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Killer race Trans deal
eBay item 271556107631
62-67 Chevy II's
Anyone do a clean install using a 5.3, truck intake, S476, manifolds, rad w/fans and an A2W intercooler all under the hood of a 62-67 Chevy II? Got...
Intake port size
I have a street 355 with a 6-71 and gm 492 heads, 8.6 :1 static comp. my question is by going from a 150ish cc intake port to say a 215 cc, how much...
tyre pressur 3053s ?
weight 2420lbs Stick gearbox solid clutch IRS back best 60fot 1.36 3053C Thanks
Alum 5.3 LS head gasket?
I have an L33 which is the aluminum 5.3 LS. I used the GM std 5.7/5.3 3 layer MLS gaskets. Studs torqued to 75 ft lbs. Yes, the cheap studs. I...
Michael Oren: 'Israel must be permitted to crush Hamas'
*Opinions* ( *Israel must be permitted to crush Hamas* Image:...
Ted Cruz says the FAA's flight ban was Obama's secret anti-Israel plot
*Ted Cruz says the FAA's flight ban was Obama's secret anti-Israel plot* Updated by Andrew Prokop ( on...
Roll cage
I'm going to be putting a cage in my car was wondering if a Hobart 140 welder is going to be hot enough
Serious question for Atheists or Bible Scholars
What does the Christian Bible (any version, particularly anything Old Testament) say about the Jihad and Islam? I ask Atheists mostly because...
Who saw "Welcome to Sweden"
Anyone watch more than the 30 seconds of that tripe I saw? Impression?
*Can a CW alternator be converted to CCW easily?*