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347 intake question
Has anyone switched from a torker 289 to a victor jr and was it worth the switch? I have a 347 with trick flow heads and a 286HR comp cam 750 holley...
Tial v60 wastegate issue?
Hey guys, my friend has recently purchased a car that has a pt-88 with a 6 speed, 331ci and we have been trying to get the co2 boost control to work...
Qualifying sheets ????
Where do I find the qualifying sheets on here ?
Pro Mods @ NOPI NATIONALS Sept 19-20-21 @ Atlanta Dragway
*EXTREME OUTLAW PRO MOD Heads-up 1/8 Mile **$15,500 Guaranteed Payout **Entry $200 EOPM Members non-EOPM members: $100 membership fee** Includes...
Top Sportsman/Dragster @ NOPI NATIONALS Sept 19-20-21 @ Atlanta Dragway
*TOP SPORTSMAN / TOP DRAGSTER **$15,000 Payout* $7000 Guaranteed ** Entry $200 Pre-Registration - $250 at event Includes Car & Driver and 4 Crew...
Anybody eating the big snakes in FL??
Are they any good? You know, gut and then cut up into skinned 1" steaks and smoked/BBQ'd??? Can jerky be made out of them that would taste OK?? ...
Searching for Tuckable IWB for my Mustang
Hey guys, I have a colt mustang that I've been carrying on days when I can't take my sig c3. I've been pocket carrying it for a while but I'm not...
Need a few more Mustangs at YB Nats.!
It'd be cool if a few more people ran a Fox body!:rolleyes:
Afr 210 eliminator rocker arms
Been searching for hours can't find a answer. Need help finding roller rockers that fit these heads. Going to run HS but read those wont work.
Path to 9-11
~ Clinton administration held 10 high level meetings with Bush officials stressing al Qaeda as the #1 issue they faced, and gave Bush the war plan he...
Reality about the race baiting and bias
Now remember everyone, THESE ARE FACTS, NOT OPINION !!! Does anyone remember Detective Melvin Santiago? He was a Jersey City police officer...