by BobPalma]
General:: Trying to Confirm/Locate other living Packard dealers
Dad just turned 98 years of age April 14, 2015.

'Still trying to confirm if he is the sole remaining Packard dealer. Any help would be appreciated, especially if there are any other dealers confirmed extant.

Thank you. BP
Re: Craig's Panther Project -- Brakes [by Craig]
Modification Discussion:: Craig's Panther Project -- Brakes
PackardV8 Quote:
Does the extended pedal have enuf travel (before hitting floor board) to bottom out, or at least very nearly bottom out, the master cylinder.

Keith, a good question. I will not know for certain until I get the correct disc/disc MC installed, plumbed and system bled, but I am very confident my arrangement will have sufficient pedal travel. The reason is my experience with the MPB #1001...
Re: Any Recent Develoments In The BTV Relacement Brake Pedal Front? [by HH56]
V-8 (1955-56):: Any Recent Develoments In The BTV Relacement Brake Pedal Front?
No doubt, this is a greaat conversion for those with factory air con.

Keith, Fortunately (or not), those of us with that particular AC issue are a distinct minority but it is the challenge.

I agree the unit looks very viable and am considering scrapping my earlier efforts in favor of the package. Aside from your concern on future parts availability I still can't quite get comfortable...
Re: 1941 Club coupe (deluxe or just club?) [by RogerDetroit]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1941 Club coupe (deluxe or just club?)
Go here for the 1941 Data Book:
Then scroll down to page 48 of 137 for a list of difference in the Deluxe model. BTW, the base model is known as a “Special.” As an example both the Special and the Deluxe had the same two upholstery materials: broadcloth – one in a tan stripe and a blue-gray stripe, but only the Deluxe had cushion welts, seat back tops, arm rests, etc. finished in leather to set off the upholstery cloth. This leather trim is known as “pick-up.”

But now I just noticed that on:

That is says, “With superb sales in 1940, the most junior of the Junior Packards was offered in a wide variety of body styles for 1941, with Deluxe versions available for every One-Ten except the business coupe.” Hmmmm….
Re: Headlight switch removal help [by Jim McDermaid]
V-8 (1955-56):: Headlight switch removal help
The lubriplate will be OK. Don't use WD-40.

The tabs that keep the switch together can break off esprcially if you are not the first to take it apart.

The little lugs you plug the wires into break the phenolic which has probably decomposed. The plastic insulation on the wires will have become stiff.

I plan to put a relay on my headlights.

Coming home in the dark one night all the lights including headlights went suddenly...
Re: 1932 903 battery not charging [by tbirdman]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1932 903 battery not charging
Thanks. That may be an option. Today I went and removed the 2nd Optima battery I had in parallel which was installed to try to fix my starting problem. It actually never did fix my starting problem. Car turned over again like a jack rabbit on one battery. Unfortunately because of health reasons, Glenn is not taking any more new work in.

Amazing how good those 6Vs systems are when they are in good shape.
Re: Fire extinguisher [by Jim McDermaid]
General:: Fire extinguisher
I am a believer in having a fire extinguisher in an antique car.

The ABC dry chemical extinguishers make such a total mess you may as well burn the car.

I have Halon extinguishers in my cars from back when you could still buy that.

The new gas is called Halotron and not cheap.

At my company we are not allowed ABC extinguishers in technical areas by our insurance.

Re: The Stripper Clipper (1955 Panama) [by Craig]
Project Blogs:: The Stripper Clipper (1955 Panama)
The speedo swap went well, I was able to do the install by just removing the gauge itself. If I were 20 years younger & 40 lbs lighter, it would have been almost a snap!

Most times, it's just easier to remove the front seat when working on something under the dash. Been there, done that!

Re: Need help with engine color on 1948 Super Eight. [by Owen_Dyneto]
Post-War (1946-54):: Need help with engine color on 1948 Super Eight.
Packard seems to have had a love affair with grays; the gray that Tim pointed out is contradicted by other sources (most say all were black thru 1914 and green began in 1915) but the 320 and 384 factory reconditioned cylinder block assemblies were painted Crane Gray and this practice may have gone back into earlier years. Many of the marine and aircraft engines used various grays including the 50s...
Re: Wanted: Headlamp bulbs #3003 6-8 Volt 32 32 32C [by Owen_Dyneto]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Wanted: Headlamp bulbs #3003 6-8 Volt 32 32 32C
West, Mazda 1000 is a rather common 2-filament Depress Beam or Tilt-Ray headlamp bulb. The 3001/3003 are characterized by triple filaments and triple contacts on the base. The only thing the 1000 has in common with the 3003 (other than they are both headlamp bulbs) is the 32 candlepower per filament.

Some of you may wish to print off this chart for future reference, it's from the Standard...
Re: Packard Radios [by packardguy53]
General:: Packard Radios
YOU GO Big Kev!
both my radios are rooting for you.
Re: Rear Differential Pinion Seal... [by 39SixSedanMan]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Rear Differential Pinion Seal...
....Or Patrician Industries: Marvin King and Joel Ray; they are all good.
Re: Engine problem [by Owen_Dyneto]
Post-War (1946-54):: Engine problem
Good advice from Wesley. And if you've not done a head gasket job on this type of engine, you might want to browse this tech letter first.
Re: Mike's 55 Pat [by mikes55]
Project Blogs:: Mike's 55 Pat
Thanks for the info. started to take off the gutter trim and put a little kink in it.Figured I'd ask the experts on the forum before any more damage.
Re: Starter issue? [by longjohn]
Post-War (1946-54):: Starter issue?
If it is the carb switch, sometimes just a tap on the side will free up the switch. I have had problems with mine off and on over the years. I wired a push button switch to the two terminals on the solenoid. I mounted the switch on the bottom lip of the dash board so it isn't even noticeable. So if the carb switch doesn't work, I have an over-ride. Packard got rid of the carb switch in 1954.
Re: jack stands [by Owen_Dyneto]
V-8 (1955-56):: jack stands
Though I haven't had my 56 convertible on jack stands for as long as Troy, I support it inexactly the same way, though without the extra support at the rear which he mentions, no issues. Even with the convertible body there is no apparent hogging, the doors open and close normally though no doubt aided by the heavily reinforced frame the convertibles had.

But if the work you're doing doesn't require it to be suspended by the frame, for prolonged...
Re: Rear Drive Shaft Joint Seal, 1933 Packard Standard... [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Rear Drive Shaft Joint Seal, 1933 Packard Standard...
OK. Each cup's needle bearings are sealed with a little cork seal. For 1934 Packard said to oil, not grease the joints as grease gun pressure could damage the seals,and I suspect that was also their recommendation for 1933. At other times Packard said to use grease but from a hand grease gun at gentle pressure. At this point if your seals are kaput it's probably best to replace the joint,...