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Re: 1942 120 convertible badged as 160 [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1942 120 convertible badged as 160
I'd be interested in hearing others thoughts about the value of a such a car compared to a true 120 and 160 in comparable condition. It's neither a correct 120 nor a 160; my inclination is to say it should be worth less than a comparable 120 convertible despite a better powerplant.

Re: Packard & Hudson proximity [by Owen_Dyneto]
General:: Packard & Hudson proximity
As I understand it, any $ Hudson might have had to rebody their cars was spent on the Jet, which was about the same as pouring it down the sink as far as success in the marketplace is concerned.

I agree with Langworth about the driving habits and comfort of the Hudsons; though our 54 Hornet Special was later modified for the drag strip, it was a very fine handling car. And you'd be lucky to find a seat in a middle-class home as...
Photo of my 37 Packard 6 Oil Pressure Line [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Photo of my 37 Packard 6 Oil Pressure Line
Hi Everyone
For the record here is a photo of my oil pressure line. Thank you again for your help.
Re: Packard on Display [by acolds]
General:: Packard on Display
This week Sat is the Studebaker Packard show at Summit there are usually a couple of Studebakers on the turn tables .They appear to be a Avanti on the left and 52 Studebaker hardtop on right I will know for sure tomorrow as we will be attending usually a good number of Packards are there including Randy's Best other. If anyone is near by well worth the drive to its for Studebaker, Packards and other independents. A couple of pics from last year event
Re: HA's 52 200 Grey Ghost [by Let the ride decide]
Project Blogs:: HA's 52 200 Grey Ghost
The legend of the Grey Ghost is true, It's Alive!

Re: 1940 Custom Oil Canister and Low Compression [by tolandis]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1940 Custom Oil Canister and Low Compression
Ok, JD with the correct new canister will plumb as original first, all flow through canister, then if lifter noise persists will add the direct line from pump to galley as suggested before. Can try straight 30 wt. With no restrictions either way. In looking at the original filter, yes it had only one hole in center post. The second one I just got has two holes in the center post. Which would allow...
Re: Query for O_D [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Query for O_D
Thanks BDC for the nice words. I was lucky indeed not only to buy from the original owner, but also to get a car that up until a year before I bought it was regularly serviced first by Packard/Brooklyn (the selling dealership) and then later by Packard/11th Ave., NYC, driven by a caring chauffeur, and never off the road for any extended time.
Re: Oil Pressure line for 1937 [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Oil Pressure line for 1937
The fitting in the photo BDeB posted is one I have never seen

Same fitting as used on my 34 and I believe rather commonly used on Packard during the 30s and earlier for this application.

Did they have the regular compression and flare fittings back then that we have today?

Certainly they had conventional inverted flare fittings in that era, they are used on the gasoline, vacuum and oil filter lines and why they didn't...
Re: 39 Junior and other parts for sale [by 39SixSedanMan]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 39 Junior and other parts for sale
John, I don't have a clock. Thanks for asking.
Re: Various CL Pickings [by Caribbeandude]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Various CL Pickings
on the LWB car for sale, I was told this farmer in Danville, IL went to the Chicago Packard dealer in 1954 to buy a new Clipper or Cavalier , the dealer had a leftover new 53' 7 passenger Executive sedan that they sold him for 700 bucks less than a 1954 Cavalier, and that's how a farmer ends up with a 7 passenger as a Family car
Re: West Fargo Cruise Night July [by HA52]
Shows and Events:: West Fargo Cruise Night July
Cruise Night again, August edition. Amazingly, we found another example of a 52 200 Deluxe Touring Sedan, the same thing as our car. Had a good conversation with the owners, they have a parts car too so we're going to be in touch I hope. Older restoration, about 30 years ago. Inspiration!
Re: 55 Clipper Door Handles [by 64avanti]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 55 Clipper Door Handles
PM sent
Re: A day at the Museum [by TroyT]
Project Blogs:: A day at the Museum
Yes John, Many of the Studebaker building are still up and in use. The largest building still standing is used to house a computer network system. The main Bendix plant is now Honeywell, but their older smaller plants are still standing as well.

