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This is a discussion & support forum for owners and fans of Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivans which provides information on maintaining, repairing and customizing their Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivan.

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01 T&C Limited power seat motor
Does anyone make an aftermarket part for repairing the power seat? any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.
Changed the rear wiper motor and....
Changed the rear wiper motor today and noticed that even though there is a button on the dash to shoot wiper fluid, there isn't a hose for this on the back window. Are there different versions of this feature?
Full Size tire fit spare tire carrier?
Will a full size tire and wheel fit up into the spare tire carrier of a 2015 T&C?
2007 town and country sliding door issue
I have an intermittent issue with both sliding doors. After pressing the button to open sometimes the door does not "pop". The door starts the cycle and when the rear of the door does not pop out it continues and retracts to close the door. It started a few months ago after the passenger door...
Don't miss: Black Friday Sale at CARiD!
Image: We know that you have a couple of things in a wish list for your favorite car or truck! Don't wait any longer, as it's the right time to order them as long as the prices are that low and the products are still good in...
4 OEM Steel Wheels 15x6.5 w/ OEM Covers (4th Gen)
Good condition, true - great for full time use or a second set of snow tires. Fits 2001-2007 vans. Pick-up in Chicago suburbs. $100
WIN recall might not fix the problem!
Last week I had my 2010 Town & Country in for the WIN recall, even though in the 5 years and 40k miles I have had it it has never had an issue. Yesterday, my wife was driving it to work, and it DIED! She said the TCS/BAS light came on and she lost power steering and power brakes. It started right...
Car won't start/turn over. New Batt. Starter works when jumped.. help
Car has had random starting issues for a while. Will start some days, other times it won't. I thought it was the old battery. Replaced batt. After sitting a while, it wouldn't start. Batt was charged. Can hear the starter relay click, but the starter won't turn. Usually, I hear the starter click at...
2008 OEM Calipers
Make me an offer for these. They worked fine, I upgraded to the HD calipers (yea for 17" rims!) and couldn't use these for the core. Prefer local pickup near Waukesha, WI. [ATTACH=CONFIG]32770[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]32778[/ATTACH]
Identical symptoms as ignition (WIN) recall but VIN not listed
Hello folks First time here. This seems like the right place to post whats happening to my 2010 GC SXT 4L. I am having an issue where my engine and all power equipment (most notably power steering) dies randomly while driving but I can start it back up). The van is not driven often but the...
Hello from PA and Happy Thanksgiving
Hi, I am Fran and I have had several Caravans, 1994, 1997, 2000 GC 3.3, 2003 GC 3.8. They work well for Hubby's and my lifestyle which includes travel, sports, crafting business and Great Danes. I also had a couple Dodge Darts a long time ago, and a (82?) blue with red trim Dodge Omni GLH (for goes...
Bark mulch for ballast?
Hello I have 5, 50lb bags of bark mulch I won't be using till spring. The bench seat is in the middle and nothing behind it. With winter coming I figured maybe using some / all of the bags for weight over the rear axle. How many bags do you think I should use? Just a couple? All?
99 Grand Caravan 3.8 Accesory problem
Nothing works with key off. Can't find wiring diagrams or fuse/breaker locations to check. Seems to be related to a new (rebuilt) steering rack replacement a few months ago. They had to take the transmission out 3 times, ALL WHEEL DRIVE, had 2 bad racks leak worse than mine did. First radio would...
Remote start people- which one to get?
Our 2008 DGC sxt had remote start. Unfortunately it was the worst vehicle we have ever owned. We got a 2005 T&C limited. Mechanically it's way better, but there are some creature comforts that it lacks. We want to add a remote start. Do any of you have recommendations on which one we should...
Too rare
Since I bought my SWB Woody Caravan a year ago, I have not seen a single SWB Caravan or Voyager on the road, making me wonder how many of these once common vehicles are even operating on the roads of USA? I am in the greater Los Angeles area, the car capital of USA. With that many cars, not seeing...