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This is a discussion & support forum for owners and fans of Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivans which provides information on maintaining, repairing and customizing their Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivan.

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AWD Rear Jounce Bumper - better, cheaper part
I found one "jounce bumper" (or "bump stop") missing above my rear axle, with the other side almost off while inspecting the rear on my 2002 T&C AWD. Judging by the old rubber, I wouldn't be surprised if others are similar. The remaining one had "4684758AC", which I find on ebay for $32 ea (w/...
brakes are for new TIRES
been looking at tires...... lots of tires............. havent really narrowed it down either. i love in denver, it snows one day, melted the in the summer maybe itll rain a bunch, maybe it wont. figure all season tires is a good place to start?
one week in, thoughts and questions
Been driving the "new" van for a week now. It'll have to grow on me. It's quiet, roomy, rides pretty nice, handles like, well, a big ol' boat. Not getting the mileage I was hoping for, but might benefit from a tune up. A couple concerns -- The transmission. There seems to be a lot going on...
Hard Start After Fuel Pump Replacement?
I have a 1999 Chrysler T&C Limited w 3.8L engine. It has just under 140K miles and has served our family well in the 15+ years we have owned it. It was starting and running great up until a week ago when it died without warning while traveling at about 50MPH. There were no warning lights and no...
Intermittent P0403 EGR code
I have been fighting this code for months. Initially, this EGR code (check engine light) stayed on until I replaced the EGR valve. Then a reset of the computer, relieved the code for approximately 70 miles. The code returned has been intermittent ever since. I have reset it several times with my...
This Shop passed the "litmus test"
An auto repair shop opened up a couple years back not too far away. This summer the shop was expanded from one bay to three bays, with 2 post hoists in each bay. They don't do wheel alignments. I had talked with the Owner/Mechanic previously for a short time and found out that he started out...
Rear a/c actuator
Had our 09 T&C looked at today and found out the rear a/c actuator needs to be replaced. I can't find a lot of info on where I can buy this part and the labor involved if I wanted to tackle this myself. Can anyone help?
2013 GC SXT Compass
I just recent acquired a used 2013 SXT GC. Non-Evic with the normal non-uconnect radio...sales model 130 or so I think? Does anyone know if this van has a compass? And if so, how can I access it? Thanks!
extended warranties
Whats everyones general consensus on buying extended warranties on a new GC ? Are they worth it . It looks like maxcare for like 7 years is like $2900 . Is it worth it or should that $2900 just be put aside for stuff that breaks? The power train itself is 100000 miles without a warranty so...
Father-in-laws ride
Hey everyone, I'm a noobie to this site. My father in law has had is 2003 Town and Country LXI in to try to fix a rough idle and stall that he has been dealing with. $1600 later, still have the same issues. There are no engine codes that pop up. I did a bit of digging, and found out that it could...
Any snow tire users? TPMS info/questions
OK, living for 50+ years in the mid west I learn to deal with snow for better than half the year. Long ago I became a dedicated snow tire convert, and usually buy a complete package from Tire Rack (though in some cases I've pieced wheel/tire combinations together myself). I picked up my T&C late...
patrick murphy
My name is Patrick Murphy and I own a 2008 T&C touring Minvan with 157,000 miles on it
Rear Hatch Beeping Noise
Hello all, I have a 2009 Chrysler Town & Country Limited, and when I close the rear hatch, it does not beep. It beeped on my 2008, and all five rental Chrysler minivans I have driven. Is this something that I could fix on my own, or do I have to get the code changed by the dealer? Thanks!
headlight lens removal
Hi all. Another weird question on my '01 T&C. Has anyone attempted to seperate the clear lens from the housing to gain access to the inside of the headlight? Any ideas on a "easy" way to go about it? I have an extra set to do this to. Thanks folks.
Stow n Go - 2nd Row for CVP
Hi I am a newbie...have owned several caravan's over the years but am planning to buy a 2014 very soon. Anyone know if the 2nd row bench can be swapped out for the Stow n Go seats on the CVP model? I have notice in U.S. that the Stow n Go seats optional add-on to the AVP but not here in...