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This is a discussion & support forum for owners and fans of Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivans which provides information on maintaining, repairing and customizing their Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth minivan.

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Any way of getting a rounded lug nut out? I got one rounded lug nut on the van...all the other lug nuts have been replaced but can't seem to get this one out. Basically went down from a 19 socket to a 16 socket...any ways of getting the lug nut out? I got replacement lug nuts for the van with only the one needed to be...
06 & 07 roof rack cross bars
I know they change year to year but do 07 bars fit on an 06 T&C Van Thanks :lol:
antifreeze leak from freeze plug
I have a 2010 T&C touring with the 3.8L the freeze plug in the rear side of the block is weeping. It's a small leak I just have to add antifreeze once a week to fill up the resevoir. I want to wait until spring when I will try to replace it. Problem is I can't locate a replacement plug at the local...
Crazy Headlights! Check Them Out...
I'm always looking to see if anyone will ever manufacture HID projector headlights for our vans. Our Rondo has these - well projector anyway - and the night visibility is simply amazing. After driving it and getting into the van it's almost as though the lights aren't even turned on. I know a...
1996 T & C Heat/Vent Issue
Just yesterday when the van was started a loud clicking/ clacking came from the under the glove box area, it stopped in a few minutes but came back the next time the van was started? Blend door issue or what?
AWD available 2015?
Is ALL WHEEL DRIVE available in 2015 grand caravan? I still love my 1997 AWD but about time for a upgrade. Is AWD coming back yet?
'02 GC power sliding door not latching
Tried searching for this issue, but not finding much. Passenger side power sliding door opens ok (using switch), but upon closing it closes fine up to the point where it is upposed to suck-in-and-latch. It "tries" to latch (cycles a few times, then gives up, I believe this is the "cinching"...
cluster panel dead
I have a 92 voyager and the cluster is dead. I have put in another cluster panel in, put in a new fuse, put in a new ignition switch, and took the neg battery off for about 30 mins and nothing. Lights work but nothing else does
2001 Voyager Front Suspension
I am taking an interest in the above van, which after my purchase in 2003 with 65K miles, has mostly sat idle. Was driven exclusively by my wife to the tune of about 3 to 4K miles per year. I was not interested in it. At some point, call it 80K, she convinced me to have it gone through at my...
06 T&C water pump replacement and what else?
I'm planning to replace the water pump, thermostat, belts, and hoses on my 06 T&C at 92K. I'll probably hold off on the radiator but should I replace the tensioner and pulley as well? Anything else? Thanks for your replies.
Speedo and tach
I have a 1999 dodge grand caravan that has the famous cracked solder joint on the instrument cluster circuit board. Now here is the question,My cluster only has the speedo,Has any one replaced the cluster with a tach and speedo? Can it be done ,just plug and play?
New 2014 Town & Country
Hi every one, Bought my brand new van on 9/8/14. The last time I owned a Mopar was 1975. A black 1976 Dodge Charger. Only had it 2years. Also a 1969 Dodge Super bee, 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. Then jumped to GM. Odsmobiles (6), Chevy trucks (2), Chevy Impala (1), 1969 Corvette 350ci with 350hp 4...
05 T&C Remote key locks van but does not unlock response from T&C when clicking unlock on key (again, locking works fine). Not the end of the world, as I can still manually unlock door with physical key and clicking key buttons to open power slider doors work fine (and, yes that does unlock the front door too). So just a bad key...