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Good news....New 10 Micron fuel filter from Aeromotive
Just ordered one....# 12341. Designed for Ethanol and Methanol fuels. Some new technology. Hope to get it after Christmas. Good for Fuel injected...
anyone here work for GM?
My company just bought me 2015 Chevrolet Express van as a company vehicle. There are some pretty bad blind spots at the ear, and it only came with a...
pro mod hub or drum th400
How much more hp could see from it...
n20 vs fuel jet size constant?
I know its not a constant, but is there any generally true statement about the ratio of the fuel to the n20 jet size as you increase the shot? I use...
Gov Kasich signs new red light camera law
now,a police officer has to be at the camera and see the offense to make a ticket valid in other words,it is over for the cameras ...
Monty is home from vacation
Sorry he didn't tell you guys first. lol
Cannibal Sandwich
a lil buttered rye bread covered in ground sirloin, onion, salt and pepper, now that's some good *FOAT*, nuff said BURP! A little E-Coli...
whats it per foot, 1. 5/8 .083 moly vs 1 5/8 .095 moly
Just as title states. I like to know how much more does a foot of 1 5/8 .095 wall moly steel weigh compared to 1 5/8 .083 wall moly. thx. I did try...
Raybesto's Z Pack clutches
Anyone with experience use them? Thoughts?
*Wall Street Journal Sizes Up **Obama* A "deadly" article regarding Obama, at the Wall Street Journal, which today is the most widely...
If oil drops below $60/barrel and stays there..
What happens to all the U.S. Oil fields that are fracking, in the Southern states and in North Dakota. At those prices, aren't they screwed?
LMMFAO!!!!! I'll just post it.....
You guys post what or who you think but read it closely: And before anyone gets any ideas,...
Albinos Killed In Africa
Seems like the coon there don't like anyone with white skin.