South bend did a good job forming the Studebaker, Oliver, and South bend Lathe legacies into a new center for history. Our local Packard club will be hosting the 2017 Packard meet at the...
Re: Golf Door Lock Needed [by TimSD]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Golf Door Lock Needed
Thank you. Great suggestion. I'll try that.
Re: Packard plant pipe dreams [by Ozstatman]
General:: Packard plant pipe dreams
Article from Hemmings.
Re: 1955 Clipper Constellation Emblems Needed [by jfrom@kanter]
V-8 (1955-56):: 1955 Clipper Constellation Emblems Needed
We have them NOS if you still need them. $87 each


 photo NCM_0240.jpg
Re: 1948 Super 8 on e-bay [by bkazmer]
General:: 1948 Super 8 on e-bay
I can't tell from the photo if that's (incorrect) Bedford Cord or close to correct striped broadcloth.

The paint seems way too metallic, but hard to tell in the photo. The Metallics were very fine

but an attractive car
Re: 1932 901 - Door latches and windows [by HH56]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1932 901 - Door latches and windows
And if McMaster or MSC doesn't have the rivets you need, here is another place
Re: 1937 Packard 8 [by 58L8134]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1937 Packard 8
Hi BryanMoran

Thanks for the kind endorsement, thanks to you as well for giving solid, commonsense advice to the seller.

This brings to mind something I think needs emphasizing, for every forum participant to keep in mind at all times to be: Packard Ambassadors.

Now that the image of an Airflyte Packard has flashed through your mind and you've shuttered. The point I want to make is Packards need to be represented to the...
Re: Former Packard (Merlin) Building is Leased [by Steve203]
General:: Former Packard (Merlin) Building is Leased
I was half joking with the comment alluded to in the first paragraph but now that I think about it, isn't the last Detroit mayor in the cross bar hotel because of something like those under the table envelopes.

Given the former Mayor, and several cronies in the slammer ("ran the city as a criminal enterprise" said the Federal prosecutor), a former councilwoman now on parole after doing time for taking bribes, and...
Re: 1938 rear fenders [by JW]
Modification Discussion:: 1938 rear fenders
Have you advertised for a pair of rear fenders? I would place an ad in the For Sale and Wanted section and see what happens. I do not have a body parts book handy, but fenders from a '38 Eight will probably fit as well as ones for the '39 120 and 110 models. I hope this helps.

Re: Recent additions to the Owner Registry [by Ozstatman]
General:: Recent additions to the Owner Registry
and Bryan Spicer for including your '49 Super Eight Touring Sedan in the Packard Owner's Registry.
Re: '53 Caribbean for sale..... [by Ima48too]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: '53 Caribbean for sale.....
Wow! I'm glad I didn't make the trip. I just bought my Packard about 5 weeks ago so I'm playing catch up. I spend most of my time on the AACA forums in the Buick section. My Buick interests go back to my pre-teen days.
I'll have to file that one in the ambiguous names file.

Nice collection, glad I didn't win the Bill Mitchell folding chair.
Re: WTB 55 heater core [by Owen_Dyneto]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: WTB 55 heater core
Excellent advice from Packards1. Of course if you don't have a core you'll need to buy one just to get the tanks. IIRC I paid about $95 to have a new core fitted to my underdash heater.
Re: New "What Ifs?" [by Leeedy]
General:: New "What Ifs?"

Steve203 wrote:
Leeedy, add to your list nearly every US Navy combat ship smaller than a carrier uses gas turbins.

But with all the money and talent put into automotive gas turbines, none of the companies that made that investment was able to make a business case to put them into production.

wrt Packard experimenting with fuel injection, they were not alone. AMC also experimented with the Bendix "Electrojector" system in the late 50s. Chrysler actually got a few Electrojector equipped cars sold, but soon retrofitted those cars with conventional carburetors because the EFI was so underdeveloped and unreliable at that time.

My focus on the "what if" threads is what could Packard have done, with the resources at hand, on it's own, without a handout from the government or other well heeled entity, to get itself past 1956.

We know how the Studebaker thing turned out

We have established that a purchase of Willow Run, as you suggest, would have broken them faster.

Best things I can come up with are the merger with Hudson as Barit offered, and diversification into truck engines, either on their own or by aquisition, but I don't know who in the industry at that time would have been small enough for Packard to aquire (Hercules in Canton, Ohio?)

