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This is a discussion & support forum for owners and fans of Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivans which provides information on maintaining, repairing and customizing their Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivan.

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1997 grand caravan 3.8L, 4 speed - transmission issue?
We have a weird problem with our caravan. It starts perfectly, we put it into reverse and back out of the garage, stop to let the door close and back out of the driveway onto the road. When we go to put it into drive, it refuses to go into gear. Revving the engine seems to motivate it and after...
Squealing idler pulley
When it rains my idler pulley starts squealing real bad. This started up recently. I replaced the pulley and to no avail it comes back. I have figured out it is the source of my problems through varied diagnosis but what really has confirmed it for me is when I apply some pressure with a screw...
wiring in a brake controller on a GC w/towing package
I have a 2014 Grand Caravan with the factory tow package and I am attempting to install the brake controller. Am I missing something or did Dodge just not complete the wiring harness? Why is there not a harness or connector next to the brake light switch that would allow a simple hook-up to a...
Hello to Everyone!
Have a new 2015 T/C Touring. Love it so far and am impressed with uconnect technology. Rented these vans twice for business travel and liked it so much I decided my next new vehicle would have to be a T/C. Like getting 27+ mpg on the highway as well.
2015 T&C Touring Normal engine operating temp.
Did a search, but was unable to find an answer. What is considered the normal operating temp of the V6 engine? My coolant temp seems to stay between 206 and 210. This just one of my anal curiosities. My little 2010 Kia runs at between 198 and 202 and I am told that is normal.
Vibration in my GC on the highway first gentle....2000 Grand Caravan 3.8 FWD...189k....I have a vibration that is mild around 65mph and continues to get worse as speed increases...very noticeable at 80mph and can be felt in the steering wheel...the vibration continually comes and goes every few seconds, like it is...
Radio Issues
Some details first: -My dad has a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan -Radio is an RBP (best I can figure from the manual anyway) with steering wheel controls. -AM/FM/CD/Tape and steering wheel controls. Story: Back in February the radio "locked up." The volume/power nob still worked, and the Bass...
2003 Speedometer, Tachometer, Odometer, Temp, and A/C not working
2003 Town and Country. Occasionally, the speed and tach will kick back on, but go back down shortly thereafter. Error codes are: 100.0 100.1 100.5 100.6 200.7 400.1 Instrument cluster is fine. BCM is fine. Fuses are good. Battery is good. I think there's a short somewhere, but I've...
Which antifreeze / coolant ?
Just did the Y-fitting repair on my 2008 Grand Caravan 3.3 and I want to top off the antifreeze / coolant. I'm not sure what to use. I happen to have a gallon of Prestone Dex-Cool approved coolant (Prestone part #AF888 ) for another one of my vehicles. The label states that it meets Daimler...
crankshaft position sensor
Hello I hve a? Wht will happen if you put the crankshaft positioning sensor in the wrong hole will it go bad again
crankshaft position sensor
Hello i hve a? Wht will happen if you put the crankshaft positioning sensor in the wrong hole will it go bad again
Why is my uconnect RBZ so slow?
I just bought my first uconnect vehicle with the RBZ. Its a pretty unit but I'm not that impressed. I keep a ipod 5th gen in the glovebox connected to that port. It has huge delays of blank outs when it switches tracks. It will have a audio cut out of about 4-5 full seconds before starting the...
Are there any schematics available for the underside of 2nd Gen Chrysler vans?
I have three rusted pipes underneath my van that have broken, and I'm not sure what they're for. Two of the broken ones are thin (1/2"?) and, in the middle of the underbody, ran parallel to the back, several inches apart. I just noticed that they were broken today when I was changing my belt...
how to remove center dash vents?
Hi, my 2yr old daughter stuffed a quarter in the right center dash vent. It's about an inch farther than my finger can reach, and there are both vertical and horizontal louvers to get through. If I can partially dismantle the vent it should be much easier. How does the panel come off? I don't want...
2006 Brake Line Front Replacements Question
I noticed when changing the tires on my mother Caravan that the front brake lines looked like they were ready to burst. It looked like the steel cable inside the rubber was damaged and the fluid was just held in with the rubber. So I bought the replacements and it was a fairly simple job. I...