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This is a discussion & support forum for owners and fans of Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivans which provides information on maintaining, repairing and customizing their Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivan.

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Dirt catching on Rear
Have had to drive a dirt road (detour) a couple of times lately and each time the rear of the van is covered in dirt. There seems to be some airflow that sucks the dirt up and deposits over the entire rear of the van. Has anybody else experienced this? Does anyone know of any part (deflector,...
Alternator decoupler pulley tool
Got a vehicle with a bad Alternator decoupler pulley? Like a 2001-2007 Dodge/Chrysler minivan? Well it's your lucky day. I got a Alternator Decoupler pulley tool for sale, used only once at a very good price. Auto part stores and other places want so much more for the tool. As you can see...
2001-2007 Dodge Caravan/Town&Country Alt decoupler pulley
have a new 2001-2007 Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan/ Chrysler Town&Country Alternator Decoupler pulley made by ZEN. This will work with the 3.3/3.8 motors that have either the 140 AMP or 160 AMP alternator. Reason for selling? My alternator Decoupler pulley was seized on my 2004 so I caved in...
2004-2007 Dodge Caravan/Town&country 3.3/3.8 valve cover gaskets
I have a brand new set of felpro valve cover gaskets for 2004-2007 Dodge Caravan, Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country. These are for the vans with the plastic valve covers,which only the 2004-2007 Chrysler/Dodge 3.3/3.8 vans came with. This won't work with 2001-2003 vans. Good brand valve...
Fuel level gauge stuck at full
I filled up and my fuel gauge is stuck at full. My scan gauge is telling me how many gallons I am using, so at least I won't run out of gas, but I need to figure this out. The dash light for the fuel gauge also does not work. Any connection? Suggestions?
G.I. Anyone need parts form my 98 PGV LE?
I am still driving it but I may not be able to get much for it, so if a wrecker can pay $350 then I can strip non metal parts from it. It has the sport rear wing, the factory centre console, LE body cladding, There's all the infinity speakers, I have an extra Plymouth grille, there are some spare...
gauge cluster swap
i have a 2002 SE with the 3 gauge cluster. i have access to a 4 gauge cluster out of a 2003 T&C. questions are as follows 1. will the gauge set work? 2. will my mileage transfer over, or is it stored in the cluster? 3. if it has the "eyebrow" can that be installed in the non eyebrow dash?...
2002 ticking at startup: exhaust
My 2002 Voyager 3.3 sits all week and is used only on the weekends. It's been this way for about 6 months. The exhaust is now starting to tick up feont, but that goes away after driving it a few miles. Do you all think I may need to change the donut gaskets at the manifold? It will be a daily...
Water on the passenger side floor.
Took the van for a 5 hour drive today. At about 4 hours the Wife said that there was water on the floor on Her side. When We got to our destination I pulled the mat and found the carpeting was soaked. It's not anti-freeze and it is not raining. What's going on? Scott
hi i'm jorge and i'm from tijuana mexico i drive a 97 grand caravan 3.0 and a 3 speed auto i had no mods yet only a dvd player in the dash i will submit pictures later
Leaks when it rains getting worse!
I have had an awful time over the years with this minivan when it comes to leaks from rain. When it rains, the water starts pouring on the alternator. The belt threw on me once and left me stranded. The drain tubes from the "wiper box" are connected and drain properly. I "remedied" that by...
Are back up sensors wired
Through the body controller? I was thinking about grabbing a set at the junkyard and mounting them in the front. Is there any way of powering the rears to stay on all the time?
Toyota Sienna minivan drivers can scream at kids using built-in mics
This is interesting for the new upcoming 2015 Sienna which is being refreshed, with a hopefully better interior. *Toyota wants to help you scream at your unruly kids. The latest version of the company's Sienna minivan has a feature called "Driver Easy Speak." It uses a built-in microphone to...
I got 1138 KMs on a tank of gas on my 3.3...5.6L/100kms! AWESOME!!!
Damn, didn't expect to see those numbers. That's right we went 1138 KMS on one tank of gas. Same gas station as always as well. I was expecting lower since the van isn't driven like a grandma but sees some high revs, especially from me. 110 of those KMS was from highway driving and the rest of...
POWER LOSS. Please tell me what should i look for?
06 caravan, 78000 mi Please give me some direction I welcome thought thoughts that someone may have experienced as I am. Today, while driving had a loss of power at about 2500rpm and above. Van just won't continue to accelerate or have the power when I get at 2500 rpm, begins running...