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70's model Toyota Land cruiser or a jeep?
Looking at buying either a 70's model Toyota land cruiser or a jeep for a toy. Any pro's or con's to either?
I am wanting to know how to use the ICT function on the GRID, how can you tell on the ReView program if the ICT is working under cam sync? I have the...
Gear calculator
Put this together since the last gear calculator I used went off line and figured it might be helpful for others. Allows you to input converter...
header size on sbc.
Hey guys, i think i messed up. i used to run 1 7/8 headers in my 67 camaro 30 over sbc... ran 9.18 to 9.21.. so over the winter i got this great...
What IAT's with air to water intercooler and E85
What sort of temps are you averaging at the beginning of the run and the end? I appreciate the input.
need triple spring to replace pac 1328
I have a 1328 pac's on my heads now. I need to go to something around ???? these are setup at 275on the seat now BBC, 60mm /big chief heads/2.4...
question about braided hose?
I am starting to plumb my car and I've always used regular steel braided hose with red and/or blue fittings. I like the look of the black hose. Years...
Anyone looking for a 69 Camaro
Here is a great craigslist ad for a 69 Camaro Don't know if it includes a radio
66 Chevelle front shock tech
My buddy is looking into purchasing a nice double adjustable front shock. Just wants one that bolts right in stock location. He is considering the...
Boosted Bullet unable to log on!
Reseting password no worky, new passwords issued by tech assistance no worky! HELP! (please of course)
Sandpaper Assortment...
I'm getting things in place to start stripping my car down to bare metal. What would be a good assortment of sandpaper to get? I'm planning on...
Muhammad exhibit shooting?
What's going on down in TX? Who did what?
Guy gets shot point blank!
Might be old, but still funny. Don't push cop