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New York Auto Show Hottest Concept Cars

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Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 Walkaround

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test html5 video

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Honda Day

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Vintage Racing - 1950s Indy Cars startup and race.

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Kia Soul Hatchback Practicality Just Got Hip

Kia Soul

It seems that the Kia Soul hatchback has suddenly grown up and become hip. The 2014 version is not just a larger model than the original Kia Soul hatchback; the interior design of the new Kia Soul takes practicality to a whole new level.

The second-generation version is obviously aimed at younger car buyers who want a distinctive style (for that read “boxy” with upmarket appeal), and who need a car with seating for passengers of all ages, from new born baby to elderly grandparents.

Five trims are available for the discerning car buyer to choose from, with higher class models providing additional features, such as satellite navigation, reversing camera and Bluetooth.

With style-conscious car buyers in mind, Kia offers a touch more class with its highest spec models. Top of the range models feature an eight-inch touchscreen, leather seating and a more stylish exterior appearance, enhanced by glossy black roof rails and wheel arch extensions.

The new Kia Soul can comfortably seat every member of the family or a set of friends. Child safety seats can easily be installed and three big adults could easily travel in comfort in the wide back seat where there is plenty of headroom.

With a wheelbase thats slightly longer and wider than the original, there should also be adequate legroom.

The new version is also closer to the ground, which makes access easy for the elderly and for the very young.

With up to five passengers seated comfortably inside, it will also be easy to store all of their gear in the back. The boot space has been increased to 354 litres, with some additional space for storage underneath the floor of the boot.

But hold on, thats not all, you get a lot more storage space with the seats down. The rear seats wont fold completely flat and they dont slide, but if you want to stack things in the back of the car, up to the roof, with the seats down you have a storage area of 1,367 litres.

Tidy car owners will surely appreciate the size of the glove-box, the depth of the door bins, and the handy cup-holders in the central console.

Two engine types are available and (try not to get too excited!) an all-electric version of the Kia Soul is due to be released some time in autumn 2014.

The cheaper petrol engine model is not turbocharged and its not the most economical car to run. The six-speed diesel engine, with manual or automatic drive, can be somewhat noisier, but the sound does drop when the car is in cruising mode.

Driving modes can be switched at the touch of a button and both engine types provide smooth motorway driving. The Kia Souls improved suspension should please anyone other than the most hyper-sensitive driver or passenger.

The second-generation Kia Soul is a reliable car which is also very different from other hatchbacks, particularly for its easy access and seating to suit the elderly. It has enough interior space for everyone to be comfortably seated and is large enough to pack a lot in.

This is a “Tardis” car. It really does seem to be bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.

How hip is that!


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Legal Street Racing Prank!!

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How the Fiat 500 Can Make City Driving Fun

Even at the best of times, driving through a city is dreary, stressful and time consuming. The endless traffic jams, a red light every 50 yards and the occasionally oblivious pedestrian can all make commuting a frustrating and negative experience.

Luckily, there are some cars that make these sorts of journeys not only a little less taxing, but even fun - and the Fiat 500 is one of them. You may even start looking forward to travelling to your 9-to-5!

Fiat 500

Full of Personality

With some cars you can sense that they have a real personality, and none are bigger than that of the Fiat 500. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in pep and sass. It’s bright, upbeat and cheeky, and this attitude is often transferred to the driver through the steering wheel.

Dynamic Handling

When manoeuvring around corners the Fiat 500 adds a little bit of excitement to your trip. With it being close to the ground, generating a low centre of gravity and a narrower wheel base, the 500 is extremely agile around corners. An added bonus of this shorter wheel base is the turning circle, which in the 500 is very small. This means that having to turn around, which can be something of a nightmare on city streets, has been made that much easier and more straightforward.

Fiat 500

You Create the Style

With a wide range of trim levels, options and colours, which reaches a staggering 500,000 choices, you can add your own personal touch to the 500 and make it a home away from home. This includes the Pop, Cult, Colour Therapy, Lounge and S, each with the option of a wide range of colours and optional extras such as a chequered roof graphic.

Ultimate Performance

The surprising performance that the Fiat 500 unleashes out of its modest four-cylinder engine certainly packs a sizeable punch, even to the most hard-core of petrol heads. Although the output from the 1.4 litre engine might not sound too impressive; 101 BHP, peaking at 6,500 RPMs, and 98 foot-pounds of torque, at 4,000 RPMs; the performance it achieves far exceeds the raw numbers. Around town, the 500 feels exceptionally quick. This is in part due to its lightweight body, helping the Fiat 500 reach a speed of 60mph from a standstill in a time of just over 9 seconds. This beats similar cars with a comparable size engine such as the Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 208 for sheer pace.

Fiat 500


City driving doesn’t just hit you physically and mentally, it also hits your wallet. With the constant stop-start of driving in a town comes a huge hit in gas usage. The average car can see its fuel efficiency plummet by as much 60 %, and while the 500’s economy does drop, it still boasts impressive figures. Starting with a highway figure of 40 mpg, this falls only slightly in an urban environment to 31 mpg, making city driving a little more care free.

The Fiat 500 is a small car, but one that comes with a huge personality. It boasts a unique and stylish exterior retro design based on the classic sixties 500. This, coupled with its comfortable and spacious interior, makes it a pleasure to drive and be a passenger in. No longer will driving in a city be tedious or dreary, well, not if you’re behind the wheel of a Fiat 500 anyway.

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Top Marques Monaco 2014 : Ultimate Supercars