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This is a discussion & support forum for owners and fans of Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivans which provides information on maintaining, repairing and customizing their Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivan.

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When do the 2015 models show up at dealers?
When do the 2014 models take a little price dip? Should be some kind of price cut in December to offset year end inventory tax. In TX businesses have to report and pay property tax on inventory on hand.
The HD brake threads and pics are very informative but
one thing I still want to know is on both the GC and T/C do all the 2014 models now have HD brakes. In other words were the cheepo smaller brakes eliminated? I believe some 2013 models had one or the other. I have not seen HD brakes shown as an option for 2013 or 2014 so they may show up in some...
2002 T/C Reservoir to power steering pump hose
Hello Everyone, I got such a fast and accurate answer to my last question, I thought I would try again. This time I am looking for the large diameter hose that goes along the back of the engine from the steering pump inlet to the Power Steering fluid reservoir. I checked the Gates and Dayco...
2002 T/C Replacement heater hoses
Hi Everyone, I just did a bit of preventative maintenance to my 2002 T/C Limited last week, but I haven't been able to find a source for my heater hoses. My van is pristine underneath, and the cooling system has been cared for, so the metal pipes are in great shape - I just need to find the...
Rear stowed seat has problems raising
Some times after stowing the rear seat, it doesn't want to come back up. I think it's the strap on the side that isn't snapping back in place when stowing it and keeps it from coming back up. The seat also fits pretty tight when stowed and even when all the straps snap back in place, I have to take...
A/C not working!!
Hi all my a/c has packed in so my local garage says, it just blows warm air, apparently they said the compressors gone and there was a leak on the condensor. The gas has been checked but its nil. They said new compressor and new condensor thats going to cost an arm and a leg, any advive or...
Voyager turn signal issue
My wife has a 2000 Voyager and recently she's encountered an issue where the turn signals will stop working, but if she turns the ignition off and back on 3 times, they work again. This is weird. Any suggestions?
Hello fellow T and C ers'
Our van gave us 55,000 good miles and we planned to run it into the ground, however the motor had other plans. I should have checked the Carfax and or service history on this van as I believe lack of proper oil changes did in the motor as it has spun a bearing. My bad for being in a rush to get...
Parting out 2003 Limited AWD..135K Many new Parts!!
3.8L motor spun a bearing so van needs to go. Any and all parts available many are newer, some are factory, including: 2,000 miles on Radiator w/ Upper + Lower hose $50 7500 miles Ignition Coil $40 7500 miles Power steering Reservoir $15 Tan Front Heated Leather Seats (Driver has minor...
Lighten up the alarm switch challenge.
I found 2 small spots not illuminated on my dashboard. The alarm switch and the rear window wiper switch. I opened my centre dashboard console and found 2 dead leds, a blue one and a red one. I asked the Chrysler dealer and "surprise surprise.." if one of those small led fails you need to...
Just thought I'd check in.
I bought a 2003 Grand Caravan for the Wife to drive. It seems like a solid van. It has a few problems but rides good. I will be checking in now and then. Thanks Scott
P0740 & P0700 2001 caravan issues
Hello, my 2001 dodge grand caravan is having issues. 177k miles Well it's been throwing these 2 codes for about 3 years. When it first happened I took it to a tranny shop and they said it was the TCC solenoid pack. I paid them to replace it and while driving it home from the shop, the light came...
The issue I'm having could be a "possible" ground problem on my 2k voyager w 2.4L turn signal, horn and inside blower motor all stopped working at the same time and I'm confused as too where to check first. I'm very good at electronic diagnostics so I'm hoping to get some help in this area. thx...
Gc vs t/c what am i missing?
They're the same van aren't they? But the GC with 6 trim levels is $21k - $30k while the T/C with 5 trim levels runs $31k - $42k, MSRP of course. So the bling of the T/C accounts for this big difference? What else is it?
Here's to Detroit Imports!
New member, but bought our 2011 T&C Limited in May of that year. 36,000 miles, just past warranty, so probably a big reason for joining at this time! Great van, just have had the brakes looked at way too many times. All told I think it is still a much better buy, and better features, than its...