Re: Debi's 1953 Patrician [by duane.g]
Project Blogs:: Debi's 1953 Patrician
Thanks Ross. I need to look at these things closer before I say anything. I did get another clip from a local Packard guy who happened to have a few distributors on hand. With the Parts X-Ref I was able to goto NAPA and get a new distributor and rotor the next day.
Love this forum!
Thanks Kevin
Now to get back to waiting to order the rubber for the doors before doing the interior door panels, headliner and carpeting. Of course...
Re: Brake Shoe Part Number [by steve828]
Post-War (1946-54):: Brake Shoe Part Number
Ok, thanks for your help!
Re: 1938 rear fenders [by 39SixSedanMan]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1938 rear fenders
Fenders have sold. Sorry for the late update to the For Sale listing.

Re: Cracked block on 1922 Single Six [by Ed B]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Cracked block on 1922 Single Six
An earlier reply didn't take, so I'll try it again...

Yeah, this fine old machine resides in my back yard. That video was taken before I found it, so I had nothing to do with that posting!

The tracks are a Conversion kit you could buy in the late 30's. It is the only machine I know of, with that kit, and I've never spoken with anyone that has seen one.

When I purchased it, the radiator wasn't connected. I...
Rear fenders for a 1938 packard six touring [by fixem39]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Rear fenders for a 1938 packard six touring
Hello to all, I'm in need of two rear fenders for my Packard. I do paint and body, so I'm open to see even damaged ones. Thanks for all of your help on this. I haven't been on the site in months upon months so excuse my previous posts on this subject. Any and all help in locating these will be appreciated, even companies that may have them...John

Please don't cuss me, but if anyone even knows of a...
Re: 39 speedometer [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 39 speedometer
While you are at it, you may wish to lube the cable also. The rotating cable can pulled out through the upper end to be cleaned, lubed and reinserted.

Yes, a wise thing to do. Folks use all kinds of different lubricants on speedo cables from white lithium grease to gear oil, I've always used white Lubriplate. But whatever you use, do NOT lubricate the last 1 or 2 inches at the top as the grease or other lube can work its way into...
37 Packard 6 cylinder oil pressure line [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 37 Packard 6 cylinder oil pressure line
Hi Packard Friends,
Thanks to all of you I am one step away from having everything detached from my engine prior to removing it with the exception of the oil pressure line. I loosened the nut on the oil pressure line and I feel resistance as far as the nut will not rotate around the line. I have sprayed it with PB Blaster and will try it again tomorrow. Does anyone have any suggestions ? I'm sure those lines...
remove/repair speedometer 1937 115C standard sedan [by Jake Powel]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: remove/repair speedometer 1937 115C standard sedan
My speedometer works but the odometer does not. First question: is there a simple fix for the odometer while still mounted? Second question: assuming answer is no to #1, can the unit be removed from the front - does the wood grain panel rock back from the dash once the four machine screws on underside of dash are loosened? Third: repair sources for speedo/odo and, by the way, clock?

Thanks all,
Re: 1951 200 For Sale in Ontario Canada [by clipper47]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1951 200 For Sale in Ontario Canada
Looks like.a very nice car at a reasonable price. I understand that the interior needs attention but otherwise a very nice old Packard.
Re: New available motor oil [by MrBumble]
V-8 (1955-56):: New available motor oil
JW and all:

Thank you for your quite sensible advice. Frankly, ever since I started using the 15-50 oil the engine hasn't felt quite right. I plan to change it pretty soon and I think I will go with something like a 10W-30. I think it is good to have some detergent in the motor oil to prevent crud build up. Also, I agree that there is no need to overfill the crankcase. The car definitely runs best when the oil level is right at...
Re: 1934 Packard Clutch fork [by cityvintage]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1934 Packard Clutch fork
Hello Yes phone number is 650-219-8305
Thank you
Re: Manual fuel primer pump [by Hans]
Modification Discussion:: Manual fuel primer pump
Hi guys,

No problems so far with the primer bulb. I came to the idea because I wanted an easy way to prime the carburator after a prolonged standstill (weeks/ months) instead of making the starting motor labour to do exactly the same thing. Starting the car after a short period of time is no problem and has never been.

