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Help Me Cheer Up My Baby Girl Please
It's been a cruddy week. We missed the fair for the first time because I was sick and got hurt. We were going to carry my daughter to the Fair in...
Happy Halloween from Baileigh and Cutworm Specialties!
In addition to making some of the most wicked cars on the planet with his Baileigh power hammer, Jeb Greenstone from Cutworm Specialties shapes the...
Steering column wiring
I want to remove the stock steering column in my GN and go to a lightweight one with removable steering wheel. Currently everything works off the...
Changing rear axle styles
I am going to be changing from a 12 bolt to a Fabed 9" and I am wondering how the 4 link brackets that are a bit different will react in the same...
Any online scanners?
Anyone got a link to working online scanner? I was going to listen to the Detroit Fire feed but the site i usually use is down country wide. Even a...
2" harness belts?
I'm buying a camlock set for the next season to make it easy to hop in and out of the car, and noticed that there's some 2" belts available. These...
Ed Loutherback. Awesome transaction. A+ buyer
Great communicator and quick payment. I wish all buyers were this good. Thanks Ed.
WTF Chris Cadotto?
For sale??
Guess who I'm baby sitting
At 4AM in the morning? A grown ass man who lacks accountability and responsibility. Yeah a drunk friggin driver.
Video: Mark Wells/David Hance 3.997 in Outlaw 10.5 Trim!
Video Link: Thanks for Watching! Mark Wells Driving on the 4.04 Pass, and was Happy with that Pass and let David...