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I wonder
I wonder how many times Monty has received legal letters asking for peoples IP addresses, coz there is always someone threatening someone with legal...
Stolen Valor
A lot of people do this. Pretty sickening.
Need help. does this fuel setup make any sense to anyone??
running a turbo zx14 motorcycle engine. this is how the fuel system is setup. Ive never seen a inline pump running fuel to a small 1 gallon sump...
Super Chevy Show Contact ??
I tried emailing them twice with no responses to either email and no number to call on the website. Any contact number would be appreciated if...
Couple small block n2o questions
Just had my 23 nitrous sbc dyno'd. I've got a couple questions. I have 2" primaries for it. What size collector would you run? 3 1/2 or 4? Merge...
wastegate configuration. HELP
im re engineering some stuff on my turbo kit. i have 2 precision 66mm gates or whatever size they are. we can make it so i only use one. what is the...
WTB-Turbo Headers for 67 Fairlane
Need to purchase a set of turbo headers for my 67 Fairlane, anyone have a set or know where I can buy some ?
Will Kevin make it to 50 k tonight ?
Will our Super Hero make it over the 50 k mark tonight on his post count. Gotta be near to record or something ???
hot side cleaning.
i got some welding splatter on the inside of my hot side, was wondering if any one has any tricks on cleaning it off. its just tiny stuff on the...
Big shock/spring vs coilover
title should say big spring/shock. long day at work. I found a thread on this via searching but the application was a little different. I'm about...
Racepak front wheel sensor?
I would like to track how much the rear tires are slipping. Has anyone ever done this with a front wheel sensor? Can it be done with a LDX?
How fast will nitrous x be in February?
Just wondering what this class will run trying to decide what class to run
Hoosier 29w
Run a m/t 28w. I like the specs clearances 29w 10.5s Hoosiers will this tire allow more power? Any experiences.