I understand the concerns about the priming bulb being in the engine compartment and positioned the...
Re: An Air Cleaner from a '33 - To Clean or Disassemble [by Don Shields]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: An Air Cleaner from a '33 - To Clean or Disassemble
I had been keeping an eye out for one of those oil bath cleaners but I never came across one. Using lighter fluid as a solvent is clever, I didn't think of that. I was going to use Brakleen but then I decided I wanted to also try to clean those inner passages where the air changes direction. So I wound up using water added at low pressure to not disturb the copper mesh, rotating the cleaner and...
Re: Correct Removal of Packard 6 Cylinder Engine [by HH56]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Correct Removal of Packard 6 Cylinder Engine
Here is the Harbor Freight version of the item O_D mentions. I used one of their older versions to install my 356 with trans and OD attached a few months ago. I didn't want to mess with the head bolts so used two 6' heavy duty lifting straps or choker sling may be the correct name. Attached those to the balancer with chain splice rings thru the eyes of straps in place of chains. Looped the straps under...
Re: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400 [by TroyT]
Project Blogs:: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400
It is called a Bolt Hook. I got mine at Menards Model Number: N130-617 | MenardsŪ SKU: 2253114 $5.49. I also got a connecting nut and 36" 5/8 threaded rod to make the length longer.

I welded and extension tube on the stud and put a upright to form a U shape to hold the Arm. You can do it without the U extension but it tends to slip with the pressure. the U extension made it safe to have positive control on...
Re: Wanted: 37 115C fender skirts [by Ozstatman]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Wanted: 37 115C fender skirts
G'day 37P6,
See you've been a PackardInfo member, but first post, so

I'd imagine the Flackmaster would be a guy who could answer your request.

And, I invite you to include your '37 115C Coupe in the Packard Owner's Registry.
Re: Easamatic Rebuild Sources [by HH56]
Post-War (1946-54):: Easamatic Rebuild Sources
That is a good question. I would also be interested in hearing what others think but I don't think it is an issue.

Packard made the remote kits available for 55-6 so they must have sanctioned them for both types of brakes. I didn't see a mention of the kits for earlier cars so not sure when they first became available. Packard did make a change to a different model BTV in 55. What all the differences might be, I don't...
Re: My Clipper is headed to Maine. [by 55clipperguy]
V-8 (1955-56):: My Clipper is headed to Maine.
You're welcome Mal!
Re: Torsion control box wanted [by ks114]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: Torsion control box wanted
Just a quick update:
1) replaced all 4 shocks with the Gabriel's listed in the x reference
2) greased everything. I brought my manual, and got under the lift with the mechanic.
3) got the car on a level surface. It was setting a little low in the back end, so I adjusted the turnbuckle until it sat level.
4) took the car on a 30 mile test drive. The T/L adjusted 1 time.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
Re: 55PackardGuy's '54 Clipper Deluxe [by 55PackardGuy]
Project Blogs:: 55PackardGuy's '54 Clipper Deluxe
Thanks all.


There is a screwdriver slot in the end of the pin. That way you can count how many rotations in either direction you have adjusted it. Works slick.

Then, I suppose you're expected to tighten the nut inside the spring. Doesn't look like an easy fit for a wrench. Since the pin seated pretty well with the screwdriver treatment (makes sense--it was adjusted before I got it) I left it there for now.

The height of the plunger is somewhat important as is the centering.


Re: 1947 clipper electric tricks [by troglodyte]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1947 clipper electric tricks
I cannot tell what the previous owner/ workshop/ garage/ electrician did to the breaker points.
Anyway: I had to reheat the solder everytime I gave the adjusting screw another turn, so this might have been done before by somebody else. The grey field where the arrow points to could be a clue.

I initially took the switch apart because the first (seen from drivers seat) contact was loose and the head lights did not...
Re: A relaxing Day Driving a Packard in Southeastern Arizona [by Owen_Dyneto]
General:: A relaxing Day Driving a Packard in Southeastern Arizona
Kevin - sorry to hear about the problem but those moments come to all of us sooner or later who enjoy the hobby and drive our cars. We picked the hobby, it didn't pick us, so we just shrug it off as part and parcel of the experience. It's only happened to me on 2 occasions; a broken axle on the 1934 in 1999 and luckily about 2 blocks from home (took many months to find a replacement axle) and once in...
Re: Henry's 55 Constellation [by cli55er]
Project Blogs:: Henry's 55 Constellation
I have seen this must be running in your market down there now. it's some major department store...can't remember which one...I want to say Ross or TJ Max.
Re: Original floor coverings for 23rd [by SamS]
Post-War (1946-54):: Original floor coverings for 23rd
Here's the finished floor mat template.
Hopefully it's very close to the original design but if anyone sees anyone sees any discrepancy shout it out cause it's going to the supplier this week.

