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This is a discussion & support forum for owners and fans of Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivans which provides information on maintaining, repairing and customizing their Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivan.

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Aloha from Volcano Hawaii
I have a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan and I found this forum searching for help initially for electrical problems, but was impressed by all the topics addressed. It's been very helpful!
2011 T&C/GC Mileage
I just turned over 90,000 miles in my 2011. Wondering who holds the most miles record so far on the 2011's?
2014 R/T Newb
Hello all, It's been a long journey from my first car (a 4Dr 4x4 blazer) to the new R/T purchased last week. I was in a 2013 Dodge Dart 1.4L ddct auto but after 34k miles it turned into a problem child. Also expecting number 2, that car could barely fit a single car seat. Hoping to get some...
Feels good when you do the work yourself.
Yep, that sums it up. Last weekend replaced the front rotors and disc pads on my 2004 GC. This weekend, replaced the plugs, wires, drive belt and tensioner. Now if I could only get the AC sounding better. I hope it last at least one more year.
Full LED Interior & Exterior Lighting + Do I Need Load Resistors? (Pics)
Hello all, I have changed every halogen bulb in the car to LED's, with the exception of the H11 High Beam Lights. I have changed as follows: Fog Lights - H10 Front Switchback Turn Signal - 3157 Rear Turn Signal - 3157 Reverse Lights - 3156/ 3157 License Plate Lights - Standard Rear Hatch...
Are all trans/final drive gear ratio's the same for all models and years?
I have not seen published specs on trans gear ratio's. Our 2012 got best highway milage at about 58 and our 2014 get much better at 68 than 58. Is the T&C the exact trans as the Caravan??
Front end groan
2005DGC SXT. When accelerating from a standstill I hear a groaning noise in the front end. Noise stops if I let off the gas. Noise dosn't happen from a roll. Noise doesn't happen if I accelerate gently from a standstill. Makes no difference if the wheels are pointed straight or turning. Has...
Removing the windshield wiper arm on 2005 T&C
I just wanted to share a little insight to removing the windshield wiper arms on a Town & Country. As many of you may know already that replacing the rear spark plugs on a T&C can be a tricky job, especially if you don't have a lift. It requires you to remove the wiper arms and the...
voltage regulator mission
Hi all, This is my first time posting, however i have been following this forum for a few months now. I have been having problems with the battery keeping a charge, so i took the van (1993 plymouth grand voyager 3.3l) to the shop and they tested the battery and alt and said the problem was the...
Torn bumper cover
My 1999 Grand Caravan bumper cover has torn (again). I confess to having used duct tape in the past to hold together small tears, but now I am searching for a longer-term, more aesthetically appealing repair. Has anyone here tried epoxy and fiberglass to repair a bumper?
Rear Bumper Cover Removal
So, some Blue Hair backs into my 2001 and drives away before the witness can get an ID on the car. Really dented the right rear corner. I'll likely run to the pull-a-part today and get a replacement. Q: It looks like three screws at each rear wheel well, two fasteners under the tailgate, and 5 or...
New Here and new R/T tomorrow. Any words of wisdom?
My wife and I will be picking up a new GC R/T tomorrow morning and I am wondering what, if anything, should be done right away. Are there any recommended modifications that I should look at immediately? All I can think of is to tint the front as dark as legal limit. I hate that I have to suffer the...
3rd gen Nivomats on to a 4th gen non nivo.
I figured what do I have to loose but $12 some time and some of my disdain for the ride of my 06 town and country touring. Found the nivomat shocks at local you pull yard the other week. They were on a 99 town and after I compaired them to a 05 that was in there, same length as non nivo but the...
UConnect Stopped Working
I had installed the UConnect module to my 2004 T&C but after the headliner was replaced it stopped working. I pulled the wiring above the headliner and it looks good. I checked for power and toned out most of the wiring that went above the headliner. I was hoping someone here has some experience...
Is rear AC only supposed to come on when Front AC is on??
2008 Caravan SXT, 3.8L engine... Just got the van. I noticed that the rear SC does not come on unless the front AC is on. Am I having a senior moment?? I seem to recall that I could run the rear AC without running the front AC in our past 2005 T&C.... ANybody know? Thanks.