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Who got the wall in Memphis?
Sounds like a hard lick
Help with Big SBC combo
Looking to9 build 4.165x4.125 with a 6" rod. I have a Dart raised cam block with a 9.325 DH. What size lobe (.500-.530) will alum rods clear. Also...
Timing chain question
Will a LS3 pro extreme timing chain ,work on a 5.3??? Thanks Mike
Doug Sikora crashed @ Fontana :-(
He is ok, out of the car.. Not sure if the car is repairable. Image: We have a few more...
AFR 245
Has anyone here or know someone that have these heads and runs low 5s with single stage nitrous..:confused:
tire/gear change
If you were running a 4.86 gear and 32 tall tire at 7200 rpm, and changed to a 315/60 drag radial what gear would you use to keep the same rpm?
RHS, have they cured the block problem?
Looking around at new blocks, has RHS fixed their cracking issue yet?
Hoe Lea Bluebook, Batman!!!!
Sometimes the idea that Mopar owners are stupid is justified. !!!NO!!! dipshits. This is not my ad, and not my car. I was thinking of...
Smallest turbo to make 1000-1100 rwhp?
I'm a blower guy and thinking of going turbo on my setup so I'm wondering what is the smallest most compact turbo that can make 1000-1100 rwhp? ...
Thoughts on Glasstek for 65 Falcon. Hood, trunk and bumpers, all will be Dzus fastened on.
Nascar Tech's Cooling System Pressure Question
Does the motor run cooler/take longer to achieve high temps when you pressurize the cooling system before going out, say when qualifying? Or do...
Ammo sales
We had a thread on this topic in the trashed section. Through I would share this ale. *22LR Ammo 40gr Solid Lead Nose American Eagle (AE5022)...