Thanks for your input and help Ross!!
Re: LJJ's 1947 2126 7 Passenger Sedan [by BDeB]
Project Blogs:: LJJ's 1947 2126 7 Passenger Sedan
The inverted flare size for the fitting to adapt to the flexible fuel line is 5/16
Re: earl c anthony sales invoice 1934 [by ECAnthony]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: earl c anthony sales invoice 1934
An interesting article, but that last part about the Neon sign is malarkey. Read Leon Dixon's article in the Cormorant #153 (4th Quarter 2013) for the details.
Re: 21st series upholstery piping [by JW]
Post-War (1946-54):: 21st series upholstery piping
Windlace and robe rope different color than piping. Probably an attempt to compliment the headliner which does not match the interior fabric.

Re: Docs for a newly purchased '49 2301 in 1949.. [by Rebus]
General:: Docs for a newly purchased '49 2301 in 1949..

HH56 wrote:
Even then dealers would try and separate a customer from his money...The $15 for a wash, polish and wax must have been one fine job when you consider what the OD, heater and radio cost in comparison. Why it would be wanted or needed on a new car is another question.

Per the CPI inflation calculator, $15 in 1949 would be equivalent to $150 today. I hope they weren't expecting a tip.
Re: Found this 54 Pacific last evening [by David Grubbs]
Post-War (1946-54):: Found this 54 Pacific last evening
As best I can find out, O'Roake Motors (the old Packard distributor and dealer) went out of business in the early 50's, and Rimrock Motors picked up the Packard dealership around 55 or so. They weren't in business too long, only a few years as best I can determine. There are several Rimrock car dealerships today, i.e. Cadillac, Subaru, etc. I don't know if there is any relationship. The name Rimrock is applied...
Re: Stand for L8 & trans? [by David Grubbs]
Post-War (1946-54):: Stand for L8 & trans?
here are two photos of my cheap wooden stand, built with 6x6's, some 2x4's and a mover's dolly. Feel free to steal the ideas; I didn't copyright it!

If you click on the photos, they will magically become upright!
Re: Headlight Circuit Breaker Question [by Ross]
Post-War (1946-54):: Headlight Circuit Breaker Question
Good to hear. I am now beginning to replace those breakers as a matter of course whenever I am near a headlight switch. Seems like 60 years is about the upper limit for those things. Go figure.
Re: Removing Engine and transmission in 37 Packard 115 C [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Removing Engine and transmission in 37 Packard 115 C
Thank you for reminding me of the speedometer cable BDeB
Re: Woodward Dream Cruise [by Owen_Dyneto]
Shows and Events:: Woodward Dream Cruise
Patrician convertible

Patricians were only 4-door sedans.
1951-52 stainless right fender spear end [by su8overdrive]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1951-52 stainless right fender spear end
Have 1951-52 stainless spear end, 16.2 inches long, immaculate, attaches to right front fender. $25 plus $8 postage, insurance. Packard part #424464

Re: 5588 2x4 v.s. 5682 [by Ross]
Project Blogs:: 5588 2x4 v.s. 5682
Paint it bronze and drop it in as any dealer would have done if he had it sitting around.

I would sell the 2x4 to the next available schmuck. Its worth good money and in 40 years of screwing around with Packards I have yet to drive one that benefited from the 2x4 setup in normal driving. The majority have been fantastic for the gee whizz factor, but don't seem to add much real performance until much higher than normal speeds. The...
1941-47 Clipper parts [by su8overdrive]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1941-47 Clipper parts
Nearly all of the below cherry picked from rust-free, California 1946-47 Custom 2106 sedans by a late friend in the early '70s --- cars that would today be restored. Sheet metal, bumpers sold to any in the area, or your shipper picks up. Everything else shipped FedEx, UPS or USPS parcel post insured.
Buy the below or pay double or treble with some national vendors selling rust belt or NJ junk.

