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NLR at SEMA Show 2014: Part1... blog#3

SEMA show trip Part 1

What really goes on at SEMA?

All the attendees have different agendas on why we visit SEMA in Las Vegas every year. For many, its to check out all the different products that each manufacturer is showcasing or new products they are about to release. If youre a car enthusiast, SEMA is the best car show you will ever go to. The best of the best are there to show off their cars with the latest and best parts from the automotive aftermarket industry.

So for a race team, what is our agenda at SEMA? Having been in the industry for many years, Noluck Racing has developed many relationships with a lot of companies and work closely with a handful of sponsors every year with our race program, with several going back for over 10yrs. So SEMA is a great way to catch up with our contacts that attend SEMA and see them in person all in one place. Not only have we developed close relationships with our sponsors, they have all become great friends outside racing as well throughout the years. So its nice to be able to hang out with all these people at the industry parties or during dinners throughout the week.

The first day of SEMA, we were able to meet with Torco Oil. Spoke a bit with the guys about our progress the last few months and the big changes we have planned for the 2015 race season. We have been using Torco in our engines for over 8 years successfully. If you havent checked them out, they have a wide selection of products for our engines. For all our engine builds, we use the Torco MPZ Engine Assembly lube and Torco SR-5 engine oil. Were grateful that Torco will continue to support the team in the 2015 race season and we have a special announcement in the weeks to come that will benefit all us racers. So stay tuned for our updates with Torco next season.

If you arent familiar with SEMA, its aisles and aisle of booths in a huge convention center. There are products and cars every 10 feet. Theres so much to look at. Its overwhelming actually if youre coming there for the first time. And with our sponsors booths scattered all over the place, you have to plan out in a map on where to go so you dont miss certain booths you want to see. Next up in the Central Hall, where the big room of racing and performance companies area, is Carrillo Rods. We passed by early in the day before all the crowds got to that area and was able to speak with them.

Carrillo has been our choice of rods for many years. Having seen all the different rods available in the market several years ago, we saw the quality and consistency that Carrillo Rods had. Back in 2005, when we first started using them, we were impressed with the support and the service that you get with Carrillo. Its a one stop rod shop that you can actually send in your rods to get checked and refurbished. Their Pro-H rods with the CARR bolt is what drew us to Carrillo. The strength and reliability of the rods with the proven CARR bolt is well worth the money. We have actually been using the same 2 sets of Pro-H rods since 2007-08, rotating between the two from motor to motor that we build. Every so often we would send them back to get serviced and replace the bushings. They would also check the CARR bolts for stretch and as always, they come out great and no stretch. That piece of mind is priceless when you have invested so much time and dollars into your race car and all you want is a reliable race motor when you get to the track.

We got to chat with friends from Carrillo and while there isn't much to talk about rods since they have been working flawlessly. Haha. It was still great to catch up with the great people there and thank them for their continued support for the past years. You can be sure we will still be using them in the 2015 race season.

Thats it for our half day of Day 1 of our SEMA trip. We have a couple more stories to say in Part 2 so stay tuned.