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This is a discussion & support forum for owners and fans of Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivans which provides information on maintaining, repairing and customizing their Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivan.

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Overhead console button illumination
Since I spent the money to get the transmission rebuilt on my 2002 Grand Caravan I've been repairing and replacing the other little annoying issues with it since now I will be keeping it awhile longer. Before I pull down the overhead console to check, are the buttons in the console suppose to be...
Dip stick or manual?
I checked my oil today and it appeared low after I pulled the stick and the handle broke off. I went to the dealer an got a new stick. I also changed to oil and filter and put in a new filter. The stick now shows it being way overflled. The capacity on the 3.8 is 5 quarts and that is what I put in....
Boiling Overflow Coolant Reservoir
Trying to troubleshoot my boiling overflow tank on the coolant. No warning lights, etc. Any clue?
2011 Volkswagon Routan Rims. 6.5 inch x 17 inch. Like new condition. Will fit Chrysler cars and vans and others. $250.00 for all three rims. If interested, please email to my...
2002 dodge caravan coolant leak
This is the 3.3 liter model. I've had loss of heat, coolant leak. I replaced the radiator thinking it was that but then noticed it leaking out of a metal pipe behind the engine. There are two rubber hoses that come down as rubber hoses from the firewall and then they are clamped and turn into a...
Exhaust Muffler rattles against fuel tank
Hey again everyone... I don't know if this is only a problem with the RHD models... But my exhaust muffler is REALLY close to my fuel tank, and the mountings have enough movement that it touches with the lightest touch... As I drive along I can hear something rattling outside, and wonder if...
Looking At A 2006 T&C ... What To Look Out For?
I once had a 2002 Voyager LX (175K miles); it was wrecked a few years ago. Though repairable, I elected to start using another vehicle I owned as a daily driver. Now that the other vehicle is getting up in miles (and nagging issues), I thought about getting the Voyager fixed. However, I may...
New owner
Just bought our first minivan 2014 grand caravan R/T 13,000 miles
Removing coil from strut.
I used a spark plug socket, the kind that one would use for a snowmobile. So that I could get a ten mm socket down to hold shock so I could spin the nut to remove the top plate of the shock. I was lucky I had a spare socket lying around. I used a vise grips to clamp onto the socket to turn the nut...
Enabling DRLs?
Is there a way to enable DRLs on a 14 T&C? I prefer having them.
Bad BCM?
So driving home tonight all of the sudden every light on the dash (except battery and temp) lit up, gauges drop to bottom, odometer blank, square lights up around every gear, pass air bag off light on, steering wheel stereo controls out, cruise controls still worked, overhead console, all MPG...
Headlights Flashing, Horn Honking, Van has no alarm?
Jumped in the van to go to work, made it 10 blocks, horn started honking, head and tail lights started flashing. Disconnected battery, no change, pulled horn and rail light relays drove home, called in sick. Been search the forum for a while and can't seem to find anything, anyone have any...
Transmission Cooler Bracket Repair
So, I've read all over the net about the transmission cooler rivets coming lose. Well, on our 01 DGC EX has this same problem. Anybody know what size rivets are used to fix this and how to remove the old rivets from the trans. cooler, without drilling a hole in it? Thanks
Click or clacking sound when on then off accelerator
This is the best way to describe it....coming from engine area . Sure hope it's not the transmission. Any thoughts at all? 2010 4.0L 6 speed.
2009 Chrysler Town and Country Instrument Cluster and Wipers all ON
Had my 2009 T&C Touring van detailed this weekend for the first time and when I went to leave my battery was dead because he had left the doors and lights on all day...the guy jumped the battery to get it started and off I went. Fast forward to today, 4 days later, I go to leave and notice my...