S T I L L not happy?...
Re: 56 Brake Light Switch location? [by DaveB845]
General:: 56 Brake Light Switch location?
Thanks to you and Howard for pointing me in a different direction. Sometimes I think this era of Packard might have been engineered by Citroen when it comes to certain things. Although the brake switch placement does make some sense, it isn't the usual placement for most of us.

Tomorrow, in daylight, I'll do some investigating under the battery tray. Who knows, that may be a lot more convenient than fooling around with...
1937,1938 Super Eight wheel For Sale [by bujak]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1937,1938 Super Eight wheel For Sale
I have this 1937 Super Eight wheel that I will sell for $100 plus shipping, which will vary depending on where you are located.
I am at zip 77406

It weighs 30 pounds and fits in a box 21 x 21 x 10.

I have other misc stuff from my 1015 parts car, like interior door window frames...
Let me know what you are looking for.
23rd series Parts list....ORIGINAL [by bujak]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 23rd series Parts list....ORIGINAL
This is an ORIGINAL Preliminary Parts list for the 23rd Series.It is in very good condition...not a greasy manual that was battered around a shop.
It is about 60 pages and includes a Model Identification table and a Paint and Trim Reference Chart.

For Sale....$35 + $5 Shipping.

P.S. I also have a similar Parts list for the 22nd series.
Re: 1956 Packard Patrician Rebuild Project [by ks114]
Project Blogs:: 1956 Packard Patrician Rebuild Project
Sounds great!
Re: Pedal seals [by Fish'n Jim]
General:: Pedal seals
IDEA: Rather than reinvent - sometimes these parts fit across lines so maybe look at some of the competitive seals to at least get some ideas - might have been supplied by the pedal/shift assy people - like Wagner or their suppliers. They made the brakes and someone made the clutch, etc. P didn't make everything.
Re: Renewed for the next Year.... [by Rocky46]
General:: Renewed for the next Year....
Thanks for creating and maintaining this great Packard website! Where would I be without it?

Re: starter wiring -2106 [by Mark Graber]
Post-War (1946-54):: starter wiring -2106
Thank you gents - particularly for explaining the background.
Getting closer to start up.....
Re: Saturday night cruise [by acolds]
General:: Saturday night cruise
The Frazer was very nice restoration sure he has more money in this car than its worth I assume he is among the group who do it because they admire the make. This car has been in Hemmings Classic car magazine
Also a very nice 56 Buick Roadmaster . In case anybody hasn't figured it out Randy and I favor near or stock cars .
As usual talked to a lot of nice people and a few experts who think they know more than they really do.
Re: Removing 37 Packard 115 C Front Clip [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Removing 37 Packard 115 C Front Clip
Thank you Packard 385, it can be a little daunting when you are trying to be so careful to not mess anything up when taking a car apart that you are not familiar with. It would be nice if someone would write a book or booklet describing techniques on subjects like this for example and others that are not covered in books. Maybe call it Packard Basics. If it wasn't for this forum I would be in deep trouble. I...
Re: 55 400 headliner repair [by Riki]
V-8 (1955-56):: 55 400 headliner repair
one thing i forgot, is , they say to let the headliner relax, before putting it in, let it hang,, or lay it out. for a day or 2,
1937 Packard 115 C headlight harness question [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1937 Packard 115 C headlight harness question
I am attempting to remove the front clip of my 37 Packard but cannot find a block or a place to separate the headlight harness from the main harness. Is there not a connector, it appears to be all one piece from the headlights to the dash. Also should I remove the fender bracket or leave it in place as far as removing the front clip is concerned. .also On my car the outer bolt at the fender is too...
how to remove the chrome trim on a 39 120 [by David Grubbs]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: how to remove the chrome trim on a 39 120
I plan on painting the 120 this winter, and will be starting on the body work after the summer is over. Question - on the side trim on the hood, it looks like they are riveted on, and can be removed by drilling them out. Is this correct? And if it is, what is the best way to reattach it later? Small bolts or rivets?

