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This is a discussion & support forum for owners and fans of Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivans which provides information on maintaining, repairing and customizing their Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivan.

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2009 4.0 P0304 misfire help
i have a 2009 town & country with a 4.0 78,000 miles. Van will idle fine sometimes then it will start to idle rough then sets a P0304 cylinder #4 missfire. I have replaced the plugs, swapped coils form #4 to #6 and still have a 304 code i have even swapped injectors and still have same code. Any...
Ignition switch recall update
As I posted before, I had the ignition switch recall done on the rehab cab. It was brought to my attention that the key fob was cracked and since the switch is harder to turn now, the key fob might break in the ignition. The dealer wanted $175 for the fob plus $65 to program. I ordered a...
Radio Upgrades?
Have any of you done upgrades if so what did you do? My previous SUV had a Bose system, my 14 T&C has the six speaker setup and it sounds like crap. I have ordered a powered sub that I am going to put under the seat to add a small amount of bass. The next upgrade will be the rear speakers (6x9).
Head bolt torque
I may be looking at a bad valve and if I am, I will need to purchases a new torque wrench. My question is; what is the head bolt torque on a '07 3.3 T&C? And would a 3.8" inch pound torque wrench fill the need or would it take a larger foot pound wrench? - Thanks
Evap leak/gas cap issue
We have had the recurring engine light for the Evap leak/gas cap issue. The light routinely cycles off and on. It happened to come on during our yearly Texas inspection and the vehicle failed. We have since been pulled over and cited for out-of-date inspection. We have only a few more days to...
Difficulty/Cost Level to Potentially Add Full EVIC to 2014 Grand Caravan
I've been enjoying the wisdom of this experienced crowd, have now joined the forum, and appreciate the chance to meet and speak with you all. Being the believer that I am in these vehicles, including the overall good experience we've had with my wife's 2012 Touring (brakes notwithstanding), I...
First Drag Run For My 3l Shadow
I took the Shadow up to the drag strip yesterday. Car has a rebuilt engine. Bigger TB and ported plenum. Ported heads. Paper air filter. Stock exhaust and cat. Nearly dead second gear syncrho. Full interior. Falcon Ziex tires.
Rear electric seat stuck 2009 Routan SEL
left side stuck in recline. Side button is unresponsive. Buttons in trunk work but because the seat is stuck, it will not stow or go to normal. The seat will however go to rear facing mode. Any ideas?
a hissing sound...
* 2014 Town & Country, 62 miles on the clock Hi everyone, is a hissing sound coming from the back of the van whether it is at idle or moving one of these vans' characteristic? It sounds like there is a hole on one of the tires, and obviously there isn't. It might be coming from the exhaust. ...
Not using forum anymore - account will be inactive - Deletion preferred
I have no more time to use this forum and also have been having issues with other users. This will be my last post here and the account will be forever inactive. Changing my info so i can't get back in. It was nice using this forum though…
Hello from Kentucky
Hello from Kentucky! I have been a Grand Caravan owner for a little over a year now. It is my daily driver. I bought it with 80k on the clock, and it is up around 97k now. I just returned from a 1000mi trip this weekend. Super happy with my purchase. I bought a 2009 Grand Caravan SE with the...
2006 dodge grand caravan driver side power seat
I have a 2006 Grand Caravan and the drivers side will not go up and down. I have put my hand on the motors and can feel them humming but the seat will not move. I looked under the seat when I move the switch and see no movement. The seat will move back and recline just nothing up or down. I think...
multiple codes, no idea. 2008 town and country
I have a 2008 town and country with a 3.3l and 175k. The van is giving a p0403 code. I have replaced the egr, ait, throttle body,upstream 02, and cleaned out the upper injector harness that is missing(and still can't find) seal. It will run rough for a little while, or die right after starting....
3.6L Engine Missing
Since we came back from getting the van serviced, it's been missing and the transmission has been jumping ever since. I honestly believe it's because Mom didn't get the transmission and stuff worked on as required by the dealer when we went last week. It usually does this when its cold, but now...
engine cover
how do you remove engine cover on 2014 dodge caravan 3-6 THANKS