Next question - what is the technique for removing the front radiator grille? This...
Re: 37 Packard 6 & 38 Packard 6 Engine Comparison [by convert]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 37 Packard 6 & 38 Packard 6 Engine Comparison
Your only thing that you will have to do, is make a adapter as the water pump outlet is larger than the lower radiator connection. I used a flex hose for a Rambler(American Motors),as it had both sizes and was the correct length. I hate flex hoses as they always seem to brake(but mine never did)in 10 or fifteen years. A better option is a rubber adapter ring, that most good radiator shops should be able...
Re: free packard v-8 [by TroyT]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: free packard v-8
In the Pennsylvania hills headed to Indiana. Call me nuts but I'm gonna drop this baby in the patrician
Re: BigKev's 1954 Packard Clipper Deluxe Sedan [by Ozstatman]
Project Blogs:: BigKev's 1954 Packard Clipper Deluxe Sedan
G'day Don Pierson,
A warm to PackardInfo, and I invite you to include your Packard/s in the Packard Owner's Registry.
Re: 1955 Patrician 5582-6862 [by randy berger]
V-8 (1955-56):: 1955 Patrician 5582-6862
You are correct Howard. I gave the idea long consideration before installing mine. You also need a drill bit about 20 inches long. The hole through the fender, firewall, dash and dash pad must be done in one continuous attempt.
Re: Starter Button and General Wiring Questions - 1941 Packard 110 [by Owen_Dyneto]
General:: Starter Button and General Wiring Questions - 1941 Packard 110
An active starter motor circuit without an active ignition, whether by button, toeboard pedal or whatever, was pretty much the standard of the prewar era. Ditto the thermostatic breaker on the headlight circuit, at least for Packard and other higher quality cars, going back to at least the early 30s and perhaps much earlier than that.
Re: 39 110 window trim [by Owen_Dyneto]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 39 110 window trim
Got the numbers and entered into the database, thanks. Closing in on 3400 sets of data of which I'd estimate about 600 or so are from the original selling dealer's records and on those we have paint & trim, motor #, key numbers, usually the axle ratio and name/address of the original purchaser, sometimes with trade-in and trade-in allowance. I expect I'll pick up perhaps another dozen or so sets of data on the Henry Joy tour,...
Re: 1940 356 with Stromberg AAV-26 mystery [by PackardV8]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: 1940 356 with Stromberg AAV-26 mystery
I don't know what kind of fuel pump is usedon that car if any but need to check fuel pump pressure. If excessive pressure from the pump then that can cause flooding.
WHEN does the flooding occur??? If only when hot thenit is due to the fuel vapourizing aand that is a common problem with modern day fuels and not withthe carb itself.
Also note that the float can be tested for leakage simply by shaking...
Re: For Sale 55 Clipper Super Sedan [by JW]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: For Sale 55 Clipper Super Sedan
I drove the Clipper to the Leander, Tex. August Car Show. It is essentially a Cars & Coffee event held the first Sunday of the month, but cannot use the C&C name because of franchise rights. Leander is about 20 miles north of my house. The drive up and back was uneventful and enjoyable. As usual with these local shows, I had the only Packard there. It received a lot of attention and many favorable comments. Come...
Re: 1955 Patrician parts car on Pittsburgh Craigslist [by BH]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1955 Patrician parts car on Pittsburgh Craigslist
That was once my car. It was complete and intact when I rescued it from OH back in 1989. Although it did run, steer, and stop under its own power then, it wasn't roadworthy. I bought the car and had it towed home, (naively) thinking I could fix it up with leftovers from the 56 Pat that I was already working on. That didn't work out, and as other Packards in better condition came into my possession...
Re: removing cane shifter on 33 1003 [by Dell]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: removing cane shifter on 33 1003
thanks O-D; my 28 comes out the top and i guessed there might be a trick to the 33. dell
Re: Howard's 47 Custom project [by HH56]
Project Blogs:: Howard's 47 Custom project
Mostly piddling things have happened and been noted in other posts so haven't updated this blog for awhile. Been too hot to do any serious work anyway.

Wilton III carpet has been here for some time and will look quite nice once installed. Might get around to gluing it onto the rubber one of these days. Headliner, I skimped on and decided to use the Kanter repro because of the AC vent playing around project. Didn't want to...
Re: Mike's 53 Clipper [by Ima48too]
Project Blogs:: Mike's 53 Clipper
I have had a clutch freeze up on the splines of the transmission input shaft. Before a verdict of the face and flywheel being bonded, get some penetrating oil on the spline at the disk center and snake a punch in there. Give it a few smacks while someone holds the pedal down. It can save a lot of work.
Re: Well-dressed Engine (con't) [by JW]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Well-dressed Engine (con't)
O_D, Beautiful engine, simple and clean looking - elegant. Also note that Marmon used a cross flow cylinder head design with intake on one side and exhaust on the other. I believe all the other multi-cylinder v-type engines at that time had all the ports on one side (inside). This made routing exhaust a bit of a problem and crowded the top side of the engine and placed a lot of heat near the carburetor and intake manifold....
Re: Wiring on ignition coil - 1949 model 2365 [by JW]
General:: Wiring on ignition coil - 1949 model 2365
O_D, curious as to why there are different replacement coils listed for Delco and Auto Lite. Seems a universal replacement coil would work for either application. Do you know the reason for the different coils? I know there are differences in 12-volt coils as to having an internal resistor or requiring an external one and terminal types. Thanks

Re: 47 Custom Super Throttle Rod Return Spring [by Wesley Boyer]
Post-War (1946-54):: 47 Custom Super Throttle Rod Return Spring
Thanks Guys, it is funny so many different flavors. Here a picture of a Super Clipper with EC and this one has no bracket or spring.
1940 Trunk Rack retainer knob. [by West Peterson]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1940 Trunk Rack retainer knob.
In the event that I cannot locate another retainer knob for my trunk rack, I will have a couple made. If anyone else is interested, I will get a price to do so. I plan on having them made of stainless steel.
Re: Weight of 1937 Packard 6 cylinder engine [by Corsaseven]
Pre-War (1899-1942):: Weight of 1937 Packard 6 cylinder engine
Thank you for the chart and your reply
Re: 1946 Clipper Dash Removal [by dallas]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1946 Clipper Dash Removal
Howard, Thanks for the step by step info it is appreciated.
Re: 1955 Patrician engine number [by Let the ride decide]
V-8 (1955-56):: 1955 Patrician engine number
In addition to what has already been said, behind the distributor on the block is a cast block number and date.

If you can get the Utica number and the cast numbers and date it would be interesting to see them.
Re: 1948-1954 Deluxe Brake Overhaul Kit [by Owen_Dyneto]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1948-1954 Deluxe Brake Overhaul Kit
What size are the shoes ie 11, 11.5, 12 in and widths.

Diameters and widths vary depending on which chassis. You need to provide that information for an answer.
Re: GearRat's '52 [by Rusty" Packard]
Project Blogs:: GearRat's '52
I enjoy GearRat's adventures___

i have had some of similiar with my 52 200 dlx... but i have power brakes and Ultamatic... so other dramas have unfolded.

thanks my Texas Packard compadre
1951 300 resonable shape in wrecking yard [by John Miller]
For Sale, Wanted, Trade:: 1951 300 resonable shape in wrecking yard
Today while looking for 1940 packard parts I stumbled across a very presenable though well worn 1951 300. 100% of trim grill, bumpers exctra. One major dent on the body, drivers side rear door, no back window but otherwise the body and interior are good for basiclly rust free parts and patterns.
The car is located in Turlock California, Valley Auto wreckers.
P#209-632-8174 owner says he would like to...
Re: '55 dashboard light harness [by HH56]
V-8 (1955-56):: '55 dashboard light harness
Yes but it is somewhat of a project with everything that needs to be disconnected and pulled thru with the dash. I've done it by myself but a helper is a good idea because the dash is bulky and heavy.

Download the 55-6 AC install manual There is a fairly decent procedure on how to remove the dash -- although because of the install they are doing, it does go a bit farther on a couple of things than is needed to just remove the dash for cleaning and service.
Re: Need spark plug explanation....AC 103 vs AC 103S vs Champ UY6 [by bujak]
General:: Need spark plug explanation....AC 103 vs AC 103S vs Champ UY6
Thanks, everyone, for all the input.
I appreciated it.

Re: 1952 Packard Steering Gear Questions [by randy berger]
Post-War (1946-54):: 1952 Packard Steering Gear Questions
I learned to drive on a 52 Mayfair that didn't have PS. You could steer it with one finger as long as it was moving. By moving I mean at idle in "H". Great steering automobile.